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  1. I’ll take Pseudo Echo. Adam Ant, Duran Duran - Ragged Tiger, Wham and Siouxsie and the Banshees)
  2. Hey Sub, Thanks for kind words mate. I’ll drop some info in tomorrow, it’s a TS75 mate so larger blade
  3. Hey jamie thanks mate appreciate the kind words. More hours went in than I would have liked but a few lessons learned along the way!
  4. Stereo Subs & Two Way Monitor Build It’s been slow going on my two way monitor with stereo sub build but I’ve finally finished finished one of the two subs!!! The subs are 10inch CSS drivers with 2 x passive radiators (185grams) in 56L cabinet tuned to 27hz. The cabinets are made out of 18mm MDF, rebated with router and cross braced. The front baffle is 48mm and has angled facets which I did with tracksaw. It did take a while to get the angles right but overall happy with how they came out. Don’t really believe in too much lining on sub cabinets so just some underlay felt on few sides. I put far more focus on getting the bracing as solid as possible. The cabinet was primed in 3 coats of shellac primer, 3 coats of gloss black enamel base coat then finished with 4 coats of 2k gloss clear to 2500grit before buff and polish. The sub is driven by 500watts dsp plate amplifier. Only just got it all together yesterday so haven’t had a chance to do final measurement but just broken it in and very happy with the result so far! Here’s some pics of the build. Onto finishing off the other sub then onto the 2 way monitor build!!!
  5. My hunch is it’s a Zobel network rather than a pad.
  6. No worries not much help but some info. Suppose you could do some measurements and use SPLtrace to get frd and impedance files. If you want to play with some sims on it
  7. Some clues they come from a USA organ maker Some specs Type: Regular-phase 100mm ribbon tweeter Power: 20 Watts RMS (cont), 50W max. SPL: 92dB/Watt. Freq Resp: 6K-40KHz +/-2dB (SUBLIME!). Impedance: SQ. Crossover Frequency: 6,400Hz (12dB / Octave).
  8. Does he do customs? Next time I’m on usspeaker might have to slip a pair of radians into the shopping basket
  9. Nice work!! azurahorns, that’s the guy over in Perth right? What do you think of the radian comp drivers? Never tried em, always wanted to
  10. I’m up to my least favourite bit designing enclosures, dam I hate cad programs. I’ve started on the subs which will test my patience a little less [emoji4] once I get the enclosure design done things will hopefully move abit quicker!!
  11. Impressive mate, did you make the molds?
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