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  1. Arghhhhh... Can someone buy this ASAP! This temptation is killing me....
  2. Much simple from my end..., it’s just me and.......
  3. Love this one Steve! You still have 2005? 😍 can you share me a couple?
  4. Hi Steve. I have received two bottles. Haven’t yet give it a try... Looking toward the weekend, it seems! 🥳🍷🍷
  5. Oh Man.... This would be awesome for me prior my built. 😯 Do you have any cost idea for 1000 bottles setup? My total built cost me approx $4k for material and labour. included the licensed electrician for wiring the Split AC 2.5HP to sub-board.
  6. @Mendes? 😇 let reveal your secrets!
  7. Custom built from @Mendes idea...!
  8. As promised, this is a cracker/beauty!
  9. Excuse for out of topic. Thanks Roma for your input. The quality cables are critical for SQ. More so when they are lengthy. However, when using a decent quality balanced cable(s), the losses in SQ is minimal. If anything, I personally found shorter interconnects with electronics cluttering behind the speakers and in-front of listening position had degraded the SQ and negatively clouded the sound-stage. Happy to demonstrate this to you for your own evaluation when this COVID-19 is over. 😉 As for tonight, I will crack this bottle.....
  10. Very nice Steve! Thanks for your lead.... Hope to catch up with you guys soon when this epidemic is over!
  11. Hi Justin, what I have noticed were the larger scale of the sound stage. The resolutions was incredibly obvious, and way better focus. Most of all, both micro and macro dynamics were evidently better. when this bl@@dy COVID-19 is over, I hope to have few locals to validate my observations. My next project is to address the ceiling with timber blocks diffusers.. Cheers.
  12. Absolutely! I think room treatment is often overlooked by majority.
  13. I bought approx 10 pieces of those.
  14. Don’t mind I share my COVID-19 curfew project?! I did the entire listening room by using what I have currently and timber fencing from Bunnings. This was the room before.... During Constructions.... The final finish after two days.... Thanks for looking... feel free to provide your critics...! Cheers.
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