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  1. Thanks.. enjoy the journey @Susan 3. Trust me - we all once started with affordable preowned audio gears....., in time, we will, all, get there. It is just a matter of time once obsession/passionate is taken over..... 😄
  2. NoNoNo...! Am an end user just like you. I have gone through so many brands, jumping from SS to Valves/tubes.., from Class A, ClassA/B and ClassD. Now settle with ClassA poweramps from Gryphon and front end from Accuphase.
  3. Hi there... I can relate to your personal experience. Very well built anx sounds amazing.. unfortunately they don’t market well in Australia..., as they don’t believe in paying for high profile reviewer... A corrupted marketing strategy that Accuphase do not endorse...! Welcome... and if you’re ever in Perth after next few weeks or thereafter... give me a shout if you want to check out and catching up! cheers...
  4. It is rather an interesting hobby with great diversities. Each has its own merit, endlessly really. Having said that..., am currently using AIM Shieldio NA-7... It was to my ear best bang for the buck.
  5. Love the preamps.... bugger my bank account checked with missing one more zero! GLWTS...! No doubt someone will enjoy this.
  6. Abit out of topic if you could excuse me. Seeing the Nordost cable for approx $5,000.00 each at 1m length, disturbs me somewhat. https://nordost.com/valhalla-reference/ethernet-cable.php Where do we draw the line? By the time you’ve got a decent audio grade server, couple of audio grade switches and several audio grade ethernet cables..., the cost stacked up to a very nice set of hi-end speakers. Have we forgot that in an audio chain, they are most significantly influenced the sound, if not they sure retain a better resell values... 😁 Don’t you think so? 😉
  7. Finally found a soft spot with these hardwares for my AudioPC guys... Time for a gtg.....
  8. Weights 1.5kg less than Renolabs and 7x the cost. Nevertheless, it’s looking very attractive to the eyes..., I hope it sounds as good to the ears. 🤩
  9. Wow... Very well built. If this was made outside China, we sure seeing at least one more zero (0) for the asking price. Goshhh... am tempting
  10. From what I ventured..., unspoken publicly due to a diversity mind set and perception that could landed me on hot water, I found Ubiquiti gears for audio networking are more superior to most the brand out there. Hence, your findings are not surprised me.
  11. In regards to FMC (I missed read it as FMG 😂), anyone of you find the sonic benefit/improvement? I know uptone EthernRegen has one, however, does it bring a more clean sound or musical? I suppose is a matter of taste and personal preference? or even system matching?
  12. Found the video of how a Renolabs is manufacturing.... Just to give an idea of how the casing is built. Pls delete if not appropriate?
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