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  1. enikoy

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    Retired to my "stealth" living/kitchen/dining area system. Still giving great service when a record must be heard, though I mainly use CD, FM or Chromecast streaming in that area. Great bang for buck when paired with the over achieving AT95E.
  2. I thought I'd posted on this before, but it seems not.... So I'll just throw my usual "FOO FIGHTERS" into the ring. To me, just the most plain, generic, shouting rawk. I like Dave Grohl as a personality and love his drumming, but all that rock posture and fake intensity just puts me to sleep. "MOTHER****ERS!" "BADASS!" At the time I thought the first album was amazing, but think that had a lot to do with the post-Nirvana mood and the shock of finding that the drummer could write songs and sing. Enjoyed the first time I saw them play back in early 1996, but by the 2000 BDO I'd had my fill. Their "rock star" drummer also mightily gives me the shits. Anyway, being a certified "rock snob", I like it when people don't get the bands I like. Makes for easier, cheaper tickets at more intimate venues and less chance of hearing sacred music on Coles Radio.
  3. enikoy

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    There is my new term for the day. Seen the effect for decades, never knew it had a name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxing
  4. Tedeschi Trucks Band is certainly on my to do list. Have they been to Perth? There are always those bands that tour just before they come up on my radar.
  5. The deceased list for me gets depressing. It gets longer the more I think about it. Just glad I've seen so much that is now impossible.
  6. I live in Perth, so we have limited choices! Partially true, in the 30+ years I've been going to gigs there have definitely been cycles when it seems no tours make if west of the Murray River, then times when all the touring acts make it over here. Living in Europe for a bit certainly helped the range and tally!
  7. Just saw that Calexico is touring Australia again. Made me think about the bands I joyfully go see at every opportunity. Rather than the usual seen them & ticked off the list thing. I guess the only prerequisite is that they are still going and you might still have the opportunity to see them. I have a pretty good list of "now deceased" artists that I'm grateful to have seen 🙂 This would be my top 5 and the number of times that I have seen them so far. I guess it's mix of songs, musically ability and general live charisma. Springsteen (7) Wilco (4) Teenage Fanclub (3) Calexico (3) You Am I (30+) 🙂
  8. enikoy

    Fleetwood Mac.

    Watching this reminds me of when I really feel in love with music at 10 years old. 40 years later, thanks Lindsey.
  9. I've seen a few examples on the interwebs where owners have removed the stock tonearm and armboard, and turned the SL1200 into a virtual SL120. Jeez, I'm talking myself into putting this one back into the cupboard again and keeping it as a reserve! :-)
  10. My understanding, taken from Vinyl Engine: "The original Technics SL1200 was introduced in 1972 and featured a servo-controlled direct-drive mechanism and EPA-120 tonearm. The turntable was also available without an arm as the SL-120. In 1979 the mkII was released with a Quartz Locked Phase control system providing exceptional pitch accuracy and an aluminium diecast cabinet which had a special heavy-duty rubber base to isolate the turntable from external vibration." https://www.vinylengine.com/library/technics/sl-1200.shtml The TT for sale is an original SL1200 with the stock arm. Most people are thinking SL1200 Mk2 onwards (the DJs dream), when they are talking about "SL1200s".
  11. So are the weekends no longer the best time to list classifieds? Still for sale.
  12. enikoy

    Jazz: Currently Spinning

    Oh God, this so reminds me of my worst ever post breastfeed baby sick experience.
  13. Item: Technics SL1200 Mk1 Turntable Location: Perth inner northern suburbs Price: $490 Item Condition: Very Good. Awesome condition for around 45 years old. Totally functional. Reason for selling: I have another 3 turntables and this has been out of use for a while. Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash Extra Info: Overall excellent condition, Original smoked cover in very good condition except for repair at rear hinge. Pictures:
  14. Item: Broken Polish Ultrasonic Record Cleaner Location: Perth inner northern burbs Price: Free! Item Condition: Looks good but I dont think it is doing much vibrating. Reason for giving: I dont need any more, but someone may be able to fix it. Payment Method: local pick up. Extra Info: worked really well and I've cleaned what I wanted to from my collection. It still makes noises and rotates but I doubt that any ultrasonic activity is now taking place. Not sure when it failed. Pictures: