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  1. Coincidentally, I was also looking for an upgrade in a very similar period of time. Damn it! why now and not 10 months or so ago? Could have saved me $24k with this unit....😓 Love Vitus preamp... GLWTS.
  2. It was an enjoyable afternoon. The sonic outcome was a revelation for most of us. Who would have thought of the quality from an ethernet cable (where it has not a thing to do with the signal path, other than to navigate the playlist via a tablet device) can noticeably influenced the sound quality. This was not anticipated by the Host nor the guests, and it was much enjoyable moment for me witnessing their jaws drop down.....! Love it! 😅 Thanks again for a nice Sunday afternoon, Tasso. 🥰
  3. This is getting out of hands... 🤕 The Vicoustic DC-2 were so effectively to a point it is ineffectively mitigated me from further purchasing another box in hope of further SQ improvement!! 🤒
  4. Borrowing this record “live in Gothenburg” from a mate. sounds very nice!
  5. Pretty certain that via Ethernet port through Roon management server will provide further SQ improvement as oppose to SSD SATA to USB converter through the USB port input. Happy to lend you the Roon server with Jcat Network Femto card inbuilt at next opportunity/conveniences.
  6. I had the opportunity to audition this unit at Tasso's yesterday and quiet impressed with the SQ. Those of you have owned or had auditioned the Esoteric flagship will understand its inhouse sound signature. They are highly resolute with great clarity to the sound. Most of all, the timing and speed to bass delivery is simply spot on. Well.., at least to my personal opinion/hearing. The unit looks and feels like a high end audio component. I like my audio component(s) to be weighty as in my engineering practice it plays critical role in minimise mechanic vibrations that could p
  7. @Rockford - I have always been pondering what will compliment well with Abalone. 😋😋
  8. Thanks @frednork. I listened to your advice, 9 panels in front wall (behind the speakers). 8 panels went up to the ceiling. Fortunately, sounds amazingly better than it looks. If you are ever in this little town, pls drop by for a drink or two.
  9. You will be my VIP if you can make! VIP will deserve better than those grape juices!
  10. No black. I think Grey could have been a better choice but hey..., I could always acrylic paint to the existing wood texture. Its sound image like never heard before here in my setup... my weakness had always been with horns speakers..., the kinda sound signature that is so open and holographic with pinpoint focus/clarity and does not compromise naturalness/organic. Interestingly, people think magico are clean and sterol sounding...., I dare to put on a bet if you pick that false perception here in my setup!
  11. Finally done with the diffusers. Missus did not like the way it looks. She thinks they don't blend in well with the room. Apart from that, it sounds fantastic and to celebrate the milestone...., I recruited more grape juice for next gtg.....
  12. Absolutely! Enjoying the Fisell atm....!
  13. Received these today..., from a well regarded audio-buddy!
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