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  1. More recent than my last 'dear diary' post. I sent off my amp and pre to Ron from winovate. A few simple upgrades to the pre and a few new trannys in the 2nd module of the amp, a resetting of bias and a couple of other preventative maintenance measures and the system now surprises me with its transient response, bass level/tightness, and sound stage focus more to my expectation. It was one of the biggest improvements I'd had in a long time.. I haven't gone searching for big valves since the Me25 mod and 1400 tidy-up. Due to major Reno's, the only other thing is the implementation of a singxer SU1 usb spdif converter/clock .. Much smoother and recognisable vocals which I just put down to the fact that the usb receiver in the Ayon is not its best attribute.
  2. I was there Grant but didn't recognise you! Most of the philosophies that Jack discussed were developed by Dunlavy before Jack had even joined Duntech but it was interesting to hear that Jack implemented a much better data acquisition system just before Dunlavy left. Apparently, the ability to develop loudspeakers was greatly enhanced as a result. With the electrical/mechanical modelling and measurement tools available to speaker manufacturers these days, I wonder if it is easier to get a cheaper speaker that can reproduce a 1kHz square wave?
  3. I'm a bit confused by what you are trying to do now. This, trust me, is likely my fault I was thinking the main thing was that you were tyring to get to get Deeper to play from your Deezer account into your Ayon and out through your Hifi. In a way, Michael from Ayon is right. You just need a network player (the cheapest I can think of is the squeezebox touch given you know how to use one in your shed) . I actually have a Squeezebox Duet Receiver doing absolutely nothing if you want to borrow it while you wait for a cheap SBT to come up. Of course there are many many options, but I've gathered you want to just try before you commit. Is that right? Also, someone mentioned drivers. Don't look at this as an impediment. Most things will 'just work'. Plug a laptop in via a long USB cable, and you'll see what I mean. If you get stuck, even a generic driver called "ASIO4all" will get it running. Improvements to SQ can start from there.
  4. Welcome Bill. I was just telling s friend yesterday that we need to get our hands on a minidisc player. There is alot of old band history waiting to be exhumed and converted to hdd.
  5. This beast sounds like a roller lifter big block Hemi lifting the front wheels from 1st to 2nd gear.
  6. If you have the logitech media centre environment (meaning a server running the software) then all you have to do is bring that precious little box inside, and plug it into the Ayons spdif input. If inputs are full, there is a third party plugin called EDO (enhanced digital output) which turns the usb connector on the back of the SBT into a digital output. It just needs to be selected in the settings in the SBT menu... I'm away from home so can't detail it better than that but there should be bucket loads of info on the net. Then, I'm pretty sure if you go to the logitech media centre console (on the pc), go to advanced, then plugins, then find the deezer app under list of apps that you haven't installed yet. Once installed, your deezer account information settings can be entered in there somewhere. After a reboot or 2, you'll see the deezer app come up on third party app menu in the SBT screen. Select it and search from there. If you have an iPhone, use 'ipeng' app on your iPhone to be the remote control.
  7. I've managed to get a squeezebox touch (old tech but easy because of built in touch screen) to act as a usb source at the same time as using the tidal app running on mysqueezebox.com as an online server. No need for a server pc. With a linear supply, it sounds pretty good into my Ayon cd5s. I thought Tidal had a better range of albums than Deezer but I could be wrong.. Now though, I use a 40 dollar computer and a good quality usb interface to the Ayon so I can run Roon. I like the album blurbs and cross referencing of artists in Roon. It's funny how we are tight ar5es with digital sources when we spend mega bucks on the rest of the chain.
  8. Hi There, Good luck with your journey. I too was a long term music maker and only started Hifi a few years ago. My problem was that it coincided with not playing as much. Hopefully you can keep the music making up too. BTW I've got a pair of zu omens I'm borrowing. I can ask if he is interested in selling them if you like. I'm based in Adelaide so PM me if you are interested.
  9. I'd love to come. I took over Jack's job at a consultancy at Vipac when he first moved onto Duntech. It was from a goodbye BBQ for him that I first liked the idea of Duntechs and finally got my Crown Princes 25 years later! I just need to shift things around to get there. Edit.... I'm going if anyone else is interested in a lift from southern suburbs.
  10. There has to be some other way Grizz! I love these speakers. Listening to these with a Sony Vfet was an education in synergy even after I loved them with (of all things) his big old ME amp. GLWTS.
  11. Hi Matt. Pop over and have a look at the Panasonic fz950 oled 65 I got for 2888. Maybe a bigger screen might mean not cranking the projector as much
  12. HN just price matched to Smarte Buy 2888 pick up even though I popped a deposit down last week!
  13. This is my viewing environment. Hopefully the oled won't disappoint me too much but as i said earlier, most viewing is at night
  14. Out of stock in ADL so should be in early next week. They were going to try to get it in Saturday but I doubt it. You are always welcome for a listen anyway.
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