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  1. Thanks @Hydrology that's a shame,. I don't understand why more streamers don't have hdmi arc, the blue sound powernode has this feature, but not the blue sound node, I had a realy cheap sound bar that had it so it can't be that hard / expencive to add to a streamer. there must be a market for a streamer/DAC that you can use for both music and two Chanel TV my old streammagic V1 will not last forever so hopefully Cambridge audio or bluesound include hdmi arc on a future product ( < $1600 ) thank again for the information
  2. @Hydrology the matrix streamer looks interesting,. Is the hdmi input on the back configured for arc ? (HDMI audio from TV ? ) I checked out there website but couldn't find anything on the hdmi input would be exactly what I've been looking for if it does
  3. Is there any news or chance the Node 2i will get HDMI ?
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