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  1. @Peter the Greek Yep, even at the white walker battle I was still into it enough. Now I don't think I'll buy the box set. Apparently the books will be finished and they won't follow the show
  2. Haha you are probably right but he does play some good and varied music in his clips
  3. Yep it's Adele Shazam is a great phone app for discovering who is playing. He does a lot of comparison videos. He's definitely OCD too and does a lot of mods etc.
  4. Thank you. I will try it. The volume knob doesn't have markings but the screen is like current Marantz AVRs so there is a digital volume level readout. Yep the Att button is a good idea.
  5. I've thought about it. Would save a lot of hassle and would always be safe too.
  6. Hi all Wondering if HT bypass could be added to my Marantz PM15S1. Is this something a tech might be able to achieve? Thank you
  7. We are working on the new 2.x standalone version for PC and Mac, that will use AU or VST plugins, but it's not ready yet and it will take time, you'll find details here: https://www.facebook.com/DiracResearch/photos/a.611847825532517/2098832546834030/?type=3&__tn__=-R Until then we might send you a download for testing the latest Dirac Live 2.2 calibration tool (that is complete) together with the 0.9.11 DiracLiveProcessor that is required for standalone use (it acts as a AU/VST host) It's an alpha version though that is limited to stereo playback and should be used at 48 KHz only so that downsampling by the player is required, the user interface might change as well. Please note that you'll need a player that supports standard AU or VST plugins like for example JRiver, Audirvana (now for Windows as well), etc. Also take into account that no support is available for this very early build, if interested nonetheless you can send a request here: http://helpdesk.dirac.se/index.php?pg=request This is what I received via messenger. The new Audirvana on pc was so painful to even try to use I didn't bother contacting Dirac to try it. I mentioned that a different format that would work with Roon would be of great benefit to me ans they actually took it on board. Good luck
  8. This bloke has a pretty interesting channel with heaps of videos. There's a few vids on the Terminator
  9. Definitely downhill after the show passed the books and what could have been the best show ever has fallen over at the last minute. Must be more concerned with the shows that will branch off GOT and the money that will come with it. I hope Mr Martin has a great holiday and maybe finishes the books in time.
  10. This says it all. A better pre/dac will only improve things again. My Halcro did fantastic with the Linn Akurate DSM and with the Plinius Tautoro though these are prob over budget. It also does well running from the few DACs that I had to it directly.
  11. It's a beast! Very dynamic and musical but I wouldn't say warm.
  12. Tried it quite a few times with DACs that were more expensive than the CXN. All sounded better. Seems like a waste to have the CXN in that scenario though
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