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  1. Thanks for the confirmation that it isn't a repeat of the issues earlier this month. It might have been nbn as it seems to have come good. No more dropouts or buffering issues the last 15 minutes.
  2. Tidal not good tonight again.... Anyone else have trouble?
  3. I fully appreciate the need for SNA to have ads and welcome them if it means that the site can continue providing the service that it does. The problem I am having is scrolling through threads with my Samsung S9 has been a very very laggy experience. It occurs with both Chrome and Firefox but only when this particular ad comes up on the rotation. I am wondering whether it is just me? I'm using a Samsung S9. Is there any graphics acceleration I can utilise to improve things? There appears to be a high frame rate animation of the 'smokey thoughts' animation around the du
  4. This is a great dac and has been at the centre of good digital sounds out of @amdan's impressive system for a long time in my opinion.
  5. If so, I'll grab the Ayon. Edit.... because I've already got a Wand arm and I can vouch for their quality and sound.
  6. Looking great Unc. Slabs look great. I was thinking of trying ceiling absorbers in a white on white scenario. How are yours made and suspended?
  7. I need just a wheel if you have anything left over. Cheers
  8. Keep bombing away. That's what the thread's for! !
  9. Yes, the Holo is very clear and everything seperates extremely well. I'm driving it with I2S out of the SU1 which beats the other ways of driving it. The Ayon has dynamics that are extremely wide and has a super fast response time. Lots and lots and lots of bass which isn't articulated quite as well as the Holo. The Ayon mids are punchy enough to impress through the punchy Duntechs. The Ayon has a wide and believable sound stage and makes most recordings sound beautiful. This is all in the context of the ME1400 duntechs, of course. The Ayon doesn't have the best Usb input so sounds best
  10. Upstairs was begging for a TT. On a strict budget of 'Zero visibly-disappearing dollars', a great SNA-er @rantanlet me have a play with his old Hitachi PS48. It suited the room very well so was bought into the stable. It suits the room but didn't sound lively enough for me with the included Shelter 201 cart. A borrowed At150 Sa was tried as I had very fond memories of the 150mlx on the Lenco. It runs a bucket load lighter and doesn't track quite as well as the mlx did. Bass seemed a bit resonant too. Obviously the mounting on a sideboard wasn't ideal
  11. I could put together a series of photos that would make you guys cry... Been too busy at work to wash it the last few weeks. Greasy rear bumper, 2mm thick dust on back window from dirt roads, enough brake dust on all 4 wheels to forget whether wheels were actually silver, kids muesly bars shoved deep into the rear armrests and door pockets, 4 empty water bottles and a filing cabinet worth of receipts in front door pockets, titanium dioxide powder on steering wheel and upper door cards, fresh scuffs on front windshield and bonnet where a D. H. from work parked an unsecured load of sand o
  12. Congratulations on where you find yourself with digital sounds Clive! I'd be really keen to hear what your thoughts are on how the Sigma goes in Amp direct mode (if you can bring yourself to experiment a bit) . My old CD5s you heard at Hugh's has a 'normal' analogue preamp section and R2R dac chip plus extra valve rectifiers and 6h30 output valves. A few reviewers in Europe say that the Sabre chip and digital volume control in the Sigma isn't too far behind though so a few of us would be keen to learn how that Sigma value equation could stack up by ditching a pre in a digital only setup
  13. Agree. The devil is in the detail with such specific testing as the moose test. Considering there isnt massive amounts of drive torque applied (if at all) during a test like this, then rwd/fwd/awd questions are less relevant. Without reading all of the subtitled observations, (just looking at the body control afforded by the rebound damping after the vehicle loads up and needs to change direction) , they have nailed the damping and suspension tune for the weight bias of the vehicle. Cars like this are usually fun to drive. I reckon some of the best fun I've ever had was corkscrew r
  14. It is a difficult one but I think if you really like the car, budget a reasonable sum for stuff that might go wrong and accept it. That way, if something does go wrong, the car is good enough to make you want to fix it. If nothing goes wrong, you are ahead. Imagine being stuck with car that doesn't make you happy, and then still having to spend money on it.
  15. That looks nice. Does anyone have a spare good GL75 idler wheel? I grabbed one of the last ones that Norbert made a few years ago but I think it has developed a flat spot. Can hear it yet but I can feel it as I run it without the Platter and a light touch of my finger on its edge. I dont know why, but I don't like the idea of the Audiosilente Italian wheel with the Silicon tyre. Maybe it is time to try another deck but I just like the sound of my Lenco with the Wand Tonearm so will persist.
  16. The fact it has a metal charge pipe is a good sign that someone has wanted to repair the vehicle with longevity in mind. Hang onto those VZ's! I reckon the VZ Monaro will be worth a 2 or 3 135s in a bout 10 year's time. There might be a specialist collector into the Cross6 one tonner in a few years too. As you probably know, something like a VL Berlina Turbo can fetch 30-50 at the moment. Its nuts! I think there will be a few people interested in the M135i in a few years but like anything, low km and good original condition items will be the first to have some reason
  17. @niterida If I was buying one of these second hand, I would honestly find out as much as I could about the history of the particular vehicle. List of things that go on them that I know from first hand is: Oil Filter Housing O-Ring goes hard and leaks at top of front of engine. Rocker Cover Gasket Leak Charge Pipe breaks Accessories Drive belt idler bearing rattly. None of the above is a real deal breaker for me as Ive had a performance subaru with much higher maintenance costs and Im pretty sure most of the cars that are likely to suffer from these probl
  18. Build a third and I'll buy it from you
  19. I didn't think m135i 140 had run flats in Aus. Springs/dampers for me is not a desirable option. Potholed ADL Hills roads and the standard car's low roll stiffness suits me and my style. With my (very limited) experience as a vehicle engineer, there isn't any point for me to increasing roll stiffness (using additional rollbar k or just with additional spring/damper k) without a heavy commitment to increase front and rear camber in varying amounts to rebalance the vehicle A commitment to lots of dollars on the 'sorted UK kit has appeal though. The high cost, more track use and low tyre life...
  20. Yes. I did see that. The need for kids to be ferried around by me in a couple of years reduces to one front seat passenger so this could work!
  21. Yes. Whole kits are great but out of my pay scale. Recent economic conditions has me hanging o to the m135i for a loooong time I'm guessing so just minor tweaks would be on the cards First on my suspension list for my type of driving would be the lsd and just the rear subframe bushes. A mild engine remap is all I am planning too. It does seem like nothing would ever introduce better on-centre steering feel and weight to it without wrecking something else.
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