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  1. Certainly is for me…, Mark! Going down too fast is a concern.., though. Just got in touch with one of my brokers, he will do his best getting me another 4 cases for my storage. 🥰🥳
  2. It’s midweek…. My all time favourite. Don’t have much left now… only a case and half are left after tonight. Sighhhh…! Kumpay…! 🍇
  3. Tasso, try one ethernregen between your ControlPC to N-03T. A word of caution should you do…, Be prepare to buy another switch! 😁
  4. Is there noticeable SQ differences, when you introduce that startech optical module? The lengthy yellow cable doesn’t deceive the purpose, you think? Your LPSU to powering it, is already exceeding $3.5k. My experience with that psu is, it improved SQ to whatever it is powering… I know because I help to mod it myself! 😂😅
  5. In term of cost and builds construction.., renolab is in much advantages here. However, for SQ performance, will leave it to individual discretion/perception. It is such a sensitive topic that is often bounce within self interests which can lead to none constructive arguments…
  6. I don’t really know just yet. Haven’t had time to dissect the thing for its internal organs… Typically, only two wires and my oscilloscope can help identify which is what. He was also talking of having a full size case for double switches in series with interval wirings. He doesn’t like the idea of connecting externally by ethernet cables… I also reserved one when it makes available.
  7. If he doesn’t tell you the telegraph, I can chime you in the Renolab…, which is much more affordable. 😁 My second Renolab is coming soon. Will be interesting to hook em up in series…. @frednork - I have been talking to the vendor, he said that he had gone through so many clocks during the R&D period and the one inside the renolab final design is OCXO 25Mhz. He has advised me not to waste my time and fund from upgrade to AfterDark clock, as he had tried them previously too. He stressed that a majority is too focusing into power supply and clock, however, rfi and emf are no
  8. All goods Dale. It did feel a little hostility though. Personally. I found it with a humour from watching the video. I questioned the flaw in measuring from the DAC outputs… Anyway.., let’s us move one.. My second Renolab audio Switch is coming…, so effectively now having three in my setup soon. 2 x Renolab and an Uptone EtherRegen. Will post photo on other thread.
  9. My second renolab switch is coming. This time is in black! The price has gone up abit too.
  10. Geeezzzeee… this is so hostile here… 😱 The question was genuine…, and yet so much aggressions are pumping out… No wonder it was heated with your participation’s…, don’t you guys ever question yourself why it was so much dramas…, previously?! I never said that I agree to the guy…. Gosshhhh! 😩
  11. Right Right...! I looked back on this thread prior posting and there was no evidence of this been posted within. It's a democracy World right? I am a believer in switches.., however, he has his logic that one must also respect.... No need to get frustrated, simply because your view does not share by others. Relax and settle down Snoopy!
  12. The bit about that audiophiles' silliness and it does not improve anything.
  13. I came across this YouTube. So is he right? Rather interesting though...
  14. It’s Cold and Wet here in Perth… Got myself staying warm with Shelby Lynne….
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