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  1. Have a listen to the 2 records that Emmylou and Rodney Crowell made as a duo in the last decade Seriously great music
  2. Listening to John Prine Well What else would you listen to while waiting to head down to the cafe for a malted milk Wonderful record of duets with women on this collection of country music weeping in to your beer songs Topped off with a solo performance of a Hank Williams piece of maudlin writing under the guise of Luke The Drifter If there is a parallel life I can just imagine Hank Williams and John Prine singing along together
  3. Listening to one of my favourite playlists Another reason to love my computer 😀 God and Death Not sure if I can get to meet one without the other Not rushing into it though😀
  4. That is a great country music record I would of thought it was on the more difficult side of country to listen to They draw their inspiration from way back before the name hillbilly music was changed to country so that big city intellectuals could love it without feeling embarrassed 😀 Here is a great article about them You should listen to Nashville Obsolete by Dave Rawlings https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/03/magazine/gillian-welch-david-rawlings.html
  5. Robert Forster produced a couple of Halfway records and the 2 songwriters in the band won a songwriter competition set up by Grant and Robert which allowed them to spend a year in London From memory (Hope I’ve got that right)
  6. I’ve owned this for decades Probably since the seventies Now it’s up on the wall (where records belong) as part of the Hall Of Fame😀 Tom Paxton was a 60’s folkie in Greenwich Village and this was his first ever record Some of the songs are dated but 3 of them Ramblin Boy ,The Last Thing On My Mind and Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound will be sung as long as people play music Also a great song about Cisco Houston a travelling with Woody Guthrie left wing folkie I guess playing all those protest songs has worked removing you know who😀 I think I’ll
  7. So good to be back in my very own rock roll Hall Of Fame and my most prized possession the imac and the graphics Been too hot So much better than that excretable Rolling Stone one Where Record sales and dull lifeless music are a pre requisite for entry Or so it seems to me😀 I mightn’t have the memorabilia but I’ve got the heart and soul of it along with the kings and queens of country music😀 Like Steve Earle Think I’ve got every record since he got out of jail in the early 90’s Politics country music and electric guitars even a funeral song
  8. Delivering milk to a cafe this morning and they were playing an early Stones song or playlist Sounded incredible So here I am in the air conditioning listening to the first 4 records in mono for a few hours
  9. Taking some of the heat out of a clear blue sky With Leonard Cohen Democracy (is coming to the USA ) Now known as Donald’s Song😀
  10. No idea why I’m listening to this Does happen when there is too much choice But this is the second time in a row Because it’s so good Never been a Waylon Jennings fan but in the dying days of my CD buying habit I bought a collection of early CDs for not much This is part of my Johnny Cash Columbia records set of 50 or so CDs
  11. For someone who doesn’t like the Beatles you sure play them a lot😀 As for all those gaps I’m here to help😀
  12. Are you going to Canada? Have you heard Fred Eaglesmith He’s a Canadian country music player Great songwriter and close friend of Bill Chambers and Kasey Ive driven to Tamworth Newcastle and Gympie to see him play Great sense of humour Any of his first 10 records are great Friends of mine saw him in Toronto when they were living there Check out Lipstick Lies and Gasoline
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