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  1. cyclingsteve

    New member from Perth

    Welcome JD....good to see another 'Perthite'. Learning curve about to go up and great info in the forums.!!
  2. cyclingsteve

    Dynaudio Audience vs DM ranges Speakers

    Correct, the excite series sits above the emit series.At the moment the hierarchy in general is: Emit Excite Contour Confidence Dynaudio do have very hi end after the confidence series and the focus series which they no longer make. There is some suggestion that the new evoke range have replaced the focus series. Hope this helps.
  3. cyclingsteve

    Roksan k3 integrated

  4. cyclingsteve

    Anti Magpie Mods

    Our cycling group noticed that our local winged terror only swooped when by yourself and shyed away from the group! But at end of the day I just find a different route and return when mating season is over.
  5. Hi All....I know this thread is a bit old now but just cant resist adding my thoughts. Like the OP, I also went on a merry journey to listen to the S40 and the 1.4Le. Low and behold the le's are now in my music room at home. Since my purchase I have had a few audio nut friends around who all say the same thing....you could sit here and listen to them forever, and yes many a day has been taken up with all day listening sessions. So i also preferred the contour le over the s40...but as everyone says that choice is very subjective. Ps mine are in high gloss piano black and the contrasting faceplate looks beautiful.
  6. cyclingsteve

    Best passive studio monitors for under 1k

    I would second the Dynaudio m20. I have a set and they are great for the price especially if you likea bit more in the low frequency end. They are also very good for 2 channel listening.
  7. Did you end up getting an integrated amp? If you can keep both ie integrated for music and the sony for movies. Because anyone here if they are being honest will tell you that your receiver is a crap choice for music especially if thats what youre after 70% of the time. MF or CA would be fine and a huge improvement on that Sony.
  8. cyclingsteve

    Hello from Perth

    Hi there and welcome!!! Great to see more Perthites joining!!!
  9. cyclingsteve

    Hello from Perth!

    Welcome crane ..........from another Perthie
  10. I had one of these a couple of years ago and sold it locally. I always regretted selling it. Probably one the best amps you could buy at that price! Im sure this will go quick.
  11. cyclingsteve

    What is the 'Cambridge Audio' sound?

    My first integrated was the azur 851a great amp and should have kept it for my second system. House sound is kind of a myth. The 851a had a different sound when played with B&W , different again with the big Ushers and yep different with my dynaudios. Subjective
  12. cyclingsteve

    Why have Multiple Cartridges?

    Yep...what all of the above said. As audio enthusiasts we are on the eternal quest for the perfect sound. Shibata, microline styli , mm/mc they all sound different.
  13. cyclingsteve

    FS: Musical Fidelity M6 500i

    This is a fantastic integrated amp and at that price someone would be getting a real bargain. I have compared my m6500i to reference amps double and almost triple the price and it compared equally if not better probably due to the power on tap. This would be an end game amp for many GLWTS.
  14. cyclingsteve

    SOLD: FS: Thor PS10 Smart Power Station [Perth]

    Sorry All this is now SOLD
  15. Item: Thor PS10 Smart Power Station & Smart Board Location: Canning Vale WA Price: $550 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from another SNA Member. I have had this for approximately 6 months and is no longer required . It is in very good condition but has a cosmetic mark on the right side front face of the unit which was already there when I purchased from fellow SNA member 'Soundguy' (Please see pics), obviously this does not impact on the working order of the unit. Includes 8 plug Smart Board .Comes from a pet free/ smoke free home. I do not have the original boxes etc and due to the weight this is a Perth only sale. Pictures: