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  1. Waiting for The Deslondes in the meantime Melbourne Band gee name gone from head most country band I’ve ever heard I think dead pan delivery of honkytonk by young people with lots of hair and straight faces barely a smile between them nobody here would have liked them I think
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    Killer song Small Poppies hadn’t noticed it before great unadorned electric guitar
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    Love the way she sings actually looking forward to her new record with Kurt Vile dont suppose she is playing in Melbourne on Thursday or Friday night
  4. Great idea for a thread i can’t think of any music I used to like over the last 50 or more years that I don’t listen to now a lot of rock n roll bands from the 60’s and 70’s I’m too old for now but have my favourite individual songs from their different records on various iPods and iPhone playlists that are in various vehicles that I drive and here them on a regular basis a lot of records I stopped listening to at various times for long periods of time as moved on to different contemporary music in fact I really like a lot of records that I liked in the past a lot more now because I have a much better understanding o the subject matter and the incredible music skill of the players you live and learn the most incredible thing about me (just kidding) and my records is how much I loved country music which I didn’t know it was at the time and way back in the early 70’s I was listening to The Byrds The Flying Burrito Brothers Gram Parsons John Prine and folkies like Woody Guthrie Tom Paxton Norman Blake Ry Cooder which in the last 20 years has turned into Johnny Cash Hank Williams The Carter Family and Merle Haggard Not to mention Americana
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    My funeral song just hope it’s a couple of decades away
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    Playlist of pre Rubber Soul Beatles nothing over a few minutes long and just top 40 songs on am radio
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    The most maligned person in rock n roll by people like me but I repent i should never have said the the things I did back in the 70’s the disappointments after Abbey Road were great and hard to get over this is a great record by any standards including The Beatles and contains one of my favourite Beatle songs Let Me Roll It which could have fitted perfectly on Abbey Road one of the best white rock n roll singers of all time
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    Back again After a short break for some reason I think if I don’t take beer home I won’t drink but because listening to music is such thirsty work I have to interrupt the flow hop in the car drive to the shop and buy some so 20 minutes later my other favourite Beach Boys great cover picture of a painting I think always a lot of music happening on Beach Boy Records and vocals
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    Not as far back in time as you @metal beat but close i love this Beach Boys record and remember it well from the early 70’s great music for cruising around looking for waves or just sitting in cyberspace
  10. Another band for my big day out The Sadies dont know a lot about them but this is very electric guitar i think they recorded with John Langford or The Mekons Capital C For credibility
  11. Headline Act for my big day out Justine Townes Earle great singer great writer and a handy guitar player seen him several times before and has a following in Australia never less than excellent new record and the first time I have sat and listened could be too much music though may be better live time will tell
  12. Son Volt Jay Farrar was one half of Uncle Tupelo now Son Volt Jeff Tweedy was the other half Now Wilco
  13. It’s that kind of day the kind where you know you won’t be moving too far from inside my favourite place in the world cloudy outside and not too hot Warming up for next Saturday when I’ll be in Melbourne listening to some of the best current country music players in America All of whom will be stage at my big day out on the weekend in Williamstown starting with The Deslondes the main reason for dragging myself to the bottom of Australia except for Tasmania of course
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    Tough guys or 1964 snags? typical Stones subject matter and 2 years later I can’t get no satisfaction biggest lie in rock history meanwhile back in Kingscliff dream on