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  1. Here’s another 2cds and a DVD sublime writing great singing from Lenny and his back up singers and great musicians and whoever recorded it take a bow
  2. Speaking of Bruce This is a Woody Guthrie song
  3. Did I mention that I saw Bruce in twice in 1975 Once in Massachusetts a month away from Born To Run with a few hundred people in a field surrounded by pine trees about sunset and a few months after in London rock n roll heaven Only Leonard Cohen a few years ago equaled that London concert Sorry If boasted about that before
  4. So come back Woody Guthrie Come back to us now tear your eyes from paradise and rise again some how Steve Earles great song about the lack of leadership and inspirational political leaders And Woody Guthrie living in a dust bowl future
  5. N the midst of all those Beatle records Stones Dylan Kinks The Who All those New York Dolls Mink DeVille Elvis Costello Wilco Johnson records There has always been folkies and country music And impeccable taste😀🌶 Politics so to speak Protest songs 50 years of emotional connection of varying degrees At varying times But sadly more relevant now than then
  6. One of my favourite songs I love to hear that KC when she moans i thought the song was about sex but it’s about a train mind you his girl does come into it I’M gonna love my girl like I never done before and it’s dedicated to a sick Eric Von Schmidt
  7. Like good valve amps or alcohol it just gets better with age unlike humans😀
  8. The 1960’s are 50 long years down the road now I bought these protest songs for my 8 year old granddaughter she’ got an iPod with hundreds of my songs on it😀 these are for Sally McManus But not John Setka
  9. Popular song about a dog Must be dozens of recordings about this dog I’ve got 6 of them and almost certain that Neil Young sings it in the concert movie about Harvest Moon Folk Music and country cannot be said to have limited subject matter Ive got songs about fishing Knives tools tomatoes sledge hammers shoes roads storms droughts floods cars trucks hot dogs swimming(the Australian crawl) cotton houses pubs cops soldiers draft dodgers walking running farmers Indians cowboys wooden Indians shops parking lots trains mountains hills summer winter spring autumn eagles trees dams and this my baby’s so fine so Damm fine sends cold shivers up and down my spine
  10. Sublime singing and writing from Gene Clark On a folky sort of day after watching escapees from Japanese science experiments heading north And Nanci Griffith singing about Hard Times come again no more Flew down to Melbourne to hear her play a few years ago Melbourne citizens really do not deserve the quality of music that city attracts Now Pottsville that’s different Off to Melbourne soon and up to Ballarat to depress myself at the Eureka Stockade so to speak And no day in my life is complete without a Woody Guthrie song
  11. Great record listened to it for the first time in ages last week saw them a few times in the 90’s
  12. No idea how I got from multiple versions of a century old song to an 18 minute version of a 3 minute country music song sung by a black soul funk extraordinary singer Isaac Hayes but here I am Any Nick Cave fans interested in where St Nick comes from this 2 cd set should answer that Country blues folk rock n roll and mad stuff all with a kind of bleakness
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