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  1. Item: Matrix X-Sabre Dac, Bel Canto Dac 3, Accuphase T107 Tuner
    Location: Regional NSW
    Price:  see below
    Item Condition: Good, used
    Reason for selling: I finally managed to buy a Dac I really wanted, need to pay for it
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
    Extra Info:


    SOLD: Matrix x-Sabre Dac.   In my humble opinion, a largely underrated DAC.  Based on the ESS Sabre 9018 Dac, it is extremely musical, plenty of detail as you would expect, it creates a wide sound stage, slightly narrower than the best I have heard, but top-to bottom it just sounds right at least in my rig. I don’t have the original box any more, documentation can be downloaded from the web. 

    I am asking $725 shipped in Oz for this little gem.


    SOLD: Bel Canto Dac3.  This Dac has been well reviewed and is a solid performer. In some ways it presents a slightly more relaxed presentation of the music than the Matrix Dac, but it is unfailingly musical if not quite as vivid.  The Dac3 comes with the original box with a remote control, manual etc. I am asking $750 shipped in Oz for the Dac3.


    SOLD: Last but certainly not least is the Accuphase t107 tuner.  If you have read the reviews you will know this is the real deal.  I just dont listen to the radio much these days and want to pass it on to someone who can appreciate its many fine qualities.  The Casework work is not perfect - there are some scratches on top of the front plate, it needs new batteries but the tuner works fine, my price reflects these imperfections. I don’t have the original box or documentation but I will pack it securely.  I am asking $700 shipped for this. Tuner.


    As I am travelling I don’t have photos available to me right now, but I will upload some when I get back to the farm, which is tomorrow night.

    I appreciate you looking



  2. Item: auralic vega Dac
    Price Range: negotiable
    Item Condition: Used
    Extra Info: I got stung by the recent Auralic for sale ad scam. But I’m still in the market for one.  


    So if you have one for sale let me know.



  3. Item: Bel Canto Dac 3
    Location: Central NSW
    Price:  Open to reasonable offers over $1200 $1000

    Item Condition: like new, in box
    Reason for selling: trying out various Dac options
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
    Extra Info: Wonderful sound, read the reviews to get a sense of the capabilities of this  Dac . This is a 240v unit.

    To summarise:

        Neutral in its representation 

        Wide deep sound stage

        Wide range of input options including SPDIF, AES/EBU, OPTICAL, USB


    i would be happy to consider a partial trade for a Auralic Vega, Benchmark Dac 2 or similar 


    len Wallis has a bel canto Dac 3 currently list well above $2000!


    Its a poor picture I know, I’ll try to take some better ones in the morning.



  4. Budget is $1500 - $1900 and I don’t mind buying used. I tried the Audio DG and it didn’t work in my system.  DACs owned so far


    arcam  irDac

    audio dg ref7 (I think)

    schitt gungnir (multi bit)

    matrix x sabre


    The matrix is closer to my preferred representation, bit it’s sound stage is not quite up to the mark.


    I’ve been thinking of either a used:


    benchmark dac2

    gustard x20u

    bell canto dac2

    or at a stretch a Ayre dsd Dac (matches my amp)


    The dac im trying to find will hang off the back of my oppo 105 which I use mainly for streaming, movies etc. My Ayre CD player (run straight into the Ayre 7) is my reference for the sound I’m am trying to achieve. Alas nothing has come close yet.







  5. I’m looking for a bit of advice.


    I am considering replacing my Matrix x Sabre Dac.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t dislike it but I am looking for a (small) stepup in audio quality.


    key considerations are ability to throw a large deep sound stage (where it exists), tonal accuracy, ability to extract the last ounce of detail and conveying  the natural ebb and flow of the music. Balanced outputs is mandatory, digital inputs should comprise the usual suspects  spdif, fibre and USB.


    i am aspirationally rich and financially challenged, so price is another consideration. Please no recommendations for $5k DACs.


    i appreciate your honest feedback.

  6. Item:Audio Research LS 5 or Elektra PNYX 
    Price Range: happy to negotiate 
    Item Condition: New or Used
    Extra Info: looking for a bit of valve magic for my system which is already pretty damn good. Needs to be balanced throughout as I prefer balanced connections. Let me know what you have, cosmetics is not necessarily a determining factor.


    No longer required





  7. Item:  Accuphase T107 FM Tuner
    Location: Country NSW
    Price:  $900 obo
    Item Condition: Excellent 
    Reason for selling: Not being used
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, direct bank deposit
    Extra Info:  


    This is a top rated tuner from one of the most respected audio manufacturers. The sound quality is amazing, pulling in signals where some of my previous tuners have failed. Alas, I just don’t get the time these days to enjoy it.


    please note batteries need to be replaced.


    Willing to ship anywhere in Australia at buyers expense
    Pictures: stock photo


  8. @Astrosound

    3 hours ago, ThirdDrawerDown said:

    Hi Lars  at this stage of the transaction you are best to send a personal message to the seller, where you can discuss addresses and pay ment details. Googles bots scrape SNA and your address becomes visible to anyone on the internet. Suggest you edit your post to delete it. Cheers

    Thank you, I only realised my mistake when I was driving to Sydney.


    all fixed

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