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  1. Looks like they provide exactly what I need. Many thanks for your help Jeddie!
  2. Looking for a suggested repairer in Sydney / Sydney North area. I have sourced a new rubber speaker surround for a Dynaudio woofer and need someone to do the gluing and replacement work. Appreciate any suggestions...thanks.
  3. By using a MiniDSP, you can effectively make 2 independent sub outs from any AVR or Pre-Pro. I have done that with a MiniDSP 2X4 HD and REW software. Cost including the measurement microphone is around A$500 from MiniDSP.com or slightly cheaper 2nd hand.
  4. Absolutely fantastic little Dyns that go loud deep and smooth. I have a pair that I love and recommend. Great price, Glwts!
  5. I have the same speakers in mocha colour. By far my favourite speakers and to me better sounding and much better value than the C2s... Glwts.
  6. Yes, should be easy to do. Just connect the external amp to the L, C, R pre-outs. Then set the configuration and assign the speaker outs and preouts in the Amp Assign section. Run test tones to ensure everything works, then rerun the Audyssey setup. I have an older Denon AV_4810 and use the "Free Assign mode" to enable use of external amps for front L & R and to bi-amp my centre speaker, works well. Do you like the X-4500h?
  7. Here is a review from audioholics. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.audioholics.com/av-receiver-reviews/denon-x-series&ved=2ahUKEwjeoNSktI_rAhUMbn0KHWzBBzoQFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw0ZiIvEfkmbkdL1LCHSVd9H
  8. Do you have experience of this Snoopy? In my case I used my Denon overseas for years before returning to Australia. I would be disappointed not to get any paid for support from local importers if required - they should properly support the brand.
  9. I still use a Denon AVR-4810 from Singapore (circa 2010). No issues have required warranty / repair. You may want to enquire about how you can access any future firmware upgrades as they may be region blocked or at least ask the seller to make sure it is on the latest firmware before shipping. As the 6500h has been available for a while you should be fine after that. Units from the UK will be fine (220 -240V) for our power supply.
  10. An option could be the Sharc EARC Audio Converter from Then Audio in the USA which sells on Amazon US and enable ARC eARC for older AVRs. https://thenaudio.com/ Amazon does not ship it to Australia. I contacted their customer service email: thenaudio@gmail.com and they (Jim) gave me a PayPal payment Link and tracked shipping. Mine should arrive soon and I will see if it works on my Sony OLED TV with my 2012 Denon receiver. Another option is HDFury however I understand they are more expensive.
  11. It may be an issue withat that particular speaker. Try switching the cables to from your right speaker to your left speaker. If you get output and it works ok the problem is the right speaker. I had the same issue with a dodgy front speaker and a denon amp overloading some years back. The speaker was the issue. Good luck!
  12. I am awaiting delivery of Node 2i for streaming in bedroom. Major selection criteria were ease of connection to streaming sources like tidal etc. And ability to use an outboard DAC (as you did with the Klien) at a reasonable price point. I understand that the Node 2i's onboard dac may not be best of breed, however I will test the sound with other dacs to determine which setup works best.
  13. Incredible speakers at a great price. I have the C1 signatures - they are amazing. GLWTS!
  14. I have a Focus 200C that would match your Focus 160's. Nice to see someone running Dyns and Cyrus gear! If possible please keep whichever centre speaker you use out of confined spaces like in shelves or cabinets (on top is OK). I previously had mine in a entertainment unit shelf and it lacked effect. Once I moved it to open space on top of the entertainment unit the sound and experience was massively improved.
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