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  1. Nothing at all mad about him he’s a racist by definition that makes him dumb and a peddler of hate
  2. No that is a pathetic comment he’s a racist
  3. Bob and Pete Seeger oh you play girls and playboys aint a gonna run my world aint a gonna run my world aint a gonna run my world ye playboys and playgirls aint a gonna run my world not now nor any other time great for singing along
  4. Joan Baez and Donovan live at a folk festival in the 60’s we not only thought they’d never end But when they did wished they would come back and again with Bob and again with her sister Mimi FarinaFariña singing a Donovan song Donovan used to be a folky before he became a flower with a message for your garden
  5. American and Gun culture

    That is so funny in its ugliness a genuine political coward and proof that he is dumb enough to replace Barnyard Only in America i wish
  6. Currently Spinning

    Whatever else the 60’s were they were a fashion statement CSNY 1974 David Crosby
  7. In 1975 this record was number 1 on the country charts nowdays that fact could be used in one of those weird but true Ripley’s believe it or not so far has the description country music been been trashed by the garbage it now represents i don’t think that was her only multi million selling record in the 70’s in the 80’s she couldn’t get played on country music radio in America and by imitation in Australia Satan’s Cruel Crown one of the best vocals in any genre that have heard and the song title says it all in relation to the subject matter
  8. Country Music and Subwoofers

    I listen to country music all the time what is the point of the question what would a sub woofer do to banjos or fiddles or steel guitars
  9. Great song not written by Johnny Cash I think I put the lyrics to this up once before so won’t do it again one of the the things that make a song great is little bits of detail and it has a lot of details that place the time not necessarily important but just draw an image of time or place or person anyone growing up in the 60’s Will recognise the times that the song is written about watched a movie about Hank the other day but couldn’t imagine anybody not familiar with the handful of years that Hank Williams lived having any interest in it but his influence on country music and what is now now called Americana can’t be measured in the shortness of his years or the handful of recordings he made Hank Williams and Johnny Cash 2 of the pillars of country music
  10. Covering a Song off Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska an exrecise in minimalist recording if ever there was one released at a time when Johnny was not cool just an old bloke playing country music must admit it was the late 80’s early 90’s that I became somewhat obsessed probably from reading about him and the politics were pretty clear song wise one of the more stupid thing I ever did was not go and see him in Tweed Heads back in the 70’s or 80’s? when I had the chance Great record cover
  11. Life is just a passing moment on an never ending trail though my pathway wanders for a while someday my ship will sail and I will walk this road awhile i will walk it with a smile i will take it in my stride someday I will be satisfied taking refuge from the politics thread which has degenerated to the point it reads like Murdoch’s gutter press if Barnaby Joyce believed in God he could take comfort in songs like this but like most people he gets religion and God confused the truly wonderful Johnny Cash with Earle Scruggs banjo player extraordinaire
  12. Aussie Politics

    Great add 1st time around soon to be considered funniest of all time
  13. Flag and Country

  14. Abbey Road side 2

    That is a reference to The Beatles i just happened to be listening to Come Together didnt realise it was another group of musicians
  15. Currently Spinning

    I’ve got the Harry Smiths comes up on my iPod from time to time and Buster Poindexter dont know this one though