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  1. Hi Folks, Just wondering if anyone has glued these to gyprock or MDF without using any mechanical fasteners, and if so any recommendations please, on the type or brand of adhesive, I have emailed CSR but haven’t heard from them yet, but was hoping there may be some real world experiences from members, Cheers,
  2. Hi Chaps, Thanks for all the feedback, as it turned out I was able to slice a channel in the batts behind each sub for about another 75mm and I have fitted the XLR cables into both rear panels without any issues so all good, With respect to the power cables, I have ordered 2 power cables with right angle IEC plugs, so all sweet on that front too, On the positions of the subs, I am somewhat hamstrung with location as they have to remain behind the screen, but elevating them might be an option...will look at getting someone in such as Paul to do an assessment. Down the track, Thanks and Cheers
  3. Thanks to all...have ordered cables from Pete
  4. Hi Folks, This has probably been flogged to death, but can anyone recommend a mob that can make custom length power cables please, I need 2 cables to begin with, will need more later once the gear is in and I can get my lengths right, but for the moment I need 2 for the subwoofers...the only caveat is that the IEC connector must be a right angle type as I have bugger all space behind the subs, Just doing some research I see Furutech do a right angle in which the IEC can be rotated and this will be perfect as both subs sit either side of the GPO, and the cable length will be no longer than 750mm, so that being said I prefer to stick with the one brand for the plugs and cable, I have no issues spending decent money on these as I have already spent a bucket load on the build, so in the scheme of things this will be stuff all, but want someone who can provide a cable that is superior to those crappy kettle cords, Many thanks, Cheers,
  5. Thank you all for the info, With respect to the actual position of the cabinets, I don’t have a choice on this, they have to be behind the screen, so I guess I will have to experiment with the little space I have.... And say a prayer while I am at it that I don’t do a hernia as they are real bastards to move around 🙂
  6. Don't JVC release new PJ's or at least upgrades each year in September? I have seen a press release on the laser version of the NX-9 sometime ago, but this was marketed for the SIM market, Who knows...maybe this year they will introduce a laser version into the HT market...this is what I am hoping for
  7. The LCR's are under the covers... Getting to old and lazy to make another screen, already ordered mine from Rich,
  8. Calling on the collective subwoofer brains trust... I now have the 2 subwoofers positioned in between the mains with the woofers facing the room...however I have stuffed up on measurements and have not allowed enough space behind them to run the XLR and power cables, or make any adjustments, In hindsight I am sure now after snapping the string line for the front wall frame, I have fixed the bottom plate on the wrong side of the line...I must have been having a senior moment🙂 Any way not much I can do about it now...so my only options are to rotate both subs 90 degrees,...but my question is should the drivers face each other, or should they be facing the side wall so they are back to back...or won’t it make any difference? I am thinking it shouldn’t make a difference as each sub is dual woofer setup with the second driver facing the carpet, but what would I know... Any feedback appreciated... Cheers Andrew
  9. Totally agree Rich...the PJ will be the absolutely last purchase I make.... All the issues with the current crop of JVCs doesn’t inspire any confidence... Just maybe they will have a residential laser version of the NX9 by then...
  10. Thanks to you all...appreciate the info and that image does look good, I should have the HT completed by Christmas and I only have the SSP and PJ to get... All the other gear is in boxes and it’s killing me, but I must soldier on 🙂 I must get the good wife to load some pics of the progress when I get some free time, Cheers Andrew
  11. How about in Melbourne’s west or close to the CBD? I have ave my eye on the NX9 once my build is complete, Cheers,
  12. Timber speakers will not need fumo....they fall in under the category of highly processed timber articles, although if you have any solid wooden components you will need to submit docs to DAWR and they will release on docs without inspec5ion or treatment, With respect to packaging, shipping in a plywood case is ok as DAWR do not consider plywood packaging to be timber, so this is the best option...if using timber pallets or cases than ensure the timber is ISPM15 compliant...this is a treatment standard used once and is good for the life of the packaging...these restrictions only apply to shipping seafreight...airfreight is exempted, If you are using one of those mobs such as DHL, UPS, FedEx etc...the shipping costs will include customs clearance and delivery...but you will need to pay them up front for any duty and GST before delivery, Otherwise if you ship through a freight forwarder then yes the onus will be on you to get a Customs Broker for clearance at this end, Good Luck, Cheers Andrew
  13. Thanks DTJ, I emailed Richard during the week for a sample and will most likely have him build me an AT screen, Cheers Andrew
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