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  1. FS: AYON CD-5s

    The 5s is my favourite black box in my system. It would take alot to prise it out of my hands. Good luck with the sale.
  2. BMW M135i

    Im going to try and disconnect the centre speaker too. I have read on other forums that the phone audio isnt harmed but Ill report on it too.
  3. BMW M135i

    I just installed the front coax 2 way "Blam" speakers in the doors to replace the standard hifi full range 4" speakers. Hmmm, more extension but they are a bit zingy and the stage isn't there. I hope they play-in a bit otherwise they'll be going in the back and a mosconi/gladen upgrade will be needed. I can't spend too much, just incase the 140 comes sooner than later. How are you finding your hkaudio @fury?
  4. BMW M135i

    Looks great. Don't you love the BMW purchase VIP experience. They even did that on a second hand car I bought from them!
  5. BMW M135i

    That underbody is a great piece of engineering. Although even a Pajero had carbon Fibre tailshaft, those Aluminium suspension components are schmick.
  6. BMW M135i

    No worries. If you were local, I'd do the coding for you. I suppose I should extend the offer to any Adl SNAer with a Beemer. All this talk of M2s I was thinking I'd never be too old to mod my 135 onto sucking the doors off an M2
  7. BMW M2

    Can the touch screen still be controlled the 'proper' way?
  8. BMW M135i

    Bimmercode is an app on your iphone (or android) that works with a wifi dongle that plugs into your bmw on the OBD2 diagnostics port. It allows changes to the vehicle configuration. http://www.bimmercodeapp.com/ A list of the possible changes one can make is given in the above link. Note, the Android version is new and not as extensive as the ios version. Also, definitely buy a genuine Icar2 dongle for wifi. I bought a cheap copy from eBay that was only a generic version and it didn't work. The actual dongle I bought was https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Vgate-iCar2-ELM327-OBD2-II-WiFi-Car-Diagnostic-Scan-Tool-for-Android-IOS-PC-/253049283367?txnId=2089493934015 This one worked and the other one didn't.
  9. BMW M135i

    I'm getting very jealous of all these new purchases from you lot! It makes my m135i feel very dated now. I have to say though, I prefer the old style rear taillights on my 2014. I just coded mine to turn the stereo off when you open the door after stopping engine... No more double push required to avoid my neighbours hearing the latest War on Drugs album after a late night 'run to the shops'. Speaking of which, the thing I don't like about mine is the lack of off-axis lighting when driving in the hills at night. Aftermarket foggies perhaps? I also coded the Active Sound Design off. I turned it straight on again after my first blast in sport mode.
  10. BMW M135i

    Definitely not through the clear coat by looks of it. I played with bimmercode app now that it is out on Android. The first thing I did was set auto-stop off as default. Almost worth it for just that. I expected enhanced Bluetooth and indicator flash cycles from 3 to 5 but I couldn't find it. I've emailed Stephan so we'll see what I'm doing wrong.
  11. BMW M135i

    Parked in a 90 degree park next to a new corolla in a nice part of town with an absolute mile between cars. I came back in a couple of hours to find the tosser of the passenger must have decided to bounce their door off the side of my car... One positive though...the door skins seem pretty tough. It was hit hard enough to scuff the clear coat, but not a single ripple in door skin. Wow, very surprising. I'm interested to know how do some of the protection options help with this? Also, the only reason I'm not driving my car to the hifi show is because of truckie stone chips. Will a film help with chips without being too visible?
  12. BMW M135i

    I drive mine extremely enthusiastically. I leave it in sport mode and sometimes fly up and down Adelaide hills 6 times a day... Never hit more than 12.2l/100. Usually at 11.8. My AWD turbo Lancer never got under 16 ltr/100 for the same runs. Home-work-home for lunch-work-kiddieA pickup-home-kiddieB pickup-home-choir-home...thats why I live this thing so much...
  13. BMW M135i

    There is one review I saw that said upgrading HK is slightly more difficult but the Gladen kit with mosconi DSP - something-or-other model amp was a great combo. The focal kit is apparently good but the slim underseat woofers are almost twice the price of the Gladens. You will definitely need to kill the Active Noise design through coding using "bimmercode" app and a wifi OBD2 dongle. Otherwise apparently, you will end up with a boomy noise enhancement through your newly upgraded car hifi that is very annoying.
  14. BMW M135i

    Definitely a nice place to be. Kind of low slung like the 200sx but with comfort. After about a week I went from hating i-drive to preferring it over all other systems I have used. It's context sensitivity and voice command integration with and without my phone is superb. My absolute favourite feature is the right hand rocker that triggers a context sensitive instrument cluster scroll through phone, music or whatever is selected at the time The only thing I don't like... Is my base hifi audio... Hk is standard on 140 now (?) I'm about to bolt these cheap coaxes and I'll report on the improvement.
  15. Pulling from Sale. I have found a place for it upstairs with the Chrome Bumper Naim and Sonique 550's.