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  1. Sam Dastyari

    As far as morality goes Dastyari is Mother Hubbard’s cupboard As long as he remains a member of the Labor Party he will periodically be back to haunt them because of his behaviour he needs to be removed from the Labor Party
  2. Currently Spinning

    @ollie_08 Poco were ok but if you like country rock try the Brisbane band Halfway truly great country rock n roll a 7 piece band including a banjo and steel electric and acoustic guitars and 2 great singers both of whom know how to write
  3. Sam Dastyari

    No Who cares what Dastyari did or does as an independent people like me do care what he does as a member of the ALP Dastyari is not just a benefit to the Liberals that is a mistaken political rationalisation of his behaviour He is the gift that keeps on giving A magic pudding for Turnbull to use at will whenever he feels the need to attack Shortens ability or lack there of to lead the country Despite his resignation This won’t be the last we hear of him He is incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong just like the appalling right wing of the NSW Labor Party whose last achievement was the most corrupt and inept Labor Govt in history
  4. Sam Dastyari

    This is simply wrong the idea that Shorten showed finesse in allowing him to resign is just silly Shorten should have sacked Dastyari that would have shown leadership and some basic understanding of politics by leaving him to the inevitability of resigning Shorten reinforced the public’s negative view of him and that he can’t rise above the brain dead factionalism and moral bankruptcy of the NSW right snd it allowed Dastyari to become a major political liability in Bennelong Shorten looked even more idiotic and shifty than normal on tv yesterday inn Bennelong pretending Dastyari was a decent person
  5. Currently eating

    Down in Byron at the Roadhouse Cafe seriously good coffe and listening to David Crosby great song Almost Cut My Hair and Bob Dylan just like driving around in my car best coffee that I know of in Byron
  6. Currently Spinning

    Grin Nils Lofgren’s first Band A full decade of great records before he slipped a bit auditioned for the Stones I think after Mick Taylor left but I think they wanted to remain British i saw him play in New York in 75 and again in London and again in England in about 1980 or 81 funny to think of in light of the punk thing but he was describes as a punk as in delinquent type in a lot of reviews back then before punk was a fashion statement unlless you were English then it was real for a short period of time at least very funny coming back from England and seeing punks in Sydney just seemed too hot but I guess it’s an attitude thing as well as a fashion statement like long hair in the sixties before jobs mortgages and crew cuts cut in funny how things look at 66 compared to 1966 Nils Löfgren one of the really great players in 70’s
  7. Currently Spinning

    One of my favourite records of all time read reviews of it in Rolling Stone and bought it in an import record store in The Elizabeth Arcade in Brisbane doesnt sound anything like all the rock n roll stuff I was into at the time but I loved it from the first listen and played it hundreds of times over that decade sublime singing killer band and in pictures they really looked the part of that I could convince anyone at the time or even since and Willy like Elliott Murphy another rock n roll god from that time spent most of his life living in Europe largely unheard of in America or outside of New York City and rock critics if you have a good stereo this sounds just great too
  8. album of the year

    Already a thread
  9. Currently Spinning

    That’s her
  10. After the Van Morrison Lonnie Donnigan set of traditional songs thought I needed some brand new songs that a lot of them fit right into that old time music tradition this is the best record I have this year and although not as good as Nashville Obsolete it is still a great record i hope they some back again before to long because as a live performance with a band Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings can’t be bettered a nice picture of country musics most fabulous couple
  11. Currently Spinning

    Frankie And Johnny this Song is traced back to the 19th century and possibly as far back as The Civil War A straight up murder ballad He done me wrong so I shot him dead to cut a long story short based on true events or several true events more likely Elvis made a movie out of it as did Al Pacino and a very beautiful woman whose name escapes me
  12. Currently Spinning

    Supposed to be in Melbourne to see a Woody Guthrie tribute instead I’m at home rambling round my record collection bit of this and a bit of that and landed on this incredible live Sir Van record even a couple of songs with Dr John guesting in fact I think that is him over on the left speaker playing up a storm on a piano while Van does something similar with his voice even a Woody Guthrie song among the mostly traditional songs i should say that Lonnie holds his own with Van as they trade songs and share vocals great record and great sound if you like Van Morrison
  13. Currently Spinning

    Now that looks good shows what clicking around can turn up
  14. Currently Spinning

    Neil Young’s archives i May not have to buy this ever again seems pretty good what does that mean 3825 kbps? master?