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  1. I obviously underpriced it. There’s suddenly 9 offers in my mailbox. I’ll go through them in the order they were received. Thanks for the interest.
  2. Further information: One Evo Premier in original box, C13 and Oz plug. It may have been used for a week or so. Bought locally from Audio Junction but found itself back in its box when my Ice Age cables arrived from the States. The only way I’m going to need this cable is if I buy another piece of audio kit. It seems best for domestic harmony to sell the cable and not buy something just to plug it into. Photos:
  3. Sticking with a Rega cart certainly is convenient. Not only the three bolt fitting but the entire design of the thing revolves around the Rega arm. You know it’ll work and you can fit it yourself. I once walked into a shop looking to buy a Rega cart (for my Rega TT) and was talked into something else. I got home to discover the output voltage was outside the range of my phono stage and the arm had been jacked up so high with spacers my dust cover no longer fitted. Pick another brand if you like but just be carful you research well.
  4. I agree with Betty. I “upgraded” my P9 but I sometimes wonder why I bothered. Good luck.
  5. Would you mind letting me know what you specified when you had the dedicated line put in? Was there a particular type or gauge of wire or was it just good old triple flex electrical cable? Sorry, I don’t mean to detract from the advertisement.
  6. I was having difficulty finding something suitable for my speakers so I had some made. I bought some bolts of the appropriate length and took them to an engineering shop. They chopped off the heads, turned the ends into spikes and cut another thread for the nuts. A couple of washers and some drilled out rubber bungs and hey presto, audiophile grade (sort of) spikes.
  7. Further information: Price includes postage Australia wide. A change in room layout means I don’t need this length of cable anymore. These are beautifully made, quality German cables and will come in their original box.
  8. After deciding on a non Rega cart for my Rega turntable I discovered that the increased height of the tonearm (due to spacers) meant the dust cover would no longer fit. This looks like a great solution.
  9. Interesting you use the word “upgrading”. Who said a LOMC is an upgrade? I suspect there are a number of MM carts that’ll blow whatever MC cart you have in mind out of the water. More expensive, sure. I’m no expert but I’ve been chasing my tail on sound quality long enough to know I’ve been lead on a merry dance about cart sound quality. Here’s one fact about cart output. Less output means more phono stage amplification required. More amplification at that level means more noise. You might solve one problem but you cause another. Everything in audio, and I mean EVERYTHING, is built on compromise. The best thing you can do is make sure your gear is balanced. If you’re happy (as you say) with your phono stage then keep it and choose a cart that plays within its limits. I mucked about with all sorts of carts, decks, cables, spent thousands. Then a mate came over, shifted my speakers a bit, put a cot mattress in the first reflection position and made more of an impact to the sound quality than any amount of money I’d spent to date. Just my humble opinion.
  10. Item: Perreaux VP3 Phono Location: Newcastle Price: $1400 ono Item Condition: 9.5/10 Reason for selling: Consolidation of brands/equipment Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Made in Dunedin, New Zealand. Perreaux started in Napier in 1974 and have been proudly manufacturing in NZ ever since. Making their mark in the commercial scene, Perreaux provided the amplification for many well known live acts including Men At Work. Run two carts, one MM and one MC through the independent inputs. Each is customizable for loading and sensitivity allowing you to match just about any cart you want to run. Output to your preamp via balanced or single ended connections. There are no significant marks or scratches on chassis as per the photos. The unit is in perfect working order and has never had any issues. Save yourself a grand of the new price of this award winning phono stage and make the most your analogue setup. I’ve been unable to locate the original box at time of writing, however it would be unusual for me not to have it. I’ll keep looking, but either way I’ll box up well. Freight at purchasers expense. The VP3 is a highly flexible customisable vinyl preamplifier capable of connecting both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges to your audio system, providing low distortion, high dynamic range and a sound which is open, detailed and transparent. The VP3 includes separate low noise input stages for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges with dip switches for both resistive and capacitive loading on each input allowing for a clean, direct customisable signal path from the cartridge output. The separate direct connections and switches ensure minimal noise and maximum channel separation, with the added ability of connecting two cartridges simultaneously and conveniently selecting between the two from the front panel. Four different gain settings, the ability to switch between the normal RIAA and IEC RIAA equalisation curves and the selectable Mono input ensure the highly flexible VP3 is compatible with any cartridge and audio system through the high rated balanced (XLR) and unbalanced output connections. The highest quality internal power supply features a custom designed, fully shielded toroidal transformer with shunt voltage regulation and filtering ensuring a low noise supply providing high levels of transparency, detail and dynamics. The internal layout ensures that the power supply is separated from the preamplifier stage to reduce noise while the mirrored layout of the preamplifier design about the output ensures maximum channel separation. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. As others have said, setup with the Rega cart is a no brainer. When I decided to try an Ortofon for a bit of a change I discovered the dust cover would no longer fit due to the extra height of the tonearm with shims. I didn’t see that one coming. I’m not saying you’ll have that problem, just that Rega carts are designed for Rega tables.
  12. Item: XP-15 Price Range: market Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Pass Labs have updated the XP-15 and I know you can’t possibly live with the inferior model in your system. I don’t have the funds for a 17 or 25 but I could help you on your upgrade journey by taking that old, superseded, unloved xp-15 off your hands. You’re welcome. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. Item: DV20x low output Location: Newcastle NSW Price: $300 in postage Aus wide Item Condition: good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This cart has been unused for some years so it’s time to find a new home. I’ve been told by a bloke who knows about theses things (with a microscope) that it’s got a good 500hrs of useful life left on the stylus. After that it could be used in the Dynavector trade in scheme or re-tipped. Would by good for someone wanting to move into the MC world without spending the earth. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  14. Welcome cuz. If it’s banter you’re after you’ve come to the right place. cheers
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