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  1. https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/1573/king-gizzard-the-lizard-wizard-polygondwanaland 7 euro including postage if anyone else wants in? Also, really enjoyed Gold Class at Big Sound 2 years back. I should check out that newbie.
  2. Rega RP8 Turntable any comments ?

    I use an RP3 with upgrades and external PSU and quality is quite good as it is. An RP8 would be a very solid purchase.
  3. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    Thats what i said And yeah I'm a pick up. Just msg me which day and i'll pop around one arvo after work.
  4. FS: Various Records - Brisbane

    Hey Chris Modest Mouse: The Lonesome Crowded West The Jesus & Mary Chain: Damage & Joy Bob Dylan: Nashville Skyline The National: Trouble Will Find Me Cheers
  5. Super keen but would get into super trouble
  6. Japan Record Shops!

    Haha i'll stick to booking excess baggage on return flights! I get them immediately and for 1/3 of the price. Last minute excess baggage at the airport probably equates to the cost of Surface Mail.
  7. Japan Record Shops!

    Just calculated at http://www.post.japanpost.jp/cgi-charge/index.php?lang=_en for 20kg parcel from Hiroshima prefecture to QLD. EMS(Express Mail Service) Regarding EMS Traceable 25,500yen 5days Details Airmail International parcel 27,150 yen 7 days Economy Airmail(SAL) International parcel 19,550 yen About 2 weeks Surface Mail International parcel 10,250 yen 2 to 3 months
  8. Japan Record Shops!

    Always cheaper to take anything back with you on the plane as opposed to postage. It will cost a lot less. Lets say, a decent sized box may cost you $100 in the post. My only fear with excess luggage on a flight is how the box is handled. I try to carry on where I can, or pack well secured in a hard shell trunk.
  9. I can confirm I will take them.
  10. Interested. Just need to confirm postage cost before confirming
  11. SOLD: FS: Moon 110LP phono & PSU

    Gee bad timing, a week ago i would have snapped this up. Now I must wait
  12. The Clouds + Falling Joys

    Yeah pretty keen to do the Brisbane show. I need to get out to more gigs.
  13. Was on page two of this sub forum! You will find a lot of useful stuff here
  14. Cheap Vinyl Records

    Very nice. Will be buying tonight
  15. Japan Record Shops!

    People even send tents to Fuji Rock using Yamato. That service is abused by the locals and quite rightly so. There is a pickup for Yamato in Terminal 2 upstairs at Narita