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  1. perth_artist

    Lenco MD Modular 3D Printed Turntable

    I guess looking at the advertisment for it, they are aiming it at a younger crowd. They need something a bit different and modern to get them interested.
  2. perth_artist

    Lenco MD Modular 3D Printed Turntable

    I think its a great idea. Even if it isnt perfect at least there are people out there trying new things and thinking outside the box (so to speak). 3d printing will continue to improve and the quality more refined. Keep it coming I say.
  3. perth_artist

    Beyond Rare: Early build Signed Linn Sondek LP12

    Great cause, all the best with the sale. I cant afford the turntable, but can I make a donation ?
  4. perth_artist

    Akai gx-630d reel to reel query

    Cheers Alan, not cheap are they ! Ill have to have a look through.
  5. perth_artist

    Turntable builders help?

    I built one out of black walnut and worked it to a glass finish which looks great. I got it from a local timber supplier who sold all types of woods which you cant get in bunnings. The company was Austim, (Always looks like Autsim to me ! but then my son has autism so maybe its always at the front of my mind) not sure if they have stores over east.
  6. I used to work in art stores for quite a few years. A lot of these craft glues, especially brands like EC are made for kids, so they all tend to be non toxic. If its ok for your skin I would tend to think it should be ok for vinyl........Also all of the product is removed like a skin afterwards so no residue should remain. Theres always that risk when you use a product outside of its parameters.
  7. perth_artist

    Kmart Shadowbox

    Looks great, good job......I see a visit to kmart in my near future, thanks for the idea.
  8. perth_artist

    Just a quick question....

    It shouldn't drag, it should just lower vertically down to the record. Have you double checked it was installed correctly, and its definitely the one that came with it ?
  9. perth_artist

    Vinyl playback - sounding flat

    Yeah I tried about 5 or 6 different albums, all were very similar. Cartridge alignment may be another thing to check out. I always had my turntable in the living room, not in the best location so I never really noticed the soundstage as much. Now that its in a smaller room with the speakers set out properly you can hear it, or lack there of.
  10. perth_artist

    Vinyl playback - sounding flat

    Just bought one on ebay
  11. perth_artist

    Vinyl playback - sounding flat

    Yeah, I was thinking the same....if the same setup sounded great with digital but is lacking with vinyl then there is something going on there. I have just used the gauge on the arm. I will get a weighting scale, as I guess there is too much room for error with the guage. Thanks for your advice.
  12. perth_artist

    Vinyl playback - sounding flat

    Im not using a gauge, maybe I should get one. Im also thinking that the quality of the recordings may be also adding to the problem. ....
  13. perth_artist

    Vinyl playback - sounding flat

    Well I adjusted the tracking weight down from 2.0 down to 1.6 listening at each point, and I think there has been improvement. Ill listen some more and report back
  14. perth_artist

    Vinyl playback - sounding flat

    Thanks for the replies guys. Just got back from being out. Ill check the weight and give the stylus a clean. And leave it running and see how it goes.
  15. Hey guys, after some advice. Had my vinyl setup not set up for a few months, now got it back together. Sounds good, but Im finding the soundstage is quite narrow. Vocals, drums, guitars are all coming from the centre.....a few sounds coming from the periphery but mostly the middle. I remember listening to some digital running through the same setup and the soundstage was wide. Any suggestions as to why this may be the case ? Setup is project debut3 turntable with ortofon blue, running into project tube box phono, onkyo a2030 amp. Cheers guys