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  1. Thanks for the reply Andy. I bought the turntable off Duc about 4 years ago and the arm was fitted by him. I'm confident fixing the timber block to the plinth but would love it if your mate is up for re wiring it. Cheers Tommy
  2. Hey everyone, I had a little mishap with my univector tonearm the other day, where the timber RCA housing came unstuck and put a lot of strain on the tonearm wire. Fearing the worst I tested a record and it had dropped the right channel, so I checked all connections and everything seemed to be fine. So I gave it another spin and right channel was back in action although when using the finger lift a loud buzzing hum comes through the right channel. So what I'm after is some recommendations on a tech to give the arm a once over? I'd considered selling the arm and getting something a little less finicky but just don't really know what path to go down for a technics sp10 mkII. Any help would be much appreciated Tommy
  3. Can I please have Richard and Linda Thompson and Tim Buckley with postage to 3088
  4. Sounds like that would be something I'm interested in. Let me know when you're planning on moving it on. Cheers for the recommendation but I really want to keep to Japanese amps. I've got the Yamaha ns1000m and a technics sp10 mkII so want to keep the vintage Japanese theme going
  5. I've had my eye on a few of the alphas that have been in the classifieds. Just wasn't sure how they would pair with the yammys
  6. After some recommendations on vintage Japanese intergrated amp for Yamaha ns1000m. Currently hooked up to a musical fidelity m6i but want to try something else. Budget 2k. Cheers Tommy
  7. Could I please grab deltron and dynospectrum?
  8. I'll take zappa if still available, flick through your payment details. Cheers Tommy
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