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  1. Chigurh

    Split RCA output from phono stage

    If your amp has a line out you could just run that into your headphone amp.
  2. Chigurh

    Recommend a first TT for a novice

    I think an Audio Technica LP5 would be a good starter turntable. If your amplifier doesn't have a phono input you would need to budget for a phono preamp too. The LP5 has a phono preamp built in which would solve that problem. Rega TTs, especially the lower models, often require removal of the platter to change speed which I don't think is great for beginners or convenient. All the best.
  3. this https://en-au.sennheiser.com/bt-t100-bluetooth-transmitter-for-tv-and-home-entertainment
  4. Chigurh

    Advice: Next steps for vinyl upgrade ?

    I just did it by eye using the scale in the Pioneer manual and it seemed really easy. I took my time and and made sure it was dead straight in the headshell. I think it sounds best with the tracking force set at 1.5g, and the tonearm height adjustment screwed all the way down. The antiskate adjustment on the Pioneer is not very sensitive but I adjusted it as well as I could using a test record. That's it.
  5. Chigurh

    Advice: Next steps for vinyl upgrade ?

    FWIW I own the PLX1000 with an AT150MLX cart and also a Clearaudio Concept with the Concept MC cart. Comparing the two, the difference isn't night and day but the CA is still a significant step up. Lower noise floor and just punchier sounding. For me the upgrade was worthwhile.
  6. Chigurh

    Now that's a worn stylus

    Apparently the length of the groove on one side of a standard LP is around 500 meters so based on an average LP being 40 minutes long, 1000 hours of play would equate to 1.5 million meters of vinyl rubbing against the stylus. No wonder they wear! I'm not as good at arithmetic as I used to be and I've also had a few beers so my calculation could quite possibly be way out. BTW, Clearaudio state that their Concept MC cartridge will last up to 8000 hours if it's properly aligned. I'm 52 now so I guess mine will see me out unless I have a clumsy incident (which is highly likely)
  7. Chigurh

    Now that's a worn stylus

    The wear looks uneven. I wonder if the antiskate wasn't right. Any idea of hours?
  8. Chigurh

    Record cleaning fluid - best?

    I agree but the results are very good with new Disco Anstistat liquid. My solution is to filter the dirty liquid through Whatman filter paper into a clean bottle. It's a bit time consuming but works well.
  9. Would you mind posting the shutter count? Thanks
  10. Great DAC. Bargain!
  11. Chigurh

    20% off Music at JB tomorrow.

    They have quite a few titles on their website for $29.99 each or 2 for $50. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Music-On-Sale/vinyl-2-for-50/
  12. Chigurh

    SOLD: EOI. Swap Luxman 507U amp

    Musical Fidelity M6si
  13. Chigurh

    Technics SL-1200 thread

    Where did you find such fine specimen if you don't mind me asking?
  14. Chigurh

    Hi from sunny Brisbane

    Hi sgg, have you got a budget in mind?