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  1. Yep. As I mentioned, there hasn't been a single pre that has sounded even acceptable to my ears as the 1400/25 combo at my house for those reasons . As with most of the Adelaide Hills GTG, it started with a text, Hugh then had 20 minutes to drop everything, drive to my house to help me load the thing while I had a site meeting with a renderer. We then drove another 20 minutes, unloaded it, tried it, had a cup of coffee, and I was back at work an hour later and noone knew I had gone! No carefully planned amp GTG here people, just opportunistic Hifi fun! Convincing Hugh to ditch the beautiful AN M5 is another thing, particularly given how nice it all sounds with the borrowed Bryston. If people really want, they can convince Hugh to let me bring the 25 pre over and confirm things for other Ambience owners.
  2. The issue we had with the ME and Ambiences and M5 today was very similar to what happened when I tried pairing the Me1400 with a modwriight pre once. Rubbery bass, sound stage collapse and bizarre unnatural accentuation with upper mids. It barely lasted a song. I still love the big ME at my house driven by the ME25 into the Duntech CPs. I know from many trials that the big ME needs the right pre to work properly. The Bryston result at Ooogh''s is so far down such a nice path it seems a little silly to keep the ME-Ambience experiment going further by trying a more suitable pre and essentially starting again. The big Bryston with the Dunnies worked beautifully. That upper bass was really addictive but it's more humane presentation was actually a slight negative for me. Once the ME went back in, I had clearer outlines around each of the instruments again. My guess is that the few negative points to the Bryston could be tweaked back into positives. Maybe some judicious speaker positioning or some (gulp) different cables (pause) may have brought the ME-like stage clarity back.
  3. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Wow. You don't muck around... Every time I hit a manhole cover under acceleration and get that rubbery thump and wiggle it makes me want these. Not to mention the loss of directional stability around bumpy corners while feeding in power. These 2 mods fix my only real gripe with mine. Great stuff.
  4. christosd

    Bryston 14BST , 4BSST or other?

    I did try the M5 the same night as @Grizzly 's Weston. The M5 was warm, but not as dark as the Weston. It had a tighter bottom end than my Audio Research pre at the time. Who knows what fandagled valves you guys had in those jesus-boxes back then though so I'm not sure of the relevance to your current situation. You are definitely welcome to try the Me1400 seeing as I'm homeless at the moment.
  5. christosd

    BMW M135i

    @ELYAS. Great photos. Nice ride. Don't be so hard on the f20.... I prefer the front of the 140, but the rear of the original m135i. A friend once called my m135i a jumbo jet wheel chock!
  6. christosd

    Bryston 14BST , 4BSST or other?

    How much would I have to pay you to even try my ME1400 Hugh. 100 Amps continuous capability, more capacitance than an RS catalogue and ONLY rated at 220W at 8 Ohms. The problem is that I think your AN M5 pre might not suit its low input impedance. Technically, it should be something that you should try. At least I'd learn from the experience.
  7. christosd

    Bryston 14BST , 4BSST or other?

    I've heard this sonic match come together with these ribbons (and in fact with my Dunnies when I borrowed the same amp). I'd hate to simplify why, but the clarity and drive in the Bryston's mid bass is what helped the rest of the frequency range come alive in my room. Surely there is a 4b sst in Adelaide that can venture to @Ooogh. I suspect the 4b would also have that mid bass 'strength'(?) I must declare my conflict of interest in this conversation...
  8. christosd

    BMW M135i

    The bend is the Tailem Bend Motorsport Park. It was once the Mitsubishi Motors Testing and Proving Ground. Have a look at it now!
  9. christosd

    BMW M135i

    I also know a particularly yellow Megane RS that has raised the idea of an SNA track day too. Anyone else from ADL interested? Id love to see what the Bend is doing now since I spent 5 days a week there for a while. We made a dirt track there that was a hoot with the AWD Magna support vehicle in the wet while we waited for the main straight to dry during proto testing.
  10. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Beware. i decided to really push my luck with the fuel level one day and lost. After a day touring the organic wineries of Basket Range and watching the "km to go" go from 50, to 30, to 20, to 10, to 5, then .......nothing......in the middle of a winding adelaide hills country road. I rolled over to the side, got out of my car and while laughing at myself out aloud, a guy pokes his head over the only fence around and asks what was so funny. He happened to be repairing his petrol ride on mower at that moment and had a can of fuel in his hand! I was away in less than 2 minutes. He wouldnt take the tenner I had in my pocket but I insisted. 'Pushing my luck' was definitely my description of that day.
  11. christosd

    FS: Teac UD-501 DSD Dac 240V - ADL

    Bumpetty bump.
  12. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Great Stuff. A clever buy. @agelessgoodguy shows for how long a car like this keeps being as fun the day you get it.
  13. christosd

    Sunday 7 : Fastest cars under $70k

    These definitely come in handy. Permanently switching off the engine auto start stop function was my first step in coding which alone, made it worth the coding effort and risk.
  14. christosd

    BMW M135i

    @Tony M has a very highly specced 428 for sale that has the more powerful engine that solves that problem. He has mentioned that it feels quite responsive. I dare say a longer wheelbased and more luxurious BMW will be my next purchase.....maybe a second hand 440 will be my next one once the kids rack off. I think I will get the PS4's now. Im due for a set in a week or two.
  15. christosd


    These look more like later (improved?) version of the Crown Princes with Morel woofers and Vifa tweeters instead of Dynaudios for both. Much much nicer looking cabinets and Diffraction control too. GLWTS