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  1. A friend loaned this, I have heard a lot worse than this little thing. 8w with Krix Equinox is getting about 80dB and still sounds great Will have to try with my more efficient floorstanders soon. These really should be available all the time. More people need these and need to realise what is important in hifi
  2. Maybe I should have said 'some' but I see it pretty regularly on FB people wanting a DAC that supports it
  3. I think most stuff I have seen from Jadis has been quite nice to look at but their speakers belong here
  4. Seems a lot of people are making their DAC purchases based on the ability to fully unfold MQA
  5. Really enjoying not having to sift through mountains of hippity hop and rap suggestions like in tidal Also seems to be a few Hifi manufacturers playlists like McInotsh, Classe, Cyrus and Chord
  6. Thanks @Festooned they definitely are a big improvement on the older tweeters and are a fantastic tweeter in general. @zippi not sure. These are pretty affordable speakers and a quick search shows some of the ring radiators are pretty reasonably priced. I had a few pretty average demos of Krix a while back but these have changed my mind completely. Happy to ship these interstate.
  7. Can't stand the older Cyrus gear but I don't mind that. This from them is awful though
  8. Started the trial this afternoon. Really liking it natively via my Linn. The first 24/192 album I found is the Supremes - Where did our love go Didn't expect much from this classic as a few other oldies sounded poor but this is quite good.
  9. Thanks to this thread I am now trialing Qobuz. I didn't know it was available here yet. My Linn streamer has had Qobuz natively supported for a very long time in their software so trying it now. Will try through Roon later. Nils Frahm All Melody in 24/96 is sounding very nice
  10. Thanks to the recent classified ad from @craig10 I finally tried using my iFi 5 volt PSU on a Chromecast Audio. I did very dodgily rig it up with an old USB micro cable as shown here but I found the correct adapters from Altronics today and have it all sorted. I might look at the ethernet adapter like shown in the ad in time but the PSU has helped things quite a bit already. I would definitely recommend anyone with a CCA to give it a go. The PSUs are cheap and the adapter is too. https://www.altronics.com.au/p/p0641-dc-power-2.1mm-socket-to-micro-usb-a-plug-adaptor/
  11. Does this count as DIY?? Luckily found the correct connector today from Altronics for the Chromecast Audio fed from Ifi PSU
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