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  1. Picked up a set of these. They seem to fit okay. And work okay with the telly, so see how they go at the next gig.
  2. Okay... last one for the night. Well, soundtrack anyway ha. You Were Never Really Here. Liking this on first listen too.
  3. And after hearing Bodysong being played in Rocking Horse yesterday, decided to give that a listen. I like it. To me it's almost got kind of a John Zorn avant-garde jazzy feel to it in a lot of places. But that could just be me. Then thought I should check out There Will Be Blood by Mr Greenwood too. Like that as well. Will definitely have to have a listen to his other solo stuff.
  4. Hmm. It's a bit weird. I like the film. And used to read 2000AD back in the day, so was a Dredd fan. And I like the music in the film, it certainly adds to it. But I had a listen to the album on Tidal, and I'm not sure it did it for me. Maybe it was just the mood I was in or something, but it seemed like one of those soundtracks where I'm just happy to hear the music in the film rather than listen to it standalone.
  5. Decided to switch it up a bit with FKA Twigs. Cool album.
  6. Better not be. But the chances of that happening again would hopefully be slim.
  7. Not long finished Slipknot with We Are Not Your Kind. Just the thing I needed to get me going this afternoon. Currently playing Tool - Fear Inoculum. 🤘
  8. I've got through quite a few the last couple of years trying to find a set that fits my ears well without totally killing the sound. I think I'm still looking. I also think I've got one ear canal bigger than the other or something, because quite often I can get a good fit in one ear, but not the other. I started with some Etymotics first, I can't remember whether they were the ones listed above, but I didn't get on with them. They just didn't feel comfortable to me. I didn't like how far it seemed I had to stick them in my ears. Plus they were one of the ones that didn't fit that well in one ear. Can't remember how the sound was though. EARasers Hi-Fi Musician's Ear Plugs weren't too bad from memory. Again my problem with them was the fit in one ear. I think I liked their sound better than the Etymotics. Had a short run with Decibullz. That ended because I dropped one at a gig taking it out and couldn't find it again. They didn't sound too bad from memory either, but wanted to try something else. So my main ones at the moment are Flare Audio ISOLATEs. I kind of wish I'd gotten the minis, but they are probably one of the better fitting ones I've tried so far. And the sound is acceptable. Although to be honest, everything I've tried seems to kill the treble more than anything I think. But the ISOLATEs aren't too bad. I might try the EARasers again actually just to confirm what my problem with them was. I did try Earjobs MUSICMATES once, but the right one just wouldn't seal, although the left one did seem to do the job. So this probably hasn't been very helpful but at least I might have given you a few other types to check out.
  9. Saw them last night in Brissie. Daaaaayyyyaaaaaaaammmmmnnnnn! Man that was good! Definitely the best I've seen them live I think. Although being the closest to the stage I've ever been for them might have helped that too. Good mix of new and old songs (pretty much the same playlist as they've been playing everywhere lately). Forty Six & 2 was just epic. And I was impressed with how good Invincible was live actually. But yeah, so much goodness. Even with only 4 hours sleep I've been on a high all day. And definitely agree with the bring earplugs comment! Author & Punisher wasn't really my thing, but I think that was the loudest bass heavy set I've ever heard. Or felt.
  10. New tour scheduled for June. Apparently it'll be a mix of acoustic and full band, so should be good! At The Triffid in Brissie too.
  11. This thread seems about as close as it gets. Heard a song that was background music on a Youtube video, followed it up. Found the album, not bad. Ryan Taubert.
  12. Tool. Yesss. Need to binge before gig.
  13. Yeah, Dark Fate was a good enough action flick, but still kind of flawed though. Which was a shame as I was hoping for something more. T2 is still my favourite followed by the original. I like Salvation as an action movie too, but I see it more as a side Terminator story, even if it's got some of the 'important' characters in it. T3 was pretty meh. And I still haven't seen all of Genesis yet... There's just something about it that really rubs me the wrong way.
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