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  1. Beautiful. I used to own the Nu-Vista pre & power combo. Would’ve jumped on these at the time for completist’s sake
  2. Price dropped if anyone interested
  3. Items: CANON EF 85mm f1.2 L II USM / CANON EF 135mm f2 L USM / SCHNEIDER Optics 77mm True-Match Vari-ND Filter Location: Sydney Price: 85mm = $1400 / 135mm = $900 / Vari-ND = $225 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Lack of use Payment Method: Pickup or post - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Two lenses and one filter for sale, all used sparingly and in as new condition: CANON EF 85mm f1.2 L II USM - unmarked condition - all items from time of purchase included: lens case / lens hood / original box and packaging / software disc & documentaion - 72mm UV filter included CANON EF 135mm f2 L USM - unmarked condition - all items from time of purchase included: lens case / lens hood / original box and packaging / software disc & documentaion - 72mm UV filter included SCHNEIDER Optics 77mm True-Match Vari-ND Filter - unmarked condition - a premium vari-ND, it retails for approx $700 If interested I can arrange for viewing and/or collection from either Cronulla or North Sydney. Alternatively, items can be safely posted with cost to be determined. Pictures:
  4. Two OOP Twilight Time Blu-rays for sale, the first as new, the second still sealed: - Love & Death (1975) Dir: Woody Allen - The Other (1972) Dir: Robert Mulligan $15 each inclusive of postage within Australia. * Region A discs - will reguire a multi-region Blu-Ray player *
  5. I have a 9200 and always turn it off when not in use as it otherwise runs hot even when just at idle pushing no signal. TBH i've always wanted to upgrade to a newer Plinius like the Hautonga or Hiato for one reason only, that they have a standby mode whereas my damned 9200 doesn't - other than that it's a beautiful piece of kit
  6. From my none too academic survey of the land I nominate both Isotek Premier power & Curious USB cables as the fastest items to sell.
  7. Yes i've bought hundreds of Blu's from overseas that I watch on an Oppo with region mod. I guess it depends on how particular your viewing habits are however if you're after the very best presentation there are often significant differences between various Blu-Rays of any given film from differing regions. Some good starting sites for reference would be bluray.com & dvdbeaver.com 😊
  8. @lowkey If still available i'll grab: Creepshow (Region 2 UK) Will PM in an hour's time...
  9. To all the earnest folk above, please excuse my playing devils advocate, it is the law that invites such provocations concerning the archaic nature of regional restrictions in a digital era. Personally, I'm a hardcore enthusiast for first pressings of both vinyl and CDs, meaning that Discogs is my main arena for acquiring music. Again the fact that these are almost exclusively second hand purchases means that the artist doesn't get a cut there either. That in itself is another arena for discussion however in the past there's been interesting discourse in the visual arts field concerning whether the original artist should receive a cut when their work is sold at a profit years later.
  10. The absurdity of it all is that if it's effectively illegal to buy from HDTracks etc while in Australia you may as well use that VPN to torrent to your heart's content.
  11. @saggy Thumbs up to your album of choice, quality psych right there folks!
  12. As a previous happy owner of MF's Nu-Vista pre/power separates i'd always wanted one of these. Great sound, effortless power and wonderful Brutalist style. GLWTS!
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