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  1. A9X, XC Cobra, "Bullit" Mustang, 911. Today I'd consider the first 2 completely overated and now stupidly overpriced based on generational nostalgia. The second 2 I would still own and enjoy, while believing a modern hot hatch is 5x better. It's enough for me to look at, I'll leave ownership to the diehards 😉
  2. The idea of people early drawing their super to buy hifi gear or other non essentials makes me shiver.
  3. Just list them chronologically. Sorted 😆
  4. If you have equipment you are really happy with, have the original packaging and are shipping other household items, I wouldnt hesitate. Unless it was built locally it has been shipped before! We shipped selected household furniture and stuff last year from Australia to Europe and lost the total of 1 dinner plate and 1 wine glass, which was more to do with my amateur packing than anything else. The time taken was the worst part, nearly 4 months Perth to Switzerland via Pacific coast, Singapore and UK (that I know). I had original packaging for all my speakers and components. I had to sort something myself for my vintage turnatables. Everything came through fine, even our newish 55" TV in its original box. The only tip I got after shipping was that I should have "shorted" the speaker terminal before shipping, as it supposedly stop the drivers moving around during transport.
  5. He's snuck onto the new Dylan album as well. https://pitchfork.com/news/fiona-apple-and-blake-mills-are-on-bob-dylans-new-album-rough-and-rowdy-ways/
  6. There was a bit of chatter here a few years ago on the sonics of Blake Mill's album "Heigh Ho" (Michael Fremer approved). I've become a huge fan of his and his varied works. If you have bought a lot of new music in the past 10 years, then there is a chance he has his fingerprints on some of it. Check out this background story from Rolling Stone. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/blake-mills-interview-mutable-set-1008984/
  7. Don't forget the "Russian doll" presentation box and certificate of authenticity 😀
  8. Genius effort creating this one.
  9. My recollections from 1985/17yo..... I bought the vinyl and taped it for my car. Couldn't afford a basic CD player or CDs at $30 to $35 when my annual wage was $8000. I really liked the album, but "Walk of LIfe" was a steaming pile of poo and always will be. "Twisting by the Pool" was a warning shot. It was their biggest album, but also ended them. I'll take the first four albums in preference any day.
  10. Very fortunate to have seen Tony and band play "The Source" here in Zurich last November. He was in remarkable form behind the kit considering his age. Gigs...... they seem like a lifetime ago. Same format as this:
  11. Great photos. One of my regrets is not going to the Perth gig of this tour. But as an 18yo, an arena show ticket was a big purchase, considering that I knew Petty (my main interest at the time) would only do a few of his own songs and no mates would join me. Redeemed with 4x Dylan shows between 1998 and 2014 and the Heartbreakers in 1992.
  12. Tomorrow's view will be more like that 😉
  13. New arrangement. Very happy with how it is working out. Vinyl still in boxes but slowly coming out. Nice to have the doors on the Kallax to hide the Nintendo 😉
  14. I use goose down sleeping bags for my kids. Zipped to the neck tends to immobilise them. Can then be lent in corners as bass traps.
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