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  1. To sub or not to sub

    Do it. Get dual subs and start playing around. Subs add far more than either low end extension or thumping bass.
  2. FS: Primare BD32 MKii Player

    Fantastic player. This should be in the audio section too. This is a great CD player and dac
  3. Ahhhhh. I drove through there today. If I'd known I would have grabbed them.
  4. Maybe not as effective as seat height but you can adjust the tilt forwards and backwards to give a similar effect.
  5. https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2017/11/02/rmaf-2017-nordost-shows-the-power-of-better-cords/ .....
  6. Sorry mate. I wasn't trying to be a teenage brat with that response either I just didn't have time to reply properly I haven't tried such devices and don't have a heap of technical knowledge though I am a sparky and a qualified structured cable technician. I just know they're out there and that some things in the audio world have surprised me when I thought bits were bits, cables are cables. Earthing/screening etc on the other hand....
  7. There are actually a few now that have audio spec clocking. No they aren't exactly an audio piece of equipment but they are modified for the audio world.
  8. Where to buy?

    Brilliant thank you both very much
  9. Anybody know where to buy a new drive belt for this TT a mate has? It's a pioneer pl-a35. I don't have a picture of the belt but it was flat and about 4mm wide. Thank you
  10. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/235669-fs-dynaudio-emit-m20-cambridge-audio-cxa-80-plus-stands-and-eti-cables/?tab=comments#comment-3787717
  11. Pretty sure sotm are making one and there is at least one available now. There's info on computeraudiophile.com about them but I can't remember the name sorry. Here's the video from rmaf Some good info from above poster
  12. Sounds pretty good. There was a rmaf video on YouTube with a bloke from audioquest. He recommended to have the network for the audio system to be separated from the rest of the networked devices (printer, TV's etc) I think he stated to use 2 separate routets/switches. There are a few audiophile spec routers coming out at the moment or soon.
  13. AVR Recommendation

    So good to hear you went with Cambridge Audio
  14. What a great system. Love this combo