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  1. @AR9 Thanks mate. Thinking I'll just wait for a reasonably priced RPM to come up and hope I'm fast enough. Also considering swapping my iso transformer if someone does have a suitable TT they're considering moving on and they want to try an iso.
  2. Audio advice doesn't get any better than this Something like these Concept 20 if considering Q acoustics are far better than the 30xx series. Easy to find Dynaudio Emit 10s or the older DM 2/6 here well under 1000 as are some other great speakers. Krix Equinox are also worth considering though these do really benefit from a sub (not essential but worth it)
  3. Have been impressed with the Yammy CD players but never heard one as a DAC. Decent improvement over Bluesound? Is it all a pain with switching or have a universal remote?
  4. Nice. Are you running the Bluesound into the Yamaha?
  5. Pretty safe to say it's not acoustics or amp now then. Still strange that you liked the sound after the repair.
  6. If you walk around the room is there strong bass somewhere? In a corner maybe? More bass than in the seat?
  7. Would be interesting. I used your VSI75 on my Paradigm Tributes with KT 120s. Also have a 75w McIntosh tube and 25w First Watt solid state. Very surprised by the First Watt and think you will be fine with the Weston. It has 18w yeah?
  8. @Grennesa very nice that the DAC has HT bypass.
  9. Very nice, Would be some of the best sounding R series ever. What is the rest of the chain? DAC direct?
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/644170693119417/?surface=product_details Seems a very good deal. Speakers alone retailed for $1600 USD. Looks like a hybrid of the Monitor and Studio series
  11. These really are impressive things and the ARC works brilliantly. Heard a single PW amp on Paradigm Prestige 95F which are $6,500 floor-standers and it was great sound for any amp let alone a jack of all trades in with a miniature size
  12. true but would be the same issue with original speakers if the DAC were the issue with new speakers
  13. Don't give up on them yet if they were to your liking in store. Looks like it can only be electronics/amp or room acoustics. Is it only lacking bass at the seating position? If you walk around the room are there positions that sound good? Maybe a corner behind the speakers? If it is a bit lacking everywhere my guess is the amp but that is easy fixed too. Moon gear sells easily here and higher current/power amps don't have to be expensive that will drive your new speakers better. I would be working with the repairer and seeing what you can make happen. What was the gear used in store?
  14. Naim has always impressed me. Good to hear, thanks It is a decent step up to the 555 too
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