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  1. Item: Schitt Gungnir Location: Bathurst NSW Price: $800 FIRM Item Condition: Excellent at least 9/10 Reason for selling: moving in another direction Payment Method: Pickup - cash, PayPal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: this is the delta-sigma version, 8 months old - bought new last year from addicted to audio, updatable to the multi bit version. No USB port Pictures: file image, pictures on request
  2. Is this an irDac or rLink you are selling, description does not match photo?
  3. Id like to have a go if you will post to Bathurst? Thanks Lars
  4. Item: Linn Ittok LVII Tone arm Location: Bathurst, NSW Price: $625, buyer pays shipping Item Condition: Excellent, passes the swing test handily Reason for selling: Need the money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Deposit Extra Info: I am the second owner of this fine tonearm, the mounting base is from a Linn Basik but apart from the colour, I don't think there are any differences. The bearings are nice and tight. I cannot find a serial number and I dont know its age. The pictures should tell the story. , Pictures:
  5. Item: Linn Ittok LV II Location: Bathurst NSW Price: $750 reducedto $650 Item Condition: Good condition, tight bearings, tone arm mounting base is from a linn basik Reason for selling: Need the cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:i have a 30 MB Video of the "swing test" of this arm (57 secs before i stopped the recorder, arm still swinging happily). Happy to send if your email can accomodate. I dont have the original packaging. Shipping at buyers expense Pictures: sorry for the poor quality of the pictures.
  6. Hi I would live to grab these units, i have a deserving student who needs a system, if you were willing to pay postage at my expense? Regards Lars
  7. Item: Audio-dg DAC19 DSP Location: Bathurst NSW Price: $525 ONO Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Gungnir has landed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I just got my Schiit Gungnir and whilst i really appreciate the presentation of the Audio-dg DAC 19, the Gungnir suits my listening preferences better. That said, you be hard pressed to find a more natural, organic, dare i say it analog sounding DAC. Top to bottom, the DAC 19 gets most of it right. Just let down in my opinion by a fairly compact sound stage. This unit has the asynchronous USB32 upgrade which i havent used but i am told it is excellent by any measure. Pictures: ill send pictures of this compact, non descript black box if you really need to see it, just send me your email address.
  8. Hi If not spoken for i would like to try them out. Happy to pay postage to bathurst Thanks Lars
  9. Can i please grab the led zep?
  10. Ill take a chance on what is left - will you pm me?
  11. Hi Im interested, still available? Will you ship to NSW 2795
  12. When we install a new component, are we breaking in the component or our ears/brains. Just wondering after the most recent round of "upgrades"
  13. Looking for a Gungnir in good condition, 230V version
  14. Thanks for that, I am still considering my options at this time. I Am also waiting for the buyer of my NAD M51 to commit. The Benchmark is pretty high on my list, but i am reading conflicting information regarding its ability to deliver macro dynamics, also there is a school of thought that the high frequencies are compromised by digital noise. Not having heard a Benchmark i am unsure how it will sound in my system. Still sometimes you just have to go with gut instinct. As soon as the buyer of the nad has gotten back to me i will make a decision. Thanks for replying Lars
  15. I've seen it. Isn't it a bit long in the tooth? I cant seem to find much information on it. Do you know if it will decode 24/192, i have quite a few high rez downloads that i stream from my NAS using the OPPO
  16. Hey M2m I have sent you a PM Cause I AM INTERESTED! So talk to me Regards Lars
  17. I just sold my Arcam irDac and NAD M51. So now i have a problem, where to next? I liked the brashness and dynamics of the Arcam irDac and the utility and sophistication of the NAD M51. My budget is less than $1200, i dont mind buying used gear i rarely buy from new I don't care about headphone outputs, ability to control volume, or native DSD processing I do care about musicality, detail, dynamics, accuracy of timbre, dimensionality (in both dimensions), I listen to a wide variety of music: blues, classical (but not opera or leeder), rock and new world and even on the odd occasion - punk. I use an oppo 103 as a transport/streamer, other components are my NAD/MMG amp speaker combo which i am happy with and dont plan on changing. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed
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