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  1. There's one up for sale right now. If you're still looking for 1
  2. There's a Rotel 5Ch RMB-1095 200w. It's a Beast & @ your budget as well👍
  3. There's a Rotel RB991 just currently on the Ad with 200wpc can drive your Dynaudio S1.4 easily 🤗
  4. Wow. Very nice Amp I'm just down the road. I Wish to have the $$$ but😔...GLWTS
  5. OMG. It a good price for the Network player/ Dac/Headphone Amp + built in DAB. 😘🤗 GLWTS
  6. C'mon guys it's all come down to the personal taste & what's the kind of music you listening to. For the buyer should go the shop retailer have a demo or can ask the seller for a demo option before purchasing 👍GLWTS
  7. Wow. Sorry to hear that, it's must be a very Good dram I guess 🤔🤫🤭
  8. Yep. I still referred to the HP 18 year, But the $$$ is so hefty now😥
  9. Yeah I just heard about it ( Dolby Atmos Music)recently. But haven't found 1 yet, but my Samsung Phone it's has a Dolby Atmos mode, I'm wondering what does it do....
  10. I haven't seen it @ DM for a long time. But there's shop in WA still have some 😘👍 https://www.libertyliquors.com.au/spirits/liqueurs/lochan-ora-liqueur-ml I don't know but someone had bought this Bottle for $$$ https://www.whiskytrade.com.au/products/chivas-regal-locan-ora?variant=37142935634080
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