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  1. Hi, Has anyone use one of these before? https://www.arylic.com/products/s50pro-wireless-preamplifier I am looking for a streamer to replace my Audiolab MDAC. I was thinking of getting a Bluesound Node 2i but saw this. Works out to be roughly 300AUD delivered if you buy from Amazon US. Was thinking of feeding this to the MDAC so I don't have to turn my PC on and just control this from my phone. Cheers,
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend a repair place in Brisbane to repair a speaker. I think one of the driver in my LS50 is broken. Sound still comes out but it's very faint compare to the other one. And the cone doesn't vibrate at all. The bass driver is broken? Got this a while ago so no warranty. Not sure if it's worth repairing at all. Can someone give us some advice - ditch or repair? Thanks.
  3. Hey - silly question - The SR5013 supports HDR the new mode SR5014 supports HDR10 - Do you reckon with a firmware upgrade to the 5013 it will support HDR10? Is this possible? Does it matter? .. I am in the process of collecting 4K & Atmos - hence why I am reading this thread.
  4. I am running bootcamp windows 10 on it with wireless keyboard and mouse and monitor. Usb connection to the M-DAC. I am thinking of getting a bluesound or wireless streamer of some sort to replace the M-dac.
  5. Not sure if it's a drawback.. but it doesn't have a built-in DAC like other integrated - but some will say that's a good thing. I am running this with a M-DAC, a Mac Mini and a Synology Nas for all my digital music and a Rega RP3 for my vinyl. Yes tha look - when your setup looks good...the music will automaticallly sounds good...:P Attached some pics to tempt you..:P
  6. I am currently running this amp with my LS50 and is happy with it. Yep - cheapest Integrated amp with VU meter that I could find. Though the phono stage is pretty decent.
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