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  1. Anyone who can comprehend a 6moons review will have no problems using the above approach.
  2. Bleary eyed on a Saturday morning, he tried to make an expresso with his hifi.
  3. BTW the Jelco SA250ST tonearm pictured is sought after by Lenco L75 owners as it is the least expensive of the few tonearms that will replace the stock tonearm without serious modification of the base plate. If I was still in Perth I'd be interested for mine 😉
  4. Black one looks like a Jelco. https://www.vinylengine.com/library/jelco/sa-250st.shtml
  5. Keith Jarrett - The Survivors Suite. Side 1 is transcendental.
  6. I'll always check out a film that he is in and agree with @nocoder that he is one of the best actors of his generation. He is fearless in the roles he takes on, in that he chooses a great role or story rather than always being the likeable hero or financially successful. Batman is almost an aberration in his career.
  7. This week the wunderkind stretches out in the jazz direction with legendary Pino Pallidino.
  8. She's great. I saw her on the "My Woman" tour in 2016. Fantastic live as well. With the release of the more produced "All Mirrors" in late 2019, I thought she was primed for a very big 2020. Sadly cancelled tours etc have snuffed that opportunity. Hopefully she'll be back better than ever. This performance on Fallon was quite epic. Unfortunately the video has been removed 😞 https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/angel-olsen-delivers-mesmerizing-performance-140158862.html
  9. Grüezi Hank. Herzlich willkommen von CH-8903.
  10. To be honest I'm a Xmas Scrooge but these two albums I can tolerate 😉
  11. Nice! I'll save others the googling 😉 https://www.ch-precision.com/product/i1-universal-integrated-amplifier/
  12. Some fun freebies. Except that time when the kids filled them to the brim with orange juice 💦
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