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  1. @Winter Hi! Generous offer, and something that perhaps a factory reset might fix? Would love to grab this but apparently I have too much "stuff" as it is Looks like a real nice player too..... sigh
  2. What a great looking amp! Very clean and easily serviceable layout GLWTS! @Lansche plasma guyI would be guessing that each board has transistors mounted at the top, and at the bottom? (hard to see in the photo, but you can make out the transistor legs coming through the board at the bottom)
  3. I'll go backup if the sale falls through....
  4. What a stunning setup!! That’s something you could pass down for generations - timeless GLWTS! @Tubularbells DO IT!!!!! (and then pass it down to me hahah)
  5. I have my projector at the very back of my room and the image fills an approx 123” diagonal 2.37:1 scope screen with no zoom used (long throw) sounds like this would work quite well as the projected image is at its smallest possible size.... If you’re still keen to sell it (depending on the outcome of your Sony test) let me know....I’ll grab it cheers
  6. Thanks Franin can you tell me what model the sony you have is? If it doesn’t work, I can can compare the chip size to mine just to make sure...... thanks!
  7. Hi! is the sled driven by a 12v trigger? Or is it manual.... wanting to use this with a Panasonic ae8000 if you think it would be suitable? can anyone advise? Looks like it would do the job nicely!
  8. Hi George! Thanks for the schematic - any chance you have it in a higher res? It's possible it has some of the biasing info I was looking for but very hard to read... CHEERS!
  9. Hi! This one is proving hard to find - have asked Perreaux with no response yet.... Does anyone have a copy of the PMF 2150 service manual they can email me or link me to please? I'm particularly interested in the biasing procedure.... CHEERS!
  10. Hi! Im taking a walk down nostalgia lane with my Dad trying to recall the setup he had in the lounge room before he “upgraded” to his all bells and whistles Jørgen 3 in 1 unit. We found an old manual for a Garrard 6-200C turntable (which after looking at them, was definitely the t/t on the unit, but can’t remember what the rest of it comprises if exactly. we “think” it was something a bit like the KRIESLER Q4 disc-o-tape looks like, but not sure if it came with that t/t as an option. Could someone help shed some light on the KRIESLER options (or other brands) that offered the Garrard deck as part of the setup? Its going to be one of those things that will have to be sighted to be remembered...... we “think” it had cassette as well.....maybe! thankyou!!!
  11. Take a look at something like the Crest 7001 Crest make a lot of high power amps that will fit your budget easily Fans - you are unlikely to aviod fans with that kind of power unless you go for something the size of a house that has convection cooling via car sized heatsinks - and then you can kiss that budget goodbye. if running that kind of power with audio content - are you really going to hear an 80-120mm fan?
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