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  1. Oooh thank you 😁Fantastic buy. Would grab them if I lived closer.
  2. My RAL I2s RJ45 version isn't going anywhere, an excellent buy here if you use I2s through HDMI, fantastic cables.
  3. Very nice, can also vouch for the seller, deal with confidence
  4. Very beautiful and God awful cheap, hope it all unfolds how you want.
  5. Loving these guys at the moment. Is Survived By - YouTube
  6. Departure. Avoid. Think advertising inclusivity meets Days Of Our Lives with someone trying to pack 37 side-stories in as well. Hideous. Low Winter Sun starts average but gets better, I enjoyed it.
  7. Absolute bargain here, these beautiful speakers need to be heard to believe how awesome they are. Shouldn’t last the night. GLWTS
  8. The Best Offer. Another triumph from Geoffrey Rush and Donald Sutherland
  9. Beautiful, and the Nemo's go really well with the B&W, not sure why there isn't more Electrocompaniet gear around, it is beautiful stuff. GLWTS.
  10. The 12th Man. A must see Norwegian war thriller Swiss Army Man- one of the most random and richly entertaining movies I’ve ever seen
  11. Sold pending payment with one backup, no more PMs thanks all, will advise once sold, bargain of the week I am afraid
  12. Further information: Just over $600 AUD delivered, as new, maybe 30 hours on the cable, easily better than the Wireworld Platinum Starlight but USB doesn't sound as nice (read- different kind of awesome) as the Off Ramp-Revelation Audio I2s cable combo to my dac. Therefore someone else gets to enjoy the best USB cable I have heard. Price includes delivery to anywhere in Oz. Cable is around 1930mm tip to tip. Also comes with some other tweaky stuff that MSA kindly sent me in the box. PM me if interested. http://madscientist-audio.com/bmusb.html Photos:
  13. I love how surreal the movies are. Foxtrot is excellent
  14. Absolute bargain entry into ROON, but be prepared to go further ROON is fantastic, shouldn't last the night.
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