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  1. Hi. May I buy this please? P. Ps your inbox isn't accepting mssg.
  2. Hi.... I've been totally rapt with my Antipodes unit since I first hooked it up to my system. And for that alone I'd recommend it to anyone looking in this space. But every now and again something gives my network a bump...and I find myself in touch with Tony, hoping he'll help me out. And I'm just here to say....it's amazing...because he does...every time. Even when the issue has probably got nothing to do with the Antipodes itself. So this is just a public 'thank you' and shout-out for a great business. The fact that the amazing product is matched by the service is such rare thing these days. Love it! It makes listening even more of a pleasure. P
  3. Further information: A really special speaker cable that I've only seen come up once or twice on SNA. Currently configured as Banana (amp) to Spade (speaker) though it looks easy to change with these connectors - if that's what your system needs. It wasn't until I spent almost treble the price I paid for these that I bettered them in my system. BTW I paired them initially with the Cheetah interconnects as I love the musicality of the Audioquest gear. And will have those cables up for sale soon too - if you're interested in building a loom, as I was. And found this quote from stereophile talking about the Mont Blancs in the context of the Cheetahs - "My findings were so similar to those regarding the interconnect (Cheetah) comparison that it's almost scary. On the wonderful old fiddle tune "Texas Gales," from the first duet album by Tony Rice and Norman Blake (a fine-sounding LP—thanks to the engineering of Billy Wolf—available as Rounder 0233), the two guitars were coming out of a darker, deeper silence. If the notes were the sounds of pebbles tossed into a pool, then with the AudioQuests the pool sounded deeper, bigger, blacker, stiller, wetter....... More important, both cables got all the timing information right: the rhythms, the momentum, even the subtle differences between Norman's approach to the tune (straightforward and trad, but jaunty and sunny nonetheless) and Tony's (more use of arpeggios at the beginnings of phrases, and a little more syncopation and swing in his improvisations). Both cables made me lean forward and smile.... Hifi Shark shows prices between A$1200 and 2200 so I hope these will find a happy listener here on SNA at this price. (NB Prefer local pickup but can post at buyer's expense. I have the original packaging.) Please let me know if you are interested in the Cheetahs too - they are RCAs and in 9/10 condition. I will create a separate ad for them later in the weekend - but would love to see them go to the same home as the Mont Blancs. They are a match made in heaven! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Further information: Widely regarded tuner I've owned from new, but no longer using. Lovely musical sound. Silly to have it sitting in a cupboard when someone could be enjoying it! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. Further information: Fabulous, as new, P10, purchased new by me from the Australian distributor - with US plugs - so you don't have to limit yourself to AUS terminated cables . (I will be selling a number of PS audio and Wireworld cables in the coming days that would go brilliantly with this unit if you are interested.) I have all the packaging/remote - but would prefer local buyer if possible, due to weight. Unit is very well reviewed, and I have found PS Audio a delight to talk to about this and other products in their range - which is such a bonus! Between this and the Directstream, PS Audio have demonstrated an amazing ability to make audio sound better! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Hi everyone - have now had three different people disappear into the ether, so still available! (But the Meridian 506 has now sold.)
  7. Hi - thanks for the interest everyone. Just waiting on a local pickup. If it falls through will let you know.
  8. Yes - I just tried a PS4 game case - but they have to go in horizontally - except for on the top shelf. It looks like you'd get around 21 games per level.
  9. It's 16bit - the original. (And my understanding is that also the preferred - by many! ) But I'm probably biased.
  10. I don't know the model, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't change automatically between 33 and 45. And I can't see a model number unless it's something like TK27, TX27, TIX27?
  11. Sorry if anyone was confused. Unfortunately, as I was looking for people to take the whole set, or a combination of them, there was no easy way to do that in the pricing box. And I never thought for a moment that anyone would think you'd get five boxes of Audiolab gear, for $350! Not even on SNA!
  12. Hi - no - it says in the ad that this is the price for the 8000A, and I have listed prices for the other components.
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