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  1. red is 0.48mV ???? I have owned one and they are very good 😎
  2. @KBrooke I would take down your post or remove your name and any mention of Facebook, SPAM is not your best friend use a private message. Regards Tim
  3. @mistamuzoIf you actually read there add $280 is for 1 speaker only it would be $560 for the pair😎
  4. Just a bit to far unfortunately, hope they go to a good home 😁
  5. Is this a 06/2018 build unit with Gigabit Ethernet
  6. Here's something to look at https://liquidaudio.com.au/technics-sl-m3-turntable-repair-service/
  7. @Raphael it`s not advisable to display your phone number for all to see, spam is not your friend you should use private message. Regards Tim
  8. @SoutherlyI`m not selling this 1, but it is for sale in the classifieds for $1800 a few hundred more but to me that is exceptional value read what was said not what you imagined. I have listen to most of the above mentioned cartridges and agree with @evil c the bloom 3 is really good also the art 9 is good. But the phasemation if the arm can take the weight would be fantastic value 😁😁
  9. Great cartridge, would smash them all 😍
  10. @EV Cali you need some velvet or a micro fibre cloth with a cut in it, I use reusable cable ties to attach the fabric easy to remove for cleaning you could also use self adhesive Velcro.
  11. Great photo`s gives a true idea of there condition 😊
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