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  1. Vita, Tivoli, Geneva and Ruark are pretty good. Think Lifestyle still have them on display but always worth the trip to their store https://lifestylestore.com.au/product-category/for-your-home/desktop-music-systems/desktop-radios/
  2. No doubt but many, many in the opposite and I would disregard the quoted comment
  3. Lifestyle Store, Audio Connection, Apollo Hifi, Eastwood, Pacific Hifi, Sydney Hifi I would and did avoid Len Wallis unless you are over 60 and dressed as if you have money even if you don't.
  4. Interesting. Just saying as the Concert Grand Reference RRP is around what you would expect for used The Music's and higher than Liszt. Anyway I won't deviate further as I know nothing about the reference. Sorry
  5. Have you had a chance to demo The Music or Liszt?
  6. New acquisition Nils Frahm is sounding good!
  7. Double benefit here with helping airflow The F5 throws off some heat
  8. Quickly thrown together for some testing. Pretty happy boy even considering I now have 2 silver boxes...
  9. Didn't expect it would be done so quickly but that is service! I really do appreciate it
  10. Any chance that could be spelt correctly? Behaviour*
  11. Used to be orange and stood out. Was useful as many threads when accessed via notifications would only take you to the original/first post and not the post within the thread or to the last read location
  12. I'm really liking it especially on my phone. Notifications are much easier to read. Only downside I've noticed is the latest/new activity bar is now black and not as easily found as the previous orange bar.
  13. So make a thread/s that suit your needs. Pretty simple.
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