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  1. Bunno77

    Power activated A/B switch

    Most use ht bypass I believe. I used to swap speaker cables but now I use little Panasonic satellites for the avr l+r and it works good enough with a decent centre. I do this as I don't own anything with ht bypass.
  2. Just found this now https://www.monoandstereo.com/2019/03/exclusive-interview-with-nelson-pass.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook The first watt is the most important watt? I think the saying was “Who wants an amplifier that is good at 1000 watts if it sounds like crap at 1 watt?” I believe that one of the important characteristics of a good sounding amplifier is that the distortion decreases with decreasing output, that is to say monotonic. This is also a characteristic of Class A amplifiers. Also, people don't usually realize how little power they are often listening to. I keep an oscilloscope handy on my system, and I have fun showing people how loud things can be at 1 watt. I don't usually need high power for good sound. Is the Class A the Holy Grail? Good Sound is the Holy Grail. Class A makes it easier to achieve. What about AB Class? Not as easy for good sound, but practical.
  3. I would if i knew where to haha
  4. If this is still available may I please buy it? I am in Bris and can pick up
  5. Bunno77

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    Wow I didn't know it was built in. Thanks
  6. Bunno77

    Cambridge Audio CXN V2

    You have a Chromecast connected to your CXN? Does Roon see the CXN via Airplay? I'd be more worried about introduced noise than bitrates and formats.
  7. There are smart phone apps that aren't completely accurate but close enough for a simple dB reading. They're free, quick and easy
  8. That's a bit cruel. I am hovering around 80db right now listening to the new Nils Frahm album
  9. 80db is pretty loud for most listening. My Mc for most normal listening runs between 0.075 and 0.75 watts, it's amazing how much it does in that range. Moon make great gear and I am sure it will sound brilliant. Always best to demo if you can.
  10. Bunno77

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    How cool is that? We all hear differently. Glad you found what you like
  11. Bunno77

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    Cambridge Audio, Marantz, Primare, Rega Throwing them in a rack beside Plinius, McIntosh, Audio Research etc showed a lot. A cheaper Plinius integrated floored the Vincent pre and monos. I was lucky to have worked in the industry, had great rooms and could compare stuff. I learnt a lot. Just try demo as much as you can and switch between items. Vincent isn't bad or offensive either. Most stuff sounds pretty good really. I just think there is better for the money.
  12. Bunno77

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    I found when set up well in fantastic rooms it showed just how poorly they competed with other brands at the same price or cheaper. More expensive was chalk and cheese
  13. Bunno77

    Opinions on Vincent pre/power amps

    Agreed. One of the more disappointing brands I've heard.
  14. Interesting. So what are the 3 best OTL tube amps you've heard?