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  1. christosd

    Adelaide AES meetings

    Come across. There are a few snasa'ers that would offer up a place to crash and system to tune.
  2. christosd

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    Rallying of more troups.... @Willmax I have Hugh's ns1000's here at the moment and maybe if finished at Simon's, I might compare with my Duntechs for the first time. Me1400 is away getting serviced at the moment, but McCormack dna-1 is sounding very very good at the as I've sealed up my downstairs room with a stud wall and a door. Plenty of fun to be had at Simon's though so maybe we won't get a chance to come next door but it would be good to catch up again since the Kyron demo.
  3. christosd

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    I spent quite some time with slightly bigger CP Dunnies in what was 'recommended' spacing off side and front wall. It wasn't until I threw all of that stuff out the window and I used measurements below 200 Hz and my ears for everything else that I really got somewhere. One rule you must follow with mine is that the listening distance must be 3.5m. I currently run mine in an unorthodox setup where they are quite close to the corners of the room but it sounds best that way to me.
  4. christosd

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    I really enjoy listening to others' Hifi journey whilst mine languishes in the midst of ME servicing and renovations. I'll have to find the time to pop in sometime soon. There are situations where a smallish room can work with particular speakers so I hope it comes together well for you. I have just closed off my room to an adjoining staircase by putting in a small stud wall and a glass door and it has been one of the best upgrades to my mid range I've had in ages!
  5. christosd

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    Congrats. What amp are you going yo drive them with?
  6. christosd

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    @mattjtaylor2809 @Tony M @Grizzly @Ooogh @amdan @andythiing @peterpan @SETfan @Benje
  7. christosd

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    Its a dangerous trek. Spring time means snakes!
  8. christosd

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    I'll wander across!
  9. christosd

    Happy fathers day

    What.... No Snarky Puppy on vinyl for fathers day present?
  10. christosd

    Yamaha B-1 Vfet monster, restoration

    An ex colleague of mine started his own alternative to Australia post called Sendle. He is gradually disrupting the industry and will be interesting to see how it goes.
  11. christosd

    BMW M135i

    My key fob battery just went a few weeks ago and the jaycar replacement only lasted a week. I thought it was just a dodgy battery so got another one, then that one is starting to go.....hmmm...i have had to put up with my wife's fob, and all of her vehicle settings and presets that go with it! Ah, the wonders of modern technology. I'm glad you have dodged another bullet @agelessgoodguy. @:) al, your car cleaning ritual makes me feel guilty. The best I have managed is to base a whole renovation around a new carport for the baby... Including matching cladding
  12. christosd

    What is the ME secret sauce?

    I wish. Can anyone actually help with a recommendation for someone who can service my 1400 and do the latest 25 mod in a turnaround time of less that multiple months? I am also interested in the Art Vandelay mods if OK'd by those who police such things :).
  13. christosd

    Yamaha B-1 Vfet monster, restoration

    Thanks for sharing. I was very happy for the owner when I read that all 500 vfets are ok.
  14. christosd

    Audio myths and misconceptions

    Hey neighbour, that lamp was from my shed and the lemons from my tree.... I want 50% of the profits.