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  1. Oh, how about some Puddles Pity Party? Yes? Okay then.
  2. So my setup has gone through a few... changes over the last month or so. God I hope I can claim some of this on my tax, because I seem to have wasted some money I wouldn't have otherwise . Got a different mouse, my usual one wasn't ideal for actual work, as opposed to casual use. Had to get a proper chair, a ball or dining chair were uncomfortable as hell after a few hours. Got a laptop riser. That actually improved the keyboard and monitor usage a fair bit actually. Still waiting on the mechanical keyboard I bought a month and a half ago. I'm guessing that's going to turn into a Paypal sh*tfight probably. Bought a desk lamp because it was a bit dark in this corner. I may have bought some speakers. Okay, that one was silly and unnecessary. 🤦‍♂️ Also then I needed to buy an amp too. Then didn't have enough room on this little desk for the light and speakers. So now it's only providing a bit of monitor backlighting. Knocked up some speakers stands to improve the sound. I reckon they match the aesthetic of the speakers (and it did improve the sound), but damn they look rough up close. Got a bigger 1440p monitor, I should have just done that in the first place. Now it's okay. Although I don't have enough room for both monitors unfortunately. The new monitor was a bit low though, it's currently sitting on a box and is a bit wobbly, so knocked up a riser this arvo out of the leftover MDF I cannibalised for the speakers stand. Will paint that tomorrow. And bought some more MDF today to replace that shelf... And added that little plant. I've almost got a point where I could continue working like this now, although the desk is a bit wobbly, so am still having serious thoughts about making some longer legs for a coffee table I'm not using and turning that into a new desk. Well. Based on what I've made so far, *trying* to make some legs. And yes, I broke out the cheaparse electric heater because it's been cold the last couple of days and I wanted to keep my feet toasty...
  3. Ha, I don't mind these covers either.
  4. I had to look up my order number for support. Turns out I received them a year to the day exactly after I ordered them.
  5. Well, to be fair, they do look the size of a fridge too...
  6. New Old Man Gloom out today. Well, two albums actually. Didn't realise that ha. But Seminar III is pretty good. While heavy, OMG doesn't seem quite as brutal or full on as SUMAC. Or maybe, it's just a different kind of brutal. Dunno. I like it. https://profoundlorerecords.bandcamp.com/album/seminar-viii-light-of-meaning Then followed that up with NO because it's been a while since I've listened to it. Yeah man, probably liking it more now than when I got it actually. My tastes have changed slightly over the years obviously. Also, funny fact. When I finally signed up to Bandcamp, due to music on here, NO was already in my purchased list. I was a like WTF, but they must have had a coupon or something with the CD I think, otherwise, I got no idea. Spooky. https://oldmangloom.bandcamp.com/album/no
  7. Man these are pretty cool. Peeps from various bands remote collab'ing. I think there's something in that for all of us.
  8. Don't mind that one. And somehow I missed this one even though I'm subscribed, oh well.
  9. Haha, just a slightly kind of Miserable. I like her voice.
  10. Bongripper - Miserable. Fitted my heavier without vocals hit this arvo. https://bongripper.bandcamp.com/album/miserable Although to be honest, it started with Hate Ashbury, and is... maaaay be finishing with Heroin. I am really digging this band lately. Really another great Bandcamp find.
  11. Isis. Oceanic. Because I need to chill.
  12. Mine arrived today. Put them in my ears straight out of the box, just to see what they feel like. Hmm, feel like they feel like? They didn't feel too bad. Fitted okay, although there did seem to be a fair bit of noise from the cable when I moved my head around which was a bit worrying. They just kept repeating saying charge for an hour or whatever it was. No worries, plugged them into a 5V charger for a couple of hours. Downloaded the app on my phone, put the earphones in and tried to connect. They just don't show up. Checked what version of Bluetooth my phone had, 4.2, yep all good. Can't connect them to anything because they don't seem to be turning on. Even using the 3.5mm plug attached to my computer, there's just no sound. Connecting them back to the charger doesn't appear to reset them either. *sigh* I guess I shouldn't be surprised really. FFS.
  13. C'mon man, that did not look like a natural person in that shot.
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