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  1. What a shame you couldn't hide it! Ask @Tubularbells how I managed to hide a double 15" sub with a doily! . True story!!! GLWTS! Looks like a beast!
  2. I love these horns! but.... they weren’t designed to work with the d2430k specifically.... different throat size etc The horn on the 4367 was though - so maybe it - but it can’t be purchased. The mounting of the d2430k is also pretty different from other drivers - it uses its own special mounting plate so would need quite a bit of jigging to get it just to fit and then all of the science and engineering behind the factory wave guides goes out the window....or does it? Would it really make a big difference using a horn not specifically designed for the driver?? thats why I am leaning towards the easier (albeit more expensive) idea of the off the shelf M2 waveguide. Possibly the cabinets can be made to give the appearance of something bigger than it is by recessing or accentuating the baffle in which the horn is mounted? I have to agree with Kelossus that something bigger would look better. @aertex i love your fibreglassing work!! I have a few ideas for other projects that I’d love to run past you Thanks again to all for your input and ideas - keep them coming 😊
  3. Concept.......The M4 (twice as big as the M2 hahaha) Someone had already done a rough up of something similar, but have aligned it more like the 4435......although a centrally aligned horn/waveguide would be a lot less PITA - especially if using a 3rd box as a centre speaker 😜 Thoughts????
  4. Also found this in relation to the differences between the 2216nd (used in the M2) and the 2216nd-1 (used in the 4367 studio monitor) "To keep the assembly small and light, the 2216Nd1 uses a neodymium magnet system. The 2216Nd-1 also sports a lowered resonant frequency compared to the 2216Nd, to take more advantage of the JBL 4367 cabinet volume and tuning to produce a more articulate and defined bass region. This adjustment to the edge treat also reduces break-in period."
  5. I think at first I'm going to have to run an active crossover - it will take a lot of fine-tuning to get the boxes to sound just right, and given the lack of info on the drivers, it will be a lot easier to adjust and make changes with an active setup. I also have access to a CNC machine so I can make changes to cabinets without too much trouble. Would love to know if anyone has worked out the volume of a 4367 enclosure yet? You can calculate it roughly by the dimensions given and the thickness of the enclosure, but there is a lot of internal bracing etc. Once I've got a better idea of what sounds good, I might switch to passive...... the 4367 uses a charge-coupled crossover if I remember correctly? It's going to be a lot of fun
  6. OK.... so after getting in touch with Harman, I have an engineers spec sheet for the 2216nd 15" driver used in the M2 They do not have a sheet for, and "do not sell", the 2216nd-1 15" driver used in the 4367 studio monitor. They are different units, but no specs are publicly available I am pretty keen on the idea of a 4435 style box with double 15" (using the 2216nd-1 which can be sourced from a few places) The waveguide used in the 4367 is certainly not available, but the M2 waveguide is.....and it uses the same driver as the 4367 - the D2430K. approx cost of LF drivers, comp drivers and M2 WG's for two double 15" boxes comes out around US$5000 (plus shipping+GST) which is pretty awesome given the cost of a pair of single 15" 4367's is anywhere from $15-20K....
  7. Holy crap!!!! All of a sudden I want to watch Back To The Future Is it for sale?!?!?!
  8. Thankyou!! I’ll check that one out
  9. Ok well now to drawing a line in the sand and focusing on a goal..... After discussion with @Tubularbells I am going to focus on the design and build of a modern day 4435. This will be a bass reflex enclosure comprising of the D2430K compression driver and M2 horn with 2 x 2216nd-1 drivers per box. Simple in its design, but should give an amazing low frequency response whilst also going to super HF I will try to keep the design similar to the 4435 in appearance but also add some modern killer looks to it. Time to do some maths
  10. I love the look of the 2380 horn - and appears to be a much more manageable size! Any ideas as to what model the horn on the M2 or the 4367 are?? I’m also looking into getting hold of the D2 comp driver and a 2216nd-1 to try out 😁 I have some 4320 monitors, and I am quite familiar with the sound of the 2215B drivers, but the 2216nd-1 will leave it in the dust!! I’m dying to hook up the comp driver to @Tubularbells 4435’s (sitting on top of the cab on a bracket as I doubt he will allow me to router a bigger hole for the 2” driver haha) and see the difference it makes.....obviously it would need some xover tweaks to make it perform at its best, but should be interesting! Whilst the D2430K has a huge range, I reckon there is space for a midrange driver in the M2 configuration?? Any suggestions for an awesome sounding midrange from those who have played with many??
  11. @kelossus - I would love to try the D2430K driver but I'm pretty sure they are a restricted purchase? Can't seem to find them available anywhere... Do you have a lead? @mondie - WOW! That's some awesome reading!! I have not heard any of the TAD range of drivers, but after some quick reading around, the 4002 compression drivers at least are getting a good wrap when being compared with the likes of the 2441. Might have to expand the search (God help me!! I thought I had a line in the sand to guide me!) @ZOOTYtooty - how do those 2360 horns sound? Do you still have that setup I found photos of around here somewhere? They look amazing!
  12. Thanks so much for all the info and sharing of experiences guys!! Greg's DIY JBL's look incredible! I have to say I'm very keen to hear some 2441's now - getting a good wrap here! How does the newer 15" LF drivers such as the 2216ND-1 compare to the old school LE15B? I'm thinking I'd love to hear a combination of the 2216ND-1 and the 2241 !!! or 3 way with a 2405 or the like for some UHF? The 2216ND-1's are apparently being used (audiokarma thread) as drop-in replacements for the LE15B in L200's (and some xover mods) to massively improve the bottom end and give new life to an already amazing sound.
  13. Very impressive speaker and I would love to hear them - never had the opportunity
  14. Thanks for the info! @kelossus is there any link to the work Greg has done? I'd love to read more about that project. I have not heard the 2441 drivers, but I tell you what - given the JBL gear you have listened to, I'm dying to hear them now - and also a pair of the 250ti's I workedas a technician for an audio wholesale/hire company for several years, and my bench setup was a pair of the 4425 studio monitors with a MOSFET amplifier - the sound combination I now find myself drawn to. I have recently been listening again to some dome tweeters vs the horn drivers, and the sound is incredibly different....not in a bad way, but just different. I have generally used MOSFET amplification with horn drivers to just take off some of the edge or the bite that they give me (maybe not others?) What is your preferred device? Valve/MOSFET/BJT/other?
  15. Thanks for the input also calling on the likes of @kelossus and @44maloo and @jakeyb77 for your JBL favs - what works, what doesn’t, and what would you improve upon even in your favourite model?
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