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  1. The argument against automatic lift off is that it causes extra mechanical drag on other parts underneath the tonearm mechanism. However in the better machines his isn’t the case. For example Thorens older machines like TD320 used a solenoid driven lifter release triggered optically. Better quality Technics and Pioneers have a small lug that triggered auto return only when it engaged with another unattached arm at the end of record to trigger the lifting gear. So not really a problem. On the modern “budget” machines it is probably a matter of cost. In the higher end machines it’s about tonearm
  2. The WB speakers are very revealing and deserve the best possible amp.
  3. Further information: For sale as a set 10 LPs. These are the lesser quality copies I have accumulated over the years. Pickup only as a pack. Can do CBD pickup if convenient during business hours. Near mint: James Reyne, Al Di Melola, MFSB VG+ Stevie Wonder (has slight warp on outer edge plays OK for me YMMV) VG: Mark Knofler however has some light ticks noise on low parts VG: UB40 has a scratch that causes jump in one spot during Burden of Shame. Bonus 12” single is NM VG: Icehouse plays great some ticks and pops between tracks. Rare
  4. Audia Flight FL3S goes perfectly with the WB speakers.
  5. Item: Harman Kardon PM640 Price Range: maybe $300-$400? Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for 1983/84 model of this amp. Working or not.
  6. Further information: As pictured Stanton 500 mk2 cartridge with OEM Pickering new stylus. Includes Technics headshell so is plug and play. The Pickering stylus is same as OEM Stanton except for shape and colour of plastic mount (same factory and model sharing). Sounds at its best with genuine stylus, which is hard to find. Photos:
  7. Further information: This is a vintage amp however has been sitting around for a while so then as a project there has been full replacement of all electrolytic capacitors, replacement of all signal transistors with new low noise models, upgrade of signal path capacitors with audio grade Wima/ MKT, full testing and cleaning. Fully discrete and no ICs. Added banana sockets for two of the speaker outputs, they screw in and out of the original screw mounts so easily reversible. Significant amount of time and effort spent on this one, just for a bit of fun, and then I plugged it in. Wow. Exce
  8. Further information: New old stock Stereohedron (Shibata) stylus genuine Pickering that fits the XV-15 and Stanton 680/681 cartridge (which are exactly the same). It was originally the Pickering T4P model hence white colour but for all intents it’s the 1800s stylus in a different name. Tested for a couple of hours to check if it’s still good, tracks perfectly on STR14 test record, sounds superb, top end and mids are articulate and sweet, of course hasn’t been broken in as it’s new, so can only improve. This should really bring the classic cart back to life. These are fairly r
  9. Maybe try here @audiofeline https://bounceaudio.com.au/product/technicsrcacord/
  10. MCRU in UK is a good place to purchase it from.
  11. To upgrade from these speakers would really have to be something special. The WB are absolutely terrific speakers. Perfect portrayal of fine detail with loads of dynamics and space.
  12. Welcome to SNA. You may wish to join in and look at this thread. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/264659-technics-sp10-appreciation-thread/
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