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  1. Hi all This has been a great read and has made me want to try one of these again especially now I am going mad sitting around doing bugger all. Looks like the kit is almost impossible to buy from diyaudiostore but I understand why. Would like to ask what people's thoughts are on...... 1. Trying to source parts here locally and try to build without the PCBs. The schematic is very simple and shouldn't be too hard to wire up point to point. Not worried about a chassis for now. 2. If local businesses are even operating to order from and if Aust Post will happen in a reasonable time 3. Would it even be worthwhile trying to drive my 93dB Paradigm Tributes with this amp? Most I have seen is with smaller bookshelves or horns, actives etc. With my current 75W tube amp most of my listening is at under 0.1W and even usually at 0.01W. Would I need to run monoblocks from the beginning? Ultimately want to build a Firstwatt clone but with a quick look parts seem far more difficult to order/find. Doesn't seem to be kits. This amp camp might be a better first attempt too. Anyways any replies are appreciated
  2. cant find the pic but you get the picture...
  3. Will consider swap/trades for 2 channel solid state amps, turntables, possibly speakers
  4. hard to beat and worth consideration at 2k
  5. Brilliant thank you. Some classics
  6. Have thought about making the exact same thread for a while. I'd probably have had less gear (definitely no AVRs) and it would be cheaper than my even mid-fi gear I have now.
  7. So how are you finding any differences?
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