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  1. I wouldnt have thought there were that many Slowdive fans on SNA. We should start an anti Dire Straits Thread.
  2. Great review. I've sat in on the comparison with @amdan at his place and have a very similar observation regarding the LM32 particularly wrt to its stage depth and its tonal characteristics (using his RCA valves installed) . In fact I independently agree with his observations of the other dacs too (which is rare as I usually like to argue about stuff, just for fun! To back it up a little, I borrowed the LM32 and had it for a couple of weeks in my main system (sms-200 usb - LM32 dac - ME25 - ME1400 - Duntech Crown Princes It has a nice-and-wide sound stage as the first obvious
  3. Item: ME 25 pre Price Range: market price etc Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Larger PS preferred. Remote is a must. I already have one and am lazy enough to stick with what I know for my second system. Anyone in ADL want to offload a different pre with included (MM) phono ? I could be interested in anything on a try-before-I-buy basis! I could provide a level of hospitality commensurate with the value of the pre brought into my home! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. More dramas to report. That knocking from front right I posted a while ago was corrected at no cost to me outside warranty period by a tie rod end swap about a year ago. Thanks BMW! Since then however, it has come back with a vengeance. Actually my wife can't hear it so I must be picky. The slightly vague on centre feel it has developed was an issue for me as well. Anyway, it turns out to be an issue with the steering rack... a common problem with some of the early cars. Parts cost is over $5k! I've only done 75,000km so argued with them. A fairly quiet affair in the middle of the
  5. Jim O'Rourke Eureka. Ear candy. This album has it all. After listening to a flac version for the last 10 years I finally got around to buying the LP today. Some albums are just made to be played loudly on a Lenco and a big pair of Duntechs... This is one of them. Sheets all over the digital version I once loved. Excuse the 'out there' cover and included poster of the Bruce Lee God.
  6. I like mine enough to want another for my second system if you want to sell it.
  7. My 401cs sound very good with my Macormack DNA 1 amp. Not an expensive amp by any stretch but is capable of 40 amps of current and suits my budget available for my Gales system perfectly. I don't usually recommend gear to people who's tastes I'm not familiar with but the Bryston / Gales combo is pretty damn amazing and I think is worth spending up to. I'm suspecting that an ME 850 would be the minimum ME amp I'd even bother trying....and with the issue of low input impedance, potentially a wrong path to go down unless prepared to get the pre too.
  8. Billy Joel : We didn't start the fire. Billy Joel: 4 other songs via association with the above song. In fact, I hate anyone that likes that song.
  9. Thanks for the confirmation that it isn't a repeat of the issues earlier this month. It might have been nbn as it seems to have come good. No more dropouts or buffering issues the last 15 minutes.
  10. Tidal not good tonight again.... Anyone else have trouble?
  11. I fully appreciate the need for SNA to have ads and welcome them if it means that the site can continue providing the service that it does. The problem I am having is scrolling through threads with my Samsung S9 has been a very very laggy experience. It occurs with both Chrome and Firefox but only when this particular ad comes up on the rotation. I am wondering whether it is just me? I'm using a Samsung S9. Is there any graphics acceleration I can utilise to improve things? There appears to be a high frame rate animation of the 'smokey thoughts' animation around the du
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