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  1. knight2001dts

    McIntosh to sell

    Hi Janet @Tubularbells knows me too well..... can you please send me some details on the system? I'm like a fly to sh*t for that kind of thing hahaha
  2. Ill grab the Lumagen please
  3. knight2001dts

    Free computers (no memory) relist Pickup thornbury Vic 3071

    Hi!! if these are still available I’d like to grab them please? I’ll send a pm..... cheers!
  4. knight2001dts

    Commodore 64's turn - The C64 Mini

    GURU meditation error
  5. knight2001dts

    Commodore 64's turn - The C64 Mini

    Haha! Awesome!! I still have my trusty old 64 - this would look fantastic sitting next to it! Great times indeed! Mini A500 Amiga next?
  6. I’m interested! PM sent.....
  7. knight2001dts

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    I quite like the VU meters on the Ashly but that’s just me There isn’t a lot of space behind the front plate to put meters as the modules run nearly full length and in front of the transformer is about the only space left. You would have to have the panel laser cut to put meters in but you could possibly get away with some smaller ones. I see that one of those 4 FTX sIII amps has now sold - did you take the plunge? They have been sitting there for a while - the shipping on those is extremely high. cheers!
  8. knight2001dts

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    Sorry I haven’t heard the Yamaha’s you mention, but AFAIK they are transistor output stages? The difference in audio between a MOSFET output stage and a transistor output stage is quite significant.... To my ears at least, the MOSFET output stage has a more valve like sound where a transistor output stage has a much brighter (and when using my jbl horns) and harsher top end. Probably best to have a listen to a mosfet amp first to see if it is the sound you’re after? cheers
  9. knight2001dts

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    I’m in Melbourne..... if you’re considering buying some to try, you are probably better to try and get your hands on something like the later FTX series amps as parts are easier to find if needed (especially output devices). They show up quite frequently on EBay and some of the pro-audio marketplace sites in the USA... shipping is again the real killer and can often be more than double what you pay for the amp itself. Don’t fuss too much about physical condition as they can be sprayed up easily and also will probably get a bit bent when shipped. As long as it is all there, and working - maybe ask for a photo or two with the lid off to see if the output devices are all original and not aftermarket subs. cheers!
  10. knight2001dts

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    Hi! thought I would chime in since @Tubularbells mentioned my addiction for these amps in an earlier post That’s one of the good things about these amps - they are easily converted from 120 -> 240v just by moving some spade connectors for the transformer windings around on the internal terminal strip. Even the original 120v fan can run on half the winding..... I have a mixture of the old-school FET series amps which used the 2SJ50 and 2SK135 combo for the output stage.... which comes with the bonus of a negative temperature co-efficient meaning that as they warm up, they won’t thermally run-away - the complete opposite occurs! It is a kind of self-protect (which is why these particular amps didn’t blow output stages often). The later ashly’s use different output devices and also had some protection circuits added, so became a little more complex in design. I have been running my original FET-2000m amps since 1993 without issue - only ever having to use some contact cleaner on the input attention pots and replacing a fan or two. I am going to be re-capping them soon too - caps at the ready!! Great amps for the $ and buckets of power from the massive transformer and cap (2x15000uF) combination...... cheers!
  11. G’day Eugene! ive got a mate looking for a projector and this ticks all the boxes for him....
  12. @Tubularbells DO IT!!!!
  13. Are you interested in separating the drivers? I have a pair of 4320 JBLs that would benefit from them, but no use for the horns - maybe someone else would want just the horns and not the drivers? cheers!