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  1. Have gone off experimenting lately, also Coopers aren't stocking their Lager so am quaffing Coopers Dry, it's wet and refreshing and doesn't seem to be full of diswashing liquid and/or ammonia so that's all I'm doing, 4.2 percent and 45 bucks a carton
  2. Will have a read of this later, my dear SBT has just stopped streaming from Tidal, it can see everything but when you press play, it tells me a novel about how it couldn't download each song. Still plays my NAS library etc, I fear it might be on the way out, has been a fantastic little jigger, don't know why they stopped making them. The Pro-Ject streamer looks OK in the classifieds.
  3. Item: Kimber Orchid or Chord Reference AES cable Price Range: Tbd Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: pm me if you have something
  4. Lol doesn’t sound like she’s watching anyhow mate. You need Scandi in your life!
  5. Been thoroughly enjoying fixating on this mob lately, that big wall of sound metal that I absolutely love.
  6. I don’t mind when movies sort of just finish up without the finality of a book end style finish. When you think about it, it only really ends when you die. The Mrs, however, loses her shite. 😁
  7. A Sydneysider should grab there in the next few hours I imagine. Bargain.
  8. A horribly sad day, another childhood hero gone, RIP Eddie. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-07/eddie-van-halen-dies-aged-65-after-battle-with-cancer/12738288
  9. Its definitely coming together there mate and man, you got it baaad, haha. What are the speakers over to your left? Subs? I think you're going to love the JBLs.
  10. Beautiful component, love how the Germans do understated classy design so well. GLWTS.
  11. Fantastic end game IC's that just sound 'right' , far too good for the cupboard, they beat IC's twice that price, they shouldn't last the day, GLWTS big fella.
  12. @rantan hook up to Ethernet, subscribe to Tidal Hi Fi and ROON, USB to your dac, enjoy a billion albums with awesome SQ, DSP if you want to fiddle. Bargain.
  13. Phwoooaaarrr welcome to the family my brother from another mother
  14. Just finished watching Witch-hunt. Wasn’t too bad. The Head will be next
  15. Am loving Mastadons new album 'Fallen Torches' and the face melting first single of the same name @candyflip
  16. Further information: Gone back to road pedals (Ultegra) so am shifting on my SPD pedals and shoes, this ad for shoes only. Swapped my Specialised insoles out and into the new shoes so these insoles have never been worn, shoes are like new, Boas work fantastic, wires are like new, get yourself some new top line SPD shoes for under half price. Size 46 EU, strangely these are a firmer fit than my new Shimano SH-RC300. PM if interested. https://www.mtbdirect.com.au/shimano-sh-xc701-spd-shoes https://mtb.shimano.com/en/footwear/sh-xc701/ Photos:
  17. Further information: These have been awesome and provide a great solid contact with the drivetrain but have gone back to Shimano SPD. These would really suit gravel bikes etc IMO. As new, maybe done 2000km and always been serviced, dry lube on the mechanism and bearing grease injected into the shafts (undo the little Phillips head screw on the end and needle-inject, very well designed pedals). Cleats included, in case you're wondering. Cleats also serviced all the time and in excellent cond, they can be dismantled and lubed etc, also a thoughtful design. PM me if interested. https:
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