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  1. gonefishing999

    Oppo 203 HDMI I2s

    @Rori @tmitchmd
  2. gonefishing999

    Oppo 203 HDMI I2s

    A few people have PM me as to how I use Oppo as a streamer. First I was using a Qnap nas with Minimsrever , Bubbleupnp server , Ipad with Linn Kazoo. Kazzo looks for Rooms "openhome" servers so bubbleupnp will find Upnp Oppo when selected you can select to make it Openhome so Kazoo can find Oppo. Kazoo can play Tidal . I found Qnap and bubbleupnp very flaky, so I have an Intel Nuc Win 10 with Minimsrever , Bubbleupnp server installed work like a dream no more problems. Hookup Nuc Wifi cat6 to Oppo or Wifi will do. The Intel Nuc was chosen as it has a 12v dc supply so linear power supply can be used an no internal PS. Nuc I use is an I5 4 Gen 4Gb ram 120 Gb msolt and 2.5 3Tb. NO usb as this will degrade sound. My option only many might think differently. @ghost4man is using same setup as me his Nuc is a Celeron 7Gen 1 min to boot thats all other wise no difference to my I5. Nuc can boot with Minimsrever , Bubbleupnp server if these are added to start menu. Just hit power button no monitor required to start streaming. You can use Roon but have not tried it.
  3. gonefishing999

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    This is the best way to go as Usb was not intended for digital audio. Network is best way to stream audio.
  4. gonefishing999

    Independent DAC or All-in-one

    The digital signals need to be converted to usb, spdif, I2s, to make it capable of running long distance. So all output to dacs spdif optical,coax or usb need converted. It will not affect sound quality. Peter
  5. gonefishing999

    Independent DAC or All-in-one

    Optical out is spdfi. This output will not alter the sound . It is the same digital signal as what is going to the WCX50 dac but converted to spdif then outputted by optical. Peter
  6. gonefishing999

    SOLD: FS: Holo Audio Spring R2R Dac Level 2

    @Max Headroom
  7. gonefishing999

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    So what about @djb maggies?
  8. gonefishing999

    New R2R Holo DAC coming the KTE Spring-2

    I emailed Tim Conner at Kitsunehifi this was the answer I was concerned about. Peter, The short of it is there isn’t any compatibility issues. It’s just better than lvds chips you will find in all other designs. It has custom 4way circuit which is low latency and preserves the signals by isolating them to each chip as opposed to all in one. It improves sound quality with this circuit design. But standard pin out as used with spring1. Using Hdmi as the cable to transport i2s. Same thing in that regard. Hope this clears things up.
  9. gonefishing999

    New R2R Holo DAC coming the KTE Spring-2

    I would like to know what streamers , audio players will support this ???? By the way good find George. Peter
  10. gonefishing999

    SOLD: FS: Mega Rack of Awesomeness!!

  11. gonefishing999

    SOLD: FS: Sennheiser HD540 reference headphones

    @woodhead Are these noise cancelling please? Peter
  12. gonefishing999

    Holo Spring Dac (level2) review.

    @eltech I think it's time you tried a Holo If you live in Melbourne you can hear mine. You put it on your oscilloscope and lets see the results . That's why i asked the question.
  13. gonefishing999

    Holo Spring Dac (level2) review.

    What dacs have you tried to make this comment? Have you tried the Holo? Peter
  14. gonefishing999

    Holo Spring Dac (level2) review.

    This should clarify how superior I2s is over Usb. I think Blizzard is right. I am an I2s convert😊 https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/24822-i2s-vs-usb/