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  1. Item:Monster Cable M1-S 4 Core OFC Bi Wire speaker Cable Location: Cremorne NSW Condition: new off roll Price:145 Payment: COD, PayPal, direct deposit Other information:: Monster Cable M1-S 4 Core stranded OFC Bi Wire speaker cable 5m pair, new unused and unterminated but supplied with termination sleeves Other lengths can be supplied Just pm me
  2. Item: DT W-Adapt internet radio streamer Location: Mosman Price: 130 Item Condition: used, excellent no marks Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: great for internet radio and services like Spotify ,Deezer etc DLNA server for playing audio sources from your NAS. Wireless built -in. Pictures:
  3. Item: Focal SIB Satellite speakers for HT Location: Mosman Price: 150 Item Condition: used but good condition minimal scuff marks Reason for selling: Selling HT set up for renos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are a set of well reviewed satellites speakers which when coupled with the Focal CUB subwoofer produced an exciting home theater experience in a compact system. Satellites come with wall/stand brackets as shown 5 off in this sale. Pictures:
  4. Item: Integra 7.2 AVR Location: Mosman NSW Price: 600 500 Item Condition: used, but mint condition Reason for selling: selling AVR set-up for renos Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal +3% or as friend, COD Only Extra Info: This AVR is in excellent condition with no marks. Although it is a few years old now, was top of the line when released and still has most sought after features; comes with set-up microphone, has streaming services like Spotify, built in Bluetooth etc. All capabilities can be found here http://integraworldwide.com/au/products/dtr505/index.htm Buy with confidence as there is still over a year of warranty remaining. Pictures:
  5. Don't suppose you have the matching chastity belt to go with it?
  6. FS: Brand new Chord Hugo 2 DAC/HP Amp

    Whoa 😲 a $3.5k piece of kit DOA??? Chord what’s going on?
  7. FS: FirstWatt F4 Amplifier

    Could this be fed directly from a Hugo Dac? It has line output voltage in excess of 2.5V and using Vienna Acoustics Haydens in my set-up.
  8. SOLD: FS: Gryphon Tabu Century $2550

    Hi Scott, this looks a beauty! Do you know if it has been recapped or any other mods from original. How old would you estimate this is?
  9. Epos ES11 Black ash veneer

    Enrico, these had solid plastic grills for covers. Do you have them or sold as is?
  10. Greetings from Mosman! GLWTS
  11. Item: Stereo pair RCA attenuators Location:Mosman Price: $45 posted Payment: COD, PayPal +3% or as friend, DD RFS: not needed Other information: These were used for feeding a line level signal into a pair of Beolab 6000 powered speakers and are important when using volume control directly from a streaming app.
  12. Pm sent with intention to purchase
  13. Could this be further modified to have dual or even 3 taps at say 12, 9 and 5VDC?
  14. Do you happen to know if the output can be user adjusted by some jumper setting inside? Im looking to power a RPI 3 with it.