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  1. Douglas hifi moved to Osborne Pk back in Dec - there's some really nice photos of their new digs in their sponsor forum. Hoping to get there myself to have a look around int he next few weeks.
  2. Hi Daniam i thought the treble was Slightly rolled off and had one or two pops but for $25 I have zero complaints. Overall it’s got good bass and A nice clean sound. I don’t have any digital to compare to so not sure if that’s common on both formats. Chris
  3. Just picked up the ELO and Roger Waters live triple LP's - very happy. thanks for the heads up Woogie!
  4. the Sony ebay store has box damaged (not refurbished) Sony X95G 65" for under $2000 if you apply the 15% code at the moment, which is a pretty good deal. Link Here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sony-65-X95G-Full-Array-LED-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-Android-TV-Box-Damaged-/283797298815?hash=item4213a31e7f
  5. The irony of only being able to purchase many of the releases via the internet considering what RSD was originally created for hasn't been lost on me!
  6. while I can't comment on the sound of the Naim product keep in mind that the Naim is twice the price of the Cambridge Audio (even more with add-ons), and as such I would expect it to outperform the CA - although price isn't always an indicator of performance. I own an 851n and cant speak highly enough of it. Sound is great, easy to use and plays all the radio stations I need like radio paradise FLAC. I have also added a CXC to take advantage of its DAC Capabilities. I would at least have an audition of it - if possible find a dealer who stocks both and do a comparison. You might save yourself a bit of cash.
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