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  1. Bunno77

    "Designed and Engineered"

    Yep. I definitely respect how their leaders have the big ten year meetings to plan the future of the country. Not without fault though to their own people. It's a shame we are their *****. Our pollies are an embarrassment.
  2. Bunno77

    "Designed and Engineered"

    Yeah but when rents are higher than in Australia (incredible). Wages are much the same. Then I'd imagine any industries manufacturing there would be similar. There for better production and skilled labour. Pretty sure most audio companies have someone to oversee production there similar to this guy even if they are part time.
  3. Bunno77

    "Designed and Engineered"

    Kinda interesting video. An Aussie owns the business. From 3:38 shows some changes happening over there....
  4. They sound better in black Daz
  5. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hallett-cove/speakers/duntech-marquis-speakers/1200147013
  6. Bunno77

    Denon AVC x8500H or 6500 H

    Anthem, Cambridge Audio or Rotel
  7. Bunno77

    LR speakers amped by a HT AVR?

    Yeah I'd hoped otherwise. I have a previous flagship denon receiver. It is smashed by even cheap dedicated stereo gear.
  8. Bunno77

    Best Amp for PMC speakers

    OK but the big wigs have Plinius at home
  9. Bunno77

    What did you pass your test in/on?

    Got my Ls in similar to this at 17. Not a bad first car really '89 Nissan Pulsar. After growing up on farms and having paddock bashers and racing motorbikes from age 4 it was a good thing I had a FWD car. This is a pic of my actual bike a '98 Yamaha WR400F. Did my test at 20 I think. Ridiculous 2 day course where on the first day you had to be full clothed including helmet etc (in summer) and push each other around an obstacle course in a carpark. The second day you were allowed to start the bike.
  10. Yeah I guess I was just hoping. Very understandable though I think a lot of things cover inputs, formats, streaming options enough for me now but yeah the modular design is a great idea. Anyways I'm sure these are still a great buy and looking forward to seeing them myself.
  11. I was hoping it to be hitting far above it's weight especially that they're a bit more expensive for the brand and I think Cambridge offer great value. By the sounds it's just what you'd expect. £1K PRE, 1K DAC, 1K Streamer. Nothing special. Just a nicer box.
  12. Linn Majik/Akurate DSM . Moon 390P. Primare SP33?
  13. There was this recently on fb. There's plenty of comments too with the link below. I think you're miles out with Emotiva. It would be like putting bicycle tyres on a Ferrari https://m.facebook.com/groups/137533209626187?view=permalink&id=2077393572306798