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  1. Thank you for your lesson buddy [emoji14]
  2. After IKEA Expedit crashed on me (luckily without the records I decided to go something more solid, cheap, industrial looking
  3. Hi, if you would post it I would like to buy it. I am in Sydney CBD.
  4. Item: Optima D31A Yellow Top 12 Volt Battery Location: Sydney, Neutral Bay Price: $250 or near offer Item Condition: as new used for 1 month Reason for selling: too heavy for the race car Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: https://automotivesuperstore.com.au/optima-8051-187?gclid=CjwKCAjw7frPBRBVEiwAuDf_LbS40Vcdl7rX9uNi_9LgA8nqbqwcFklnJxzh9L8wa-gh82NIxP4eThoCwegQAvD_BwE Voltage: 12v Terminal: SAE Assembly: CENT CCA 975 AH 75 L 325 x W 166 x H 238 mm Deep-cycle and cranking power Up to 3X longer life 15 times more vibration-resistant Virtually spillproof Mountable in virtually any position Maintenance-free Faster recharging Optimal starting power 300+ discharge/recharge cycles Pictures:
  5. I will take it if available Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  6. Luc its a great unit. And its pretty much brand new. Cheers Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
  7. Item: CineMag 1131 (Blue) SUT With Switchable Gain Location: Sydney, Neutral Bay Price: $750.00 $700.00 AUD Item Condition: Like new, couple of weeks old Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Current Retail price $1195.00 USD http://www.bobsdevices.com/CineMag-1131-Blue-SUT-With-Switchable-Gain.html Ultra High quality laminations, lower inductance and superior sound. These transformers were especially designed and tested with several low-output moving coil cartridges. These are very difficult transformers to construct and require a precision manufacturing process that can only be done by David Geren at CineMag. Includes premium construction with C&K Brand Silver contact toggle switches, and Deluxe Gold Plated RCA jacks. Optional XLR connectors are available on a larger custom chassis without laser etching These specially designed transformers are wired to connect a moving coil cartridge (on a turntable) to a phono preamplifier, phono input of a receiver, or your preamp's phono input. Switchable for 1:20 (26 dB gain) or 1:40 (32 dB gain). Into a standard 47k phono preamp, the effective input impedance of the low gain (1:20 ratio) is 118 ohms. At 1:40, the effective input impedance is 29 ohms. The 1:40 ratio is perfect for those extremely low output cartridges including some by Audio Notes and Ortofon SPU. Pictures:
  8. And sold to the highest bidder
  9. Item: Univector 12'' Ebony Tonearm Location: Sydney, Neutral Bay Price: $1500 Item Condition: New (setup once to test) Reason for selling: Got as a part of a trade deal, and setup once, too many arms and turntables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: http://www.goldenageaudio.com.au/univector-tonearm.html Specifications: Effective length: 309 mm (12”) Pivot-spindle distance: 295.8 mm (Loefgren A geometry). Overhang: 13.19 mm Offset angle: 17.6 degrees Effective mass 22~25 depend on arm wand selection Bearing: Unipivot, Swiss-made non-corrosive, non-magnetic stainless steel pivot in a sapphire jewel VTA:fine adjustment, Azimuth adjustable adjustable anti-skating mechanism split Counterweights with additional fine adjust weight to allow adjustment of VTF in small increments (typically +/- 0.1 g). The Univector is a medium mass tonearm, and the combination of counterweights provided with it allows use of most cartridges currently available. The univector has been tested successfully with cartridges from 5 to 18 grams, with compliance from 5 to 20 µm/Mn Arc protractor included Pictures:
  10. Thanks Tax, It is really a classic unit, and lovely to look at and operate, The volume pot is most amazing. Thanks , the turntable is my orange Lenco
  11. Hi, the unit is super clean in and out, and it was in my collection for a long time. Parts are all original and it sounds amazing. Phono stage is great too! I believe some caps were changed 4-5 years ago with something more modern.
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