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  1. Marc awesome looking HT Thanks for the link...this may be exactly what I have been looking for... Is the touchscreen an i-Pad or one of URC's own screens? TBH I would prefer a touchscreen to a remote but the remote looks great, What ever happened to Push Controls from years ago...are they still around...actually come to think of it wasn't this or still is a Clipsal product?
  2. Thanks to you both...hmm Control 4, well that option looks to be out...especially after reading some owner reviews... I will have a look at URC...Marc appreciate the link Cheers,
  3. Hi Folks, I am looking at simplifying the user interface with my HT and considering the Control 4 System, Not being one to change out any components that often, and liking the idea of using an iPad that is activity based, is this an option I should consider? From what I can gather I provide the iPad and the Tech provides the control unit and does all the programming and that’s it...or is it? My HT is really no more complicated than others, just need a system that is easy to use and can control a Lumagen, Apple TV, XBox, Oppo 205, Lyngdorf MP60, P
  4. Hmmm... maybe that’s why I cannot find the Harmony Pro 2400 anywhere on line, even an Elite Although from what I have read the 2400 is only availability through installers? Can anyone point me in the right direction...or should I consider another option, Tired of fumbling with remotes it’s driving me bonkers...
  5. Cheers Happy Sacks, Yep microfibre cloths have been mine friend for many years, makes all the difference as I am no Arnie ? I have every confidence JLS will find the fault...must be patient ?
  6. Yep it’s the A51, and now it’s putting my P10 into shut down mode, with the P10 showing a short, I unplugged the A51 and powered on the rest of the system and no probs, The Parasound Tech emailed me a pic on what to look for, so I will rip off the top plate and have a look but I suspect there is more going on then just a stuffed channel, So it will be off to JLS for repair...
  7. Cheers to you both, I will give it a shot tomorrow, not just with another channel, but into one of my other amps as well... but I am convinced it’s the A51, What is real bizarre is that I ran the test again today and all 5 channels worked...for about 5 mins and then kaput...out it went, I don’t care what the cost for the repair is...it’s the thought of having to man handle this brute that’s the killer... And I have to give a big shout out to Parasound, I emailed them and within the hour Richard The Owner responded and said he will speak with his
  8. Hi Folks, I have a Parasound Halo A51 and after swapping out cables, both XLRs and speaker I am convinced the output on this channel is stuffed, When I run the speaker verify test on my SSP, all speakers put out a pink noise that is level except this channel which is very faint, How can I test it to be sure, assume I can use I multimeter and if so what setting, As this is heavy beast and I am not getting any younger I don’t want to have to remove it from the rack and send it off for repair unless I have no choice, Any assistance
  9. I have hung many TV’s over the years, and plenty mounting into one stud only...2 coach screws is more than enough however..... In this scenario you must ensure you get the centre of the stud for both coach screws, and you use the correct size drill as the studs are all soft wood these days and you don’t want to split the stud, I always lubricate the threads of each screw with soap and hand drive these with a socket, do not use an impact driver, At each end of the mount where it sits over plaster, use spring toggles at each end to a) keep the bracket flush
  10. Yep that’s what I meant locking into the binding post ?
  11. Hi Folks, Just after some good quality locking banana plugs, Any recommendations appreciated, Many Thanks Cheers, Andrew
  12. Thanks Derek will jump on their website ? Cheers
  13. Cheers to you both...I will get onto SilverK
  14. Hi Folks, Just looking for some framed Star Wars prints here in Melbourne, Nothing flash, just random sizes to go into the equipment room, Any suggestions appreciated, Cheers
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