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  1. That could the most interesting record I’ve seen on Stereo net You must be as old as me😀 I just googled it for more info I love listening to protest songs and folk songs about people struggling to make it and the bonds formed in those struggles between individuals and communities A long way from my life
  2. Lol exactly what I’m doing for the last few hours Pete Seeger Tom Paxton Woody Guthrie Cisco Huston And a heap of others
  3. Does any one song sum up that 50 year old decade No But in the millions of words written about it no one mentions this we’re havin’a party dancin to the DJ on the radio So sing along while I get some medication for old age (kept in the fridge) heres the lyrics
  4. Politics Protests Civil Rights Religion Eastern Religion And trees all got a run in the 60’s
  5. Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll 60’s had it all 50 years ago now
  6. Tough guys from Newcastle On Tyne To Sensitive New Jersey guys Its all rock n roll
  7. Happy birthday Woodstock Rock n roll playlist From lots of hair To Just a little bit of hair In just a decade
  8. Eric Clapton’s guitar isolated from the track While My Guitar Gently Weeps https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/eric-clapton-the-beatles-while-my-guitar-gently-weeps/
  9. Dave Rawlings is not underestimated as a musician This kind of music is enormously unpopular Unfortunately I can give you a list of literally dozens of this quality of music that is just as unpopular but very few living guitarists of Dave’s playing skills In country music today the better the music the less anyone outside of critics and fanatics have ever heard of them
  10. If you like Townes Van Zandt Guy Clark was a close friend and a song writing equal Great collection of his work
  11. Most obvious of course 4 of the best records ever made In relation to Sticky Fingers very hard now for young people to understand just how out there that cover was https://ultimateclassicrock.com/see-the-rolling-stones-sticky-fingers-cover-model-now/ The original cover for Beggars Banquet was a toilet with Bob Dylan’s Dream graffitied on the wall was changed to from memory a white cover that opened up to scenes of debauchery spread across the gatefold Its saving grace though was the music which kicked off 4 consecutive great records that are as good now as they were 50 or so years ago
  12. Steve Earle hasn’t appeared on a record cover since the late 90’s Every record since then has been a painting by an artist Here’s an article about the painter and a few samples i own all his records except about 1 of them Great songwriter and very left politically country music with as often as not electric guitars https://tonyfitzpatrick.wordpress.com/tag/steve-earle/
  13. How to come down after listening to Abbey Road for a couple of hours
  14. More pictures at Hasting Point must admit I’m just loving climate change even good for whales in a few years time they won’t need to head north for the winter things will be hot enough for them down south
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