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  1. If Deezer does Chromecast.... Chromecast sounds the same as Roon but you can use the native app which I think is better than Roon
  2. Newer Yamaha, denon, marantz I don't believe will improve the sound at all. Most likely the opposite. Maybe if you went pre/pro and external amps
  3. Is that what you're looking for? Just atmos? All the streaming etc can be added with a $50 chromecast
  4. Most newer models have added features like atmos, room eq, formats, streaming, 4k, hdcp 2.2 etc at the expense of sound quality. Depends what you want to do. If you want atmos you have to get newer. If you want streaming etc I don't see much point when you can buy a chromecast and add the functionality to existing AVRs. There are brands like Rotel that have all the features and sound great but they are expensive. I don't see much point adding an integrated amp in ht bypass unless you are looking to improve music performance. Always best to head to some stores and have a listen etc
  5. I don't think they newer receivers sound as good as those like yours. Mates old pioneer is excellent with his monitor 11s They have new features though like atmos
  6. Always best to try demo with the speakers you like. Stores are usually pretty accommodating if they stock what you are looking for
  7. Was nice to meet you all those years ago. Wish I got to hear the Kaiser's. Room still looks fantastic The McIntosh is still going strong
  8. Depends if you want to be done forever or upgrade later. They do very respectably with some serious speakers but the amp section does let it down a little and the speakers don't always quite meet their potential. Some buy better speakers and add a Naim integrated/power amp later. If just want a simple system with just the Atom I would look at some easyish to drive bookshelves and maybe add a sub later. Bookshelves sound fantastic and a sub isn't only for adding low end extension and bass boom. As always try to demo and find a combo you like but try to use a higher power/ higher end amp on the speakers to see if they have more to give than the Atom can give. I should add. My experience shows that I prefer a bookshelf or lower end tower speaker performing at it's potential than a tower or higher end bookshelf that is being choked.
  9. Yeah it isn't the end of the world but I don't think anyone would say that it isn't a feature that would be appreciated and useful. Having used Sonos, Linn and even multi zone from an AVR it is very handy to be able to group all or run individually. Like @todagt said it can be done manually so surely it could be worked in somehow. Definitely agree that other streaming services would be a great addition. Sonos really are great with this and I think they have all of them but maybe they have exclusive rights to do so? Anyways I think adding more features and services will only help Roon's longevity when the competition becomes better and larger. I enjoy using Bubbleupnp too and it keeps getting better.
  10. Some really good stuff in this one. Thank you
  11. Thanks mate. I like both. Really like both your Aussie and Americana lists too. I used to spend a bit of time in Pottsville when I lived in Bruns. So much good music all around that area
  12. It ties them all together if you use all of the one type of device.... This is probably my biggest issue and one I hope they can fix. You can't group Sonos, microrendu and Linn together. You have to be in the 1 networking system across all endpoints.
  13. A new playlist from dCS today. https://tidal.com/playlist/8a83d62c-ec5a-4625-a918-20b5b15328cc
  14. Will check them out today thank you. Unfortunately I don't seem to go see much live music anymore but I should make more of an effort.
  15. @keyse1 @crtexcnndrm99brilliant, thank you. Will check them out
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