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  1. Yeah you can’t dampen those pesky vibrations enough. Map weights! Cheap and cheerful but effective especially on the amp.
  2. My office cum music room - i have lived in this room for the last five months. Not sick of it yet
  3. That is so unfair ? I love the apparent simplicity of the design.
  4. System matching is an art with the sole determinant of what constitutes good sound being the owner. Of course people can agree and disagree, everybody’s ear and the signal processing behind it is after all different. I am always intrigued at how different people’s perception can vary. I tried the Ittok and Ekos Tonearms and at to my ears the jelco was a better match to my cartridge/turntable/phono cable/phono pre/integrated/speaker combination. You get the idea. i really do appreciate all the advice, for now I am zeroing in on the nima as being inside my budget and at
  5. Yes, after owning numerous tables I’ve decided to settle on a lp12. I know how to set it up but it came without a Tonearm and my jelco 750d isn’t a good match. I’ve previously used Ittok and Ekos tonearms, they didn’t do it for me. i have looked for the javelin but they seem to be as desirable and scare each as the Aro. I regularly check the Cymbiosis site but haven’t spotted anything yet. its a journey.
  6. Nima is definitely an option. If budget can be stretched maybe a Sara or a Audio Origami Uniarm.
  7. I have figured out I won’t get an aro. Options?
  8. 1.7i’s and mmg’s, brilliant on both but blow your mind good on the mmg’s
  9. Item: Naim Aro Price Range: Market price Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I know, tell him he is dreaming?
  10. Item: Analysis Plus big silver oval speaker cable Price Range: market price. Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: 1.5 m with bananas at the speaker end, spades at the amp end. I recently bought the silver oval and it is a good match to my system, just need a little more current carrying capacity.
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