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  1. A good song is a story or a feeling and I listen to bands that put out this sort of content, mostly dark-ish. I dont 'pursue' an audiophile sound. Its a sound that only exists in audiophile listening spaces and nowhere else. I do enjoy a good recording as much as the next person but the main priority for me is connection to the poetry or story or feeling of the song and/or music. Therefore I listen to bugger-all audiophile content.
  2. Raven is a must see. A very tragic sad story and a masterpiece.
  3. End game setup for 12.5 k which gets you 400w into 8 ohms, ticks every box going, amazing value. Parasound also have amazing customer backup if you are the original buyer or not, from my personal experience.
  4. I just acknowledged a warning for multiple ads 😁
  5. Work I phone, updated. No idea what a cache is.
  6. So I sent the ad twice from the phone, no good, emailed the pics and entered the ad from the laptop, all good.
  7. Further information: No longer required as it needs a phone to control the Tidal app and no wi fi coverage where I was intending to use the device. RRP $1800- https://www.absolutehifi.com.au/products/project-stream-box-dsa-audio-streamer More info here- https://www.project-audio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/manual_streamboxdsa.pdf Photos:
  8. OK ta, will give it another burl.
  9. So previously I could take pics of something destined for the classifieds, flesh out the ad on my phone to allow direct upload of images, submit for approval and then go to the laptop where I could type the edit instead of frigging around on the phone touch pad...that hasn't worked just now, the submitted draft ad cant be seen here from my desktop. Going back to the light version didnt fix it either.
  10. My SBT is working again now, musta been something that was nothing to do with it, got heaps of streamers now Very happy though, such a handy little thing, can see why people get a stash of them.
  11. Decided to give an AES cable a run from the Off Ramp to the Ayon Stratos, wow what a difference, went straight back to the I2s connection. AES was quite thick and bloomy in my system, I2s reintroduced the airiness and timbre with cleaner bass. I re-purchased the Black Magic USB as it was so close to being the best, didn't want to see it heading off to the ballers and flippers Might give it another burl at some stage, geez everyone, close to not having anything left to play around with I must say...still haven't found that JC2 though....gets popcorn and waits...
  12. What he said, I'm loving it, moohoo, mohhoohahaaa, MOOHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA. Sorry, I went a bit dark there.
  13. Open to any other suggestions, no home made jobbies thanks.
  14. Happy Baffurst day to you too my friend, even as a blue oval devotee I am happy to see the roaring lion win in their last year of factory involvement, sad but at 51 I know time marches on. Been loving these guys lately.
  15. Thanks HM will check out the Rendu. Yes LMS is still around, is that through Slim Devices or whatever they are called?
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