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  1. interesing choice of font colour 🙁 very hard to read
  2. Hi Ed Can I please get Japan Quiet Life 1979 EX EX- Victor VIP6700 $25.00 Japan GateFold Japan Assemblage 1983 NM NM Hansa VIL6057 $25.00 Japan/Obi Insert Cheers
  3. Here are some pics. Mostly of the SM3 (which is very very similar to the SM2 ) and some SM2 / SM3 comparisons
  4. These early Perreaux pre-amps SM2 (and SM3) are very well sort after. They are class A and are very very well built. Massive power supplies, wima caps etc as standard. Sorry to jump on your ad, but someone is going to get a stonkingly good pre-amp for much much less than it's worth. Attached files are for info. ( I hold no copyright on them and believe they are already in the public domain. ) 029-SM2.pdf SM%202%20PRE%20AMP-1.pdf SM%202%20PRE%20AMP-2.pdf SM2 Specs2.pdf
  5. Is this the USA release or the UK ? Could you please reply with the run out matrix from the first record, side A ?
  6. i'll go back up if the sale falls thru !
  7. Looks like the bottom 2 screws have been over-tightened and pulled thru the tweeter facia.
  8. These are a great HT amp and were nearly $4k when released. A bargain at the asking price and yes, they weigh nearly 30kgs. Someone will get a beast of a HT amp. ( video does 1080p up-scaling as well ) GLWS !
  9. It'll be sometime this week if that ok? i've got your number so can txt to arrange You still on that Irish city road ?
  10. No, it is insulated from the track via a TO3 bush. The bolt goes thru the board and connects to the heat-sink. The cap ties the 0 volt rail to ground at RF , but isolates at DC.
  11. Got an answer from the diyAudio forum regarding the zener and NFB mods. The zener is self explanatory. You can clearly see that the track between the collectors of Q5 & Q7 is cut. The NFB ( R19 22K) now gets connected to the exact same point as L1 (inductor) In the picture, you can just see the tail of R19 running parallel to the track and terminating at L1 I am guessing that this gives a more accurate reference point of the output signal ( without any variations caused by current flow ) Like the theory behind a star point ground system.
  12. What you seek can be found ....... Here ( please note that I am not the owner of these documents ) The ETI477 / Series 5000 amp was published in ETI 1981 Jan, Feb, March
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