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  1. The SC35C came with the SP10mkii I recently acquired. When I first set up the TT I went straight to the MC cart I usually use. It’s very good indeed. I then bought a stylus for the SC35C as a curiosity. Wow. The TT has really come alive. Seems totally neutral but with excellent dynamics and really good detailing for a MM cart. Textures are very apparent and the top end is quite extended. Soundstage is wide. I am not sure I’ve heard anything quite this dynamic and detailed yet controlled and with such scale. Love this cart, it’s amazing. The only drawback is the limitation of the conical stylus can show up in some very busy passages with a little congestion. Otherwise I’m very impressed.
  2. Op2134 has been a backward step for me in the past. Thick and veiled sounding and somewhat limited separation. NJM2068 whilst also a Jellybean chip I found vastly superior to the 4558/4559 and OPA2134. Tried in a Denon PMA750 integrated and a CA540P preamp. Can be found on many front ends of Japanese internal phono stages. The LM4562 was excellent, fast, wide and hifi sounding however over time I found it to be a bit clinical and lacked soul. Also prone to oscillation in older circuits. Wima or Auricap should both work well. Don't forget the electrolytics in the power supply. Changing to Elba Silmic or Panasonic FC can make quite a difference.
  3. I wouldn't really take much interest in the Quintet Red or Blue. Owned a Blue and it wasn't that good, lacked insight and dynamics and was pretty flat. I actually preferred a Goldring Elan MM cart to it. Bought a Bronze and wow! Detail, space, dynamics all inch improved over the blue. Also had a Rondo Red. I thought it was better than the Quintet Blue.
  4. It probably will. Since you're near me would you like to try it out?
  5. I agree the CD3 is a nice sounding player. One of the early second generation with unique Yamaha single channel DAC that had channel sharing to deliver the stereo output.l at a time when DAC chips were expensive. Also had a decent audio section. The larger brother of the the CDX-2 which was my first CDP in 1985 and the first to retail under $500. Doesn't have the resolution of the modern ones but sounded good.
  6. An AT95E for $59 at JB will do the job nicely. However the original cart/ stylus is actually a high output moving coil and sounds quite stunning. I've had one before and is quite articulate in the top end and has plenty of good MC energy in spite of its spherical stylus. The stylus assembly includes the coils and is in effect a snap in cartridge replacement. For optimum sound the original replacement will be very good. For a quick solution the AT95E is adequate.
  7. First project for this Easter complete. New heavy plinth made from 4 layers Bunnings specrite oak utility panel cut to size glued together sanded and coated with clear varnish. Sounds much better than the box plinth especially in the bass department.
  8. I do wish someone would grab this, it's a lot of turntable for the money and is priced to sell.
  9. Just playing Dave Grusin Sheffield Lab today for the first time on the SP10ii. Best I've ever heard it especially the width and depth, level of detail and total tonal control, transients and micro dynamics have speed and the bass has slam. Strings have real texture. Just sounds real. I've heard this as a test disc on several other TTs over the years including Thorens TD321, Technics SL120, and a heavy expensive Acoustic Solid deck. The SP10ii is clearly a winner. It's also quieter than I remember any of the above with a level of blackness and acoustic space.
  10. Thanks @Owen Y that changes the design thoughts I had about improving my plinth. I've actually had that experience before. Once had a Lenco L71 which sounded dynamic and detailed on a box plinth and then I got a Moldova 10kg plinth and bolted it tightly only to find that it deadened the sound and robbed dynamics and air. At the moment my SP10ii is on a box plinth that came from the radio station. Dampening the sides with Dynamat (Jaycar version) made a big difference to reducing resonance and enhancing image but dampening the top flattened the sound. So I will now consider adding mass to the bottom rather than the top.
  11. Makes fascinating reading especially the concept of additional internal damping and that you are using light not heavy material for top plinth to avoid loss of microdynamic musicality.
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