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  1. Bunno77

    SOLD: FS: DIY acoustic panels

    All sorted and semi setup. They're already making a difference. Thank you very much Damian
  2. Bunno77

    New dedicated HT - speaker advice

    Definitely go and see Lifestyle Store if you're near Sydney
  3. How aren't these sold? They're light years above the ls50s plus stands.
  4. Bunno77

    SOLD: EOI: Parasound JC1's & JC2

    I think Daz just wants to be one of the 'cool' kids who own Mac 😛 haha. I find they are pretty forgiving and all genres sound good. Maybe just a Mac pre Dazzler? Can you borrow one? I'd happily loan you mine if you weren't so far away.
  5. Bunno77

    SOLD: FS: Dynaudio Emit M10 pair - White

    Extreme bargain
  6. Bunno77

    System sounding crap

    Thank you. Will have to look into how to create filters with REW
  7. Bunno77

    System sounding crap

    With 1/3 smoothing. Kinda doesn't look too bad
  8. Bunno77

    System sounding crap

    Here is the waterfall but it doesn't look like any other I have ever seen
  9. Bunno77

    System sounding crap

    So here is the first measurements.... Blue is both speakers and no sub, red is with sub. Not 100% sure what tests I should be running I have watched REW vids in the past and read a little but finally using it is a learning curve
  10. Bunno77

    System sounding crap

    No I haven't moved it around much at all. I am in the early stages of playing around. When connected it helps a little where it is in pics.
  11. Bunno77

    System sounding crap

    So listening to Zhao Cong's moonlight on spring river a track I have heard on many systems and listened to 100s of times there is a section of deep bass that starts at 0:54 and it is very quiet in the seating position but only really where it should be in a few places around the room. I have found the UMIK and might start playing with it.
  12. Bunno77

    System sounding crap

    Yeah but it has been a constant and it has sounded much better before with it in the same place. I have also previously removed it and didn't make much of a difference.
  13. Hi everyone, Wasn't sure which section to post in but I guess this will be the best. I have moved to a townhouse and thought that I would set my system up taking advantage of the room layout for music rather than how the room is designed for a tv/loungeroom layout. I will post pics below. I started with the speakers placed over a metre into the room from the back wall. There was no bass in the seating position but walking around it was good so a massive suck out. I have since pushed the speakers back and gained in the bass but there seems to be missing midrange and no emotion to the music at all which is why I love my tube Mac. The system has been in a few rooms now and usually it sounds pretty good no matter where I plonk the speakers. The furniture is all the same too. In this pic is how the speakers are now. I do have a sub which is a must for me in 2 channel. The speakers are relatively wide already but they are almost equal distance from the back and side walls which is a bit of a no no. So I am going to start playing around a bit more with positioning though any advice is very welcome. I have sat in on a speaker placement seminar before and took notes. There is also Dynaudio's Youtube vid on this that I will look at too. I also bought a UMIK which I haven't used yet but should start leaning to use with REW and loading the filters into Roon. Any help with that is greatly appreciated. I guess I will use this thread to track and keep the progress updated. The only other thing I think it could be is the tubes though they still should have plenty of life but they were left in when I moved though it wasn't far or a bumpy ride, they fared well after an interstate move when left in....
  14. Bunno77

    FS:Dynaudio DM2/6

    I love these. Thankfully they're not in Bris or I'd have another pair of speakers haha