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  1. XHD100 now sold, HD100 still available
  2. Item: Martini absorb XHD100 and HD100 Location: Melbourne, Burwood East Price: $250 per XHD pack and $180 per HD pack Item Condition: brand new in packaging Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: part of my hallway clearance sale!, pickup only Purchased too many packs and so have one pack of XHD100 and one pack of HD100 both in black. Each pack has 3 pieces, each piece is 2400mm high x 1200mm wide x 100mm thick. The XHD is quite rigid and will easily stand by itself. The HD will stand well enough if leaning against the wall. These work well as broadband acoustic absorbers and are fairly easy to cut. The beige coloured absorbers in the photo are also for sale in a separate ad. Pictures:
  3. Item: DIY acoustic panels Location: Melbourne, Burwood East Price: $25 each x 4 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: part of my hallway clearance sale!, pick up only These are basic broadband acoustic absorbers I made with pine frames and beige calico fabric. You could easily recover them with what ever colour fabric you like. They contain high density fibreglass insulation, from memory it contains 2 layers, 50mm 96kg/m3 insulation and 50mm 48kg/m3 insulation. The pine frame provides a 50mm air gap when sitting against a wall. They are 1260mm high x 605mm wide x 150mm deep overall. Pictures:
  4. Can you please confirm if this is a sealed or ported model, googling gives me mixed results. Thanks
  5. I need a dose of Dali Old audiophile ears talk of the original Dali demonstration disc with a huge smile on their face describing a glorious listening experience, a memorable moment at a Hifi show. Some are lucky enough to get a copy. I want that experience, I want to hear it on my system, I want my little Rega to shine. When I think of a demo disc I think of; Exploring new music, sometimes known music in new way - tick Knowing that a extraordinary effort has been made in putting together the music choices, the recording quality, the production quality - tick In addition to this a well established and respected loud speaker manufacturer have put their reputation out there again. To get a chance to have a copy, particularly on vinyl gets me excited. I need a dose of Dali Please
  6. John, I'll take them if still available.
  7. Hi I'll take Bach 4 Great Tocatta's SACD Thanks
  8. Ar yes, now I can see Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi buddyev Does this unit have the phono stage installed? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for the heads up bjc, bad pun intended. Do you have any acoustic treatment, or in line with this thread any specific speaker type and/or setup?
  11. Svenr Attached is my workings to show my starting point for my new room layout, its a room I am refurbing under my house. Unfortunately I have a low ceiling but my distances and reflection angles are similar to what you are talking about. Basically I started with a combination of the 1/3 rule of speaker and seating position and the cardas method for locating speakers relative to walls. The picture in the top left corner is just for reference and GIK have suggested I focus on full back full absorption rather than front wall. But again there will be trial and error before any permanent or semi permanent solutions are installed. Unfortunately the room is a project in process and will be quite some time before I get to room measurements and acoustic treatment trials. Just thought my sketch may assist in discussions, any thoughts welcome. basement speaker layout.pdf
  12. Can I have Stock Fisch Records - Steve Strauss - Just like Love - SACD Stock Fisch Records - Chris Jones - 2x CD
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