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  1. Douglas hifi moved to Osborne Pk back in Dec - there's some really nice photos of their new digs in their sponsor forum. Hoping to get there myself to have a look around int he next few weeks.
  2. Hi Daniam i thought the treble was Slightly rolled off and had one or two pops but for $25 I have zero complaints. Overall it’s got good bass and A nice clean sound. I don’t have any digital to compare to so not sure if that’s common on both formats. Chris
  3. Just picked up the ELO and Roger Waters live triple LP's - very happy. thanks for the heads up Woogie!
  4. the Sony ebay store has box damaged (not refurbished) Sony X95G 65" for under $2000 if you apply the 15% code at the moment, which is a pretty good deal. Link Here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sony-65-X95G-Full-Array-LED-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-Android-TV-Box-Damaged-/283797298815?hash=item4213a31e7f
  5. The irony of only being able to purchase many of the releases via the internet considering what RSD was originally created for hasn't been lost on me!
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