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  1. Isis + Aereogramme is my favourite. It's a bit more laid back than a straight Isis album. Although if you don't like Isis at all it still wouldn't be your thing obviously. And okay, when I say favourite, I mean it's the only one I've got...
  2. Pretty laid back day today. Started with Swans. This is, a good album. It doesn't have the abrasiveness of To Be Kind, which depending on your mood, can be a good or bad thing, but you still know it's Swans. So yeah. Give it a listen. Then Mono, and okay, it's maybe not quite that laid back, but still just what I wanted to listen to. I kind of get a Mogwai vibe from this album. Not sure if that's just my imagination or not, but I guess it doesn't really matter. It's some great music. And finished with the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. It's good.
  3. How's the PrimaLuna pair up with the ML1s?
  4. Shame for Vinales really, although obviously Marquez was just eyeing him off for the right time. But that was a good battle for 4 - 10! I've pretty much only recording this year's races, and still need to watch most of them, but looks like Miller is maturing a bit which is good. And what has happened to Lorenzo? Ol' lolly pop man has lost it?
  5. Picked that up this morning. Yep. It is good.
  6. Mono are touring next year, saw them back in 2013, although from memory I wasn't 100% and didn't really enjoy it. Might have to give them another go I think. Anyway, this is a great album. The title track is damn good. https://monoofjapan.bandcamp.com/album/requiem-for-hell Oh, I thought we had a drone thread, maybe we don't. But new SUNN O)))! Great drone. Liking this one. https://sunn.bandcamp.com/album/pyroclasts
  7. Forgot when this was coming out. Thanks for the reminder. 👍
  8. It's been a doomy fuzzy proggy kind of night. With a gentle sprinkling of psychedelica over the top. Started with Clouds Taste Satanic. Damn that really hit the spot. Hopefully their new album should be just as good. https://cloudstastesatanic.bandcamp.com/album/the-glitter-of-infinite-hell Currently playing Monkey3. Which is also just what I needed to hear. Actually, have been listening a fair bit of Monkey3 this week. They've got some great albums. https://monkey-3.bandcamp.com/album/sphere And just put on The Myrrors. This should probably round out the night nicely. Lovin' it. https://themyrrorsbbib.bandcamp.com/album/hasta-la-victoria
  9. The source selection is at the back. I unplug the interconnects and plug them into something else... Yeah, it's single source. Lucky my DAC has 3 inputs. I needed something in a hurry to control the volume of my amp, and this does that. Whether it meets the accepted technical definition of a preamp... I don't know.
  10. An FX-Audio Tube-01 pre-amplifier?
  11. So the update from yesterday was (in a text only format): Guess they got a bit ahead of themselves lol. Still, better to delay than release with a flawed product. Assuming of course what does get released works.
  12. Listened to a bit of Youtube stuff earlier, then couldn't decide on what to play, I wanted some feedback, I know that. Boris almost got the guernsey, but not quite, maybe tomorrow. So step on up Chelsea Wolfe with Hiss Spun. Nice. That hit the spot. Great album. Then felt like a certain kind of sound... Dead Can Dance was it. The Claypool Lennon Delirium backed that up. Very cool. Better be careful boys, you just might, you just might, set the world on fire... Now listening to a very varied Squeezebox playlist. A little bit of metal, a little bit of pop, a little bit of chill. A lot of coolness.
  13. At just over $40 delivered, this is probably the cheapest thing I've bought for my system... Well, until I bought some different tubes and an iFi iPower supply for it. 🤦‍♂️ Actually, technically, it probably still is the cheapest single component in my system ha.
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