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  1. I have heard this actual set combined with those Audions in the background of one of the photos, as well as with my ME1400. 2 very different presentations, but both times sounded better than most other systems I have heard. Don't most of you Victorians spend 3.5 hours getting to work in traffic each day? For the same travel time you could pick up a set of minty ns1000s!
  2. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Actually to be honest, coding is great for getting rid of the disclaimer screen upon start up, removing the stop start so that it defaults off and best of all, getting the door handle lights to illuminate when reversing. Come on admit it, we love our cars but we need to admit that the reverse lights are too dim.
  3. christosd

    BMW M135i

    ASD active sound design works regardless of whether the stereo is on or off. It does get louder when going from comfort to sport too. I'm not sure which model you have but this is the first link I found. If you want to try not having it on you need to code it out. I used bimmercode app and a dongle that goes into the obd port. https://www.2addicts.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1225177
  4. christosd

    BMW M135i

    M135 and M140 both have augmentation of the engine noise via audio system. It is a pretty cool system where it takes the engine speed reference and synthesises noise tones that are multiples of the engine speed such that they create a 'good' engine sound. I have hacked into my vehicle computer system and altered the level of noise. It sounded fairly anaemic when turned off so I left it at the default setting (3/5...cant remember now) Im pretty sure that M2 has the ability to do this via centre screen menus etc. Because I have aftermarket front speakers, it also changed the sound, particularly in sports mode. A bit of an unexpected effect from the speaker change.
  5. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Great stuff. Has the exhaust noise level increase in comfort at all? I know you have a different engine than my m135i but I was interested in which tune and downpipe if that's OK. I have been fearful of annoying the rear seat drivers like I did when I did similar mods to my Ralliart Lancer.
  6. To avoid feeling I've missed out, I have to say the Necks are half way through a pretty special series at the Palais tonight. Tony Buck's limb independence is blowing my mind and Chris has twinkled that harmonic magic through quite a few different themes in the first set
  7. christosd

    Kia Stinger

    I had a suby boosted heavily with a big ball bearing turbo at 1.4 bar from the day it was born. 240,000km of frequent oil changes and all was fine up until I sold it. The guy that bought it just drove it heavier and harder than me and threw a rod within 2 months. My point is it isn't just the servicing of a vehicle that's important, I truly believe some mechanical sympathy when driving goes a long way.
  8. I regret selling mine. It worked well with all sorts of amps from halcro class D to ME 1400 (even though specs say it shouldn't drive the ME, it did) and sounded good. This is a great pre for the money.
  9. My 4.56 reboots ok when initiated and monitored with Android version of Chrome on my phone I haven't looked into it but I think they have used a fairly active means of controlling it through the browser meaning any form of refresh, resends instructions to the sms200. Seems clunky but maybe necessary as part of their software architecture.
  10. christosd

    Random cars of interest

    I worked on noise vibration harshness for 380. I know that car inside out and still have my s1 vrx that I grabbed on my way out. Body and paint is a bit rough from my wife driving it to her northern suburbs job and it copping car park dings from being such a wide car. But it has sat in the shed for the last 5 years waiting for my son to learn how to drive. I know others might not see it as a car of interest but I haven't found anyone (other than people who have a clear and illogical bias against mitsis) that haven't enjoyed driving them. They eat miles on interstate drives unlike any other car in its class.
  11. christosd

    Random cars of interest

    I had a soft spot for the awd when I worked there. Even in standard form they were a great thing and alot of fun was had in them during development. 'Word' had it that one of the marketing managers stockpiled almost a dozen awd prototypes in a hidden back block of the Tailem Bend proving ground for a rainy day when we could mule up newer versions or do something interesting with them.... Unfortunately, the 'drought' remained and they were discovered by the toe cutters and all crushed during the clean up there before sale of the proving ground. What MMAL achieved with little or no support from the parent company was a credit to the people there (AWD was one example). They basically engineered the aluminium crossmember from scratch in what I heard was just a matter of months.
  12. Hello, I'd like to see if I can improve the sound of Ayon Dac with a different usb to spdif converter. Things are good at the moment but you know.... Ongoing quest to improve things etc etc. I could also try my best at providing something nice to drink in exchange for a short time with the unit. Cheers, Christos. Edit. Or even a Gustard U16?
  13. christosd

    BMW M135i

    PS4 on rear now. Having them all round make the car a lot better balanced than having the stuffed PSS on the rear and the new PS4 on the front (of course) . In fact, the balance has resulted in a faster turn in too. I used to complain that the PS4 were a bit slushy compared with the original PSS but that seems to not bother me now. I suppose there is a lot to be said regarding having matching Front to Rear tyre construction types. The devil is in the detail of that tyre shoulder stiffness and tread compound characteristic. I still wish I had the coin for 19s and PS4S all round.