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  1. Naughty naughty @Chanh haha!! Now sold, thanks all for the interest, still worth buying new I reckon! Talk to Mr Campbell- PURASOUND Not a bad bloke for a Queenslander and a Campbell...
  2. Anyone dont like their Special 40's after watching this, I'll give you five hundred for them. But be quick!! The arse will drop out of the market very quickly now, by this arvo it will only be three hundred!!
  3. Woofy thats correct, purchased to power the ROON Nucleus. Four now in line for this unit so I think I can say sold pending payment.
  4. Further information: This set up worked fantastic being fed by my ROON Nucleus as opposed to straight to the dac via USB and immediately convinced me this is a significant improvement so have upgraded to a Lumin U1, therefore NLR. All in excellent condition, checked the power settings in the SoTM SMS-200 Ultra Neo and set it for 12v (jumper removal, directions included), also noticed it has received the sCLX Rev 3.1 power board. This teams it with the P3 output and it works beautifully. Comes with an as-new 2.9m Supra USB cable, power leads and two standard DC cables that come with the P3 alon
  5. Further information: KECES (kecesaudio.com) been awesome hooked up to my ROON Nucleus, brought a significant improvement to sound as Nucleus was hooked direct to dac. Nucleus moved to another room now and am upgrading to Lumin U1 so P8 no longer required, beautiful component, includes power cable, DC cable and adaptor. I have put the tint on the led screen, thought it was too bright, comes off easy. Item as new from a smoke and pet free home. PM if interested Photos:
  6. Item: Ayon S-10 II Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: PM me if you have a standard or signature version you want to shift. Will consider trade with my Stratos dac if also if interested
  7. Further information: Off Ramp 4 & Revelation Audio Labs I2s cable @ 1950mm or thereabout tip to tip. Wired to go between off ramp and Ayon Stratos dac, may also suit Sigma etc but check your manual against the below RJ45 wiring assignment layout for the Stratos. Off Ramp comes with no power supply and requires 12v power supply, strongly suggest Keces P3. I think this one comes with the Hynes regulator upgrade for the SPDIF but not sure. This device works well with the Stratos but I think if you team this up with some Reflector valves in a Sigma you really could keep it at that level, you w
  8. Surprised this is still here, happily paid 1200 for a neo last week and Aurora is currently sounding other-worldly beautiful through it I must say. Really cheap buy if you want to step up from the mid fi streaming world. GLWTS mate.
  9. Sounding good. Will need a bit more testing over Easter. @Cono28
  10. USB cable not here yet but I am going to have a play with an SoTM Ultra 200 Neo and see if that connection method beats the Off Ramp USB converter from the Nucleus. So the SoTM sits on the network and feeds a USB signla to the dac whilst the Off Ramp ran off USB from the Nucleus and then converted the signal to I2s and then to the dac. Capeche??
  11. Absolute bargain buying for the latest version inc BNC, love my Off Ramp 4. These also do I2s, grab a Revelation Audio Swizzle I2s and attach to your Ayon- oh la laa.
  12. You and me both, and thats with him dropping them off, awesome speakers just no where to store them, they will fit in perfect with my new shed works coming, curse the fates!! Absolute bargain @ 1k.
  13. A beautiful cheap Longines. Not words you usually see in the one sentence... shouldn't last long at all.
  14. Love my Keces linear PS’s, this would be like a tank I assume, GLWTS
  15. Well I must have been asleep in the mid 90's because this thing is just life affirming-
  16. Hullo all, have been quiet for a while but had a inkling to fiddle again. Got one of these coming- https://www.lavricables.com/cables/master-20-core-dual-headed-silver-usb-a-b-interconnect-cable/ ticks all my digital IC boxes, silver construction and I can power it from the linear supply from the Keces P8 USB connection, other USB will go between ROON Nucleus and Ayon Stratos...see if it beats the so-far-unbeatable Offramp/Revelation Audio I2s combo...watch this space.
  17. Yes, hilarious!! I think I am also falling in love with the main lady a bit too...blush...twists foot into dirt...
  18. Time and time again has been labelled as the best streamer out there for musicality, this is a bargain and should be gone in an hour.
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