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  1. DIY Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

    this is what I use for drying works it a treat
  2. This came today Eva Cassidy it`s already had a clean and spinning as I type just stunning.
  3. The Cure Disintegration

    You go to the start of it all. Three imaginary boys
  4. try this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Eva-Cassidy-Nightbird-4LP-180g-VINYL-NEW-/282327914504?epid=222416179&hash=item41bc0e1808:g:cSYAAOSwImRYfO85 $63 posted or the 7 LP 45rpm http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Eva-Cassidy-Nightbird-7LP-180g-45rpm-Limi-New-LP-Vinyl-/322461376162?epid=229477094&hash=item4b14321ea2:g:PagAAOSwjDZYiRWt $129 posted
  5. try this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Blue-Jeans-LC-1-Belden-Audiophile-interconnect-RCA-made-in-USA-with-Japan-Plugs-/302428023095?hash=item466a1d6937:g:RRsAAOSw9itZoOXK $65 best offer
  6. I have been watching with interest and waiting for photo`s a great looking set up enjoy.
  7. DIY equipment platforms.

    http://downloads.nover.com.au/Public/Brochures/NOVER_CAT_2014_S1_INTRO_PANELS.pdf this should help page 19 should be available in most states
  8. High end integrated amps

    Not Cheap Grandinote Shinai £9,250 http://www.bd-audio.co.uk/product/grandinote-shinai-integrated-amplifier/
  9. DIY Ultrasonic Record Cleaner

    @kelossus you will be able to tell when you need to change your solution as you will notice it getting dirtier after every batch and depending on how dirty the records were to start with you will have larger particles floating around the tank. You might get 4 to 5 lots through remember if you see the lager particle's its time to change as they start to damage your records.
  10. Show us your Turntables!!!

    just the pics, you can see the shadow back right corner it still has its spring
  11. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Smokey Ash Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  12. Show us your Turntables!!!

    Finally got the Thorens Wand Phasemation thing happening, sounds great
  13. Studio Connections make an excellent product I have 2 of there power cables highly recommended