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  1. Another working week has ended.... I celebrate it with home made LambShank complimenting with Argentina Red....!
  2. Correct.... not my kinna drop, unfortunately.
  3. Random tasting.... Seems like it needs abit more time. Will revisit abit later.
  4. Didn’t mention 1.5L bottle. 😚
  5. So truth.... Was looking into 707, as per @mtfrecommendation. Holly Molly..., $900 each bottle. ☹️
  6. it was a long hard working week for me..... Finally it’s ended with this beauty.
  7. Something simple for Mother Day.
  8. If I may also share...., my lazy Sunday arvo.
  9. My lazy Sunday begins here.....
  10. It’s not toooo bad, I think. 🤪
  11. Very nice....! no where near the 389 but I had this for a while now..., seeing this tempts me to pop it tonight.
  12. I think we share same findings here. Currently giving this acquisition a blind test! 😂
  13. Perhaps pickup only offer may limited down the potential interest(s)? Actually I'm in the market for dual subs..., contemplate between these E112 vs SVS SB16-Ultra. Cheers.
  14. Finally my consignments have arrived...... Can’t wait for COB!🤤 i hope they will taste taste as good as the packaging?😊
  15. They are very affordable Steve. For the price, this to me is a great investments. I am also converting my little store room into a celler, thanks to your great idea. However, I plan to go further with 100mm coolroom panels all around ceiling and walls. Need your expert inputs once it’s undrrway. I use the window insert AC from Kevinator 2.2kW unit. Any thoughts?
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