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  1. I am not offended, I have interest, that is good. Photos have been added, if not entirely professional
  2. just got back from Brisbane This is the email I got from Ryan Thew: "The M200's were a special product we built for a select group on AudioCircle.com. They offer 100/200 watts into 8/4 ohms. They were based on an earlier generation of ICEpower Class D amplifier technology. It's a fairly compact design that is meant to drive smaller monitor speakers or more efficient full range designs. They were offered with the choice of XLR or RCA inputs which was specified at the time of ordering. They have a 12kohm input impedance and could be configured with an automatic signal sense to allow the amplifiers to power on/off based upon the signal input being present. Thanks, Ryan Tew President - Red Dragon Audio"
  3. Item: NAD C275 BEE Power Amp Location: Country NSW Price: $895 Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Got my dream amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this from BMT a couple of years back. High current delivery which makes it a great match to Magneplanar speakers. Absolutely stable into 4 ohms. Reluctant to let it go but, I need to pay for a speaker upgrade so out it goes. Great NAD sound, amazing mid range and plenty of power down below. Auditions in Bathurst welcome. Shipping at buyers expense. Pictures: to come when I get home
  4. Item: Red Dragon Audio M200 Monoblocks Location: Country NSW Price: $675 Item Condition: excellent 8.5/10 Reason for selling: Got me my dream amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These were apparently made as a special order for an America audio society. Forget what you think you know about Class D amps, these are the real deal and deserve a serious listen. Thumping tight bass and extended sweet highs. They run as cool as a cucumber to the touch. Note these are balanced input only. Auditions welcome if you are willing to come to Bathurst. Price includes shipping within Australia Pictures: to come, when I get home
  5. I have a pair of mmg's for sale, contact me if interested
  6. Hi i did read that, but again in some of the online content I read, it suggested that when using the jfet buffer there was still audible noise (not really sure how widespread or significant that problem is). The Freya also seems very sensitive to Many kinds of electrical noise. I just want to be able to turn the pre-amp on and listen to my music without worrying about tube noise, microphonics and sensitivity to noisy electrical circuits. just to be clear, I have owned Schitt gear in the past and hold it in high regard, the Freya is just not a good match to my requirements. best lars
  7. Thank you for the suggestion, I've had a look at some of the online commentary and I suspect it will really appeal to tube rollers. Noise with the supplied tubes seems to be a problem with some (but not all units). I stopped using tube gear (ARC, AI etc) a long time ago, not sure if I want to go back. best lars
  8. Thank you Roman that is definitely outside my budget. thank you for responding
  9. Item: Balanced Pre Amp Price Range: 1500 ish Item Condition: Excellent used condition Extra Info: I currently have a Classe Thirty (SS). I would like to upgrade to a pre amp with better definition of leading edge transients and more "air". Must have at least one balanced input and balanced outputs. Prefer solid state. MM stage would be an advantage but not mandatory. All suggestions welcome must be willing to ship to Bathurst NSW 2795
  10. Item: Ayre K-5xe (or MP) Preamp Price Range: fair price (please let me know) Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  11. I have a C 275 BEE for sale. Open to reasonable offers. It is a great AMP, used it on my maggies and it made them sing.
  12. Item: Cambridge Audio Azur 651P MM/MC phono stage Location: Bathurst, NSW Price: $160 Item Condition: 8/10 Reason for selling: no longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: great little start phono preamp Pictures: (Stock photo)
  13. Item: Arcam irDac Location: Bathurst, NSW Price: $415 Item Condition: 8/10 dust cover on one of the toslink inputs is missing Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great little DAC Pictures: (Stock photo)
  14. Item: NAD C 275BEE Power Amp Location: Bathurst, NSW Price: $1050 Item Condition: 8.5/10 Reason for selling: Change of direction Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Wonderful sound, reluctant sale Pictures: (Stock image)
  15. Item: XLR Balanced cable Price Range: less than $150 Item Condition: New or Used don't care Extra Info: prefer audioquest but willing to consider all offers
  16. @Music..Man! :) hi, interested in the Audible Illusions 3a
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