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  1. is it still available ? thanks
  2. it might be a stupid question.. but will those fit and upgrade proac d15 ?
  3. "Some saying it does have vertical compliance and others saying it doesn't. Can anyone here confirm?" miyajima is a class of it's own. As an "old-mono lover" i can confirm that MONO (at least 60-80 years old ) records don't have vertical as their groove is only cut in horizontal layer. Stereo groove is like 3D - up/down vs left /right, while mono groove is only left/right. That's why MONO (old) records tend to sound terribly while playing by "new-style" stereo MC heads with 6-8mg pressure (needle simply wobblying inside 10x times bigger grove). . BUT>>> and it is a big BUT, there is not much better sounding thing in the world than the one getting by heavy tonearm out of 15-20g pressured head. it's true analogue from the way sound has been taken from the artists. mono-microphone old jazz will be your best choice.
  4. well, for the type of music\sound i do - there is nothing better with any price tag. Easily fit setups ten times more expensive than mine. not really keen to play "words" in attempts to express the " music\sound" like
  5. Item: Vynil setup Location: sydney Price: $16.000 Item Condition: exc and new Reason for selling: moved to other house. sitting unpacked since Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: FS: Garrard 301, Leben cs600 & rs30-eq, denon au-320, Miyajima Wazza, Fidelity Research FR-64X & RS-121, Proac d15, Pictures: will post more later Miyajima Wazza is brand new. Please check the technology of the cartridge: http://www.miyajima-lab.com/e-stereo.html Plynth was built in Europe. The au-320 has 2 inputs with selectors to switch between. It has been wired by $200 cable to the rs30-eq end. The 2nd tonearm is Acos Lustre and was planned for Miyajima Spirit (mass and compliance fit excellently) . (counted as $0 in this kit price ) LEBENs have around 100 hours on them only. Purchased from AU Leben distributor . Speakers and interconnect wires are 47lab. Will give away 2 stone plates for Speakers . vpi16.5 is the best vynil cleaner and also for free in this kit price. Not really keen to sell it not as kit. But will consider to sell the turntable if the offer will be higher than $6000 aud (considering the cost of wazza was 2300euros its a bargan). Feel free to discuss details over PM... can tell so much about this setup and vynil and mono .. Thanks for looking.
  6. what a shame to see it's not sold yet... seems like Australian economics has going through crisis... knowing the price for is in usa and europe - the current price (with current currency rate) should be $7000 AUD + for new one.... i've purchased new in australia 1.5 years ago and there was no such a sweet bargain offer. about how it sounds. it's way to good to use words. unbelievable amp. knowing few people who are happy owners... they don't like to talk to much... they rather prefer just listen to the music. cheers and happy selling!
  7. it's 2011 topis... guys,,,, i need bigger display or younger eyes... don't tell my girl..
  8. sorry for bothering... is it sold or ...?
  9. as seller told me - it's sold. probably need to close the topic...
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