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  1. OK. So I'm a little bit confused or maybe just un-educated. So School me! When is it desirable to use a step up transformer? Do you use the transformer on it lonesome? Do you use it in conjunction with a phono pre? How do you determine what step-up transformer to pair with your cart? Are there any more pertinent questions to ask? Is there anything more I should know? Why is the earth floating through space and why haven't we found any sign of life outside our own planet? All answers/help gratefully received. Regards, Chris.
  2. I'll give you a snifter of cheap brandy for the tennis ball. D'oh! I see you're interstate. Oh well. CP.
  3. What does it sound like? (Only kidding) ;-) CP.
  4. Just a clarifying question. Are they 2 x 1.25m or 2 x 2.5m cables? CP.
  5. Bah! Robert P and Robert P. They should do posthumous duet album and call it Robert P Squared. The Krauss/Plant album is a cracker BTW. Produced and played on by T Bone Burnett. If you like layed back country/pop with beautiful harmony and brilliant musicianship then this might be for you. Highly recommended. CP.
  6. How pretty is that! Wow! If I practiced for a thousand years I wouldn't deem myself worthy! GLWTS. CP.
  7. Just pre-ordered the 1st of the re-issue Oasis titles from UK Amazon. http://www.uncut.co.uk/oasis/oasis-to-reissue-back-catalogue-on-vinyl-news CP.
  8. Post edited. No disrespect intended. CP.
  9. Neil. Dizzy Heights. Complex. Not a one listen album. Usual brilliance, and probably one step ahead of us all.... (a list of Neil's Faves http://thequietus.com/articles/14392-neil-finn-favourite-albums)
  10. Been playing the mp3's for a few weeks (I know, I know, but I will certainly buy the vinyl) and it's brilliant. "Blue Moon", "Country Down" and the closer "Waking Light" are the highlights for me. Will be on my top 10 for '14 unless we see some of the flying pigs.... CP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaTuycPc3dQ
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