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  1. Really? Any link? They cost me $95 each from DM. https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_857854/black-puma-pyrenees-shiraz-2013
  2. Whooohoooo! It’s a favour I am asking.... I think the call rests on your. i would be delighted either way.🥰
  3. Ok I will ask... May I get a sample bottle to try? 🙏
  4. Not normally doing this during weekdays... Here she is opened. 😊
  5. Great shot! Looking forward to try she out too @mtf
  6. Very nice there @Mendes! I have made the transition to red infusion.... Nothing special nor fancy but taste......, OMG..... YUM YUM! You should try if haven’t yet?
  7. I begin the weekend with something light... it’s Friday afterall...
  8. As long as I still have both ears to enjoy thereafter.... worth the fight! 🤤
  9. I will fight for them if with one ZERO less in the asking price! 🥰
  10. Abit chill tonight...., hence going for the amber fluid. The night after: It is rarely I open one of this. Never the less, it is well worth every drop. The bottle went down speedy with what appears no hesitation at time. Gentle, smooth......., certainly worthy of every penny. 😉
  11. Celebrating W.A day with one of our local vino....
  12. You are absolutely spot on! Respects!!
  13. Lonely tonight with Diana Krall - The Girl in the Other Room.
  14. My Saturday night..... Simple it seems....
  15. It’s easy... simply consume more liquor...
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