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  1. I use goose down sleeping bags for my kids. Zipped to the neck tends to immobilise them. Can then be lent in corners as bass traps.
  2. I fear to guess who will be named on this list in the next few months. 😔
  3. I was stunned when I heard this one the first time a few years ago. RIP Kenny.
  4. I use this method as well on the main system which has a DAC in the pre-amp. Much better sound. But for size and price, the Chromecast's DAC is quite acceptable. Shame Google has discontinued the Chromecast Audio version.
  5. Correct solution mentioned above. Just run into the Aux, Cd or Tuner input. $6 fix. https://www.altronics.com.au/p/p6020a-dynalink-1.5m-3.5mm-stereo-plug-to-2-rca-male-cable/
  6. From RF Waves? Chamila is a great tech. First one of these valve amps I think I've seen on this thread.
  7. For me Maps.me is great for free downloaded maps. Either for saving data or when out of mobile signal range. Install, zoom into where you are going and download the detailed map when you have wifi access.
  8. I'm hoarding mine like toilet paper.
  9. I've been actively seeking/"curating" young female artist music for my 9 and 10 yo daughters for the last 18 months. Read the review of Eilish's Perth show in April and had to investigate. Other than thinking Bad Guy had wrecked my speakers when the following distorted track came on, it's great. Kids are total fans now. In the bass heavy pop stuff they also have taken to Lorde and Jack River, who's "Fools Gold" has the whole family bouncing around the house singing. Anything to save them from this phony Queen-mania bs that is going on 😁
  10. The wine club dozen boxes are great. Virgin wine club better again. I've just shipped 10x of these boxes to Europe and they held up really well. Think I had closer to 60 records per box and used lesser second hand records at the ends in case of any corner crunches.
  11. I need both to be taken, otherwise I don't save myself a trip to recycling depot 😉
  12. Item: 1x Direct Drive & 1x Belt drive - job lot, both to be taken Location: Perth inner northern suburbs Price: Free Item Condition: functional Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup Only Extra Info: plastic plinth early 80s entry level turntable separates. Direct drive unit has lost its mat, cartridge and auto return function removed. Belt drive is fully functional with Ortofon om5 cart original cart fitted.
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