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  1. @misternavi would be interesting if your power amp improves things via the preout. Could be left on and hidden and be best of both worlds?
  2. @mwhouston thank you very much. I definitely should at least buy the parts while still available. Hopefully get my F6 build finished soon
  3. Ahhh....... haha Haha sorry to nitpick and yep not worth the hassle now. Another beautiful build by yourself and I would love to build a Holton too especially now with the talk of ending DIY modules. Wasn't really amazed by their room at the show a few years back but that doesn't mean much in a tiny hotel room
  4. I like the 240v circ use to the modules A bit of heat shrink will tidy up the ends of sheath a little
  5. Pretty sure they were these so definitely not cheap but in my opinion sounded better than the top Kefs and a few others https://www.focal.com/en/custom-integration/in-wall-in-ceiling-loudspeakers/electra-1000-be-2/in-wall-speakers/electra-iw1003-be#avis
  6. Some of the best in walls I've heard were Focal hooked up to a Naim Uniti Nova
  7. Plenty of other threads on this here. Those outlets are illegal to install. Check that the intended cable is also certified for Australian use but your electrician if any good, will check both of these. An Australian 10a outlet can safely provide 2400w. P=VI Would suggest listening to powerboards first at a store or getting an in home demo. I believe in a dedicated circuit even if no audible improvement, it shouldn't ever do any harm and is relatively cheap to do especially if easy access under the house as it sounds you have and if capacity
  8. Very happy with my Linn Daz, they were ahead of the game and even the old units are regularly updated to include just about every feature found on any dac/streamer One of the best dacs available
  9. https://www.storedj.com.au/crown-xls2502-power-amplifier-2x-775w-4ohm
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