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  1. Totally agree with network noise from router. Great idea about disconnecting the Ethernet cable from router or switch. I must admit, that I have not yet give this a try. It think, doing this will let the listener be less distracted from browsing the library on his/her control tablet and be more into enjoying the music. I found a standalone pcie network card inserted is actually sounded better than the one from motherboard. Prior to JCat network card, I had a TPLink, which i bought for $15 from a local computer store here. I did replace the two caps caps and it sounded pretty good compare to stock. I still have the card... Can post a photo later this evening if interested?
  2. When you break it out, Taiko is using Win10 PE, a 500MB OS. Much smaller footprint compare to most other. Mainly in Taiko is power supplies, and PCIe SSD storage. It’s also using Roon and JPlay Femto. I have also tested Jplay, however, in my setup and to my personal preference HQplayer is more to my liking.... Have you tried power your router or switch with decent linear psu? This is a most affordable upgrade in CA where sonic is very audibly improved with linear psu powering your switch or router. Let us know if you find it otherwise?
  3. In Morley so close?! I have always keen to hear improvement it made to my electronic? Hmmmm...... Tempting!
  4. LoL! Come in... They say, where there is a will, there is a way...! yes, ControlPC is only Roon and AO 3.0. AudioPC is only HQPlayer and AO 3.0. Both communicate via JCat network card, one in each controlPC and AudioPC. USB card is JCat XE. Which is massive leap forward in SQ compare to Femto. And Femto was light years ahead of SotM with external clocking board attached. So pcie SOtM alone is taking a sideline indefinitely!
  5. Thanks Cazzesman! I have done up my servers... dual pc setup. Currently, waiting for all power supplies to be assembled into a Streacom case. In total, this combo servers consists of 5 boxes. One linear psu for Control PC and 2 boxes power supplies for AudioPC. Both PC are using umbilical cords from external linear psu. All was tested with both WS 2019 and Win10 LTSC. All OS are loaded into RAM as a form of RAMDISK. This initial process takes approx 3-5mins when first turn on, but worth doing. Interestingly, Win10 LTSC sounded better. I highly recommend you to try a RAMDisk if you haven’t done so! currently waiting for the CNC to have all parts assembled. Going to be interesting.
  6. Have you tried JCat USB Femto? The differences again chalk vs cheese when step up from Sotm to JCat. The gap is widen again with new JCat XE card. Have you tried Audio Revive USB cable? For my setup, Audio Revive brought much more life, and naturalness without compromise in dynamic like the Curious. Interestingly, Curious was so mellow and thick sounding that often balancing well with noisy server builds. WS2019 is fantastic in core mode. Yet even better when using AO 3.0. Have you tried Win10 LTSC? A very compacted version that’s only 3GB in footprint as oppose to SW2019 at bare minimal core mode at 4ish GB. If you are in W.A.., woukd have been great! There do much for us to elaborate with great advancements...!
  7. Thank you kindly @teagle! I am afraid, with this new ceiling been treated, it has raised my eyes-brow again. Well.., at first I thought it has an adverse effect and went back ward....., however, latter that evening I revisited With more relax mode and without any distraction from the Mrs... The latter found it was actually improved the background noise floor to unprecedented level... The timbre at its current setting reminds me of the Mingda 845-300B ClassA Mono Amps...., so engaging....! This lead to my immediate concerns for micro-dynamic or timing/speed/impact/precision/accuracy or resolutions? Actually, those are all still there...., but with much better focus. The same focus I often spoke to you about from @Steve Msetup! Anyway..., the proof is in the listening this Sunday. Hope to see you all this Sunday. Cheers.
  8. Very simple..., I can’t justified the cost for those audiophile grade ($$$) treatment panels that is only good for aesthetic. Overall...., some have heard my room and the process made at each stage. Will let them translate this better. @Mendes and @teagle would you pls be able to share your observations from your last visit? 👍
  9. With these on, average gears as such elevated into whole new highend sonic level.... Love it!
  10. Unintentional.... Not guilty! 😁 I think, again from my personal experience, those with flagship MSB Select..., are definitely appreciated the passive output module from MSB.
  11. I see your point and concur that many MSB DAC fanboi shares this exact view/perception. Not that it is any wrong in context, one must recognises it’s after-all very subjective view. If we all share the same taste, perception..., and liking, than this hobby will be lacking of excitement, and StereoNet forum will certain to be very low traffic/bandwidth.. 😅 Having said that, I am not disagree to your entitlement in your opinion.
  12. From my personal experience, tried using DAC direct from digital volume controller out put..., never sound the same as with a proper preamps in place. Much more life from the music with a pre as oppose to direct from DAC output only. Interesting though..., skipping the pre should be more direct and supposedly sound better, right?!
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