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  1. Patiently waiting for my vinyl of Ruby Boots new album to arrive. I want that first needle drop feeling 😊 Have tix for the album launch at my local live venue The Rosemount in May. Jeez last album around she was still in Perth, did the real album launch at the Rosemount and her second encore standing on the bar. Bless her. https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2018/02/ruby-boots-dont-talk-about-it-review.html
  2. FS: 100 x CD's

    You dont often see a bulk selection of CDs like. IMHO & taste, "All killer, no filler".
  3. Just realised it's 4 days short of 30 years since the 3/4 Pink Floyd show I went to in 1988. I remember the show clearly but this news coverage makes it seem a century ago.
  4. Lasttix discounting again at the moment. I just jagged a solo front row seat for $80 for next week http://lasttix.com.au/buy-discount-tickets-roger-waters-us-them?utm_source=Responsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2018-02-13 LASTTIX WA Roger Waters blog review GS
  5. The sad state of Australian music...

    Agreed, Countdown was important but there were so many other music shows. Check this list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Australian_music_television_shows Personal faves, Sounds Unlimited, Rock Arena, Nightmoves (bit late though), RAGE (best taped and FF'd the next morning), The Noise and Trax (WA & WA only apparently). Best was Rock Arena as it was fairly educational for me they way they gave artist background and a block of videos. Funny how it morphed from an AOR style music show to more Alternative. Probably why a I love Little Feat and Husker Du, or should I say Richard Clapton and The Triffids.
  6. 15% off at Sound of Vinyl

    And when you create a new account, another 20% off the already 15% discounted stuff. Mine worked at like 32% off with free shipping. Sweet!
  7. Vikings

    This piece pretty much captures my feelings about the final & whole season. My only hope for the next season is Ivar getting a blood eagle. https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2018/01/25/vikings-season-5-midseason-finale-review-a-bad-ending-to-a-bad-season/#4daf5b1060e0
  8. Vikings

    Yes it was a shocker. Made me think it was time for the series to finish. It has really has lost focus and direction since Ragnar's death. None of the next generation is stepping up as a heroic or sympathetic character to keep the show moving forward.
  9. Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Lead track "Lost Waltz" is one of my favourite test tracks. So punchy.
  10. Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. I'm trying to gauge the phenomenon of this song. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about music. I was at a Perth altcountry fest in late 2016, when both Joshua Hedley and Robert Ellis made jokes about taking requests for "Wagon Wheel". So I googled it and confirmed that I had never heard it before. Got the backstory on Dylan/OCMS/Hootie and it being a US hit and popular people's song. Thought it was nice enough but never listened again. Then last year at my kids school picnic a guy with a guitar plays it, ha. Heard it again on a roots radio program a couple months ago, then while camping this weekend some other campers played it in mix of olde singalong songs (eg American Pie etc). Thing is, that was probably the 4th of 5th time I've heard the song, and now seems like an old friend! I just worked out how to murder it on my guitar 😂 So am I really living under a rock and should have heard it, or is it going to be the next retropective "classic" like "The Horses" has recently become? 41 million views.......
  11. The sad state of Australian music...

    More like the "Sad state of Australian mainstream radio". That is a list of great songs no doubt. But so much other stuff, past and up to current, could be on there. The saddest part is how it all feeds on itself, they play so little new music that their listeners havent a hope of ever naming a song that isnt already on that list. Nice that they added the token Warumpi Band song there, my favourite Australia Day song. I'm sure the listening base voted that in 😆
  12. Show us your tubes

    Where has SETSergio gone? Valve amp and wine threads aren't the same these days.
  13. SOLD: Project Carbon Debut Turntable

    That's a bargain, for a starter or anyone! Seller is a good guy as well.
  14. Best budget vinyl cleaning solution

    I made a similar DIY vacuum RCM a while ago. It's still running strong and has cleaned hundreds of records, from new vinyl with static and paper flecks to 2nd hand horrors. I'm still often astounded at the results I get using a vacuum cleaning method. I have an ultra sonic cleaner (the polish one) but honestly only use it for about 5-10% of the records if I feel the extra effort might get some improvement. The vacuum RCM does it so well and much quicker.
  15. Thorens TD 160 questions

    Thanks Jake, I understand how much cash, sweat & tears go into these projects. BTW my wife just gave it the thumbs up.