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  1. I had a listen to my trail server from the entire OS loaded into RAM. The motherboard has everything disable including the video output. PCIe network card and PCIe usb card are the only two attached and operational. Operating from RAMDisk was a significant step up on SQ and I highly recommend you to give it a go. Another step up was to disable the video output via bios. Note - you need to ensure that your sever is boot up consistently prior doing the disabling the video output. Another significant SQ improvement without damaging your bank account. When I find sometime this festive break, will write up a manual on how to achieve a more refined high-end server at low-end diy investment.
  2. Finally I managed to get Windows Server 2019 boot from RAM. The initial booting and loading into ram takes several minutes. A good working progress for software part. Next is to complete the linear PSU then a gtg one Sunday?! 🥳
  3. damn it... Me always been late to this.... Dont people have a weekday job? Goshhhh
  4. It is rather interesting though..., I had goosebumps last-night when doing the critical listening. I pick up audible stage/recording nuisances, those were not previously there. I went back and forth to validate my observations and positively smiling within that i rediscover the musics again...., Bl00dyH3ll. 😍 For me, my system became much more revealing and resolute after 9.30pm every night. Therefore, I usually do my critical listening to my own setup often at 10.30pm in the evening. Cant wait to complete the rest.....
  5. Will do the sweeps once I get sometime. Another Sunday project into the list. As for the ceiling, there were panels with double side tape..., will do em proper after the rear wall is done. Another Sunday it will be.
  6. Finally had these bad boys installed with laser precision with great success. A very pleasing outcome for me with this investment. I tried doing dual subs And found bass notes were not easy to control or achieve a desired outcome. Question is why without dual subs, and these panels made sound better bass resolutions! Hmmmm...! Rear wall will be next Sunday Project. Will keep you posted if there is any interest? 😁
  7. not sure about the ram is custom built. I for sure knew that they did is no speciality but load up from ramdisk. Infor from JPlay forum. see photo. As for PSU, you will be laughing your gut off when found its lid opened.... Actually you will be pretty p!ssed if you paying for it. Same psu in a server Sold by Phil Audio optimiser for $US5k. yes - ECC Ram appears abit more organic sounding... other than that..., remains questionable!
  8. Cheers! I am still with two minds about this. I think for the benefit of the doubt, I will give both a chance then decide by ears as humanly possibly can. Ultimately, I provision no M.2 SSD attached. Bios will load the image into Ramdisk via usb3.1 every time the audiopc is turning on. This will also to eliminate built up in the registry, temporary catches...., for which can also influenced the SQ performance. For those unsure, try to do a fresh install every now and then on your audio pc, you will be glad to know (based on my personal experiences only) that SQ can improve noticeable every time you reinstall fresh OS again... Don't take my words for it, give it a go and do the evaluations yourself. Communications between Roon server to audiopc is direct Ethernet protocol. Each pc is doing it own task without interfering another.
  9. Thanks for the encouragements guys. i have acquired two new mobo’s and Intel M.2 SSD 800P for this new R&D. Still waiting for my i7-9700 cpu and some electronics/parts from Mousers for the power supplies. AudioPC will be running from RAMDisk with Win Server 2019 in core mode, with HQPlayer and room acoustic Convolution. Hardware will be Gigabyte mATX with one pcie 16 for USB card, PCIe for Ethernet card. Both power by external chokes input mod Upton Powersupply you saw here. The server in itself will be power the revised ATX management with vintage Western electric choke individually input for each power rails, 3.3Vdc, 5Vdc, -5Vdc, 12vdc and -12vdc. serverpc will be i3 4.2Ghz. PCIe for ethernet card time connect direct to Audiopc for Roon and HQplayer. Software will also be Win server 2019 in core mode with 2x5TB 2.5” sea gate HDD and 2TB Samsung SSD for 256 DSD only. This is not necessarily be operate by ramdisk. it is more likely be via Intel M.2 SSD. That is pretty much in a nutshell, guys. will keep you update on my progress..
  10. Recently came across this server, cost insanely 24,000 to 28,900 Euro. 🤮 This has motivated me somewhat to further R&D my existing dual pc setup with fine tune to i7-9500 or i9...?!? I have been very pleased with my CA setup though...., until now seeing this crazy server at nearly a Mini Countryman!!! Ideally - I am going revisit my ATX linear power supplies with individually choke input filter for all 7 rails linear psu to accomodate full spectrum ATX specs, including PSU for add on USB card and addon Ethernet card for complete isolation. A dual pc setup with Roon server Ethernet direct to HQPlayer 4.2 audio for room REW filter. Will be using windows server 2019 and operate as Ramdisk to eliminate M.2 and Sata3..... going to be interesting... for sure!
  11. Hi Mate, Tempting and have few questions if you don't mind? 1. How old is the amps? 2. Estimate tubes life? 3. Has it been mod or repaired? Cheers.
  12. Absolutely bargain.... I still have mine and it was modded by JTL..... Total cost $1700 for the player when first release and additional $1300 for Joe..., if my memory serves me right?! seeing this asking price..... 🤩
  13. Not off my head mate. It has been more than few years ago. Will do some digging for you...
  14. Not Primacoustic!😁 It is laminated timber (actual wood), this one I did actually diy.....
  15. I managed with 4 assembled Today... currently experimenting... They work for me.... I have been chasing my tail and falling into Rabbit’s holes with DIY over last 36 months.... Kick myself for the stupidity from thinking diy was way to go..., killed so much invaluable time and funds unnecessarily!
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