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  1. Know that Kym can really pack stuff awesomely, my CDP arrived from Perth heavily padded and in as new condition. Natures gentleman.
  2. Uptone JS2 always gets good write ups too- https://community.roonlabs.com/t/best-linear-power-supply-for-nucleus-now/43495
  3. The Keces P8 made a significant difference in SQ when teamed with my Nucleus, a very good addition and Purasound looked after me- https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/spdif-dac-reviews/ayon-s-10-ii-part1/ @evil c the best USB cable got sold last week, the Mad Scientist Black Magic.
  4. Absolute bargain. Gorgeous components built like a tank. The app is excellent. Shouldn’t last long
  5. Buy them now, put them either side of your system and never look at speakers in the classifieds again. I’ve never seen Armaguard following a hearse.
  6. These Sony CDPs are excellent bang for buck, should not last long.
  7. Utterly gorgeous end game speakers and nature’s gentleman to deal with. GLWTS my friend. 🙂
  8. Beer o clock in a few hours. Do it properly with some liquid depressant
  9. Further information: Just over $600 AUD delivered, as new, maybe 30 hours on the cable, easily better than the Wireworld Platinum Starlight but USB doesn't sound as nice (read- different kind of awesome) as the Off Ramp-Revelation Audio I2s cable combo to my dac. Therefore someone else gets to enjoy the best USB cable I have heard. Price includes delivery to anywhere in Oz. Cable is around 1930mm tip to tip. Also comes with some other tweaky stuff that MSA kindly sent me in the box. PM me if interested. http://madscientist-audio.com/bmusb.html Photos:
  10. I think the one single thing you list after at the moment mate is the Technical Brain set up, you have loved that since you first heard it.
  11. Can do, will let you know when to spread the old beer carton cardboard on the driveway.
  12. I'll be with you both there sometime when Anastacia decides to join the rest of the country again. Let me know if you need anything from overseas
  13. I see you're enjoying some standmounts lately big fella, you like? Thoughts on the ML2's? I think they always sound the best for sure, but for me the deal breaker is they don't do the SPL that I need.
  14. Good mate and you? Offloading Meridian and Dynaudio... I assume you’re going awesome 😁 yes the Dynaudio sound their best with good horsepower under them. Like two bridged 557s foureggzample.
  15. 'Some of you may die..... but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make....' Lord Farquaad. Shrek.
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