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  1. Thanks for those spec sheets Sub. It is great to read through the tech in those drivers. I was simarlartly surprised by their magnet and basket arrangement when I last went in to rotate the CP woofers 180 deg in their mounts. I'm not sure if was necessary but seemed like a good thing to do whilst I had the trousers down on them a few years ago.
  2. Yes, that's why I like the 1/2 mile comparison....To be honest, I'd prefer Stuttgart if I could shove a drum kit in the boot and couldnt afford Macan
  3. Yes, it isnt like me much either actually.. I havent had a speeding ticket in 10 years. The problem was I had my teenage son in the car and he said that he really like the look of the Yellow Porsche as it cruised along (before I told him it was yours). At risk of losing my son to the 'wrong part of Germany', I felt compelled to nail it in 2nd and 3rd to re-establish my lesson to him about turbo 6 torque.
  4. Yes. Definitely the right thing to do. @GregWormald. Why wouldn't you play on Shepherds Hill Road today?
  5. I have driven all sorts of turbo cars for most of my life. My Beemer does not have any lag to speak of. I think most modern, high static cylinder compression ratio / low blow cars like the 135 have the lag thing nailed. I have Instrmented my car and the dual scroll turbo pitches in with 3-4psi at 1100 rpm and only peaks at about 9psi higher up the rev range. It's like the turbo is always there so the engine can respond to the torque demand of the throttle instantly. Compare that with 0 psi at 1500rpm and 22 psi at 3500 rpm for my modified subie .. That.... Was laggy... A friends ae86 is a very nice version of atmo rear wheel drive formula though and is still the benchmark for cheap fun IMO.
  6. Where did my Lemon Emoji go?
  7. +1 Except the Merc 🍋
  8. That in-gear 'crack' of the BMW torque is what is better reflected by the 1/2 mile format in the vid. Although my 135 has 50 less advertised Nm of torque than the 140, I still love the actual on-road response in the twisties. Next time I feel like a bright Yellow Porsche snack, I should hover up the Clarendon Road one sunny afternoon although it wont be as much fun as having the top down and listening to that glorious boxer.
  9. As an owner of an ME1400, I can categorically say that you definitely should plan to run the ME pre straight up otherwise you might be disappointed with the sound. Not (just) because the ME pre is good, but because it is the easiest option for driving the 1400's low input impedance. Also, what speakers were you expecting to arc weld...... I mean power with the amp?
  10. I sat down in the crowd for the second side. Sense of Doubt / Moss Garden sounded great and was my highlight. Such a great dynamic contrast after being driven deep with the piano chords of Sense of Doubt, the pluckiness of Bowie playing the Koto on Moss Garden was surprisingly dynamic for such a big room and it surprised me when it first came in.!
  11. Replacement discs and pads all round last week. 62,000km. Bmw discs but after market ATE pads still over 2k...gulp. Brake feel and performance is same... Slightly less groan when cold but Slightly squeaky in reverse when dragging brake slowly down a hill at less than 5km/hr. I have a steep driveway that I sometimes reverse down. BMW quote was close to 3k.
  12. This amp has never sounded as good as it does with these Gales. Mccormack DNA-1. 50Amps capacity, 500w at 2 Ohms. It was an old left over from driving my duntechs before the big ME1400 displaced it. I tried an attenuated signal straight from another dac and it was the most uninvolving sound I've had. Pop the single ended 6h30 high gain pre output from the Ayon cd5s in and it instantly sounded good. Not as definitively loud and solid as the big bryston 14bsst Hugh mentioned though but does has the fullness and dynamic snap. This is my second system so a budget high current power amp was required and this is definitely one. The problem is there aren't too many around in Australia but they are a pretty affordable way to get some current into the equation.
  13. Not just easily but drove the yammies amazingly well. There was a few of us here that loved Hugh's combo of ns1000s and Audions.
  14. Not in ADL unfortunately. There were a few things I thought would work in my new Reno from them.
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