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  1. EGM packaging- free bag and stubby coolers, a nice touch. Haven't listened to anything yet.
  2. Possibly nothing depending on the listening session this weekend am currently using the might Lenehan Foilflex full loom. They are so good. I don't really 'upgrade' anymore, it's more honing to my taste...or more importantly, getting my system to sound how I like it...which seems to be a supercharged version of the Sony-Bose system I had for over 20 years ..but I know what you mean.. So it will be a very interesting weekend for sure, quite a cross section of cables to play with..only speaker cables though, no IC's.
  3. So the sickness continues unabated... Since the Nucleus went in I have reinstated the Sovteks into the Ayons which sounds nicer (not surprising, they were designed around that tube) and removed one pair of the Lenehan Foilteks running to the horn crossovers on the JBL 4367 and re-fitted the shorting wires which made another improvement. The Lenehan cables could still be king but it did pique my interest in that area so I have the EGM V2 SC's coming to try out as well as the (deep breath) Analysis Plus Oval 8's that Psycho has sold to me through the classifieds....yes, the sickness
  4. Everything I said in the last ad for one of these! You guys are brave cos mine's going nowhere, this one even cheaper than the last, shouldn't last the night.
  5. Whatchoo talking about Willis? So I have purchased a pair of 2.5m and it looks like I then have the 30 days in-home trial period. Money back guarantee if not satisfied. Cant ask for more than that. http://www.egmaudio.com.au/product/egm-flat-wire-ribbon-hi-fi-audio-cable-3-metres-grey-series-copy/ Their construction reminds me of Townshend...which suggests something good.. I have found that the lower priced cables are usually very good but lack the balance and refinement of the higher end stuff but as synergy always rules at the end of the day
  6. Hullo Lindz, have already test driven Litz and the developmental GTO, both awesome cables but didn’t have the balance of the Foil Flex in my system. Seriously good though, as in, I asked Geoff to send me anything in the future that he is playing around with. I can imagine they would be incredible in other systems with slightly different synergy. Any system that needed a bit more bass, try Aurealis Litz, it might be a very smart move, SQ and budget wise,
  7. The challenge (read- first world problem) I have with mine is the following- Two way speaker, bi-wireable, horn loaded mids and highs, 15 inch massive conventional woofer. So far I cant see any audible benefit to have two SC's going to the speakers, the shorting cables seem to work well. So I need something that is smooth enough for horns without robbing one of high end creaminess yet still provide different levels of bass. Not too hard is it?
  8. Am going to try some Red V2 series EGM, we'll see how we go. Its' going to take some serious cables to better the Foil Flex but hey, we wont die wondering eh?
  9. If they are still here after the Muvvas day purchase and pay day, I shall darken Kymbo's inbox...ahem...
  10. Hullo Kym, was just about to hit the button on these but remembered Muvvas Day They should move quickly, Kym is a great guy. GLWTS.
  11. Good suggestion, I sent him a PM earlier, he will respond when he gets the chance no doubt.
  12. So I found it very interesting that removing one set of the Foilflex made an SQ improvement to the JBL 4367's. I had one pair each side running to the LF and HF terminals from the dual terminals at the back of the JC1's. Re-installing the robust shorting wires that came with the speakers and using one cable per speaker made the sound much nicer, I don't think there was good synergy between the cable, the HF crossover and the horn. Or the shorting cables tamed some of the frequencies. Or both, who knows. So this has made me think about experimenting with other cables bet
  13. My twin S3 RELs are controlled by one of these, one of the best things I did for my system, a bargain, shouldn't last the day.
  14. I operate mine from either my I Pad at the lounge or my PC at the office, you just download ROON and Tidal to whatever you want to use in your house. You might be able to use your phone if you so desire but I have never had any need to do that. Once you get the ROON sub you just download to whatever you want. You don't have to use Tidal, ROON can operate your own library only if you like but I am loving the suggestions etc that Tidal throw up. Your PC might give you a bit more info as an operating tool than an I-Pad but that's OK, I use the PC for all setup anyhow, I use the I-Pad just for lis
  15. Correct, I don't know where the 'Plus' would really be required. Massive libraries? I don't even have any internal storage in mine, it's all on the NAS, runs faultlessly, Tidal Hi Fi sounds amazing and that's before you play with the DSP engine...you might get some sellers remorse I think mate
  16. I have the standard, works beautifully with my NAS full of just under 4k of albums and Tidal.
  17. Am soooo looking forward to bingeing the latest Mystery Road series, one of my favourite Australian series ever. Loved the movie as well.
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