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  1. enikoy

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    Just an aside on my beef with East Coast --> Perth delivery times & reliability. Ordered a pair of Doc Martens from the UK on Wednesday last week (only source for the style), wore them yesterday afternoon.
  2. enikoy

    SOLD: FS: Speaker Stands (60cm)

    PM sent with intention to buy.
  3. enikoy

    Striking gold at a theift shop

    "A theift shop"? So that's Cash Convertors.
  4. enikoy

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    Oh it ended for me once the BOGOF deal finished. Back to importCDs for sure.
  5. enikoy

    Steven Wilson - November

    Not coming to Perth unfortunately. But please don't support the viagogo ticket scalping site! Legitimate tickets sale are on pre-sale today and general sale Thursday. http://davidroywilliams.com/tours/steven-wilson-2018/?utm_source=DRW+Entertainment+Email+Subscribers&utm_campaign=09989d9554-Unwritten+Law+Pre-Sale+EDM&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_3cbbe0a09f-09989d9554-518172749
  6. enikoy

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    My order sequence: Ordered Tuesday 24th April Shipped Thursday 26th April (ANZAC day between) Arrived Perth Monday 30th April Which is like miraculously fast. In March I had items from 2 different suppliers in Melbourne take nearly 3 weeks from shipping date across the Nullabor. UK & European orders usually make it to Perth faster than east coast orders.
  7. enikoy

    Guitar amp project

    I want one already!
  8. enikoy

    Guitar amp project

    I came across this mob in Melbourne while searching for valves online. Appear to be making repro Fender amps, and other things. Maybe a lead for you. http://tubeaudio.com.au/categories/Guitar-Amps/ Also note that "McChanson" builds guitar amps as well as hifi. https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/mcchanson/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  9. Why does Ford's decision to go all SUV remind me of Airbus' bold choice with the A380?
  10. enikoy

    Best Band since 1990

    Teenage Fanclub.
  11. enikoy

    Best Band since 1990

    I'm with author Stephen King, “I won’t say Adams is the best North American singer songwriter since Neil Young…but I won’t say he isn’t either". But..... he aint a band, nor is Jeff Buckley.
  12. enikoy

    Best Band since 1990

    Since 1990... that's a 28 year period to select one band. I'm putting up five Wilco Radiohead The National You Am I Pavement
  13. enikoy

    Amazon Oz Vinyl BOGOF

    I finally did an order last week after receiving an email about a first order $20 off. Not bad for $59 shipped ?
  14. OK more photos as promised. The valve sets included in the price are all NOS (except the Tung Sols) and fully functional. 7025A - 4x RCA & 2x TungSol 6BQ7A - 2x RCA, 2x Westinghouse, 2x Brimar & 2x Sylvannia
  15. Item: Valvemark 7027A SET integrated amplifier 10W hand built in Australia - single ended triode Location: Perth (Inner northern suburbs) Price: $790 Item Condition: Very Good. 100% functional, superb sound. Some discolouration of cream paint on top of chassis. Reason for selling: New valve amp in the house, something has to go. Payment Method: Local Pickup/Cash Extra Info: The amp was built locally in Perth and has been in the custody of a 3 SNAers. Previous owner has upgraded a few items including Mundorf Silver/Oil coupling caps, new stepped attenuator & solid copper/silver RCA connectors. The amp itself runs 2x6BQ7A & 2x7027A valves, outputting 10W. Advertised price also includes a bundle of NOS pre and power valve for all your tube rolling desires. ** I will update with more photos and details tomorrow (just want to get the listing up and approved for the weekend) **