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  1. Im guessing that although Apple will discontinue the product as such, the software will remain operational - just no more updates etc....I have ignored the update offers for years, having been burned with so called 'improvements' in the past only to find things i like removed or slow the system down. I have an old ipod as my music source in the car so I hope the Itunes software will continue. Ive never use the store however, so Im unsure what will happen there.
  2. Interestingly I ran into one of the owners of the building (who also bought the 78s business) they currently reside in about a year ago and they had big plans to turn the place into an intimate live music venue with food and booze, as they do have an outside courtyard - while continue to trade in second hand vinyl. Clearly that never eventuated.
  3. I will miss the nostalgia of going into their store near his Majestys theatre and spend an hour or so after school rummaging through the vinyl.....then taking the trip across the street to Vince Ross Audio World. Without a doubt it was this weekly ritual where i developed my love of all things music and music reproduction. I also liked their two story place when they moved up the road, but eventually it became nothing more than a $10 cd shop and lost its magic. Even worse was the decision to move to their current location down an alley off the Murray st mall with poor to zero exposure and foot traffic. Agree with Fodders that the current shop deteriorated to nothing more than a second hand LP joint and was not worth the risk of being stabbed or mugged trying to get into the place down that dodgy alley. That leaves Dadas in Pier St as the best place for vinyl in my opinion - very interesting place.....I hope they are able to survive if and when the Vinyl resurgence wanes......
  4. Hi Winno, I have mine in a similar sized room (3.8x5.5) and with the usher power amp I can tell you they are the best purchase I ever made. I have no bass boom but is deep and tight and the diamond tweeters are superb. Yes, they are a little tall but a small price to pay for the sound they produce. I couldnt recommend them highly enough. The only trouble is the sheer size and weight which makes a home demo for these things a real bugger. In time Id love to get a valve pre to pair with the usher power amp (I was sorely tempted with the Melody P1688 pre in the classified not so long ago!), but they sound damn good even with the modest Rotel RC1070 pre-amp.
  5. Hi everyone. Thanks to to all who expressed interst. These are provisionally sold to a local buyer. Chris
  6. Item: Sony WH-1000MX2 Headphones Location: Perth Metro Price: $230 local or $240 to rest of Australia Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling:Got MX3's for Birthday Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer Extra Info: I purchased these from the Sony Outlet Ebay store 4 weeks ago for $349 (invoice can be sent upon request). They have only been charged once and worn for less than one hour on a flight from Singapore to KL last week They are for all intents and purposes a brand new pair of headphones with all packaging, zero marks and sound superb. Preference will be given to Perth Metro buyers and are very welcome try try and inspect before purchase (you will not be disappointed), however I will send carefully wrapped in an overnight satchel to anyone in a metro area in Australia. Pictures:
  7. Not now- but their early years they looked quite feral and were doing the death growls. Their style Changed when Lee Anderson joined. If youre still discovering the genre I can also recommend Sirenia and theatre of tragedy. Both are of a symphonic metal format. Glad you found what you were looking for.
  8. Gents - you have to learn to haggle....$30 for that, you must be mad.....I'll give you $25 for it and not a shekel more..... (with apologies to monty python)
  9. Hi marc what colour is it? Your photo looks silver but just checking.
  10. also pumps out significantly more than 200w too - think its more like 380w
  11. Hi Soundsuite, You may want to consider correcting the model of the amp in your title as using the Prefix "RMB" may stop some potential buyer looking thinking its one of Rotels multi channel amps. Photos identify it as the two channel "RB1090" - Rotels two-channel beast. Chris
  12. Hi Thommo, really interested in this - Pm sent with intention to purchase. Chris
  13. I was at the Adelphi last weekend and is still the place to go although there are a few more vacant shops starting to appear. If I recall correctly Norman audio was one of them- he had/has two shops there and both were newspapered up at the window. Of course this could also mean he might be renovating. Regardless it's still by far and away the best building in Singers for all things audio and vinyl.
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