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  1. You’ve got me, I am not as technical as you, the Aqvox does not seem to editorialise the signal from the cartridge (I have three mc’s that I seem to rotate randomly) . I’m going to put the new interconnect between pre and power and see how it goes.


    i appreciate all comments and feedback. Ultimately my ears will determine how it all ends up.





  2. I’m no expert that’s for sure, but I have been led to believe that the Aqvox   Phono pre is fully balanced, I am using wireworld balanced cable from the cartridge to the Aqvox and then balanced into the pnyx. As I said I’m no expert though.

  3. Expensive by my standards, but the reviews I’ve read all point to this being a really good cable. Still performance may vary from system so I won’t know until I try it.  The suggestion of pre to power sounds sensible as then all components get a benefit.


    the phono is balanced all the way from the cartridge to the power amp.

  4. I just bought a length (yet to arrive) of a high performance balanced interconnect. My system is fully balanced source to amp.


    in the absence of a second length of the same high performance balanced interconnect, I am wondering where the new cable will be best used? Between my one of my sources (Dac or phone stage or 2nd CD player) and Pre-amp or between the pre-amp and power amp?


    maybe it doesn’t matter, maybe it does -I’d appreciate your thoughts.  Buying a second length is not an option at this time.


    I can of course try it and let my ears make the decision, but my cabinet is tightly packed and its a bugger to swap cables around.


    thanks for reading

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