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  1. Astronutter

    FS: DARED VP-845 Integrated Valve Amp

    Why are you all in Perth? Come to bathurst, great place to live and listen!
  2. I’d like to buy
  3. Astronutter

    FS: Accuphase T107 Tuner

    Still available
  4. Item: Accuphase T107 FM Tuner Location: Country NSW Price: $900 obo Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only, direct bank deposit Extra Info: This is a top rated tuner from one of the most respected audio manufacturers. The sound quality is amazing, pulling in signals where some of my previous tuners have failed. Alas, I just don’t get the time these days to enjoy it. please note batteries need to be replaced. Willing to ship anywhere in Australia at buyers expense Pictures: stock photo
  5. Astronutter

    SOLD: FS: JIB Radius XLR interconnects 1m x 2

    I'd like to grab one pair
  6. Astronutter

    FS: CDs (fine music)

    @Astrosound Thank you, I only realised my mistake when I was driving to Sydney. all fixed
  7. Astronutter

    FS: CDs (fine music)

  8. Astronutter

    FS: CDs (fine music)

  9. Astronutter

    FS: CDs (fine music)

    Can I grab 1 and 6?
  10. Astronutter


    I've inherited a largish collection of vinyl records, in mostly good condition including som rca living stereo red seal records. I'd like some advice on the best way to sell them, individually or as a collection? I'm not really into trying to catalogue 500 records.
  11. Astronutter

    FS: RELIST Thorens TD150

  12. Astronutter

    FS: RELIST Thorens TD150

    If I didn't have the TD125, I'd be keeping this.
  13. Item: Item: Modded TD150 Location: Country NSW Price: $495 Item Condition: Working Reason for selling: too many turntables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought a bog standard Thorens TD150 and made a few modifications: Replaced to original plinth with a Tassi Oak Plinth with new feet Removed the resonant base board Replaced the arm board with a Tassi Oak arm board Rewired to get rid of hum Replaced standard arm (also available for purchase) with a Grace 707 arm which is in excellent condition Replaced cartridge with a Ortofon Blue Also cleaned bearing surfaces and relubricated with Linn black oil. The armboard has not been treated and could do with a lick of shellac Overall not the the prettiest turntable but it totally rocks, I have a TD125 as well which is my main deck so it's time to move this little beauty along. Pictures:
  14. Item: NAD C275 BEE Power Amp. Location: Country NSW Price: $750 now $600 last price reduction, does not include postage Item Condition: Excellent 9/10 Reason for selling: Got my dream amp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought this from BMT a couple of years back. High current delivery which makes it a great match to Magneplanar speakers. Absolutely stable into 4 ohms. Can be configured as a mono block. Reluctant to let it go but, I need to pay for a speaker upgrade so out it goes. Great NAD sound, amazing mid range and plenty of power down below. Auditions in Bathurst welcome. Shipping at buyers expense.