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  1. I have one of these and can honestly say it is the most flexible piece of A/V gear I have ever owned. Being able to assign everything via the menu and change settings easily is a godsend. Fantastic audio and video quality and built like a tank. GLWTS!!
  2. @TubularbellsDO IT!!!!!!!! (I was right about the last purchase, so listen to me! haha)
  3. I’m still waiting for an E Class amp to go with my Physics results 😂🤣😂
  4. But wait......there’s more! beautiful quality knives - GLWTS
  5. I'd go for the 4425's but as @Tubularbells already mentioned - I could be slightly biased Even though they are a very musical speaker, I never enjoyed the sound of the 4425's with anything other than a MOSFET amp (I use Ashly Fet-2000m power amps) as the compression drivers can be quite harsh on some music - a MOSFET amp gives a more valve-like sound with the top smoother/rolled off and much less fatiguing to my ears - you may disagree and that's OK! I do use subs to go with them though, as i like the extra kick - the subs do everything below 80Hz The 708p is also self powered?? That means a whole bunch of stuff that could go wrong with them, and you'll likely end up using your own amps on them anyway.....my 2c
  6. A serious piece of gear and being Binocular, you would see the moon etc in 3D and not have to continually squint when viewing - great setup! GLWTS!!
  7. Hi guys - Thanks for the replies, but I am already using a step-down transformer and want to move away from that and have it self-contained within the player. The HD-EP30 has the same P/S board with a few different components so moding it is my goal CHEERS!
  8. I've brought some VIFA drivers with that yellowing rubber issue back to new look by using some belt rejuvenator (designed to be used on automotive belt to stop them from going hard - can get it at any auto store eg. Repco/Bursons or likely even Bunnings). Spray it onto a rag, and wipe it around the rubber surrounds only - once cleaned up the rubber feels more like it should - soft and flexible not hard and tough. Your choice to use it or not, but I did mine years ago and still going strong! ******Of course, if your surrounds are foam, not rubber - don't use the rubber rejuvenator on that or it will probably perish.......
  9. Hi! i was one of those unfortunate people that jumped on the HD-DVD band-wagon during the format wars, and bought the last of the line HD-A35 player from the USA. As such, it is 120V. I have noted however, that the power supply board used in this is the same as the one used in it's 240v cousin - the HD-EP30 with the exception of a few parts (including the transformer). is someone here with a Toshiba HD-EP30 able to pop the lid off their machine (or point me to a copy of the service manual showing the MPS5240 p/s board - i cant find any) and take a bunch of photos showing transformer part number etc? Would love to mod mine to be 240V. CHEERS!! This is the HD-EP30 .....and this is the HD-A35
  10. Have to agree with you there Red! I also have one of these and it’s the best I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of projectors over the years. The auto zoom function for 2.35:1 scope viewing on a cinemascope screen is a great feature!!
  11. Trying to move them....... and then the GTG at the Church 🤣😂🤣
  12. @Tubularbells Temptation!!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!
  13. @Tubularbells Don't worry about DCC - get this!!
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