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  1. Nah. Small round mirrors 2/3s up the A-pillar, black wheels, venetians, and "patina". They're obviously going for the rat rod look.
  2. Yeah, I had a few drinks last night and got in on it as well. First bluetooth earphones. They better be good!
  3. Man, I'm loving this band's music. Although their older stuff seems to be more proggy (maybe? perhaps) and stoner than psychy or spacey. But damn it's fitting my groove at the moment. https://monkey-3.bandcamp.com/album/astra-symmetry
  4. Long day at work today. Was looking for something laid back to match my no energy. However ended up going with Monkey3. And that picked me right up! Awesome psych space rock album. https://monkey-3.bandcamp.com/album/sphere
  5. Well it probably is only inevitable that Sean sounds a bit like his dad... And Les, well Les is awesome.
  6. Well, one of the times I've seen the Eels there it was a seated gig. But that wasn't metal... And after watching that Youtube clip you posted, that was a seated gig. Okay then, business as usual I guess.
  7. Just had a look at tickets for that. It's a seated gig? WTF?
  8. Yep, got The Desaturating Seven. It's not my favourite Primus album that's for sure, but it certainly has its moments. I've always described Scary Mother as a slightly heavier Pearl Jam but with keyboards. Not sure if that helps or hinders . Floating Me was basically most of Scary Mother plus Lucius Borich from Cog on drums.
  9. Oh, yeah, a double helping of The Claypool Lennon Delirium tonight too. Seemed like the right thing to do.
  10. Yeah, I got that back when it came out because I loved Scary Mother and Lucius on drums is never a bad thing. But I never seemed to quite get it. Saw them live at least once too. From memory they were okay, but not great. Should probably give the album a spin again and see what happens though. Check out Scary Mother if you haven't already too.
  11. Finishing today's non-live music with Jäger Blaster for some pretty cool French stoner rock/metal. https://jagerblaster.bandcamp.com/album/introspecta Now to have another beer and think about wandering down to the Crowbar in an hour or so...
  12. Went with Eyrth today. They did an instrumental version of their album with vocals. Cool! Get the music style I like without the vocal style that I don't like quite as much. Not that the vocals sucked though. But it almost turns it into more of an ambient album now. Well, metal version of. Definitely changes the vibe of the album. https://eyrth.bandcamp.com/album/fracture-instrumental
  13. If you can ignore the audience new Tool!
  14. Felt like something heavy to listen to this afternoon, but nothing I listened to really was quite 'it'. Just couldn't find that sound I was looking for unfortunately. Oh well, gave up and went with Fantômas. Not that that's a bad thing, heavy enough in places, plus some of the lighter stuff that I was probably also needing.
  15. Primus. Danny Carey. Southbound Pachyderm. Well. I'm done.
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