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  1. If anyone wants the cachet of Swiss sourced, I've found these ones. 😉 Get in before Goldmund starts rebranding them 😁 I'm going to buy some myself, one for roaming midget hifi components and the other two to use as actual door stops. https://www.pearl.ch/ch-a-NX8104-3430.shtml?vid=917&wa_id=27&wa_num=115&gclid=CjwKCAjwkN6EBhBNEiwADVfya811ENdXEgJwyBk53UQ6fyMsM_xDH5uAw2bqlXZqeg7ZSdxcSKu2tRoCASAQAvD_BwE
  2. No cables are going to pull that box around now!
  3. And some more.........💩 These days Bryan Adams goes out of his way make it clear he isn't Ryan Adams 😂 His body of work is amazing though. Sure he could do with an editor, but when you sometimes put out 3 albums a year it's excusable. Saw him do a solo guitar piano show about 10 years ago. Brilliant and memorable, but with the feeling he was probably a first class arse as a person. Support was from Jason Isbell, who has pretty much taken over the "singer songwriter of his generation" crown.
  4. A slower track, but Kacey Musgrave is a great young singer songwriter.
  5. This guy "got it" pretty much immediately ?
  6. Does your lighting system interfere with your audio system? Asking for a friend.
  7. Funny I was just about to post on the "My System Today" thread.
  8. Nice watching a craftsman do things properly. Though in German, these handcraft docos are quite satisfying and relaxing to watch.
  9. I'm now trying to imagine "Leave them all behind" 45 played at 33. It seems like it was playing slow even at correct speed. I will admit to almost getting through one side of a War on Drugs album 45 at 33, before chucking a fit about dirges.?
  10. The bass beast and wunderkind join forces to create what I'd definitely file under jazz. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/pino-palladino-blake-mills-notes-with-attachments/
  11. Anyone who can comprehend a 6moons review will have no problems using the above approach.
  12. Bleary eyed on a Saturday morning, he tried to make an expresso with his hifi.
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