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  1. Such a great amp. I loved it with many speakers but especially Martin Logan Ethos and Theos
  2. Anthem 1st if it has all the features you want. Marantz for features and ok-ish sound Forget the other 2
  3. Sorry to hear. Yeah they are usually. I was snubbed at the Linn store. If you haven't already there is also Fortune Town especially and Amarin Plaza that have some great stores. A few Piyanas stores, TS Audio make fantastic and cheap hand built valve gear and speakers.I was pretty impressed with their gear even around the $400 AUD new. https://www.facebook.com/TS.AUDIO/?eid=ARA-aqRz60dqH160bwE8dM7RLDnXeCRPk_NUAWqjWRhLaxc0e1llTEaBQg7f6x1HyAo0edJ_yFXdoomX There is also Grand AV that have some very high end https://www.facebook.com/Grand-Audio-Visual-GAV-573318856123997/?eid=ARC04QfVfyyQVxmo6_P8VOdU1EED5SxCRkgbsvccb5OqfI7kAy78xHscxJbW4n497VzzfbHV1C4qZS1P Mungkong have a forum with used gear and a store in Amarin from memory https://www.facebook.com/munkonggadget1/?eid=ARAYOUzTSysd6heMTqujOBIaqceP3KZptgrGxZoa9H98iHPfftl2BqwRQpJI8O7bRAZ6hn6W6SN9TaIp https://www.facebook.com/kshomeplus/?eid=ARBQp0fdOGIKFpFxsMclObXGTjnjIQweno_aVqctMGt2ZdVUjjwK_lWnx4SPYetcI9WuOGw5vzO4_5rN Facebook marketplace is good for used gear. I believe the Bangkok HiFi show is coming up soon too that is well worth a look. They had some other locally made gear that was great on display when I went. Saw some vintage gear at night markets from time to time but it was a fair way out and pretty expensive
  4. Not my experience in there at all. I could barely leave they were so excited to show me everything. Like many stores in Thailand it leaves Australian stores for dead.
  5. Haha yep anything 2 channel is better than the common avr brands
  6. I used to sell Rega Brios. I'd buy Cyrus but many others too. Always best to listen for yourself
  7. That would be a nightmare. I think based on individual cost of each component. My gear is not expensive compared to most but 3 are over the 10k limit most insurers I spoke with stated
  8. Was there limits? Did you have to specify items? From the insurers I have spoken to I have a few things that aren't covered by any standard policy. I am guessing this will apply to many here
  9. After the horrible thread here today of a member's house being burgled it might be good to share some experiences with insurance of our gear. I looked into contents insurance as a renter and it was quite expensive with the few companies I tried. Please share if you know any good companies either with price, or good claim experiences or anything else. Thank you
  10. Yeah definitely and like I said hope for the best.
  11. Hope for the best but I wouldn't put any faith in police doing anything. When my motorbike was stolen from Wentworth Point in an underground carpark they didn't even come to collect the footage. Had the thieves on 6 different cameras from multiple buildings and Olympic Park road cams. Unfortunately my area came under the wrong side of Parra rd being Auburn so they obviously had other priorities.
  12. Just hifi room targeted? Who have you had over? Did you try sell something or the like?
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