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  1. knight2001dts

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    @pops9745 loving the LED VU meters on the Sony!
  2. knight2001dts

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    NOW WE'RE TALKING!!!! @Tubularbells knows that I would have taken a month to get this topic up!! haha Although, I did have a valid excuse today! Let's just say I HATE DENTISTS Here is my old school original SHARP GF-9500 (pic1) with detachable speakers, soft touch cassette controls, APSS (Auto Program Search System) for skipping tracks - best feature EVER!!!, AM/FM AND SW radio (so you can listen to lots of bup bup bup bzzzzzz sounds, and this baby pumped out the NYE sound for several consecutive years for the family get together and still lives to tell the tale.... Eye of the Tiger was played HEAVILY on this unit when I got it!!!! The second pic is a SHARP GF-7500 that I picked up years ago at crime-converters for $39!!! I couldn't walk past it!!! (still has sticker residue on the left speaker from their bloody stupid stickers that you can't ever get off stuff!) It has more traditional cassette buttons, but also features the APSS Both are approved by moggy (Amy) - she is a hard ass too and won't allow crap in the house......
  3. knight2001dts

    FS: VERY large solid timber coffee table (MELB)

    Price drop..... $150
  4. knight2001dts

    sunfire true subwoofer mk 2 free

    If still available, I would like to grab this one and see if I can get it going? please let me know - also in Melbourne
  5. Item: Very large solid timber coffee table Location: Melbourne (Montmorency) Price: $150 ONO Item Condition: Very good - has a few light scratches and a little heat stain - has never bothered me! Reason for selling: Too bl**dy big!! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: ABSOLUTELY pickup only - you will need a van (minimum) or flatbed ute or truck to move this...will not fit in a wagon! This very large coffee table would suit a large room - a much bigger room than I currently can put it in. It is quite heavy - the inner part of the table is thinner timber than the edges but the entire thing is very heavy and very solid. Has shelving that goes all the way through to the other side for stashing stuff I can help move this to your vehicle (can drive up to house - no stairs!!!) but you will need one or preferably two other people with you to move it with ease. You will need a van (minimum) or flatbed ute or truck to move this - it will not fit in a wagon, and forget about roof racks!! SIZE - 1800mm (L) x 1200mm (W) x 490mm (H) COLOUR - best described as a dark reddish brown - depends on the light! Any other questions please ask away.... Pictures:
  6. knight2001dts

    Free with donation: Sonos Bridge X 2 (1 Per Person)

    If the second unit isn’t spoken for, I’d like to grab it and also make a donation to SNA... please let me know....thanks!
  7. knight2001dts

    FS: Jbl L100t L60t L20t

    Sounds like an amazing setup!!! I don't suppose it is Ron who is doing your new crossovers? I saw some while I was there - no expense spared! He is currently re-coning the 2215b from my 4320 centre channel 4435 as rear channels - WOW! GLWTS!!
  8. knight2001dts

    FS: Jbl L100t L60t L20t

    Don't suppose you are looking at selling the 4350's or the 4435's?
  9. knight2001dts

    Sony DA50ES 5.1 Surrounds dts

    I still have my trusty 50es and it is a great sounding amp! An excellent piece of kit and great build quality too. GLWTS
  10. If still available, I will grab both pairs thanks!! will PM to arrange post to Melbourne cheers!!
  11. PM sent to Ask further info.... cheers
  12. Hi! if still available, I’ll take this thankyou! cheers!
  13. knight2001dts

    SOLD: Bose cube redline x 5

    I'll grab these please..... Will send PM CHEERS
  14. knight2001dts

    The church's new layout

    I'll check the ABC serial no. and post back later - if they are related I will also check that the witch has not cursed me with borers!!! That's not the wood the cardinal had intended for her to destroy! The serial no. of the box itself is 50353
  15. Is this in any way able to be pulled apart and made shippable to Melb? I'm guessing the screen material is cut once stretched into place and doesn't allow for it to be re-fitted? Otherwise - I'm interested!