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  1. captain.j

    Speakers, $13k budget

    They were certainly ok back in the day but its all Chinese made now.
  2. captain.j

    Speakers, $13k budget

    I’m a fan. Have a pair of ML1’s in my second system.
  3. captain.j

    Speakers, $13k budget

    I reckon the amp is the place to start. An NAD home theater amp is probably not the best option for the B&W’s. It turns out that over the last 7 years or so he’s popped at least three tweeters on his 805’s. The latest being just recently. This is what sparked the thoughts about new speakers. He’s now on an amp hunt. Two channel, integrated, onboard dac and digital inputs so he can still play movies and music DVD’s etc. Thanks all for the input, but it looks like the speakers are on hold. We just need to find someone in Brisbane who can fix the tweeter now.
  4. captain.j

    Speakers, $13k budget

    Thanks, good thought provoking stuff from all so far. The room is quite large, around 5x8 it’s an open plan living / dining with kitchen off to the side. However it’s an acoustic nightmare with tile and glass aplenty. The advice on component upgrade is also sound. He’s running an NAD M something multi channel amp. I think the driver behind the upgrade is simply want-itus. He’s sold some property and just can. He’s got B&W and is blindly wandering down that same path with a bulging wallet. Upgrading his amp hasn’t even crossed his mind. I’ve also suggested he look at some Aussie options, being the proud owner of a pair myself (Sonique Emcore MkII). If I had a lazy $20k I’d buy the new Duntec’s in a flash. Sigh...
  5. captain.j

    Speakers, $13k budget

    Hello and Happy New Year to you all. I have a friend (no really) who is not on this forum who currently owns a pair of B&W 805’s, fairly old but in great nick. He’s obviously had Command Approval for an upgrade and is looking at either a new pair of 804 d3’s or a new but superseded pair of 803’s, both selling for $13k. I’ve suggested he at least have a good look at what else he can buy in that price bracket and also that he might bag a bargain on here for something that originally sold for a much higher price. Either way, I said “for goodness sake, AUDITION!” Any suggestions on some nice speakers, new or second hand in that range? Cheers
  6. As the current owner of gear previously owned by rossb, I’m interested [emoji3]
  7. Hi Maxxx. Any idea how these would go in a bookshelf situation, ie close to the back wall?
  8. captain.j

    Vinyl Ripping

    Vinyl Studio. My amp has an inbuilt dac and usb output making it easy to plug it directly into my Mac.
  9. captain.j

    RIP Hugh Masekela

    Just the other day I pulled out Hope and gave it a spin for the first time in ages. Recorded live, it’s a beautifully produced record and is a really good test for any system. Sad to hear of his death.
  10. captain.j

    Rega Apheta... Bent Cantilever?

    It’s bent as a dog’s hind leg. I’d say you’re up for a new cart. Is it the Apheta 1 or 2? By the way, congrats on finding a P9. That’ll keep you happy for years.
  11. captain.j

    Rega appreciation thread (Volume two)

    Great to see the old girl has found a good home. I think you made the right decision regarding the RP8. My advice, if you find someone stupid enough to sell their P9, buy it!
  12. captain.j

    Rega appreciation thread (Volume two)

    @Magicdog, I went through 8 Mk1 Apheta’s with various issues. They really had problems with Quality Control in the early days. My Mk2 was a big step up and I’ve had no issues. In relation to the Aphelion and it’s competition, the three bolt mounting gives me the confidence to mount and successfully align the cart. Something the competition doesn’t have.
  13. captain.j

    Rega appreciation thread (Volume two)

    Has anyone here had any experience with the Aphelion yet? There are very few reviews on the net, especially recent ones.
  14. London Grammar, Hey Now rattles my windows. Even deeper than Massive Attack's Angel and that's saying something. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Love it. Cracking tune and brilliantly covered. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk