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  1. An option could be the Sharc EARC Audio Converter from Then Audio in the USA which sells on Amazon US and enable ARC eARC for older AVRs. https://thenaudio.com/ Amazon does not ship it to Australia. I contacted their customer service email: thenaudio@gmail.com and they (Jim) gave me a PayPal payment Link and tracked shipping. Mine should arrive soon and I will see if it works on my Sony OLED TV with my 2012 Denon receiver. Another option is HDFury however I understand they are more expensive.
  2. It may be an issue withat that particular speaker. Try switching the cables to from your right speaker to your left speaker. If you get output and it works ok the problem is the right speaker. I had the same issue with a dodgy front speaker and a denon amp overloading some years back. The speaker was the issue. Good luck!
  3. I am awaiting delivery of Node 2i for streaming in bedroom. Major selection criteria were ease of connection to streaming sources like tidal etc. And ability to use an outboard DAC (as you did with the Klien) at a reasonable price point. I understand that the Node 2i's onboard dac may not be best of breed, however I will test the sound with other dacs to determine which setup works best.
  4. Incredible speakers at a great price. I have the C1 signatures - they are amazing. GLWTS!
  5. I have a Focus 200C that would match your Focus 160's. Nice to see someone running Dyns and Cyrus gear! If possible please keep whichever centre speaker you use out of confined spaces like in shelves or cabinets (on top is OK). I previously had mine in a entertainment unit shelf and it lacked effect. Once I moved it to open space on top of the entertainment unit the sound and experience was massively improved.
  6. I will take ot if it falls through please, I can pick up and pay cash.
  7. I used the 7.1 outputs from both my Oppo 95 and Oppo 203 players into my Denon 4810 AVR even though I could (and did) also connect both to the Denon amp via HDMI. The simple reason is that the DACs and processing in the Oppo's make the sound much clearer / open and enjoyable ln my opinion. For 5.1 and 7.1 and 2 channel I would often switch between HDMI and Analog In and in my case always found Analog in superior When using Analog in my understanding is all the processing is done on the Player and the AVR is just doing the amplification. Agree that HDMI connection is much easier and neater and would also be my preference if my AVR's DAC sounded better.
  8. Yes, it must be constant 12v to power the cooling fan (from J-Car Electronics). So as long as your devices take 12v and you can feed them from the trigger out they should work. The power amps I use are two Cyrus Mono X's for the front speakers.
  9. I hope things are working now dayday. My Denon 4810 has two tigger outs. I use one trigger to power a small cooling fan when the amp is running multiple channel sound modes. The Denon allows you to set up each trigger to be on (12v running) or off (no current) depending on the zone that is powered on AND by the selected sound mode. So I have it set to off for music listening (stereo, direct, pure and DTS music etc.) and on for movie sound modes. That keeps the amp cool for movies and quiet for music. I haven't been sucessful in triggering my Cyrus amps to power on however I believe thats because the Cyrus mc-bus system is quite proprietary and needs a closed loop. Interested to know if any Cyrus users have managed to have other equipment / AVRs work with the MC-bus system.
  10. Are you using a stereo or mono cable/plug? I believe a mono connection is required.
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