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  1. Lost an eartip while transporting them a while back which was annoying, so I had to use a small size in one ear which didn't really fit properly and gave me 'you don't have a good ear fit please adjust' message fairly regularly and would stop the music. Finally got jack of that and got a set of SpinFit tips the other day for a replacement. Winner winner chicken dinner. Seem to fit better than the original tips, and I've got no problems wearing glasses again. (most likely due to incorrect tip size on one ear, but even so, it's better on both ears) Sounds alright.
  2. So this popped up in my suggested list. I guess because I love rock and roll? 🤷‍♂️ Thanks to whoever it was that posted one of their previous videos I guess.
  3. theAdelaidean & deepspace - adrift. A bit of Australian atmospheric drone this afternoon. Name your price currently on Bandcamp. https://projektrecords.bandcamp.com/album/adrift-name-your-price
  4. New to me today, ABYSM - A Grim Reminder for some instrumental metal. On first listen, I was like, oh okay, sounds like the vocals are going to start now. But they never did! Woo hoo! Hang on, that wasn't very metal. But they never did! HELL YEAH! 🤘 But not a bad thing to listen to for a bit over 20 minutes. It hit the spot for me this afternoon. https://abysm-sludge.bandcamp.com/album/a-grim-reminder
  5. New album out shortly too. Could be... interesting. Just finishing off A Swarm of the Sun - 20.11.03. Not too bad, heavier post-rock at times, with vocals, don't mind the sound. Will be checking out the rest of their back catalogue. https://pelagicrecords.bandcamp.com/album/201103
  6. They released a few new songs, and toured again, saw them a couple of times in 2019. Covid has screwed with tours since. Geez, they toured a lot back in the day. But yeah, they were awesome, easily one of my favourite Australian bands, if not my favourite.
  7. So started today with Shepherd, a hard rock... doom... metal... with a little bit of desert sprinkled in... whatever... trio. I like the mix they've got going on. https://destruentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/first-hand Then though I should play something Australian, and I have been thinking of Cog recently, so let's do The New Normal. Oh man, how I yell RESONATING! every time I hear that. Then something in my Bandcamp wishlist this afternoon while I was trying to work. Not sure if this was a recommendation from here or Bandcamp, b
  8. Oulu Space Jam Collective - Holes of the Universe. Although maybe it's verging on prog? Certainly got a Pink Floyd kind of vibe going on with the... bass? Either way, very cool. https://ouluspacejamcollective.bandcamp.com/album/holes-of-the-universe
  9. I was debating on posting this in the Sunday night ambient thread, but I think it did have just that little bit too much... oomph, to be completely ambient. So drone it is. I like this album. Didn't like them so much live the time I saw them, but this is cool. https://omahara.bandcamp.com/album/omahara-3 Then undr with Old Light. This is probably heading more towards ambient though. Even if it's got that metalish/fuzzy/thing going on. https://undr.bandcamp.com/album/old-light Then Bongripper with some very restraine
  10. I seem to have gotten more into kitchen knives over the last year or so, thanks covid, it's as bad on the wallet as getting into listening to music. 🙄 So a journey... I initially bought some Furi knives, as they seemed a reasonably priced upgrade (on my supermarket bought chefs knife I've been using for years ). However the blade thickness of them just doesn't seem to work for me. I haven't been able to get use to that, slicing stuff seems harder than it should be. Plus they're a bit heavy for my liking. However the handle is comfortable even using a couple of different grips
  11. Nine Inch Nails Ghosts over the weekend for a slightly laid back electronic sound. Albeit a bit arse about with V: Together and VI: Locusts yesterday, and then I-IV today. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. (Still putting the images in numbered order though... )
  12. Just checking... That price field that was semi-recently added to the classified forum posts is not displaying because: 1. It was intentionally removed because I didn't donate recently 2. I'm using the dark theme and it broke it (again) 3. I'm using Opera and who would use that 4.We've already told you why and you didn't pay attention 5. Whoops
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