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  1. I'll grab it please..... PM sent
  2. knight2001dts

    Doug from North Ringwood Vic.

    G'day Mr T!! (He ain't no fool...) Nice to see you here on the forums... A wealth of knowledge, and I'm sure you will feel part of a family here amongst fellow enthusiasts and friends. As mentioned by @Tubularbells I am also ex Box Hill and now getting back into audio and electronics and re-discovering the FUN it was before having to work and be a responsible adult Welcome!!!
  3. knight2001dts

    The church's new layout

    Well done!!!! Now to enjoy THEM and the mighty JBL's again!!!! Rock-on!!!!! "Grab Hold Of An Ashly-- You'll Never Let Go. If You Do, You'll Break Your Foot."
  4. knight2001dts

    SOLD: FS: Schiit Lisst. Pair Solid State Tubes

    I'm on everyone's Schiit Lisst
  5. knight2001dts

    The church's new layout

    @Tubularbells I sure do remember!!! (Can’t remember anything about yesterday but remember that demo like it was yesterday!!) The demo was done with a Sony PCM-501ES pulse code modulator onto a vhs tape - sounded pretty good too!! I remember another demo of that unit being used to record and playback some ABBA by Mr Jim Wemm Great memories!!
  6. I thought it would be interesting to note that the subwoofers shown here in @Tubularbells photo were designed and built by Doug, and after he had finished with them, I ended up buying them from him and they remain to this day the left and right sub for my HT setup .... Those Response drivers are amazing!!! Damn they move some air!! (I think I may have also scored that DTS sign? It looks a lot like the one I have hanging on the wall?? Pretty sure I didn't help myself to it?
  7. I thought it might be a fun idea to see where people started and what they are currently using for their SURROUND......plus all the steps along the way that got you excited and relieved you of several of your pay cheques!! I am lucky enough that I still have most of my original equipment in the archives, and have managed to source replacements for those I stupidly let go..... *** IF YOU HAVE AN AUSTRALIAN MODEL PIONEER VSA-730 YOU WANT TO SELL PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! *** My "un-official" journey began with an experiment!!! Tying together the negative speaker leads of a pair of rear speakers driven by a second stereo amplifier to create a simulated surround. It sounded pretty good! The track used to test this was "Bennie and the Jets" by Sir Elton. Impressive results!!! My "official" journey began with the Sherwood ES-1280 I had a lot of fun with this one, and the CHURCH and HALL modes had a LOT of cool echo and effect...... The interesting part of this one is that after recently having found one of these units, I tried playing Billy Idol's Rebel Yell in Church mode, and Billy is cut out of the mix completely in the rear channels! It appears that Billy is not welcome in the church!!! I sold the Sherby at a later date, and replaced it with a Pioneer VSA-730 which took me in a giant leap from Dolby Surround to Dolby Pro-Logic!!! It had a great sound compared to the Sherwood, and allowed me to control the sound into the new CENTRE channel as well as being able to connect multiple sources at once, plus lots of amplification built in. This one I stumbled upon when I was in PIONEER CITY in Swanston Street in Melbourne. I was lured into the store by the sounds of an amazing guitar riff which I later discovered was Tommy Emmanuel's "From The Hip"....I am still a huge fan of Tommy to this day - all starting with that moment in time..... Whilst in the store, I found the VSA-730 in a selection of marked down goods - it was mine (I later returned to Pioneer City and discovered LaserDisc after having seen Terminator 2 at the Hoyts Midcity cinemas, and then found it playing on LaserDisc at the store!!! What????? A cinema release in this amazing quality to take home??? YES PLEASE!!!!!!! (I then bought my CLD-D750 LaserDisc player - and shortly after found LASERWORLD in Box Hill - right near the Box Hill TAFE I was attending with none other than @Tubularbells ) My VSA-730 (the Aussie YPW model) had an amber display.... I don't know why the rest of the world has blue???!!!??? After the Pioneer was sold (stupid stupid stupid.....) I decided to opt for a processor / amp setup instead of an all in one amplifier solution. I went for the Pioneer SP-700D It was a very impressive piece of equipment with an amazing digital delay and DSP modes, plus DOLBY PRO-LOGIC surround..... I bought it at the same time I bought a Pioneer GR-777 super funky "Double Spectrum Analyzer" graphic EQ haha! Still have that one too!! This one was nick-named "The Spud" (short for SP D) After a few years of enjoyment with that setup, I sold "The Spud" to a mate at a later date (and now have my original unit back!!!). I replaced it with a Rotel RSP-960AX. This was mainly due to changes in connectors (the advent of the S-Video connector) and the need to switch more sources than I was able to with the Pioneer processor. It also had fantastic audio quality. Home cinema was really kicking in and the advent of Dolby Digital meant my trusty Rotel had to be replaced - this time by a Sony SDP-EP9ES The Dolby Digital was AMAZING compared to everything else I had heard previously and the absolutely discrete channels blew me away! This same piece of equipment allowed me to play the latest Dolby-Digital equipped LaserDiscs that had an AC-3 RF track on them....it was outstanding and was really well built! Not long after, DTS was beginning to make a big name for itself with multi-channel CD's - products such as the Millennium decoder (I had a listen to the one @Tubularbells had - it was fantastic!!) became popular, and DTS also began to appear on LaserDiscs. I decided my next piece of equipment would have to cater for both Dolby Digital AND DTS - enter the Sony STR-DA50ES This incredible sounding receiver had everything I ever needed for sure - i would never have to buy another decoder ever!!! The biggest downside to this receiver was the remote -whilst it sounded great, and was pretty cool being a touch-screen....it chewed batteries faster than I could put them in!!! It was a shocker! After the Sony, I went back to processor only and increased my collection of Ashly FET-2000M amplifiers to cater for 7.2 channels or more .... I decided that the amps should always remain a constant, and the processor could then be updated with the latest digital sound format, and also would have the latest in connectors (we have been from composite, to S-Video to component and now HDMI). It also means that I never have to worry about trying to put speaker cable into the ridiculously tight connectors on the back of multi-channel amps/receivers again!! With the Sony retired (and still being used at my folks place to this day....) I went for the Rotel RSP-1066 This processor was fantastic - it had a beautiful sound and a very well laid out remote and every connector for every piece of equipment and every sound format I would ever need..... except for Dolby TRUE-HD and DTS-HD MA and of course....HDMI connectors!!! This takes me to the last piece of surround gear I have purchased and am still using as my current HT processor...... the Rotel RSP-1570 It is a gorgeous piece of kit, and has served me well, but it may soon be time to retire it also to head towards DTS-X and Dolby ATMOS....... maybe
  8. knight2001dts

    SOLD: FS: Drivers // Tweeters // Crossovers

    Hi! Would you consider selling parts separately?
  9. knight2001dts

    FS: Pioneer RT-707 Reel to Reel

  10. knight2001dts

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    @pops9745 loving the LED VU meters on the Sony!
  11. knight2001dts

    Year Zero - Your First Boombox/Stereo

    NOW WE'RE TALKING!!!! @Tubularbellsknows that I would have taken a month to get this topic up!! haha Although, I did have a valid excuse today! Let's just say I HATE DENTISTS Here is my old school original SHARP GF-9500 (pic1) with detachable speakers, soft touch cassette controls, APSS (Auto Program Search System) for skipping tracks - best feature EVER!!!, AM/FM AND SW radio (so you can listen to lots of bup bup bup bzzzzzz sounds, and this baby pumped out the NYE sound for several consecutive years for the family get together and still lives to tell the tale.... Eye of the Tiger was played HEAVILY on this unit when I got it!!!! The second pic is a SHARP GF-7500 that I picked up years ago at crime-converters for $39!!! I couldn't walk past it!!! (still has sticker residue on the left speaker from their bloody stupid stickers that you can't ever get off stuff!) It has more traditional cassette buttons, but also features the APSS Both are approved by moggy (Amy) - she is a hard ass too and won't allow crap in the house......
  12. knight2001dts

    SOLD: FS: VERY large solid timber coffee table (MELB)

    Price drop..... $150