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  1. christosd

    BMW M135i

    PS4 on rear now. Having them all round make the car a lot better balanced than having the stuffed PSS on the rear and the new PS4 on the front (of course) . In fact, the balance has resulted in a faster turn in too. I used to complain that the PS4 were a bit slushy compared with the original PSS but that seems to not bother me now. I suppose there is a lot to be said regarding having matching Front to Rear tyre construction types. The devil is in the detail of that tyre shoulder stiffness and tread compound characteristic. I still wish I had the coin for 19s and PS4S all round.
  2. HI There, Wilco Being There, Wilco The Whole Love...and one more Ill decide in a minute
  3. christosd

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    Great stuff @Gryffles. To say an Ayon has snapped into focus over an already impressive natural-sounding Ayon starting point is encouraging.
  4. christosd

    Laptop to DAC Advice

    Hi, I'll be keen to hear your results as my Ayon cd5s is begging for a better spdif option. My battery powered SMS-200 as a usb source is good but I'm interested to hear how an XMOS spdif source goes.
  5. christosd

    Yamaha PF 800 turntable

    This tt looks great in the flesh and I am wondering if most sna-ers in Adelaide are out of internet range or something? It's like seeing a stock, unmolested nissan gtr in original condition listed on Gumtree and it hasn't sold yet.
  6. christosd

    Dynavector P-75 Mk 2 Phono Stage

    I have used the current amp "phono enhancer" mode of one of these phono stages to get great bass from a low output cart (0.1mv fidelity research mc201). A really flexible phono stage.
  7. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Cheers HNY to you too Ross. Michelin Rep stuffed up and sent 245 35 19 to my tyre guy. I knew that the 18s werent available yet... In the end im reverting back to the original plan and getting the PS4 for the rear. Should be OK by all accounts. Not due here for a couple of weeks though.
  8. christosd

    What Cartridge Re-tips have you done?

    Just got my AT33ptg ii retipped by expert stylus in the UK with their proprietary paratrace diamond. An excellent outcome in my case. 6 week total turnaround time (from the date I sent it) . The at33ptgii isn't a cart with character as such (that is why I like it). After the retip, it tracks beautifully and does everything right. Better, range, separation and clarity than I ever remember that cart ever having (and it wasn't a slouch to begin with).
  9. christosd

    BMW M135i

    Update..After running on canvas on the inside edge of my rears for the last 2 months...I have been waiting for the rears to come in as PS4S rather than just PS4. Apparently the first 6 in the country in 18's (245x35) just arrived . Not cheap but over the life of the tyre it isnt much (etc etc etc). Its bad timing though as they are doing 100 bucks cashback of 4 or more tyres but I only need 2. So now, I will be moving to PS4S's once my front PS4's wear out. Ill report on their abilities by the end of the week.
  10. christosd

    Anechoic chamber's

    Adelaide Uni Anechoic Chamber. One of the best around. The whole chamber is made of thick concrete and suspended on massive springs within another large concrete room to provide an extremely low noise floor. The fibreglass wedges were like a metre long all the way around and even under a lightweight mesh floor that you had the walk on carefully. I used to spend hours in there for research whist at the Uni and then later for testing/research as an acoustics consultant. At the beginning it was the swish of blood in my head that I used to hear. It was quite annoying after a while! Later, i used to try to shut my eyes and try to hear the location of reflective items within the room, like equipment racks or test articles by lightly tapping my foot on a notebook and try to 'hear' the location of the reflected noise. A bit hit and miss but fun all the same. Now, I reckon it would just be the strong ring of tinnitus unfortunately.
  11. christosd

    Yamaha NS1000

    "Rocking the Granny flat" is a great story on how to get these to sing. .. Single ended valves, Big SS, and the Yamaha vfet B2 were all excellent combos. I borrowed them while I moved out of my house for reno's and got them sounding pretty good with an Ayon cd5s 6h30 Pre and a big McCormick DNA-1 SS amp. If the Reno's didn't drain all of my funds (and spirit) I would have definitely bought them.
  12. christosd

    Is BMW i8 Cheating With a Loudspeaker?

    I suppose I did get off topic...i do think the exterior noise of the i8 shouldn't be made to sound like an ICE. Furthermore, if for example, it had an exterior electric whine that was annoying and reduced the amenity of the community through which it drove, I'd say we should reduce its noise. In conjunction with this, give the car, or the visonally impaired pedestrian, simple proximity detection technology to improve safety.
  13. christosd

    SOLD: FS: Yamaha B-2 Vfet amplifier, restored!

    Ns-1000 and B2 combo was just down the street from me. Definitely a great pairing in my opinion.
  14. christosd

    Is BMW i8 Cheating With a Loudspeaker?

    Tuning the sound a car makes inside has been going on since the 70s. I worked as an NVH engineer in the vehicle industry and like anything, technology that makes things cheaper to produce is utilised. In the old days, tuned Helmholtz resonators before the throttle body would get rid of nasty odd-order harmonics of firing frequency. Even head mounts/engine mounts would have squidgy, oil filled chambers to selectively remove bad sounding engine tones. These days, they will still these use to lower cabin noise, but also selectively cancel or enhance particular orders of firing frequency using real time signal processing and whatever is at their disposal... Like cabin speakers. I don't see it as cheating, but more as a technological development. Even the thunderous sound of a Cleveland v8 had an engineer behind it tuning its sound back in the 70s. However, a farting 253ci HQ Holden had an idiot behind it