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  1. Item:ATV 3 Price:50 Location: Mosman RFS: upgrade Payment:COD, PayPal +3% or as friend, deposit Postage: 10 anywhere in Aus. Great condition no marks Upgrading to new 4K Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Bang & Olufsen Active Speakers

    If you can’t better a pair for $1100 you can have mine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Bang & Olufsen Active Speakers

    B&O did make a specific wall bracket for the 7.4s. I have brackets that were used to screw in into the Beovision stand, but these could also be used on wall with a couple of wall anchors to fix them on.
  4. Bang & Olufsen Active Speakers

    Is this what you had in mind? I found 2 second hand Beolab 7.4s both with a few small dings in the silver mesh covers which detracted a little from their appearance so I hopped on line and found a pair of 80 Denier pantyhose in a mauve/ purple color and proceed to cover them. I then ran two powerlink 3 cables from each speaker into a junction box with RCA out and 5VDC for trigger and hey presto a pair of beautiful powered stereo speakers. What do you think?
  5. Hi Snapper would it be sacralige to take out the sound dynamics tweeters? Happy to pay postage, and a donation to SNA
  6. Item: SolidRun Cubox Pro with remote Location:Mosman Price: 140 Item Condition: used, good condition Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% or as friend), COD Only Extra Info: If you need the tiniest footprint computer, the Solidrun Cubox is just 2" cubed. The one on offer is the top of the line spec'd unit Cubox 4x4 Pro, with a quad core Arm 7 processor, 4 GB ram, wireless ethernet and Bluetooth and 16GB uSSD card. The optical digital out makes it ideal for high end audio projects like Volumio. It is the same hardware that Small Green Computers use to offer their Sonic Orbiter SE software for a Roon end point player costing over $400. It has the latest Kodi image on it to get you started but all support is available from the SolidRun website. Pictures:
  7. Item: RPI 3 Location: Mosman Price: 90 express posted anywhere Item Condition: used but in good nick Reason for selling: slimming down on gadgets Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Get the lastest Pi 3 dressed in very sexy enclosure! Comes with power supply and 8GB uSSD card Pictures:
  8. FS: Aurelic Aries Mini

    Thank you all, and Mark for a better explanation than what I could provide of it's functionality! Sold pending pick up
  9. OK Mark, I will take these p.m. on its way.
  10. Item: Aurelic Aries Mini Location: Mosman NSW 2088 Price: 380 Posted Reg Mail Item Condition: used but as new Reason for selling: clearing out unused items Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+3% or as friend), COD Only Extra Info: Purchased on this forum a little while ago, trialed for maybe 6 hours but basically not used hence why I'm selling. Comes complete in original packing and with all included accessories, power supply, HDD screws etc. For an all in one box containing an audio streamer with storage, inbuilt DAC/Spdif converter, and external usbs, there are very few products that meet this sort of flexibility and SQ for their price point. Pictures:
  11. A great set of speakers Enrico ! GLWTS
  12. Ah, OK. So were you never going to get 24/192 out of the asynchronous USB then?