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  1. Just received my first Yahoo email notification of a PM in a while. Notification email received: Friday 20/9 12.33 AEST Actual PM sent: Wednesday 18/9 06.45 AEST Update: Just got a near live email notification, so maybe issue resolved.
  2. I'm sure it "sparks joy" for the owner. So meets Marie Kondo standards.
  3. Just logging in as another Yahoo mail user not getting notifications (of PMs).
  4. Responding to a couple of questions made via PM. The frame sits on adjustable spikes, and I'll throw in my set of DIY floor protectors for free (worth at least 80 cents!) Each shelf is mounted on corner spikes which are adjustable.
  5. Item: FS: (Perth) Audiofurn 5 Shelf Hifi Rack with marble shelves Location: Perth (inner northern suburbs) Price: $350 Item Condition: Used condition few scratches on frame here and there but barely noticeable. Reason for selling: Part of my going overseas sale Payment Method: Pickup – Cash, local pickup only Extra Info: Bought from SNA classifieds a few years ago. Originally from Franks Prowse Hifi. Apparently very expensive originally, custom made in Perth by Derk Brock of Audiofurn. Great functionality and has served me well for the last few years. 105cm high x 65cm wide x 45cm deep and weighing over 100kg when assembled. The shelves sit on spikes welded to the one piece steel frame. Photos are of the actual unit, just borrowed from the previous owners listing, as I haven’t taken new photos yet. Obviously the components on the shelf are not included.
  6. Yep, I use 2 of the disposable version, but haven't disposed of them yet. https://www.bunnings.com.au/shur-line-handi-painter_p1670161
  7. Re-stating the obvious. Kind of Blue There is a reason for these common quotes: "Greatest ever jazz album" "Highest selling jazz album" "If you only own one jazz album....." Enter the gateway, then down the rabbit hole, ☺️
  8. Gods. I can forgive some "borrowing" in their compositions as they took the inspiration to another place musically. I'm also surprised how long it took before some actions were taken against them. Surely some people noticed the influence/similarity back in the day, I think that shows the attitudes back 50 years about "influencing & borrowing" music. Anyhoo, "Houses of the Holy" is my fave of the lot and pretty much a key album in my appreciation of music. Another great podcast from Jeremy Dylan (and Ash Naylor) about it here: https://jeremydylan.net/podcast/e2cjsc8nhbgstahctk9kkcthzlpxs7
  9. I was speaking last week to a very sensible and media savvy Perth band leader and she said its all about "physical product and a download code" for the current punters. They listen to the download and the tangible cassette comes in at about 1/5 of the cost of a small vinyl run.
  10. How good is the sound on this...
  11. Item: 15x Early Production CDs (see pressing list and photos). UK, German & Japanese made. Location: Perth inner north Price: $40 Item Condition: VG+. CDs mostly as new, at worst a couple have very lightbrushing. Covers mostly perfect, a couple of cracks. Reason for selling: Not for me, someone else will appreciate more Payment Method: Pickup – Cash, or shipped any in Australia for extra $15 Extra Info: A couple of rarer ones included.
  12. I've fallen pretty hard for Kasey Musgrave's "Golden Hour" album after hearing it late. Country, pop, Americana, folk, I dunno just great songwriting and music. Lead in track......
  13. I have an early Aus mono pressing. Bit scratched up but hey $2...... The highlight for me is Paul's mad rave up vocals in the outro of the SP reprise. Nevef noticed them in the stereo version.
  14. I cant comment on the high end stuff, but last year I bought a Hisense 50P7 and have been very happy with it considering its price ($795) based limitations. I watched this youtube video last night and was gobsmacked at the picture quality. I didn't realise initially that it was "4K", but I think it shows what can happen with great production and UHD. Would be interested to hear the opinions of the video from OLED users.
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