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  1. Seems like a great setup for the money, GLWTS.
  2. Man, this is suppose to be a helpful, supportive forum.....but lately it just seems people want to prove a point, and argue the way a question was worded, rather than being helpful and just moving on..... But hey that just might be my opinion.
  3. Yeah thats its it, more than capable unit for someone looking to get into vinyl.
  4. Awesome price, the cart alone would be almost worth asking price. Glwts.
  5. I believe the schiit mani has variable gain, and is a reasonable price $270.
  6. I picked up a Dire straits, brothers in arms at an op shop, about 15 years ago for $2....back when you could get top notch albums from op shops. Ahhh those were the days. Sounds fantastic, great album to put on to see how system is performing etc, speaking of which I might go put it on now.....:)
  7. Great work. So pleased you are happy with the results. I think when you do the work yourself, and you have sweat and time (but hopefully no blood or tears) invested in it you appreciate it so much more.
  8. Item: - Sega Dreamcast w/ 2x original controllers and game (resident evil 2) - Nintendo 64 w/ 2x original controllers and 5 games (007, 1080, banjo kazooie, nhl breakaway 98 & Turok 2 Location: Perth Price: Price Reduction Dreamcast set $350 $200+ post Nintendo set $250 $200 + post Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I am the original owner of both of these consoles and have been stored away safely. All in excellent condition. Would be great for someone looking to complete there console collections. Unfortunately no original boxes, but can be boxed up for postage. I can upload photos if there is any interest. Thanks for reading. Pictures:
  9. I guess looking at the advertisment for it, they are aiming it at a younger crowd. They need something a bit different and modern to get them interested.
  10. I think its a great idea. Even if it isnt perfect at least there are people out there trying new things and thinking outside the box (so to speak). 3d printing will continue to improve and the quality more refined. Keep it coming I say.
  11. Great cause, all the best with the sale. I cant afford the turntable, but can I make a donation ?
  12. Cheers Alan, not cheap are they ! Ill have to have a look through.
  13. I built one out of black walnut and worked it to a glass finish which looks great. I got it from a local timber supplier who sold all types of woods which you cant get in bunnings. The company was Austim, (Always looks like Autsim to me ! but then my son has autism so maybe its always at the front of my mind) not sure if they have stores over east.
  14. I used to work in art stores for quite a few years. A lot of these craft glues, especially brands like EC are made for kids, so they all tend to be non toxic. If its ok for your skin I would tend to think it should be ok for vinyl........Also all of the product is removed like a skin afterwards so no residue should remain. Theres always that risk when you use a product outside of its parameters.
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