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  1. SOLD: FS: HiFi Racks

    Many thanks for the interests Guys. Racks are gone to a local audiophile.
  2. SOLD: FS: HiFi Racks

    Hi Rob, I normally knock off work 5pm, so any time after 6pm is ok. Will pm u the address. Cheers.
  3. Item: fully adjustable hifi racks. Location: Perth Price: $150 each or $300 for all three. Item Condition: used Reason for selling:Surplus. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Fully adjustable racks for depth and height of each shelf. Pictures:
  4. Hi Khoi, do you still have them for sale?
  5. EOI - W.A Server's developments GTG

    Thanks Mark! The room has too much echo atm. If you don't mind, I wish to borrow your surplus batt to try out? Cheers Sergio. When this finishes, my next job is a workshop between back fencing and thus room and to follow the sunken Celler just in case you're planning the visit!
  6. EOI - W.A Server's developments GTG

    Hey guys... I has been somewhat 6-Month, and my new projects is at near completion. This new man cave is abit better than my low budget garden shed.., however, I am facing challenges with this new room in term of room-treatment, speakers and gears placement...., most of all, the transition all gears from to new room. Hopefully some kind local members may assist with their experience inputs and the lifting hands.... BBQ and nibbles and certainly beverages will be on offer for this brainstorm gtg. Here are a few photos....
  7. Not a chance...! This is getting abit frustrating - tbh. The handover in the contract was 16th August. We are no where near it. Nevertheless - I think it is close.. couple photos if I may... should accomodate the mighty Mesphisto, Aurender W.20, Pandora if hasn't sold by then?, and may be that $$$$ MSB dual AES....?!
  8. I have been ongoing wishing for that winning lottery tix... God did not hear my prays....! I think he is working on it.....
  9. Someone is getting a bargain here!
  10. Thanks Mate. This build was with intend for HQ-Player for the purpose of upsampling to DSD256/512. The owner will be using Roon to HQ-Player into his DSD512 capable DAC. Obviously - there is a cost factor in any project. If we were to have a generous budget, I will go all the way with four separated LPUs into my ATX board. It's all coming down to cost.
  11. No worries...! Enjoy your journey. Stepping up from the RPi to 86 architecture, you will instantly be picking up on the timing, resolution and focus to the better, no matter what software you plan using, except JRiver. Not sure if those suit your taste? Some liked their sound to be a little coloured and less precise. They believe them as analogue sounding..., because it is graduate, slow, and easy to the human ears... abit like valves gears... some really enjoying the flaw in em... and that is my personal opinion, not necessarily true or fact for all.
  12. 30VA? How is about multiplying by a factor of 5? I guess, it is depending on how many more USB-harddrive(s) you plan to connecting? Also if you are using the M.2 Sata or SSD or 2.5" spinal? It is all adding up.... Guys - the new Intel 7th gen CPU, is fantastic for linear psu. Power demanding is much forgiving with LPS.
  13. Mark, have you got a link to the psu of interest? My concern with eBay is the quality assurance. The quality of the components, eg. Capacitors are very poor quality. Their quality is abit like take away fast food.
  14. Thanks Daniel! I am really enjoying the miniserver at the minute. If Roon can do OpenHome Media protocol would be fantastic, but it seems to my experience, it does not til date with the latest build V1.3 (259).