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  1. keyse1

    Currently Spinning

    I was going to spend the afternoon listening to my very long list of weeping songs but after I saw that currently spinning Crazy Horse post am now well and truly stuck in the 70’ s guitar based rock n roll a friend lent me a Grin greatest hits which made me kind of obsessed with Nils Lofgren i bought all the Grin records and his solo records up to the early 80’s and saw him play in London in 1975 and again at The Bottom Line in New York in 1980 and again in Portsmouth England a few months later i bought a box a few years ago of 9 CDs that includes most of the really great 70’s and early 80’s and some not so good later records
  2. keyse1

    Currently Spinning

    This is the original photo used for the record cover with Graeme Nash in the corner Oh Lonesome Me many an hour spent wallowing in self pity over any perceived slight listening to this song could easily fall into that blind alley again except that now old age is really depressing and doesn’t need any artificial stimulants to feel it i still like chillies though🌶
  3. Anybody into music should go and see this A really good bluesy singer and great harmonica player Without knowing who the band is I can guarantee they will be great because serious musicians gravitate towards other Musicians as good as Chris Wilson Classic case of a sublime Australian musician whose popularity is the polar opposite of the quality of the music
  4. keyse1

    Currently Spinning

    Another record from that time that became battered and torn from over use
  5. keyse1

    Currently Spinning

    Excellent choice Doesn’t take much for me play a record as good as that Bought this when it first came out being under the spell of Neil Young Hard to explain now with the casual access to millions of records the excitement of Neil Young’s Band releasing a record of their own with Nils Lofgren as part of it never really got back on the straight and narrow of popular bands after discovering the backstreets and bi ways of rock and roll bands that existed out of popular sight
  6. keyse1

    Aussie Politics

    We really are a caring and compassionate country Take a bow Aussies https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/jun/23/dying-refugee-moved-from-nauru-to-australia-after-intense-campaign
  7. keyse1

    Another one dead,ho hum.

    6 bleeding heart do gooders i always like that phrase
  8. keyse1

    Currently Spinning

    That’s it ive got the deluxe set Its what I call the good the bad and the ugly of Dylan’s born again trio of records Unblievable singing great band and one of his great songs that was never released on a record But it still contains some songs and some lyrics that remind me of why I don’t like Christianity but their is no doubting the conviction p Despite that for Bob fans it’s a real revelation about his most maligned period
  9. keyse1

    Currently Spinning

    You should hear the live versions on Trouble No More
  10. keyse1

    Aussie Politics

    Did I say this before Everyone should be concerned about the takeover of the Liberal Party https://thenewdaily.com.au/news/national/2018/06/18/liberal-party-trump/
  11. keyse1

    Aussie Politics

    Not your feathers were they @Art Vandelayhttps://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/feathers-fly-as-police-arrive-to-find-people-fleeing-scene-of-liberal-brawl-20180618-p4zm9i.html
  12. keyse1

    Aussie Politics

    I don’t read the Australian now but they have been campaigning against it for 20 odd years now so I can imagine About 20 years ago one of sons made a speech in London attacking the BBC as unfair competition The main issue now is that Murdoch can’t influence the ABC and wants it taken off the internet
  13. keyse1

    Aussie Politics

    Can’t you accept that that is the problem The overwhelming public support for murder and torture as deliberate results of govt policy The dehumanisation of refugees by the govt makes it easy for the public to support That is the role that the govt plays
  14. keyse1

    Aussie Politics

    I love this The young fogies of the Liberal Party not only want to sell off the ABC but wanted a debt ceiling, without even realising that the old fogies had adopted a the sky’s the limit policy to allow for the unrestrained idiocy of their economic policies Not one person opposed the selling off of the ABC Young or old Conservatives are stupid https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/jun/17/never-senior-liberals-in-damage-control-after-party-votes-to-privatise-abc