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  1. I am too fat and lazy to tweak anything these days...when I have the hours on the PJ and Tony is in MEL he can do his stuff on both 🙂
  2. I can wait...Tony do I need to put some hours on my PJ before calibration.
  3. Try curtpalme.com, Thats were I got mine while I was over there a while back... Yeah I think Cogworks are the authorized distributor for Oz units,
  4. Don’t worry I am not changing anything...any work will be done by a licensed sparky ...
  5. I will get a pic of the board up tonight...thank you to all, With respect to cost...I am not fussed in the slightest...considering I have just hung a Z1 the last thing I want to do is skimp on this,...
  6. Thanks BB...all good I will have Sparky to assess and install what will work...
  7. My aim is the ensure protection not just for the whole house, but especially for the PJ and Subwoofers that will be plugged straight into the wall...
  8. You Gents are super stars, thanks so much, Exactly what I was after...at least now when I speak with a Sparky I can show them what I want, instead of having no clue and them looking at me like I just landed from Mars 🙂
  9. Hi Folks, This may have been covered before, and apologies if so, I have dedicated circuits for the HT, but want to get a Sparky to fit off a whole house surge protection unit for spikes, lightening etc... in the switch box, Anyone had this done, and if so any recommendations please....I have no idea on this stuff, would assume a mob like Clipsal for example would have a suitable unit that is wired into the panel that will protect all circuits, Just want to be sure when I do get a Sparky in the right unit goes in, Any help appreciated, Thanks, Andrew
  10. There are 8 fixing points on the chassis, but the manual shows the middle 4 are typical for a ceiling install, Instead of just using the middle 4 mounting points, decided to offset the mount so I could get all 6 arms screwed in, and this increases the gap between the rear of the Z1 and the bulkhead,
  11. Thankyou all for the kind words 😀 Rich you’re spot on, the PJR125 is the mount I am using, the pic only shows 4 spider arms, however the kit comes with 6 arms in total, and I have used all 6, What gets me though is the bolt size that screws into the chassis of the Z1 is a M5 x 25mm, and being so small I had to make washers to accommodate the narrow gauge as the arm has a bigger hole than the bolt head 😱 I will get a pic loaded tonight with the mount fixed the Z1 before it went up...
  12. Good Golly the Z1 is massive, but was a cinch to hang with the HD Peerless Mount, its a pretty much hang and hook method, and then 4 additional bolts 2 each side to level the pitch, and another 4 bolts, 2 each front and rear to adjust roll, and as it’s fixed to a 1 and 1/4 “ threaded pipe, rotation is easy, Its pretty much leveled out, but will make adjustments when the screen is hung, The finishing line is not to far off now...yah it’s been a long grind... A big thanks to everyone, especially Woofer for the advice, and Rich for the service and support, Cheers
  13. That’s why I bought my Z1 from Rich...did not even consider anyone else, Not far from getting it hung, so fingers crossed it performs the way it should...
  14. Hi Alan, I have a lumagen Radiance Pro and besides the HDR function for my Z1, my intention for anything in 16x9 is to use the NLS feature to fill a 240 screen, as I have no desire to mask a scope screen, I say intention as I am still in the build phase, but not to far from the finishing line, and will get some pics loaded when I am done, Many will consider its heresy to stretch a 16x9 image to fill a scope screen, but the Lumagen does it well, and with many adjustments you can dial it in to suit...and it transforms gaming onto another level 😀 On the lens front, I have no idea, but my understanding is that your PJ will have to do the vertical stretch and then the lens does the rest, I wasn’t prepared to go with both...the funds for a lens are earmarked for a SSP, Good Luck, Cheers
  15. Thanks Folks It may be D.C. on the line...it was plugged into a GPO that no doubt shares all sorts of appliances in the house...you name we have it, all manner of crap... I am just waiting on the dedicated circuits into the HT to be wired in, once that is done, will give it another go and hopefully dedicated circuits will solve the issue...here’s hoping, so have decided to wait and see, Although with this Covid caper I no idea when I can get him over to complete the install, Cheers,
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