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  1. Absolutely bargain.... I still have mine and it was modded by JTL..... Total cost $1700 for the player when first release and additional $1300 for Joe..., if my memory serves me right?! seeing this asking price..... 🤩
  2. Not off my head mate. It has been more than few years ago. Will do some digging for you...
  3. Not Primacoustic!😁 It is laminated timber (actual wood), this one I did actually diy.....
  4. I managed with 4 assembled Today... currently experimenting... They work for me.... I have been chasing my tail and falling into Rabbit’s holes with DIY over last 36 months.... Kick myself for the stupidity from thinking diy was way to go..., killed so much invaluable time and funds unnecessarily!
  5. good price... It would be mine if you were local. Damn it.
  6. I think you will be pleased with the decision. My preliminary observation was nothing but positive. Bass notes were much tidier, tighter, higher resolution, speedy... I can’t wait to fit on the rest, including those at rear wall (Flexifusers)....
  7. With all the yaks... got me intriguing...
  8. I liked that...! Sounds affordable....😊
  9. Thanks @mtf. They look like off the shelves there mate. 🤩 Probably giving a go with what I got atm. I would be more interested in where you sourced the covering fabric? cheers.
  10. In my case, I sent out architectural shop-drawings of my designated audio outer building and long with all electronics placements as well as the sweet listening position. I also attached photos captured of the current setup, each view of the four walls. I received two quotations from two different designers. One was $17.5k and the others was $14.5k. I only order portion of one design and hoping to diy the rest to save funds. That particular designer was fine with my decision. So I spent $5.5k for 2 corners at front wall, 4 fulltrap. 2 max trap for rear side walls, and 4 flexifusers for rear wall. For ceiling and sidewalk first point of reflections I plan using the existing..... for ceiling, I plan to diy some big panels to hang up at front and on top of listening position. That is my plan in a nutshells...., your constructive input is welcomed.
  11. **** this does not sound good for me..... I just spent over $5.5k on them.
  12. Where did you place it in the room? Why just 1 but not 2?
  13. I have the Primacoustic full and maxtrap delivered but have not got the time to setup. Hoping to set em up in coming weekends. Can provide the feedback in due course.
  14. Getting ready for a couple StereoNet mates dropping by for some tunes this arvo....
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