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  1. I've seen them all at the cinema since 1978. So it's just kind of tradition now. Ep8 I can hardly remember the plot. Actually, I mostly remember checking my watch in the last hour as I had to pick someone up afterwards. Rogue One was excellent, and I've heard that it was "nobbled" for being a little bit too good compared to the recent episodes. Solo, I started watching the first hour and then broke off to do something important, like the dishes, then my Stan subscription expired. I doubt I will see the end of that one. So bring on Ep9 and let's end this thing!
  2. What is Addicted to Audio's eBay store name? Cant seem to find them.
  3. We all have the choice to not attend these oldies gigs. But we have bucket lists 🙂 I'd rather tick off the list and witness a fiasco, than be left wondering. My aunt always recounts the story of turning down a ticket while in the US in 1977, too expensive, big stadium, was Elvis. My general strategy for these gigs is go for the cheaper seats, hunt for the sweet spot price/proximity wise. I'm not paying $300 to see any band (OK excluding a reformed Led Zeppelin in an indoor arena!). Once I've seen it, that's it, off the list, no repeats. Some times you get real lucky like I did with Stones (2014 Perth Arena, close side stage seats) or Bob Dylan (2014 Theatre, 10th row Lasttix cheap seats, bang on review). These were so good I wont dare see either again for fear of let down. My advice is to read the online reviews, newspapers and music mags (not fanboys on forums) before buying tickets for the oldies show. They are usually fairly honest. And go and see some young whippersnappers in their 30's and 40s, that is peak performance time 🙂
  4. Oops, smart-Alec comment was misdirected and meant for this post....
  5. I'd vote Kluger for the modern day Volvo clueless driver vehicle.
  6. I was never a stay up (or in) for Rage person, but I had a great relationship with it via 4 hour VHS tape the next morning (and later 8 hours using 1/2 speed record). Thanks to the titling of each video I could FF and just watch what I wanted in not much time. These were the olden days before the internet/poor student, where I would read music magazines or here the last half of something on the radio, look out for it on Rage, and then make a decision about where my limited cash was going to be spent. When JJJ started in Perth in late 1989 (30 years coming up), we used to call it "Rage on the radio". I'd say that my interest waned in the late 90s, once I got web access. All of a sudden these new bands were at my fingertips via a search or download. My record and fast forward days were over.
  7. Still for sale. Looks like we'll be heading back overseas later this year so there will be a bit of "thinning the herd" happening. EOIs at the moment till I get around to making some listings. And I'd forgotten about this SET amp. April '18! More stuff I don't really want to sell. Make an offer as I will be adjusting the price down. Also will let go of my Gale GS401Cs. Fully restored a few years ago. Looking for around the $1k mark-ish. This listing from way back has more detail.
  8. Billions. Just binged through 3 seasons in the last 2 months. Almost near Sopranos standards in my opinion. Excellent soundtrack and use of music as well.
  9. Russian Doll has been this weeks highlight. Twisted, absurd, adult comedy.
  10. Item: Technics SL1200 Mk1 Turntable Location: Perth inner northern suburbs Price: $450 Item Condition: Very Good. Awesome condition for around 45 years old. Totally functional. Reason for selling: I have another 3 turntables and this has been out of use for a while. Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash Extra Info: Overall excellent condition, Original smoked cover in very good condition except for repair at rear hinge. Pictures:
  11. Just to limit the number people getting their knickers in a twist for no good reason, the list at the start of the thread is limited to the 21st Century. So no Chips Rafferty 😉 https://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/movies/2018/07/24/best-australian-films-list/
  12. I'm still bearing along with it, if only to see Ivar's demise. Kind of hoping he gets csptured by Ramsay Bolton.
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