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  1. Tidal says it all really. For new users only. As an ex-user I could get 90 days for $1.99.
  2. Picture quality aside, how do you find the user interface and also how it handles streaming services? I was considering the 65" A8F but then I read a lacklustre review online. https://www.theverge.com/2018/11/2/17970022/sony-a8f-tv-review-oled-hdr-specs-features-price
  3. I don't know about the Da Vinci but in the brochure for the Concept MC cartridge it states that the diamond should last for 8000 hours if properly adjusted, which I thought sounded pretty good.
  4. Wav files can be tagged too these days. https://www.blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2015/12/08/wav-tagging-old-untagged/
  5. I have a Chromecast, Apple TV and a PC connected via HDMI. The Apple TV has the superior picture but my version of Chromecast is limited to 720p with Kayo.
  6. No sport mode available in the picture viewing modes? Some reviews suggest that there is a sport mode. I'm guessing that was in an earlier software version or an overseas model. Does anybody have some good settings for sport?
  7. To answer my own question, I see that with the latest firmware and app, the music shows as CD quality whilst playing. There are also four mixes to choose from now i.e. Main, Mellow, Rock and Groovy.
  8. An Audioquest Dragonfly Red could to MQA with your iPad. It would require an analogue connection to your receiver though.
  9. There's a pair of KEF Q300 speakers in the classifieds at the moment. I had them paired with an FMJ A19 and I think they sounded superb. Under your budget too. You could spend the difference on some stands.
  10. My 55" FZ950 arrived today. I very carefully unpacked it and set it up. I was very impressed with the stunning clarity of the picture until I noticed a cluster of dead pixels fairly close to the centre on the screen. I got straight on to The Good Guys. They asked me to email them a photo. I did this and they emailed me back asking me to perform a "Pixel Refresh". The closest thing I could find in the menu was "Panel Maintenance". I ran this and it warned me it would take 80 minutes so I went out for a bit. It seems to have improved a things bit, cleaning up a lot of the single dead pixels but I am still left with 4 black dots. With a magnifier I can see that two of the dots are 4 pixels, one is 6 pixels and one is a single pixel. They are all within about 2cm of each other. I'll run the panel maintenance again tonight. I think if it's not fixed I should insist on a replacement. Rotten luck.
  11. Thanks for that link. I just pulled the pin on the 55" model for my PC setup. I can't wait to see what my motor racing sim looks like on this OLED TV.
  12. I read somewhere that the Radio Paradise stream via Bluesound is FLAC now. Is there a way of checking this? There are no options for RP in the Bluesound app as far as I can see.
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