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  1. I love cowboy songs Written by Marty Robbins Tom Russell was around Greenwich Village in the 60’s and stil singing and playing today I can feel a cowboy movie coming on😃
  2. We already see dead rock stars on stage with a band That is sick not just the idea but the people who go to see them As for de ageing that’s just computers After seeing the destruction of every famous structure or landmark in the world multiple times in floods fires tidal waves bombs volcanos a bit of computer generated youthfulness won’t worry me The Irishman is getting good reviews in respectable newspapers by film critics so that’s promising My understanding of hype is excessive advertising for very bad movies
  3. 5 movies a day That is a record like what movies There are a lot of great movies over the last few years and for me the only way to see one is at the cinema
  4. A reminder for me of how much I hated records in the BBDT days when there was no real alternative This song has deliberately recorded static across it and finishes with the sound of a record needle spinning around after the song finishes I almost spilt the beer jumping up to stop it🙃
  5. Richard and Mimi Farina great 60’s photo A long time ago Now In a time now thought of as BBDT (back before Donald trump) Mimi is Joan Baez’s sister and Richard was a gifted songwriter Died in a motorbike accident 2 days after the publication of his novel and on the day of Mimi’s 21 st birthday
  6. Anybody I just got the deluxe set I don’t have a blue ray player so whats the point of the blue ray disk Will it record to iTunes on an iMac?
  7. Now I don’t think anyone would like this song A bit too old time country for sophisticated young people but check out the lyrics if you like Pulp Fiction and Quintin Tarintino and John Travolta gets a mention And the Tiffinay Anastasia she is singing about is Nick Lowe’s daughter
  8. Much better photo Using Leonard Cohen’s tailor great song From the Nebraska album written by Springsteen actually covers 2 Bruce songs on this record recorded in 1983 and was one his better records Another great cover Joshua Gone Barbados written by folkie Eric Von Schmidt
  9. Home alone with Johnny Cash Forgot to buy beer Might not be able to sleep How awful is this album cover Good song though written by Tim Hardin
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