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  1. A great amp indeed and another surprise is the quality of the internal phono stage. Has the detail and resolution and speed of an expensive external pre, very wide soundstage and depth. I’ve been through a few other phono stages and keep going back to the internal one. This is a superb amp.
  2. I’ve had both and thought Spotify was better resolved a bit more open and less digital and compressed sounding.
  3. Great cables. Very transparent and clean, dynamic and fast. Sufficient body without excellent tonal imbalance. I love mine. This is a very good price.
  4. Yep, just moved to Vodafone from another top rated ISP. Is just as good as previous ISP but was cheaper when bundled with other services. Completely reliable for me, was easy to set up and it’s handy to have the 4G backup. Satisfied customer.
  5. Yes it’s MC or MM with adjustable DIP switches inside.
  6. Further information: Genuine cable purchased from US dealer. Not easy to find a decent figure 8 power cable locally for a DVD/ TV/ Soundbar. This cleaned up the sound of my blu ray player, reduced distortion and improved soundstage and bass. Excellent value for money. Plugs straight into AU power socket. Is flexible and easy to use. Postage is $9.00. Photos:
  7. Further information: This is a very good phono stage. MC and MM with adjustable loading and gain. Extremely quiet, well detailed, provides a wide and deep soundstage, deep bass, articulate and smooth. Produces sound on high quality pressings way outside the speakers, especially on jazz and classic rock. Fully discrete and separate high current power supply. Purchased to try and I was impressed. Overall prefer the Audia Flight, however this is a bargain. Review here. http://www.trigon-audio.de/fileadmin/pdf/presse/england/hifiplus_(uk_2003).pdf Photos:
  8. At a quite low cost the Vibrapods I bought from Decibel work a treat. I have a 30kg SP10mkii sitting on them and they definitely work and isolate well. Cost me $49 shipped.
  9. Yes I once had a Lenco too. Not bad but fiddly and high maintenance and in the end the number of upgrades required made it expensive and high maintenance. And the SP10 is sonically superior anyway.
  10. I owned a Isotek Polaris. Had a high power integrated amp, DAC, CDP and TT plugged into it. It definitely cleaned up the sound. Opened up sound stage and top end became cleaner. But at a cost. The dynamics from the amp were reduced somewhat. Sound became silky smooth with less weight. So I then tried the Belkin Pro 8000 for $130. I prefer the Belkin. Just as good at filtering (clean, open) however the macro dynamics are better and The amp has more bass weight.
  11. Sorry. Silly JB. Had several cards on display but when you go to counter they’re out of stock.
  12. I have a source locally for several retail AT95E cartridges. PM me of you need one. $60 plus postage.
  13. Agreed. Whilst not the last word in detail it’s quite a bit better than many of the Japanese branded OEM carts includes in 70s and 80s turntables. It’s actually usable and provides decent sound.
  14. Item: Pioneer PL-518 Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please let me know if you have one for sale
  15. Now I feel like I need one again. Had the 681eee for years. Best MM cart I’ve had. Shouldn’t have sold it.
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