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  1. Looks great and excellent price. Jon is a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended seller!
  2. The 740A is a great amp. Loads of power for the money. If you’ve got any interest in selling the Chromcast Audio separately, I could be interested in this. GLWTS!
  3. Barry is an excellent seller, who is great to deal with and keeps his gear in absolutely pristine condition. I would recommend him 100%. Buy with confidence.
  4. If you use a set of RCA cables to jumper between the pre-amp out and normal in RCA sockets, you may find that it works. These normally have a solid jumper between then but it has been removed. I have added a pic of my old one with the jumpers in place. Any RCA cable will work though.
  5. Further information: The Audio-GD DACs are regarded as punching far above their price would suggest. This DAC has USB, Coax and Optical inputs and uses 2x Wolfson WM8741 chips. Its a ripper of a DAC at a bargain price. I used this some time ago, and then packed it away when I changed directions, and only just found it again. The unit is immaculate and in the original box. From the Audio GD website: http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/dac/NFB21/NFB2.1EN.htm Fully discrete analog stages without any OPA and couple caps in the signal channels. Non- feedback ACSS anal
  6. Further information: Excellent budget turntable. These sold for $500 new, with the cover being an extra $150. Fitted with an Ortofon 2M red cartridge. This cartridge is working perfectly, but is probably at least 50% of the way thru it’s life and will need to be replaced eventually. Comes with wall wart power supply and original basic RCA cables, and upgrade cork mat. Turntable has been sitting in storage for several years. I had planned to use this for a second system, but life had other ideas. I just set it up and tested it and it works perfectly, an
  7. I reckon they might be a pair that I owned years ago and sold to a buyer on here. They are a really top notch speaker and a bargain for that price with the stands. I’m more than a bit tempted myself.
  8. Sold pending payment. Will update when sale completed. Thanks for all the kind words and interest.
  9. Further information: Naim external power supply for Naim equipment. Designed to pair with CD5x (also for sale - see separate ad) or NAC122X/112X preamp, Naim stageline, etc. Good condition. Recommend to pair this with the CD5x also for sale If you are interested in both, please let me know and I am sure we can work out a deal. Last image shows CD5x and Flatcap 2x stacked. Also getting ready to sell a NAC202 Preamp, TeddyCap Plus, NAP250 Power amp, and a Stageline N (MM phono stage). I probably wont advertise these just yet, but again, if interested, le
  10. Further information: Naim described this as their "premium entry level" CD player. Anyone that knows Naim, knows that their idea of entry level is still very serious gear. I bought this second hand, and have used it very sparingly since. I am also selling a Flatcap 2X which I used with this. I STRONGLY recommend getting both, as the improvement in the performance with a fully external power supply is significant. If you are interested in both, please let me know and I am sure we can work out a deal. Last image shows CD5x and Flatcap 2x stacked. Also getting ready
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