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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Willow I'm coastal how about yourself?
  2. Ellrotts.. lol yes it is me Cafad.. hahah the big smoke. Mainly as far as speakers were involved i dealt mainly in Whatmough. Electronics we had a vast range that we had access too from Marantz all the way up to Halcro. Cabling I mainly dealt with Cardas. Time is always on the short side for me but would been keen at some point for a listening session
  3. Hey All, New to the forums. I have been living in Mackay for 5 years since leaving Melbourne, where I worked in the high end market for 8 years. Nice to meet everyone Tim
  4. Also as far as my setup goes the electronics are getting outdated but soon to upgrade to a new pre-power setup :) Fronts: Whatmough P33i Signatures Centre: Whatmough P8 Rears: Whatmough P33 Subwoofer: Whatmough-Whise Impact Amplifier: Marantz SR9200 DVD-SACD: Marantz DV8300 Control: Phillips Pronto TSU9600
  5. Gday all, My names Tim and I'm originally from Melbourne. In Melbourne I worked in the high end 2 channel, cinema and multi-room audio industry for 8 years. I'm currently working in Central QLD as an electrician. I look forward to chatting to everyone here Tim
  6. so does a1 audio on the whatmough speakers
  7. Gday All, This is my first attempt in writing a review on a product so here i go. The product review is of the new Harman Kardon AVR255 RRP $999 http://www.ehifi.com.au/harmankardon/Audio...ers/avr255.aspx 7 x 50W 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver with HDMI 1.3a Repeater, Audio/Video Processing and Upscaling to 1080p Stereo Power (FTC): 65 x 2 Multichannel Power (FTC): 50 x 7 Amplifier Type: High-current ±35 amps Bandwidth @ 1W (+0dB/-3dB): 10Hz – 130kHz Audio multizone capability EzSet/EQ™ 3 Coax Digital Inputs, 3 Optical Digital Inputs, 1 Coax Digital Output, 1 Optical Digital Output 3 HDMI Inputs, 1 HDMI output – HDMI 1.3a with audio/video processing Video processing/conversion by Faroudja DCDi Cinema™ scaling to 1080p Dolby Digital True HD and DTS Master Audio Decoding Multi room with use of surround back channel if not in use. Dimensions (H x W x D): 151mm x 440mm x 351mm Weight: 13.6kg As soon as i upacked this new generation HK reciever i was amazed at how modern these units look compared to the older HK products. The new classy sleek design with white lighting should sit well with most wives. Upon hookup and configuring of this receiver i have discovered alot things about this product. If you were used to the old menu interface of the HK products they have done a full redesign and i gotta admit the onscreen setup menu looks great, though if you liked the quick setup that used to be done from the front panel of the amp its no longer as easy. onscreen setup is now a must for these amps i feel. all of the inputs of this receiver can be assigned to any source including analogue which is a feature that i like. for each source you can have custom video setup whether its output resolution or even enhancements to the image like brightness, contrast etc, also lip sync can be adjusted for each source. one thing i found with this product was the video performance for blue ray was very jittery but once the amp is reset and set to Pal this problem no longer existed. i have found the hdmi compatibility pretty good with what i have connected: pioneer blue ray, benq w5000, digital view pvr I ran this amp for a few days to give it a good run in before a real listen to it and once doing that i gotta say for the money its great. as usual for HK it may sound like low wattage compared to a Pioneer LX-50 but i gotta say it seems to have alot more grunt than the Pioneer. this amp handles dvd surround sounds with ease and with the new built in decoders for blue ray its does a great job there as well. the 2 channel performance i found to be reasonable this amp as warmth in the sound and also the central imaging is a bit more focused than what a marantz SR7002 but the marantz is clearly better with high frequencies but again you would expect that for the price being payed for the marantz. Conclusion overall if you're a person that wants an exceptional theater amp for a low cost with great features you cant go wrong with the AVR255 RRP $999. If you feel more power is needed go the AVR355 RRP $1399 HK will have models coming out above these early next year. PROS Great theater performance. Upscaling to 1080P HD audio decoding multi room good hdmi performance very nice looking menu interface sleek design 1080p24 pass through Ipod dock handles iPod Touch/iPhone plus video from these(optional RRP $129) CONS Remote is a 2 hander needs to be setup using on screen display volume feedback onscreen cannot be turned off only reduced to being on screen for 2 seconds. Out of box amp needs to be set to the right HZ 50/60 to get rid of jittery image on blue ray
  8. Gday guys. my sources tell me that the new lx-509 and lx-609 will be released sometime in november and there is also the KP600M which is a 60" 65mm thick tv that will have a separate media box like previous pioneer tvs which is due for release around august with the 50" coming out in november. These 65mm thick tvs i think will only be available to specialist stores. these tv's will have full 5 year warranty but no free installation. they are stopping the extended 5 year warranty on products bought at the same time as a Pioneer TV or within 12 months of purchase eg. VSXLX-50 and DVR-LX60 hope this clears some things up
  9. any well made speaker should be able to handle it fine if in doubt stand on it lol
  10. hey mate. i will be hooking 2 of these units up monday night so will give some feeback then
  11. the problem is with pioneer no specialist store can make money on them due the bulk stores selling them at cost so there is no incentive to sell the product even though they have a great product
  12. had a play with the new strong SRT5440. it has usb on the front so you can plug in an external usb hard disk and record straight onto it and even do live pause. has hdmi connectivity and component. as far as sound outputs it has only analogue and optical no coax digital. picture quality was pretty good as well.
  13. I am very happy with my 50mxe i have seen the 50mxe side by side with a LX-508 and have to admit the blacks do look better on the LX-508 though on majority of free to air tv the 50mxe i think looks better. if anyones interested there is a 50mxe that im aware off that is ex demo in melbourne being sold for 3k with a digitalview single tuner box email me at sora123 at gmail dot com Cheers
  14. All the whatmough cabinets are now made in china except for the Paragons and 505's. Any Australian manufacuter that has curved side speakers will be made in china as its to expensive to do here, so i have been told. drivers as said above are euro. all the crossovers for Performance series above are still made in house using australian copper wiring and solen caps and from what i can tell even the coils on the crossover are still wound in house. i own whatmough speakers all round. P33's fronts P8 centre P25 at the rear Impact subwoofer
  15. i have installed a few epson tw1000 and have noticed simular problems. as far as the dust goes if the filter is changed once a month it may help the dust on the panel issue like anything organic it will deteriorate over time. end of the day if youre after a projector that holds a better image quality over time dlp is the way to go.
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