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  1. Diodes are now 600 prv @ 30 amp (325 amp surge) ON semi Caps are now 7300uF 0.019 ohm ESR and 6800 mAh ripple Nichicon
  2. ? so when the original diodes and caps were sighted right here that they were probs inadequate, ie, diodes rated at 3 amps would be too small. Caps were too small and not high enough ESR. Should I not have bothered?
  3. Bigger diodes and caps fitted. Now to soak test.
  4. So did I , but my trusty fluke tells me otherwise !
  5. not quite correct, the neutral line is direct to output (not thru any diodes) The common point of the diodes in the neutral are only connected to one cap and the resistor also with a 1 meg resistor tying the negative legs of the caps together
  6. pretty sure my mud map schematic is NOT completely correct ! I'll meter it out and advise
  7. pretty sure my mud map schematic is correct not correct !!!
  8. As you can see from the pics, the top layer is really difficult to see. Cannot see where the tracks for the electros are on top of the board. As i've ordered replacement caps and diodes, i'll pop them out later. Should make the top tracks more visible.
  9. I've added the connections on the top of the board and drew in the X2 cap
  10. Looks to me that it is like 2 DC blockers, cross connected utilising different cap values.
  11. O I've mentioned the polarity of the caps a couple of times now. The two electros, near as I can tell, (which is a bit hard because of the double sided board and black lacquered tracks) , both visually and metered, are wired as per my mud map diagram. Pretty sure. One leg of the cap bank is direct to the input active trace. The other end of the cap bank is connected to neutral input leg via one bank of diodes. The X2 cap is connected the same but opposite. (to neutral input trace and then to active thru the diode bank on the active input trace)
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