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  1. MF with B&W would be a nice match. Had a set of CM9s that were being driven by my m6 500i and it sounded fantastic to my ears. Im now running dynaudios with the MF which Im very happy with but the MF and B &W combo was lovely.
  2. I also paid $250 for mine a few years ago. But they getting quite hard to het hold off nowdays . So between $250 and $350 dependent on condition would be reasonable. I love them still one of the best book shelfs for the price just add a sub a you will be rocking☺
  3. Bargain is an understatement!!!! I dont need it but would have bought it just because of the price!!!!
  4. Hi all Im receiving quite a bit of interest in the LP 12 via PM. . At this point of time it is likely sold pending. If the buyer doesnt show I will contact the next person in order of query. Thanks
  5. Further information: My Linn Sondek LP12 with Valhalla and Basik LVX arm, manufacture date 1983. I will also include a Linn Adikt Cart (with about 450hrs on it). Was bought in 2016 (I have all the receipts etc). Only gets used for 1 to 2 hrs every couple of months as I tend to spend more time with the digital/streaming side of things now days.. Local buyers only and happy to audition.
  6. A fantastic Integrated amp at a great price. This will drive any speaker with ease . Once you own one of these, other amps seem under powered and dont have the same grip and authority over your speakers . Wont be parting with mine for a while. GLWTS
  7. Agree Its a fantastic speaker. I wont be selling mine any time soon. ☺If these were in WA they would have gone already
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