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  1. Looks like an interesting build never actually heard an 807 what do you liken them to???
  2. Mate all power to you and I’m glad your found something that is of interest and finding enjoyment. if your enjoying it that’s all that matters I was just pointing out practical considerations for it that’s all! As pointed out above your looking at an DC output of around 1.4x above the AC input for the PSU, there’s slight loss from sag (lessor factor given the current draw) and voltage drops cross the rectifier but close enough to 1.4x
  3. Houston your relentless mate I don’t know where you get the time 😊
  4. Rank, I read back a few post so apologies if I’ve missed anything. I suppose the first question is is there a perceived problem with the current PSU? I get that people like to run external linear PSUs for various kit, but I’m just wondering if there is anything you’ve notice that’s compelling you to change the supply? Or you just want to tinker 😊 Trust me I get the want to tinker but it’s always good to start with an issue you want to resolve or at very least an understanding of how you are going to confirm it’s increased performance (outside our very unreliable ears). If it’s simple noise issue it might be something as easy as couple of cascading low ESR caps in front of the supply. IMHO it maybe overkill without any real benefit when the PSU could be used to more benefit for another project. Don’t get me wrong not trying to be unhelpful in anyway. I suppose I’m just pointing out a sep transformer and PSU for that device maybe more then case of diminishing returns and if your got the DIY bug it may serve other projects better 😊
  5. Sold pending payment, thanks for interest
  6. PSU is integrated with deck and has DC cable
  7. Just drop me a line once you know, thanks!
  8. Thanks mate. I’ve only configured a few crossover and slopes configs to test out and time aligned. I’ll spend a day with measurements and tweaking over the next week or so - but even with basic setup they sound pretty darn good. The drivers play very nicely together and can get nice integration without beeming. Great soundstage and wide sweet spot. I haven’t done much measurements yet but I suspect I’ll be able to get a nice polar pattern.
  9. hi mate, yeh titebond on the glue. The shellac primer is https://www.bunnings.com.au/rust-oleum-3-78l-b-i-n-primer-sealer-stain-killer_p1565677 can buy in spray can as well - goes on abit rough but sands really well. Also, can sand and recoat within an hour which speeds things up! Tried a lot of things and find it best with MDF end grain
  10. Thanks mate appreciated, took me a while to get around to it but please with result!
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