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  1. Thread hijack..... Who in SA wants to see The Necks tomorrow night?
  2. I've seen a couple in gear and on road comparisons that prove what an extra 50Nm and better transmission calibration of the '40 has to offer. To be honest, if you are causing a "40 to be too tail happy, then I'd argue that isn't the fastest way to drive it,albeit more fun of course. I should state that I don't own an m140, but just an old 135......
  3. I'm not sure it is quicker than 140 on road actually.
  4. Item: RME ADI-2 DAC Location: Adelaide Price: $1250 Inc postage within Australia (Inc original box) Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: Short and spectacular foray into HeadFi had to come to an end. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal fees extra, COD. Extra Info: German designed and manufactured DAC/headamp/preamp with iem, phones, rca and balanced outputs. Analog gain step volume control suits direct-to-amp configurations. Extremely powerful parametric EQ/dsp if you want to apply headphone corrections and store multiple set-ups and assign them to different outputs. Akm 4490eq dac chip implemented with extremely low noise and great dynamics. https://www.themasterswitch.com/rme-adi-2-dac-review A gazillion other favourable reviews out there. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. I know it is a massive generalisation but I think that the 2k dac with a 3k preamp will likely never sound as good as an Ayon dac/pre anyway so an S10 at this price makes good sense.
  6. Wow. You SA guys stole my picks of Loveless, Isn't Anything and Daydream Nation. You'll have to keep me in mind if you don't like them.
  7. A group of Adelaide Hills SNA-ers @mattjtaylor2809, @Tony M, @amdan, @Grizzly, @Oooghand myself wanted to setup something similar. Because of our limited ADL market, and reluctance to put our main rigs in a bar, we decided to host something at a venue on a regular basis in line with the international Classic Album Sundays format. An album is chosen, people come, a short rant about the album and what was going on with the artist around the time it was recorded, they shut up and listen to the album while it is played front to back. International Site link https://classicalbumsundays.com/ Our Facebook page.. Please like... https://m.facebook.com/ClassicAlbumSundaysAdelaide/ We did David Bowie Heroes in September, Kate Bush the kick inside in November, now in Feb 2020, a punter's poll has chosen Pink Floyd's I Wish You Were Here. Choosing the gear for this was a challenge but after trying out lots of systems (thanks to @Tony M) we settled on a mint pair of Gales gs401Cs driven with a big bryston 14bsst. The view from Matt's VPI. Yes we do stream a selection of relevant music before the album (through an Ayon Cd5s and Ayre preamp). A better shot of the venue. It isn't the be-all and end-all in terms high end SQ, but it truly is surprising how good it sounds considering the circumstances. It fills the venue with enough spl to be uncomfortable if we wanted to push it, images surprisingly well for over 40 punters, and still has that Gales midrange speed and realism as a way of remaining faithful to the album. Oh, and the bass at the back of the room defies the laws of physics Anyway... Shameless plug for our next event in Feb. An SNA link for those without Facebook. Tickets available from... https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1362634
  8. I want to know from anyone who actually has one. It seems like a very good take on the idea of just 1 box in front of an Amp and that is exactly what I would like to have on my second system.
  9. That could definitely be the case Grant. Because of the sloped ceiling, I'm finding that there isnt much slap echo and it is a fairly diffuse reverb characteristic.
  10. Off topic but almost as much fun. Upstairs is a great place to listen. A borrowed m51 keeps things simple but the everyday listenability of these Gales really is something. Actually, it is astounding how good the Ayon cd5s CD/DAC/pre sounds when plugged in when compared with the borrowed NAD m51. I'm on the lookout for another one. Anyone have one lying around? I'd even settle for cd3s... Anything with a ladder chip and analogue pre with 6h30s. I just know it works here. If not, a Nuprime dac10 is suggested by a few. Anyone have one I can try? I'll pay shipping. If nothing comes up soon, I'll have to get a preamp and a dac and that might look wrong as it is my wife's TV room after all. Gotta love that Gale 401c design. It is their aesthetic that allowed them to even exist up here. This is what happened to the last living area. With some borrowed Omens fighting for mid range edginess stakes. The Zu's are quite responsive and really need a good set of valves and an extra 6 inches of height on mini stands. Downstairs isn't forgotten however... Still the most enjoyable place to be.
  11. I'm guessing many of the photos are full 10MB full reso photos, just to show something not requiring such high resolution imaging. @Marc, can one implement a resizing script at the point at which the photo upload occurs (similar to what good email and messaging apps have)? This might pay for itself after a while.
  12. I'm interesting in the suggestions here too. I have been bringing my Ayon Cd5s R2R DAC plus 6H30 full v alve pre. up and down the stairs between my 2 systems. I'm now after something to save my back. I'm borrowing an NAD M51 at the moment but I'm finding it only sounds good at - 20dB and above in my situation. Are the Nuprime DAC10 suggestions based on first hand experience? If so I'd be keen to hear more if you have time.
  13. Hi there and welcome to the forum. There is a fair bit of decent old tech on here too.
  14. IMO These things are very nice sounding speakers and image very well. Quite a bargain.
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