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  1. Bunno77

    Amp for B&W CM10's

    Anything electrocompaniet or octave
  2. Bunno77

    $10K!!!!! Speaker Cables

    yep goes a bit further than $10k $14,650 for 1.25m http://audioconnection.com.au/products/nordost-valhalla2-speaker?variant=1613657604145 $76k for 4m https://www.sydneyhificastlehill.com.au/shop/cables/audioquest-wel-signature-3-metre-factory-terminated-pair/ $24k for xlrs http://www.pymblehifi.com.au/shop/nordost-odin-analog-interconnect-xlr/ I am sure there are others
  3. Bunno77

    SOLD: FS: Bricasti M1 SE DAC

    Did this sell? Thanks
  4. Bunno77


    Unfortunately not Dave. it will usually play for about 20 seconds then skip to the next track after a decent pause. It also comes up with an error when it skips tracks but I don't remember exactly what it says. Yep you're right and probably one I should have raised with Roon a long time ago but I think that Sean might be right with the local network and having it all hardwired would be a good test. Just odd that it will be fine for an hour or 2 and then start with the issue
  5. Bunno77


    You're a guru Seano
  6. Bunno77


    Hoping you may be able to help me then. Here is my speed test and this is a little bit lower than usual. I have used Roon in 3 different homes including in Thailand where the internet is faster, more reliable and far cheaper than here and still get issues with streaming Tidal through Roon I mentioned above though I can currently have 3 separate Tidal streams running at once without any issue but one via Roon will quite often play up and I don't believe my PC is the issue This makes sense but still think surely my current net should be fast enough
  7. This isn't just a bluray player. We had one hooked to Audio Research ref6, ref250 and Sonus Faber lilliums playing cds and it wasn't out of place. This is a bargain.
  8. Addicted was correct. 230 + 10% is correct just didn't state the - 6% but undervoltage isn't the issue in this thread.
  9. Got to love domestic solar panels.
  10. Brisbane CBD and Duntech Crown Prince's in a music store in the city. One of the few speakers taller than me at 6'3
  11. Bunno77


    I have a lifetime membership. It's still good and for local files it's brilliant. I have a decent spec pc running roon core.. i7 16gb ram and ssd, decent router etc so I don't think that's the issue either. I was a little disappointed that with the multiroom devices they have to be of the same type ie naa, airplay. A bit annoying I can't use my sonos and microrendu to play the same in different zones currently but maybe in future? I really hope they get other services. Tidal's library really is lacking but at least through Roon you don't get so much hippity hop shoved down your throat.
  12. Bunno77


    I never have a problem with tidal direct even when streaming 3 different tracks on 3 devices simultaneously at hifi quality. I almost always have drop outs with roon streaming tidal no matter what it's through on an nbn 50 plan with a download averaging 40mbps
  13. Bunno77

    YouTube Spinning

    Pretty new I think On Google Play and Tidal too