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  1. Item: Technics SL1200 Mk1 Turntable Location: Perth inner northern suburbs Price: $450 Item Condition: Very Good. Awesome condition for around 45 years old. Totally functional. Reason for selling: I have another 3 turntables and this has been out of use for a while. Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash Extra Info: Overall excellent condition, Original smoked cover in very good condition except for repair at rear hinge. Pictures:
  2. enikoy

    Classic Aussie Cinema

    Just to limit the number people getting their knickers in a twist for no good reason, the list at the start of the thread is limited to the 21st Century. So no Chips Rafferty 😉 https://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/movies/2018/07/24/best-australian-films-list/
  3. enikoy


    I'm still bearing along with it, if only to see Ivar's demise. Kind of hoping he gets csptured by Ramsay Bolton.
  4. Only thing to add to that list is https://www.facebook.com/Highfidelityvinyl/ up the other end of Hay Street. Though I haven't been in there since the long running 50% off new vinyl sale ended a while back (still have half a crate of sealed stuff from that!). Haven't been into 78s for at least 4 years, it was still new vinyl and CDs and next to none second hand at that point. I've always been a Dada's guy, that "Fang" guy rubbed me the wrong way so many ways over decades. Last time was record store day 2014 and a couple of 13-14 year old girls came in and asked if they had the RSD One Direction release. He puffed up and loudly said "No, and I wouldn't stock it on principle!", his mates chuckle and the girls shrivel up and exit the store. I left as well, and think that might have been the last time.
  5. I'm not known for negative posts, and I love Hendrix and Clapton, but...... YAWN 😴
  6. Unsure whether the link to the Facebook discussion works so I'll post a screenshot. ** Jon Wurster is the drummer in Superchunk, The Mountain Goats and the Bob Mould band. One track that was mentioned a few times in thread, as a contemporary 2010s guitar solo, is Nada Surf's "When I Was Young". I'm not disagreeing with them.
  7. enikoy

    Mobile 😊

    I'm enjoying my mobile system, JBL Flip in the bottle cage of my bicycle, bluetoothed to the phone. Very impressed by the sound it pumps out. Much like this stock photo....
  8. Yep, I always wet wash first to disolve those "snotty" globules. Then hit it with glue to pull the leftovers out of the grooves.
  9. enikoy

    "Designed and Engineered"

    "Reverse Engineered in China".
  10. From the list I would have to vote Kraftwerk, the early 80s musicians would have been influenced by them. The "band" that surprised me a few years ago when I first heard them was Silver Apples. 1968....
  11. Another Greenie fan here. Maybe I've been listening (and trying to play the guitar) too long, but find them quite distinct. EC to me is more aggressive (like Albert King) and PG much smoother and sweeter (like BB King). Nearly all the vocals on the Bluesbreakers albums are John Mayall himself. Eric didn't really sing much until after Cream. Key Peter Green start points would be John Mayall's Bluesbreakers "Hard Road" and Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits (the one from 1971). Also there are 2 other great and underrated guitarists (Jeremy Spencer & Danny Kirwan) in the Fleetwood Mac mix to confuse you!
  12. I bought a Hisense 50P7 a few weeks ago and I'm very happy with. At $795 an amazing updgrade over our old 32inch 2010 Panasonic😉 Main disappointment was the lack of RCA audio out. I plug into a 2ch mid-fi amp without HDMI or Optical/DAC so was stuck for sound. Ended up having to use the headphone output to RCA for full sound. Not my first choice.
  13. Much better idea for a thread! Love at first sight, with no break-ups? Still remember the day we first met? Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – seeing the Refugee video on Sounds Unlimited one Saturday morning in 1979. Age 11, hooked for life. The Church – Unguarded Moment video on Simon Townsend Wonderworld after school in 1981. Still interested in all things Steve Kilbey. Teenage Fanclub – God Knows It’s True on Rage in 1990. New favourite band time. Wilco – Outtasite on JJJ in 1997. Pushed my Replacements and guitars buttons. It’s been a great journey with them so far. Many other long term loves, but they were in the “slow burn” or “playing hard” to get category 🙂
  14. enikoy

    Bob Dylan

    There is a story about a dinner party at Molly Meldrum's house at that time. Started off with Dire Straits there and ended up including Bob Dylan, Tom Petty & the Heartbreaker and Stevie Nicks all in his living room.
  15. enikoy

    pioneer plx-1000

    I think the Clearaudio concept is the best looking TT of that style on the market and nearly everyone I've heard speaks positively about function. There have been a couple times in the last few years where they have been on sale for $1699 and I have nearly pulled the pin. Might be worth a visit and talking a best price with a bricks and mortar shop like Revolution in Perth. http://revolutionturntable.com.au/shop/products/turntables/clearaudio-concept-mm-turntable/ BTW I'm staying satisfied playing around with the $400-$700 second hand tables 😉