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  1. Surprisingly, live piano. Great overtones when LOUD!
  2. Those peaking clarinet notes take me back to my old man pulling clarinet solos of the 'tsamica' southern Greek blues in our lounge room while I'd watch as a 5 year old kid. Sitting within a metre of the outlet of its bell was an exercise in dynamic range! He is 94 now and his fingers too frail to play, unfortunately.
  3. Damn, I only got one spare for the studio monitors. Leave some for when my son pokes a hole in one with a rogue microphone stand.
  4. I'll try for more shots of the crossovers when I'm next downstairs. Fantastic input there @deepthought. The prospect of improving them sounds interesting. It is always reversible should it not sound good. BTW, any ideas on how to fix the flylead? Should I replace the whole lead with a bit of litz wire?
  5. Yes. If I knew what to do, any suggestions ? My only criticism of these is that they are very sensitive to distance to wall (which is difficult for a studio setup). They might boom certain bass frequencies if they couple with a wall too much. I'm not sure if the crossovers would help with the bass characteristics. I need a cheap gutsy amp and a good sub tuned with REW for the room and it could be an excellent budget monitoring setup. They are great for sound stage placement and detailed reverb tuning./mixing. Ive never bothered up until now as my Gales have occupied my time of late
  6. There are also benefits to not having all night recording sessions fuelled by spiced rum and multiple packets of chips left lying around! Actually, it was a very tortuous path for not much gain in terms of comfort and luckily it racked off before urinating in there.
  7. Thanks for the link @davewantsmoore. I'll probably buy a couple as spares. Patching in Midi synth emulators of pipe organs and saturated tape plugins on bass guitar tracks will likely result in further woofer failures in future!
  8. My son's Sonique 550 SE monitors he uses in the studio had an issue with a mouse. We only know because he picked a slight drop in bass in one of the channels overnight and after feeling one woofer had much lower excursions that the other, I pulled the woofer and found signs of a mouse that had entered the rear port. Maybe it thought it would find nice fuzzy wooly stuff in there, but instead found just high grade acoustic foam. It must have got P!ssed off at the prospect of a harsh edged, modernist/ minimalist home lined with slabs of spiky foam and single order crossovers, the nice
  9. I'd like to try a Lumin U1 now. That's 2 other Ayon Dac users that swear by it. Compared to my convoluted way of getting a half reasonable digital stream happening (nuc server, SMS-200, Singxer, Ayon AES input), I could just sell all that off and try the Lumin.... Or just get an Ayon S3 streamer/dac/analog pre and p!ss off one of my ME pres and repurpose my Ayon CD5s too.
  10. Possibly a completely different issue, but a common way guys get rid of the play I had in my steering rack is to tighten up a bolt on the steering rack that takes up rack play. On mine, I managed to get a new rack out of BMW because it is a common issue.that they develop a rack rattle on the right hand side. Definitely get a good 4 wheel alignment and ask to see the results. When they were having difficulty getting repeatable alignment results at my (excellent) local alignment shop, I used the data to argue with BMW something was wrong. After changing tie rod ends, they tried to take up
  11. My Charge pipe went at 60,000km. It is definitely the hatches too. It happens more if you drive them hard because it is the movement of the engine from the torque reaction that causes the retaining section of the pipe around the clip to break (plus a bit of heat too no doubt) .
  12. I have a battery powered SMS-200. I probably should spend time with a better usb streamer directly into the Ayon before I comment further. For me the AES and Coax are lineball. Ive got to also appreciate that the Stratos USB input card might be different. There was a time when Gerhard was updating them.
  13. As a fellow Ayon user, Im wondering how to best use the Ayon I2S input. Do you have an HDMI to RJ45(?) converter of some sort ? It might be back a few pages in this thread but I had a quick look and couldn't find it. Gerhard from Ayon told me once that the Ayon usb is 'not an ideal option'. I currently use an SMS-200 with an Xmos based converter to spdif. The converter also has an I2S output that does sound better with my other DAC (Holo Spring)
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