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  1. Bunno77

    Plinius SA 103 and other SS class A

    Good and bad in all classes.
  2. Bunno77

    New Linn product finally revealed

    Will be considering this. Have started a thread for a new DAC/streamer so would be this without the amp section. Doesn't look to be full size though...
  3. So I have just updated this thread a little. Looked into the Bricasti brand more and like suggested the M1/M1SE with the ethernet function seems to be excellent and a real contender. Some even picking it over a DAVE. I have been following the Naim streamers online a little and there is some very good reports of people demoing and taking them home already in the UK. I am really looking forward to these. The Bartok is getting good reviews too obviously but will be 20k There is also the new Linn Selekt which has been added to the list. The new Katalyst DAC is meant to be very good and looks to be modular so maybe the Selekt will be easily upgrade-able in future. I like the look of the front panel but am undecided on the dial and top cover. Versatile unit though and will be high on my list
  4. Bunno77


    Missed opportunity. Would be good if it happens
  5. @Dale70 can audition this amp with kef Ref 5 at Lifestyle. Great amp
  6. Sorry for my ignorance. How much storage can this handle? Did you have roon on a usb ssd attached?
  7. Bunno77


    I love the SA 103. Haven't heard Vitus but it may be better. You can go listen to the 103 at Lifestyle Store Listening is always best
  8. Under 3k? Unless you find a give away second hand I think you need to re-evaluate. You should be looking at around 7k minimum used.
  9. Bunno77

    Multi DC Output LPS

  10. Bunno77

    Trade up or not

    Decent step up to s6s if you have a good amp
  11. Yeah an integrated amp has only 2 channels for left and right but some have a subwoofer out too via rca. If you want to keep the surrounds etc there are integrated amps that have ht bypass which means one of the inputs will be from the denon receiver and the denon will control volume but the integrated will still power the L+R. Then you would use a separate input on the integrated for your music listening.
  12. Bunno77

    Best sub to add to 2.0 HT system

    I would wait and save for a bit mate. The dyns are quality speakers and subs brand new aren't very good until around 1k It's worth saving for. The Rel, SVS and Paradigm here are a good match https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/products/for-your-home/subwoofers/subwoofers.html?p=2
  13. Bunno77

    RCA Cable Differences

    Plenty of reading on here and other places about this already and a lot of debate to be had. There's a difference. Big difference between $30 and below and $100 and above. There's still difference after that but more of a flavour type thing and getting the last little bit of sq or not loosing the last little bit whichever way you want to look at it. I have 3m sub cables and 3m rca. Can't tell any difference at all.