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  1. Are you running the lastest firmware on the DF Cobalt? I have a DF Red and it had a problem with low volume on my Samsung phone which was fixed with a firmware update.
  2. Problem sorted. Turned out to be a dodgy HDMI cable connected to the HDMI audio port. Easy fix.
  3. Yes that's what it's set at. The Denon AVR (DRA-800H) is a brand new model with 4 HDMI inputs that are all 4K / HDCP 2.3 plus an HDMI ARC port. The AVR's display is showing that no signal is being detected. Maybe it's a glitch that will be fixed with a firmware update. It's no big deal, I can just listen to the audio on the primary HDMI port.
  4. I cant for the life of me get any audio out of the second HDMI running into my Denon AVR. I've messed with all of the settings I can find in the BDP, AVR and the TV. No luck.
  5. I can't find it. Would Denon use a typical slope common to all of their AVRs?
  6. It's definitely called "low pass filter" in the manual and also in the set up menu. I just assumed that any frequencies below 80Hz would be sent to the sub only, and the remaining (anything above 80Hz) would be sent only to the main speakers. Probably a lack of understanding on my part on how these filters work.
  7. I recently purchased this stereo AVR. I have set it up with a subwoofer connected to the subwoofer pre-out and the low pass filter set to 80Hz on the amplifier. When I play some bass test tones it's not behaving as I expected. Test tones lower than 80Hz are still coming through to the main speakers. There aren't many adjustments on the amp, just subwoofer - yes or no and the low pass filter frequency setting. There are also three sound modes - stereo, direct and pure direct, none of which effect the sub's behavior. Any ideas?
  8. I just bought the complete box set of Ren & Stimpy for $17.50 on Amazon. I couldn't find it on any streaming services. Win win!
  9. At $75 all they will get from me is buyer resistance. I'm not that desperate to expand my record collection. Plenty of other ways to listen to music.
  10. ...should we also talk about step-up transformers to add to the confusion?
  11. I would drop Netflix if my Wife would let me. Much more interesting films on SBS On Demand for free.
  12. It's not my main system so I'm not really prepared to go through lots of hassle and expense to get it fixed. It's a shame as it looks way too nice to toss in the bin. I'm weighing up some alternatives. Modern amps have so many bells and whistles! I'm thinking an Onkyo TX-8270 (probably cheapest option), Bluesound Powernode 2i, or sell my floorstanding speakers (Tannoy XT8F) and get some active standmounts like the Acoustic Energy AE1 active or the KEF LS50 wireless. Too many options!
  13. This happened today after I swapped speakers. There is sound from the right channel but it's quite distorted. It does it from all sources and there is distortion whether it's output is through the speakers or headphones. I thought I had turned the amp off before I changed over the speakers but noticed afterwards that it was actually on. I probably bumped the power button. Is this worth fixing? Amp is probably 6 or 7 years old.
  14. This guy goes into some detail. Quite enlightening. https://www.mojo-audio.com/blog/computer-audio-misconceptions/
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