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  1. Thank you for your feedback, no room treatments, I have a small narrow (long) listening space. Imaging left to right and front to back is virtually perfect. i have analogue coming out of both ears (2 turntables, both Thorens, one mm, once mc) I am looking for more finesse, better micro dynamics, balanced inputs (?). Budget (?) < $2k - don't mind used. Thanks lars
  2. I have a bad case of upgraditis. I need some advice. My system comprises Classe model 30 pre, NAD c275BEE power, OPPO 103 CD, Magnepan MMG and arcam irDac The system makes music but I want more. I am comfortable with keeping the Classe, oppo and arcam, unsure of the rest. suggestions on how to improve would be gratefully accepted thank you
  3. Oh well, lovely thought. Good luck with the sale
  4. I'd like to grab the Rotel tuner is still available
  5. Tuner found - thank you all for contributing.
  6. Thank you folks after some more research I have decided to focus on a Sansui tu-919 anyone out there with one to sell?
  7. Item: excellent am/fm tuner Price Range: less than $500 Item Condition: Used or new Extra Info: I am looking for a really great am/fm tuner without an extravagant price tag. My preference is for an Audiolab 8000T but let me know what you have. full description, price and images would be really appreciated. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  8. I would love to grab these, will you ship to Bathurst?
  9. Item: Headshell to fit Jelco 750E Price Range: You tell me Condition: Excellent New or Used Extra Info: Prefer Carbon Fibre or Dense Wood but willing to entertain other options
  10. I'm interested in the phono cable, any chance of an image? I'm looking for a right angle 5 pin din connector at the Tonearm end Thanks
  11. I'll grab it if not sold - sorry have to pull the pin, I am not in a position to pickup
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