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  1. Is there any news or chance the Node 2i will get HDMI ?
  2. @blakey72 do you use the CXN as a preamp into a power amp ? i have a stream magic 6 (SM6) into a integrated, I find its fine to use to trim the volume but with the SM6 volume turned down to much it looses sound quality, I'm concidering updating to the CXN V2
  3. @Stephen0804 I was given a copy of Every Kingdom when it first came out and really like it, though really play it This post prompted me to check out his other releases on Spotify ….. each for their own but Every Kingdom is far and away his best
  4. @maximus I've had some Twenty.22s for around 6 years and still very happy with them. What amp are you using with them ?
  5. I don't listen to much recorded live music, BUT there's something about 'nils lofgren acoustic live' that keeps it on high rotation at our place
  6. @perth_artist i have had two little rel t5s sitting next to my bookshelves for a few years. The subs (to me) add more than just deep base, they seem to free up the lower mids amd balance the system. As to what's best in your price range,. I would try and find a small second hand sub, then invest the time setting it up. Even the best sub will take time to integrate so it's invisible Ps ..... IMO 2 subs is a lot better than one but ones better than none
  7. hi @enikoy thanks for posting the link for the old Plaza lots of fond memory's. Ive been trying to remember the name of the old pizza place.... Motts ? Was owned by a very tall septic tank. hi @crisis Yes you are right, I am a bit old. Still out of the two of us I am the only one with enough memory left to remember the name of my childhood church (The Purple Ear)
  8. Again thanks @thathifiguy im in Perth next month and will try and get a listen to a node 2. Agreed a cheap blue ray player will do us for the very few movies we watch. as far as the node2 DAC goes , almost every review or post I've read the node has been set up with a seperate DAC . I supost I assumed the DAC wasn't very good. Would you rate the node sound quality to be as good as the CXN ?
  9. thanks @thathifiguy i thought if a blue ray player could do the streaming I could then afford a half decent DAC , I've read good things on the Rega DAC also my blue ray player is old so thought for the $$$$ I could upgrade both blue ray and audio. my stream magic sounds great but the app is a bit clunky and slow, i get annoid that when accessing the library, you need to start from the begging each time. (Say switching between Google and CA app) I believe the CXN uses the same app? i have thought about a blue sound node but adding a decent DAC gets expensive
  10. @JukKluk2 how did you find using the Yamaha BD-A1040 as a audio streamer. Can the Yamaha play Spotify and how do you find the app? Both my blue ray player and streamer are fairly old So I am looking to the future as to streaming audio options, thinking kill two birds with one stone. currently use a CA stream magic V1. But am thinking the Yamaha BD-S681 and then optical to a DAC (Rega DAC r?) together this would work out roughly same price as CA CXN that said, we watch maybe one movie a month and listen to music every night thanks for any help
  11. Hi @acampbell how did you get on with the pm1s ? if repaired did you find the Luxman amp a improvement from your Rotal ?
  12. Well done a PM1 and PV1 combo should sound great. Do you feel like you are lacking something or is it a case of upgraditis im a long way from being a expert but, my advise would be to just let the PM1s settle in, some of the biggest gains I've heard in my system has been achieved by treating the room, setting up the subs and speaker positions. how about some photos of those loverly PM1s in your system.
  13. Stumbled on the new EP on Spotify yesterday. IMO from a casual listen, not her best But I would still buy concert tickets if she ventured down our way.
  14. I'm no guru on this so someone else might point out a issues But with my phone I just go into wifi settings, set as wifi hotspot, setup a password . You should then be able to set up your chromecast or bluestound to look for the phone as its wifi... Job done
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