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  1. Chigurh

    Who would have thought it......fake LPs

    A while back I unwittingly bought a dodgy pressing of Electric Ladyland from an overseas Ebay seller. There is nothing etched in the runouts and the sound quality is poor - probably made from mp3s. The cover isn't too bad. Maybe I'll just put it in a frame. You live and learn.
  2. Chigurh

    pioneer plx-1000

    ^^ Wot he said! It took me ages to get it right after I fiddled with it. My advice would be to leave it alone.
  3. Chigurh

    pioneer plx-1000

    I have this one: https://www.jaycar.com.au/100pc-driver-bit-set/p/TD2038
  4. Chigurh

    pioneer plx-1000

    You can get a specialty screwdriver bit set from Jaycar. You need to loosen the outer screw, very slightly to tighten up the inner screw, again very slightly. 30 second job.
  5. The Staff at JB are hopeless. When USB-C was relatively new I was chasing a USB-C to A adapter. First he said they didn't exist so I told him they were on JB's website so then he said they were out of stock (without even checking). I spotted one on the shelf behind him and reached over his shoulder and grabbed it. His excuse was that it was impossible to know every article in the shop. I just said "nice work mate". He replied "whatever" and went back to staring at his phone. I left some negative feedback on their FB page. Made me feel better anyway.
  6. I ordered two records recently from Amazon Australia. They were shipped from the US but only took ten days to arrive with free delivery as I have Amazon Prime. They were a good price and packed very well too. Overall a positive experience.
  7. £1299 in the UK = $2317 AUD. Just saying. https://www.richersounds.com/technics-sl1210gr.html
  8. Chigurh

    Acoustic Energy AE109 speakers

    I had the larger AE120s. The first decent pair of speakers I owned. Very solidly built. I ended up giving them away to some tight-arsed prick. I won't do that again!
  9. Chigurh

    Record surface issue.

    To me it looks like the record was left out while someone was grilling steak or something similar nearby. The airborne fat particles would settle on the surface and set after a while.
  10. Chigurh

    Anyone have experience with MF M6 phono

    I've just pulled the pin on a MF MX-Vynl (although I'll have to wait up to 4 weeks to get a black one to match my amp). The MX has just gone up to $1599 so it makes the M6 phono look like even better value. I just couldn't justify it, I don't really think I'll have multiple TTs in the future (even though I currently have two)
  11. Chigurh

    Anyone have experience with MF M6 phono

    I wish I had! It looks like incredible value for money considering the features.
  12. To make use of one of these inputs, like the one on the MF MX-Vynl phono stage, would a turntable need to be modified or is there an adapter available? I've never seen a turntable with this type of interconnect.
  13. Chigurh

    Using Spotify with my set up

    If you have an iphone or ipad you could use an Airport Express and Airplay. The DAC in the Airport Express is surprisingly good.
  14. Chigurh

    Clearaudio Smart Phono V2

    Hmmm, maybe I should go for the Clearaudio Basic+ (if I can still get my hands on one). Its gain is 62db.
  15. Hello I'm considering getting myself one of these phono preamps. The gain goes up to 54db. Would this be enough gain for a CA Concept MC cartridge (0.4 mV)? I currently use 60db gain on a Project Phono Box DS+. Cheers