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  1. Lucky for the new owner, nothing else can beat this Dynaudio Contour
  2. Father Day Surprise. On Friday morning I got a surprise someone knocked on @ front door, there was a courier delivery then I thought I didn't purchase anything online, I have to check for the name on the parcel there is my name & right address as well. Anyway I opened it & Wow there was a Bottle Of Scotch Single Whisky a Gift from My Son & Wife to Celebrate Happy Father Day is coming. Here it is...
  3. Great Price for a Dynaudio Contour Series. But too bad not able to shipping.....GLWTS
  4. The firmware is still in original Main firmware. But I have no problem play any Disc before. So you recommend That I have to update firmware? Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone. I have a problem with my Oppo 105D. How it happened when I play a DVD movie Ant-Man & the Wasp which I hired from local Library, then it's stop nearly the end of the movie. So I took the disc out & check is there any scratches or dirty disc but it's looking fine, then I put the disc back into the Oppo 105D again, now it said unknown Disc then I tried some Bluray movies the Oppo player working fine. But there's another problem was it's won't play CD Disc as well it all display as Unknown Disc. I have done the trouble shooting in the book said, turn on the power of the player eject disc & leave it open over an hr. But it doesn't work as well. So anyone have any ideas what's caused the problem or do you know is there a local service people that's I can take the machine to check it out? Thanks
  6. I think you can connect 2 Sub as it has a pair of pre-out put. Shouldn't be a problem👍
  7. Item: Pioneer DV-S969 Avi SACD / DVD Player Location: Melbourne Price: $250 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Excellent Player has been storage away 7-8 year ago. Just pull out & tested all working excellent as it should SACD/CD/DVD, the unit comes with RC/Power Cord/ilink Cable which is work with Pioneer Receiver has ilink input. Photos: Down Below
  8. I'm wondering how do u connect these speakers, Biwire or a jumpers ?
  9. Yeah. I know the more u looking UP HERE the more u addicted to it + in the end u gonna runout your pocket...
  10. Can they be bridged? No. 1 for back up... Caused Primare No longer making Class A/B. All Class D Now
  11. What's going on 2 Luxman integrated Amplifier for Sale in 1 day?. Aren't they Sound Good? High Quality Build..... if I'm on the Market for Integrated Amp these 2 Amp is a Must....👍 GLWTS
  12. Ooh. Ultimate Classic System & Still in Excellent Condition + Great Price. Love it. GLWTS.
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