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  1. I actually went to see a band that were supporting Birds of Tokyo a long time ago and was kinda annoyed I had to pay for Birds of Tokyo too. I knew of Birds but seeing them live really won me over. Their Broken Strings album is amazing
  2. If they are like the Sonus Faber grills they will stretch and look bad over time
  3. https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/22/21076653/microsoft-windows-7-extended-security-updates-german-government-cost-price?fbclid=IwAR2Ki_GbhKtgnI_KTJB2_tXj5T9ezi2oJwGnKtBoCZnzMLR5jMOsnc7rbJI
  4. Very slight/irrelevant difference between Roon via Chromecast and via USB on the CXN V2
  5. @stereo coffee Thanks Chris that is some great info. Yeha have found those mouse options but ca't find a way to scroll faster (more than 1 line) Will look into the sound stuff. Found a bit of that and had a time trying to get audio out via HDMI which I did get sorted eventually. Will keep playing and look at what you suggested Thank you
  6. Yeah I assume the same too. Roon support looked at logs etc and offered no solution. Waiting to hear back from DAC manufacturer Regardless very happy with Linux as the OS for the old laptop. Don't think I could do without Windows though
  7. I put Linux Mint on an older i7 Windows 7 laptop due to the ending of support for W7 The laptop is now very snappy and what I remember it to be. Very good for general web browsing. Have a had a few issues though and fixed most. Still can't find anything to adjust the mouse scroll wheel. Also using it as a Roon Core which was a nightmare to install until a nice member on Roon forums helped out and it was then done in seconds. The only issue remaining with Roon is I can't get any USB output to a DAC within Roon (Roon knows it's there) but normal audio via web browser etc works fine. Roon have looked into it and have suggested for me to try Ubuntu instead. Has anyone else had issues with Roon and Mint?
  8. They were decent in this setup but the CD player maybe didn't fit? Didn't really amaze me though and crossed them off my list. Not a big difference from the Ones
  9. Bunno77

    Dakar 2020

    Very sad news Toby Price finished a long way down the order in stage 7 of the Dakar Rally today. He lost over an hour between check points 4 and 5. He lost this time due to helping Paulo Gonçalves, who sadly passed away. Toby will get his lost time back and once again proves to the world that he is a bloody good bloke.
  10. I didn't realise before that the back was raised. I thought they were just outriggers and not full on legs. Now with that and the side firing driver covers I don't like them at all from the side. I still think they look nice from the front. 100% with you regarding aesthetics being important and agree a fair amount of new gear is hideous especially Focal but then I think a lot of old stuff is even worse.
  11. This belong in the joke of the day thread
  12. To each their own. I can't stand the Vivid Gaias to look at but oh lordy I want them I'm not a fan of the grills for side firing drivers. There's a few speakers like this that do this too like SVS and Audio Physic but overall I still think the new Elacs look good. Nice to see the Jet Tweeter mounted coaxial/concentric in a cheaper speaker. Thought it might be limited to the Concentro.
  13. @Hydrology worse than these 2?
  14. These look very good and guessing they will sound incredible https://www.monoandstereo.com/2020/01/new-elac-concentro-s-507-speakers.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
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