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  1. eBay seller joannemcng did mine as a custom job. Expert job well packed for shipping and well priced.
  2. Item: Denon CEOL Piccolo N5 Network System with speakers and ATLP60 USB Turntable Location: Ridgehaven SA can ship Price: $350 Item Condition: excellent in original boxes. Reason for selling: not being used. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: This complete system was in second room and hasn’t been used much. The Denon mini system has Spotify Connect in built, Internet Radio, NAS, wifi, Airplay and an Aux input into which the turntable is plugged. It’s powerful at 65w/ channel. Sounds really good for a compact system. Complete with Tara Labs Entra speaker cable. https://www.whathifi.com/denon/ceol-piccolo/review Photos:
  3. Don’t know but for that money just buy it the Rega arm is worth that amount alone.
  4. Item: studio Connections Power Cord 1.2m AU Plus Location: Ridgehaven SA can post Price: $210 incl post Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: Outstanding power cord. Very quiet. Outer insulation includes carbon which dissipates noise from the earth wire. It provides a very open spacious and detailed sound. Photos:
  5. As luck would have it I just rewired mine today and replaced the arm bearing collar. Section C is meant to be movable it goes closer to the magnet attached to the pivot to increase the antiskate, and further away when you decrease it. Section B is meant to be fixed to the arm pivot and moves around with the arm. The magnetic pull of section A to section B creates the antiskate. At the rear of the mount pillar there are two screws. The top one loosens the pivot shaft and you can then lift the arm a little bit from its mount collar to move the magnet. The screw below it secures the DIN plug (if you have one). If you remove both screws and take out the arm pivot and the DIn plug carefully (the wires and quite fine) you won’t damage any bearings as it’s just the mount of pivot shaft assembly to the mount collar. This gives you full access to the magnets. Just be careful when reinserting the DIN plug afterwards so it is aligned and the grub screw can go into the indentation of the plug. BTW it is a really good tonearm. Exceeds all others I’ve had so far - SME 3009, Jelco 750D, Rega 303, Clearaudio satisfy. Has excellent detailing and tonally sounds just right. Of course benefits from a good tonearm cable as well.
  6. Item: Goldring 1042 cartridge Location: Ridgehaven SA Price: $400 Item Condition: New in box unused Reason for selling: recent purchase but got something else instead Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: Unused new cartridge only opened to take pix. A high end MM model with Gyger S stylus. Reportedly one of the best MM cartridges at any price. New price in AU around $799. See review. https://www.whathifi.com/goldring/1042/review Purchased brand new recently in UK, but in the meantime I got the MC cart I always wanted So this one is now available. Photos:
  7. I saw the Adelaide gig last night. He still has so much intensity and played for over 2.5 hours. I’d like to know the set list because the first half they played some great extended prog rock numbers off early albums. And with 50 years as a performer it was multi generational. Even the 14 year olds were dancing around and singing the hits toward the end.
  8. Item: Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC Cartridge Location: Ridgehaven SA Price: $sold Item Condition: see below Reason for selling: upgraded and need to fund Elton John tix Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: Purchased retail new Dec 2018 for $850, receipt provided. Has played average 3 albums per week so approx 150 hours only. Superb sounding cart has recently been upgraded so it’s now spare. Plays perfectly. So for just $you get a near new cart that would otherwise cost between $900 - $1,000. Note small glue mark because the orange acrylic cover needed to be reglued to the base, a common issue with these carts apparently. Has no effect on performance. Photos:
  9. Well during a short stay recently I ventured into a HMV store. This is what I saw. Huge amount of vinyl for sale. It was overwhelming what can be bought. Also the Beatles Story exhibition is interesting. There’s a re creation of the Cavern Club and also the tape machine they used to record early material.
  10. Maybe not exactly tantalising. But this is what HRH the Queen has on the Royal Yacht Brittania as the Royal family’s record player from the day.
  11. Did some work on creating anew plinth. Made of Bunnings Hardwood Project panels three layers with steel plates inside. Now weighs approx 30kg, and the mass does improve the sound.
  12. I agree. And I have a spare one I’m happy to sell if needed.
  13. High mass tonearm with Ortofon OM cart - won’t work well. The OM cart is very good sounding in lighter tonearm but was flat sounding on a heavier one. A good match to put on a Lenco is the Ortofon AS212. It’s the correct length for the Lenco and matches the OM for compliance. It’s also very good sounding.
  14. I always thought that effective mass wasn’t relevant to the counterweight - the CW is there to counterbalance what is already a heavy arm so the cartridge has correct tracking weight.
  15. Further testing today. As good as the Thor is at reducing noise from an overall perspective the Belkin Pro 4000 is superior on high current integrated amp. The $139 Belkin also is superior to the $700 Isotek Polaris as it cleans things up, opens up soundstage and unlike the Polaris doesn’t seem to crush dynamics. It’s a great buy.
  16. Here’s the inside of Isotek Polaris for comparison. It has superior sockets each individually wired in. But less filtration (doesn’t have the iron cores) and also relies on PCB tracking therefore whilst reducing noise it also some softness in dynamics (not as much as the Thor). The effect on dynamics was the main thing I noticed when going to the Belkin 4000. Filtering just as effective, but very little loss of dynamics with the Belkin.
  17. Yes that’s seems to have the usual parts but I’m no expert in this. Has more filtering inside then the Isotek Polaris for example and you can hear it.
  18. Well tonight I’ve noticed something with the Thor. Whilst it cleans up the signal and makes the space sound blacker, especially good with solo piano, when moving to jazz and rock I notice some loss of bass depth and speed. So it’s time for a look inside. Here’s pics. The current runs through PCB tracks and 17AWG (1.0mm2) hookup wire. So it might be softening dynamics. The Belkin Pro 4000 board doesn’t have this issue, although it’s not quite as quiet.
  19. More information Belkin vs Thor today. Equipment used: Audia Flight FL3s amp, Technics SP10mk2 TT, Ortofon Quintet Bronze cart, Wilson Benesch speakers. Test tracks Daft Punk Georgio by Morodo and Lose Yourself to Dance. Thor is quieter, enables slightly more nuance and hidden detail and timbre particularly when things get complex and better 3D detail into space. Seems more resolved. However on bass notes it is a little bit less impactful. That’s not to say it isn’t there, just has slightly less dynamics and slam compared to the Belkin. Or maybe what I’m hearing from the Belkin is more noise masquerading as slam. The Belkin doesn’t lose any dynamics compared to plugging in direct to the wall but it’s filtering isn’t quite as effective as the Thor. Belkin is a bit less resolved and the Thor opens up the soundstage quite a bit more. Thor might filter more out with a little loss of macro dynamics. Bass is still low and deep on the Thor just a little bit less punch maybe. Possible the difference is the Thor has 1.0mm gauge cable, the Belkin 1.5mm. But either way they’re both very good at their jobs. Like them both. But for me the Thor wins.
  20. Item: the Beatles 1962/66 and 1967/70 Japanese with OBI Location: Ridgehaven SA Price: $90 incl post Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Spare copies Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: The quintessential Beatles compilations on super quiet Japanese vinyl. Photos:
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