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  1. christosd

    FS: Big Star Third test pressing

    A test pressing for a band that noone actually appreciated until after it was all over. Easily my favourite early 70s song writer. If you thought that This Mortal Coil and the Jeff Buckley's version of Kangaroo is haunting....Big Star's Alex Chilton wrote it and many other songs as good. GLWTS.
  2. Pity you aren't in Adelaide. I have 10x 20ltr of a custom cinema black left over from a Palace Nova Refurbishment. If anyone wants some, PM me for an SNA special!
  3. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Youidjit insurance
  4. christosd

    BMW M135i

    HI Ross, Im not sure if I should mention this, but with Comminsure and Im paying 839 per year with a 500 dollar excess plus a 500 dollar vehicle related excess. Comes to 1000 excess for me or my wife driving.
  5. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Mine went to zero once and then I drove through the hills for another 10 or so km before running dry. It sounds like @agelessgoodguy came very very close to being as stupid as me.
  6. christosd

    BMW M135i

    I definitely ignored all the reviews when I made my assessment just into my PS4 ownership but actually agree . I need an extra few degrees of of steering wheel input to get the same turn in response but then find my self smoothly backing off said extra steering wheel angle once the car stabilises because the tyre grip well. I bet they have a cheaper to make belt arrangement right on the shoulder. Id still recommend them for 135/140. If I had the 19's, I'd try the PS4s at least once in my life Its all a bit subjective and I just love the tyrereviews.co.uk site. Its like an SNA for tyres as there are so many similarities between hifi and tyres. Some would argue the resale value of tyres isnt much worse than hifi!
  7. christosd

    BMW M135i

    First time I have driven in the rain since the new tyres. They are quite good in the wet. Once again as per dry conditions, they are a wee bit vague on turn in. Once loaded up though, they feel like they grip better that the PSS in the wet. P.S. All of the above assessments are at road legal speeds...
  8. christosd

    BMW M135i

    I'm thinking the light on-centre steering weight of m135i could benefit from the 4s. After a day in the Ps4 though, I can still feel the tyre shoulder, but it's a bit subtler than the oem PSS. It isn't bad enough to lack traceability, unlike my ralliart lancer. I tried 3 different tyres on that and none gave me enough connectedness to really enjoy how quickly it could go. It was fast, but like joining dots in the road and not continuous fun like the BMW.
  9. christosd

    BMW M135i

    It ended up being the slightest amount of movement in the right hand side sway bar link bush (cup). Ps4 aren't as direct off centre but appear to have very linear grip response that builds as you expect as they load up. I can see how they are such a good generic tyre for lots of different vehicles.
  10. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Cheers Ross. They quoted me 445 each so I need to wait for a special. I'm also looking forward to getting the front sway bar D bushes looked at as I can feel the slightest knock on one side over train lines. Only 45 000km so a few too many ADL hills potholes.
  11. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Ps4's are going on the fronts on mine tomorrow. I'm really fussy, so hopefully I won't regret it. I was going to get rears at the same time but current pricing of rears is ridiculous. What have you guys paid for a Ps4 rear set?
  12. christosd

    Digital has Killed Music both Recorded media and HI-Fi

    Who hasn't seen crates and crates of crap at vinyl market stalls.
  13. christosd

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    I spent quite some time with slightly bigger CP Dunnies in what was 'recommended' spacing off side and front wall. It wasn't until I threw all of that stuff out the window and I used measurements below 200 Hz and my ears for everything else that I really got somewhere. One rule you must follow with mine is that the listening distance must be 3.5m. I currently run mine in an unorthodox setup where they are quite close to the corners of the room but it sounds best that way to me.
  14. christosd

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    I really enjoy listening to others' Hifi journey whilst mine languishes in the midst of ME servicing and renovations. I'll have to find the time to pop in sometime soon. There are situations where a smallish room can work with particular speakers so I hope it comes together well for you. I have just closed off my room to an adjoining staircase by putting in a small stud wall and a glass door and it has been one of the best upgrades to my mid range I've had in ages!
  15. christosd

    The Duntech Speaker Thread

    Congrats. What amp are you going yo drive them with?