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  1. Do you like all the talking😀 Once is enough If it’s a CD you can program it
  2. Speaking of the Mekons After a day spent drowning out the sound of lawn mowers next doors with sad songs some Cracked country music Perfect for drinking 🍺 to Of which I have none Sadly But will have to rectify And remember the good old days when I could drink more than 2
  3. The Mekons are one ofThe all time great rock n roll bands Enormously unpopular though Record Sales would be counted in the thousands 😀 Try this one first as an easy way in but you will need to spend time listening because they aren’t for casual listening A lot of humour and politics and since they became obsessed with country music they play some kind of bastardised country music John Langford is well worth checking out with The Waco Brothers
  4. You must be the only person here that has heard ofThe Mekons Or did you buy it because of Robbie Fulks 😀
  5. Almost 50 years since I bought this record Can’t describe how exciting it was Bought it at the import store in The Elizabeth Arcade in Brisbane Must have read about it in Rolling Stone and I remember sitting outside in the arcade listening to it and being undecided about it but knowing that there was something there to but it anyway At that time it was mostly singer songwriter sort of angst or country rock records that I was buying in real time i must have played it hundreds of times in a short space of time Those wonderful pre responsibility days I saw Sp
  6. Gee that’s incredible @ray4410 You’ve got it as bad as me😀 Doug Sahm even Have you seen the country music doco on SBS It is a history of country music over about 100 years made by Ken Burns who also made the civil war and Vietnam War docos
  7. Doesn’t anybody play ❤️ 🎶 I only have about 60 Thousands of broken 💔Ed ones though For my melancholy soul😀
  8. Great story I don’t live in Sydney but have been to most of those record shops and some of those hi fi ones including the Bankstown one A bit off topic but One thing about record stores when you are chasing them down the best ones are often in the hippest parts of a city and go hand in hand with food movies book shops and rock and roll bands You will like it here
  9. Is there any such thing as a perfect record Yes hundreds of them And this is one of them And a reminder of most of what makes America great And for a very cheap price will make your stereo sound great🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼
  10. Probably no such thing I listen for hours on end Or an hour or so Seems unlikely that a stereo system would sound incredible on Monday and dull on Tuesday I think the problem is listening to dreadful records 10 minutes of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd would have me turning off the stereo very quickly Probably why I don’t have records by them😀
  11. Or even better when they were just records
  12. Extremely debatable 😀 Much as I like the record it wouldn’t make the top 10 vocal performances
  13. 50 years old now Could not have imagined it way back then Still remember the thrill of buying those first Neil Young records
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