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  1. They no longer make this cartridge so if the stylus ever wears out it's very hard to get a replacement. Fortunately the VMN40ML stylus is a perfect fit and a good match for this cart and readily available. I've tried it and it sounds excellent. https://www.amazon.com.au/Audio-Technica-VMN40ML-MicroLine-Replacement-Turntable/dp/B01M5EE0E4
  2. Pitch Black - South of the Line. Trippy bit of electronica. Deep bass that will rattle your windows. https://open.spotify.com/track/75vMsnCqcf9SxVPliLcjAY?si=3MYzat73ROm3vYc776FU7w
  3. The reason I want to use the low level input is that I get a weird problem when I use the high level input. I get mad fluttering of the subwoofer when I play a record.. This doesn't happen with any other source. I know, immediately you would think that it's a turntable isolation problem but it's not. The problem has disappeared when I connect the sub via it's low level input and my phono preamp has a subsonic filter (IEC equalization) which is turned on. So I have a couple of options: 1. Use the low level input (not really recommended by REL) 2. Use the high level inputs and turn the sub off when I listen to records There is a long thread in the Steve Hoffman forums started by someone with nearly the exact same problem. He spent a year and a half trying to sort it out and eventually just ended up getting a different turntable. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/my-subwoofer-hates-my-turntable.405112/ It's a frustrating problem.
  4. That would make sense of the instructions then. Thanks for that.
  5. How do you connect this sub to both channels of a stereo pre-out? Do I need a Y connector? I don't find the instructions very clear.
  6. What happens if you tap the shelf that the Ground-It is sitting on, compared to the turntable sitting directly on the shelf without the Ground-It?
  7. Has anyone tried the Pro-Ject Ground-It E isolation platform. It's around $250. I'm thinking of getting one for my Clearaudio Concept.
  8. Clearaudio Concept. Just my opinion, I have one and I like it a lot.
  9. Good luck finding a pristine example. They're all pretty trashed these days.
  10. Exactly! I did the same. Smallish sub that will definitely rattle your windows with loads of deep, deep, clear bass.
  11. The Hifi News test LP has a track to fine-tune the anti-skate setting.
  12. She bought the Hisense S5 and so far she's very happy with it.
  13. Can you test Tidal on a wired ethernet connection direct from your router to your pc? If that works fine you may need better wifi in your home.
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