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  1. My favourite collection of songs 3 CDs of murder ballads put together to raise money to oppose the death penalty by members of The Mekons and featuring artists from the Americana record label Bloodshot Records A lot of obscure players I’ve never heard of and others well known to fanatics whose obscurity is guaranteed by their quality of records they make Best version I’ve heard of this song which I remember from the radio even though I would have barely been out of single figures such is the power of commercial radio top 40 in the 60’s Not that I would have known there was any such thing as a genre of literally 1000’s of murder ballads dating back 100’s of years and still being written today Great song sung by I think Steven Still’s Son Horses
  2. I used to love this band in the late 60’s early 70’s But at some point they seemed to be on the radio in the 80’s and “90’s to the point of being uncool I was busy listening to unfamous bands from the 70’s and contemporary unfamous bands and stopped listening Late 90’s or early 00’s I saw John Fogarty in Brisbane and was gobsmacked by the sound and his guitar playing And the fact that I knew every song off by heart for 2 hours One of the great 60’s bands and not just the singles Not a dud track on any record up to and including Cosmos
  3. Some bands have it all One great songwriter/guitarist Three great singers and four multi instrumentalists in this photo Levon Helm the drummer is singing and playing mandolin Pianist Richard Manuel is playing drums Organist keyboardist and saxophonist Garth Hudson On accordion Robbie Robertson On guitar Rick Danko On bass
  4. That’s his 3rd album The one before it is almost as good The first one not so good
  5. Killer song musically could be from Blonde On Blonde Not lyrically or vocally Odd because nothing else sounds faintly like Blonde On Blonde And the next song is so beautifully sung and written from I think Desire but could be wrong on that Sounds nothing like the first version of the song that I heard on Biograph Said this many times before in relation to Dylan how on earth coulda song as good as this never be released but awful ones get released I don’t get it
  6. Hellfire and damnation Israel Folau and our happy clapping Prime Minister should take a lesson from this After a year or so of sometimes obsessive listening it’s close to my favourite Dylan record outside Blood On The Tracks And the 60’s stuff
  7. You never here the professional Christians talking about this Wealth Won’t Save Your Soul One of my favourite lines in a song comes from Sin City by The Flying Burrito Brothers On the 31st floor your gold plated door Won’t keep out the Lords burning rain
  8. St Nick Great song that I could never find the lyrics for Now I’m pretty sure it’s a cut down version of a blind Willie Johnson song which I heard on this tribute record I love the way songs over 100 years old still get sung today sometimes by very obscure or surprising performers
  9. And if they ever start singing these songs in Church I’d go Bob Marley linking his song with a Curtis Mayfield ( I think) song And probably my favourite contemporary country music singer moonlighting as Sacred Shaker
  10. No politics on the radio today How will I last till tomorrow Should I go full on with political songs for the day? Or go religious Or both Here’s a song for all those fake Christians that Take it upon themselves to judge others
  11. Thought I’d stopped listening to songs about trains In country music you can’t get too far away Steve Earle singing a Guy Clark song
  12. That should get you in the mood great record but not a patch on the studio version which I think is close to being the best record he ever made
  13. Video from The Johnny Cash show with The 2 of them singing Sing Me Back Home https://calendar.songfacts.com/january/1/26
  14. Darling Companion Introduced as a John Sebastian song but from the guitar intro it becomes a Johnny Cash song Johnny Cash used to do prison concerts long before he actually recorded The Folsom Prison record and this one In about 1958 one of the Audience prisoners was this guy Merle Haggard Sing Me Back Home is about a prisoner on the last walk on death row asking for a song he loved from when he was a boy One of the all time great singers with a perfect vocal
  15. Have a look at this Even if you hate country music Captures the essence of music https://thenewstalkers.com/community/discussion/26055/not-politics-this-train-is-bound-for-glory-mumford-and-sons-edward-sharpe-the-old-crow-medicine-show
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