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  1. Been a laid back afternoon with William Fowler Collins, Sam Haven and finishing with Dvory. Not going to get all the way through it coz it's nearly 2 hours. But damn it's a good laid back ambient drone album. https://pantheophania.bandcamp.com/album/dvory
  2. Not good. Just random.
  3. Monk

    YouTube Spinning

    I seem to have wandered into that part of Youtube again. Hahaha. But this isn't bad.
  4. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    I just spent six months in a leaky boat!
  5. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Started and ended with albums with a white background. Started with A Perfect Circle while cooking lunch. And finished with Chelsea Wolfe. Kind of funny with APC. My favourite song of that album is almost the last one, which is really just a filler. But maybe that's just that the sort of things I dig. Oh well. And I do love Chelsea's sound. In between there was a bit of a mix. Listened to a bit of Michael Jackson. Listened to a bit of synthwave, Listened to a random sort of hard rock and metal mix that I felt like hearing. But it's been a good music day today.
  6. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    It's been a noisy kind of afternoon. Although it ended calmly. Daughters first up. I was in that kind of mood. https://daughters.bandcamp.com/album/you-wont-get-what-you-want Then Spotlights. Little bit different vibe, but still that sort of... energy and and not quite noise. https://spotlights.bandcamp.com/album/seismic And finished with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Always good to hear this mix up.
  7. I don't mind it actually. It sounds good on the stereo like most of their stuff does, which obviously helps. But there is something about it that I like.
  8. Monk

    SNA Album of the Year 2018

    Hmmm, this is a hard one to say... (think of Lovage when you read that ) Albums of the Year: So apparently, if my Squeezebox server is correct, I've only bought 3 actual CDs released this year, with the rest being Bandcamp purchases. Wow. Okay then. And none of the CDs quite get into the album of the year category. Although I don't mind Dead Can Dance - Dionysus and it does sound good on my stereo. But I think ultimately, it's going to have to go to Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want. Can't say I've heard of them before this year. And considering how I go on and off with John Zorn and Battles and other noise related style music, I may not be listening to them regularly in a couple of years time. Or I could be. Who knows? Who nose. It does kind of depend on my mood. But yeah, there's just something about the energy in this album. And the not quite right off kilter kind of sound with a punk...ish kind of attitude and math rock-ish sound at times that I'm just enjoying since it was released. It makes me want to jump around. And I don't jump around. Nice. https://daughters.bandcamp.com/album/you-wont-get-what-you-want Discovery of the Year (Something that you first heard this year but that wasn't released this year): Many many discoveries this year, thanks to the threads on here, Bandcamp and looking at who were supporting other bands I was going to see. Electric Moon. German psychedelic band. Really like what I've heard of theirs so far. I can't seem to get into the psychedelic stuff that sounds like it's from the 70s, so this is good for me. Just like The Cosmic Dead. (the good for me bit, not the just like bit) Eg https://electric-moon.bandcamp.com/album/theory-of-mind-live Sam Eden. Local bloke. Ambient atmospheric guitar driven kind of drone thingy going on. Love it. Actually, he did release Eden this year, but I heard his other stuff first, so yeah, in this category. https://samhaven.bandcamp.com/album/eden And seem to have gotten into atmospheric (spacey or depressive, whatever) black metal more this year. Bands like Mahr, None, Arkhtinn, Encircling Sea, that kind of thing. The vocals really are more another sound than actual vocals for most of it. So get the music style without the style of vocals that I don't like so much. Win! Wait, did I get into Chelsea Wolfe this year or last? Not sure, maybe she counts as a definite win here. I probably didn't contribute to last year's thread, so yeah, okay, she gets mentioned here. Hopefully she will tour at some stage. Do like her stuff. But I think I'm really going to have to go with YLVA. M E T A was released last year, so it's all good. Melbourne heavy post-metal sludge/doom/awesomeness. No idea what the vocals say. But I love the sound. Although they only have the one album, it's a goodun. New music work in progress too which is good. https://ylva-tl.bandcamp.com/album/m-e-t-a Live performance of the Year: Ohhh. This gets a bit tricky now. I mean I've seen Primus, Queens of the Stone Age and Cog this year. C'mon man. Primus at the Eaton Hills Hotel. One of my favourite bands since the 90s, but apart from seeing them at Soundwave a few years ago when they had a half-set, I've never seen them live. So good to see them up closer, but I was carrying a poster, so couldn't get that close as I was worried about the condition of that the whole time and I don't know, I should have loved it. And while I kind of did, something just wasn't quite right unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, it was still frigging awesome, but... Maybe it's just the hassle of getting home from there when the gig finishes ha. Although apparently they did enjoy some fishing while they were here. QOTSA at the River Stage. Yeah. I really wish I was closer for that one. They pretty much nailed it I think. So cool. Seen them a number of times now. And they just keep getting better ever time. And man, Jon Theodore can drum! Royal Blood also at the River Stage. Now that was a surprise! I mean, I knew their music, but had never checked out any of their live performances on Youtube. Wow. They ******* kicked arse for two dudes playing guitar and drums. Was not expecting such a heavy sound. But it was raining a bit, and I didn't have a poncho, so was pretty miserable and I think I got a cold out of it, so damn it. But still, it was an awesome performance. Cog. Back at The Tivoli. Finally. Oh man that was good! Really liked it. I don't know, there's just something about them and The Tivoli that go together for me. So good. Well. Okay, maybe from where I was standing, the sound could have been better, but oh that was good. Also saw Hope Drone a couple of times this year. Both were times were frigging good. The Woolly Mammoth gig had more space and visuals, although way less crowd unfortunately, was a bit more up and personal at the Crowbar. And they're also working on new material which is good. YLVA. Crowbar. A couple of times. I don't know hey. Something just clicked with me and their music. Not sure I can pick a favourite live gig this year actually. There's been some good ones. Damn. Indecision. Okay. One of the above. Or one of the other ones.
  9. So which is better worse? The bloke who posts 40 albums they've played when they own 40 albums that they love. The bloke who posts 40 albums they've played when they own 160 albums that they love. How is the number an indicator of quantity over quality? I guess someone could put a restriction on it so you can only post one album. And only post that album once in the thread. That might work. Because you know, if it's posted more than once, or you listen to more than one album at a time, it's not special. Plus sometimes you think you want to listen to something, but then realise you don't and it didn't fit. Does that make it a bad album? No, just means it didn't fit at the time.
  10. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    A bit more pretty cool post-rock tonight with Dumbsaint. https://dumbsaint.bandcamp.com/album/panorama-in-ten-pieces
  11. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Jakob - Solace for some excellent NZed post rock.
  12. Monk

    F1 -- 2018

    Well Dan's done. Although at least he finished this time. Hopefully Renault might pick up a bit next year. And good to see Alonso actually see the chequered flag too. Nice donuts at the end. Shame for Kimi though. Bwoah.
  13. Monk

    Download 2019

    Good to see Alice In Chains is doing a side tour. Got a ticket to that! Still debating whether I see Slayer or not...
  14. Easy. Easy like a Sunday morning evening. Sam Haven - Eden. https://samhaven.bandcamp.com/ William Fowler Collins - Field Music. Very nice album. It's funny the music I've discovered through Isis. And a lot of it is not in any way similar. https://sigerecords.bandcamp.com/album/field-music And yeah, okay, this doesn't belong here. But I can't be bothered going back to the main spinning thread ha. And it is laid back and pretty good. https://alaskantapes.bandcamp.com/album/you-were-always-an-island
  15. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Recent purchase first up, and first listen today. Damn. Don't mind it hey. Then looking for something similar, I went with The Proposition soundtrack. Not really similar, but it did the job. Nice. Ludovico Einaudi wasn't really what I wanted either, but again, it's a good album, so it's never a bad thing. Now moving over the Sunday ambient spinning thread...