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  1. You got that right! The track "xanny" had me worried that something had gone seriously awry with my system. After a listen with headphones I calmed down.
  2. I have a Denon DRA-800H which is a stereo AV reciever. It's loaded with features and sounds easily as good as my Peachtree Nova125 amplifier with the same speakers. The Denon also has a dedicated subwoofer pre-out so setting up a sub is easier.
  3. The Easter 10% discount has been extended for another week. I've ordered up a REL subwoofer and saved $160.
  4. My Tidal Hifi subscription (which was a special offer) expired on 30/03. I was able to get this new offer today using the same email address.
  5. If the real price is $499 (not $4991) it's a bargain for a terrific amp!
  6. Not really a hologram but I've always liked staring at the spinning Vertigo record label. cool stuff!
  7. Are you running the lastest firmware on the DF Cobalt? I have a DF Red and it had a problem with low volume on my Samsung phone which was fixed with a firmware update.
  8. Problem sorted. Turned out to be a dodgy HDMI cable connected to the HDMI audio port. Easy fix.
  9. Yes that's what it's set at. The Denon AVR (DRA-800H) is a brand new model with 4 HDMI inputs that are all 4K / HDCP 2.3 plus an HDMI ARC port. The AVR's display is showing that no signal is being detected. Maybe it's a glitch that will be fixed with a firmware update. It's no big deal, I can just listen to the audio on the primary HDMI port.
  10. I cant for the life of me get any audio out of the second HDMI running into my Denon AVR. I've messed with all of the settings I can find in the BDP, AVR and the TV. No luck.
  11. I can't find it. Would Denon use a typical slope common to all of their AVRs?
  12. It's definitely called "low pass filter" in the manual and also in the set up menu. I just assumed that any frequencies below 80Hz would be sent to the sub only, and the remaining (anything above 80Hz) would be sent only to the main speakers. Probably a lack of understanding on my part on how these filters work.
  13. I recently purchased this stereo AVR. I have set it up with a subwoofer connected to the subwoofer pre-out and the low pass filter set to 80Hz on the amplifier. When I play some bass test tones it's not behaving as I expected. Test tones lower than 80Hz are still coming through to the main speakers. There aren't many adjustments on the amp, just subwoofer - yes or no and the low pass filter frequency setting. There are also three sound modes - stereo, direct and pure direct, none of which effect the sub's behavior. Any ideas?
  14. I just bought the complete box set of Ren & Stimpy for $17.50 on Amazon. I couldn't find it on any streaming services. Win win!
  15. At $75 all they will get from me is buyer resistance. I'm not that desperate to expand my record collection. Plenty of other ways to listen to music.
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