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  1. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Definitely the end tonight. You could even say, this week. R.E.M. - Automatic For The People. Yeah. I can dig it.
  2. Monk

    YouTube Spinning

    Yeah, this ones got a language warning hey... I think I need to save this one for work.
  3. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Many varied albums played this week. You'll just have to imagine what they were. They could have been heavy. They could have been easy listening. Who knows? Well, I guess I do. But you don't. 😛 But an album from today at least is Good Company by The Dead South. Take a little pinch of banjo. A little pinch of cello. A little pinch of gravelly vocals. And mix with a bourbon. Neat. Probably. I wouldn't know. I've only had beer today. This showing up in my Youtube recommended/playlists/history finally got to me and I got the album. https://thedeadsouth.bandcamp.com/album/good-company And currently playing Puscifer - Conditions of my Parole just cos.
  4. Pretty sure I can remember the local paper including 3D glasses because Jaws 3D was playing that week on telly. So yeah, that was a while ago. I don't actually have that many, if any, (sorry lyrics in my head) 3D movies. But Dredd 3D isn't too bad. Okay, so I'm a Judge Dredd fan, but it was implemented okay I reckon.
  5. Monk

    YouTube Spinning

    With special guests!
  6. Monk

    The Omnific

    Yeah, I only caught a couple of their songs last night in Brissie, but they weren't too bad. Osaka Punch put on a good show too. And Cog were awesome as usual.
  7. Monk

    Supercar racing

    **** that's ugly. And it looks nothing like a Mustang. What's the point of a silhouette series if you have to be blind for the silhouette to look anything like the actual thing? Actually. They should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pass that off as a Mustang. It looks like some early Hyundai attempt at a 'sporty' car.
  8. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Morphine first up. Great album. And then a bit of Zeal & Ardor second up. Looking forward to this gig at the end of the month. Sam Haven supporting too. Primus third up. Yep.
  9. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Much music was played over the weekend. Some of it loud. Some of it... also loud. But I guess a new purchase will get the post. Although I've had it in my wishlist since the first song was released, only got around to getting it now. Randall Dunn - Beloved. Maybe not quite what you would expect. Although maybe it is, and I just don't know what I should expect. Almost wouldn't be out of place in a Bladerunner soundtrack in places in my opinion. A bit jarring in places. 'Experimental'-ish in other places. Nice. https://randalldunn.bandcamp.com/album/beloved Also new Cog single dropped. Kinda okay I guess. Pumped for the gig this week for sure though.
  10. Monk

    YouTube Spinning

    Yeah, it's a mash-up by Andy Rehfeldt. Don't mind some of the stuff on his channel.
  11. Monk

    Bathurst 12 Hour

    Only saw the last half or so, but yeah, not a bad race. And good finish. The new Bentley looks pretty good. There's just something running a tank around the track that tickles my fancy. And damn that Aston did sound awesome.
  12. Monk

    YouTube Spinning

    Rock on! 🤘 Wait. What.
  13. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Okay. So did play a couple more to end the night. The inner 13 year old in me still gets a giggle out of this. Plus it sounds good on the stereo. And then The Flaming Lips. It has been a while. Was good to hear again. It was the album that got me into the them, and still my favourite.
  14. Monk

    Currently Spinning

    Nirvana - Nevermind. Yeah, that was about right at the time. Followed up with some random tracks and albums from bands such as Radiohead, R.E.M., The Clash and Chelsea Wolfe. Still spinning.