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  1. Seriously wrong Abbey Road Probably the best Beatle record and The White Album Rubber Soul and Revolver Sgt Peppers
  2. No matter how many clothes pop stars of today don’t wear they are never going to look this good😀 Or sound as good
  3. Sorry to hear about the first bit Elite Hotel is great Satans Cruel Crown is one of my favourite songs by Emmylou Originally Louvin Brothers song
  4. I was going to post this on the record lovers site But it might freak people out😀 So put it here out of site so to speak A friend of ours is bringing her son around He loves records So I’m looking to match the covers with the records and will give him the rest As bonus a crash course in country music😀 No idea what condition they are in but he is young enough not to care It’s a good introduction to the love of rock n roll as opposed to the love of format😀 I love record covers but no love at all for records although sifting through them God the memories of time and place and obsession are almost as real as then Bring back the 60’s and 70’s🙃 In the 70’s I used to take records to parties trying to convince my friends of the virtues of short sharp rock n roll songs but to very limited success as very one was locked into Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin Sigh Real life and cyberspace aren’t that far removed😀 in terms of music taste🙃
  5. You should spend a few weeks at least with The Faces Seriously great record As is anything with Rod Stewart up to and including Never A Dull Moment
  6. Try these on Spotify Im sure you would like them
  7. I wish I’d been there Any nude purchasers here Great gimmick🌶🌶🌶🌶
  8. I just put this on Great record with Rod the Mod in great form Not to mention Ronnie Lane and the rest of the band Do you know the Ronnie Lane solo records @YCC The first 2 are great
  9. Red Headed Stranger by Willie Nelson is a great record Sweet Dreams is the soundtrack to a biography of Patsy Cline I googled to make sure that she is the singer on the soundtrack as a lot of film biography has the vocals by the star of the film For $5 you get one of the finest female country singers of all time One of her most famous songs Crazy was written by Willie Nelson and KD Lang covered 3 Cigarettes in an Ashtray and as great a singer as she is not quite up to Patsy’s standard
  10. Depends on the movie But that is true in this film From memory it was quiet and dialogue and visual driven movie What is the soundtrack like @dilletante?
  11. Great movie Saw it in Melbourne Cant remember the music
  12. That link is fascinating Mostly useless information in the extreme But can’t help but admire the to put it mildly detail😀 @wasabijim you need to read this
  13. off topic https://koeppeldesign.com/collections/vinyl-organization-products just came across this may be of some interest to record lovers
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