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  1. Further information: I have a terminal case of upgrade-itus and am going to have a go with valves for the next step on my audio journey. From the near legendary stables of Nelson Pass, I present for sale my XP-10 Line Level Preamplifier. It presents as new, is fully functional, no problems or issues have been encountered. It comes with the remote (which doubles as a lethal weapon) milled out of a solid piece of aluminum. I have the original box and can ship if needed. Specifications Overall Gain = -65 dB to +10 dB Volume Steps = 83 Remote = Yes Inputs
  2. No my tubes, but a set I have been fortunate enough to borrow for a while - the Prima Luna EVO 400. I’ve tried my solid state pre with the EVO 400 power, EVO 400 pre/power combo, and finally I’m running the EVO 400 pre with my solid state power. It’s been a fascinating experiment and I’m extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to play with such a beautiful amp. Overall, I think the tube pre with my SS power gives the best result. I’m getting beautiful midrange, forward vocals and some good slam and control in the bass department. Some typical rounding off of the hard edges and
  3. Ant Thanks for your kind words. I was going to suggest you grab your favourite record and pop on over for a beer/listen, but Apple tells me you 7hs and 2min away! If you leave now and don't muck around you'll be here by 2am.
  4. All I'd like to give the community and moderators of SNA a big shout out. I've been loitering here for some years now. I've used the classifieds to buy some amazing gear. Gear I wouldn't have been able to afford at retail. I've used the classifieds to move on some great equipment to people who either know a bargain when they see one, or couldn't have afforded the gear at the price I initially paid - but still appreciate quality. I love to see stuff used and used again rather than filling up space in storage or worse still, landfill. I've also gained invaluable advice. FREE advic
  5. The Windfeld Ti is a very low output cart. How much gain is your phono stage giving you? It might be that your woes start here.
  6. Further information: One Evo Premier in original box, C13 and Oz plug. As new condition, 1.5m. Price includes postage. Photos:
  7. Well yes. However I was endeavoring to save a bit of time here ?
  8. I was late to cable game and in particular, power cables. It was the last thing I upgraded. I replaced the standard supplied cable on my power amp with an Isotek Premier and was floored by what I heard. I went straight back to the shop a purchased several more, same day, so I’m happy to ignore the noise (pardon the pun). That was over a year ago and I’ve since picked up some Ice Age which I’m happy with but an opportunity to try a couple of others presented itself. Thanks for your suggestion.
  9. That's something I didn't think of. Keep all components on their respective cables and just swap out the power board cable. Interesting idea.
  10. Hello All I've got 4 very different power cables to test against each other. Which component is going to reveal sonic differences most effectively? Phono stage, pre or power amp? Secondly, should I conduct the test straight into the wall or through the Isotek filter? Interested in your thoughts.
  11. I don’t want to go into too much detail because it’s not my story, but a friend of mine has been waiting a very, very long time for his ME to be repaired. Certainly much longer than I would have been willing to wait or is reasonable under any circumstances.
  12. I was playing this very album just yesterday ( the half speed version) and commented that the vocals sounding veiled, or pushed back behind the music. I don’t have a comparison copy but it’s interesting I picked up that trait regardless.
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